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A Heartbreaking Goodbye to Abby

Thursday, August 08, 2013

A little over two weeks ago, our little 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Abby , died suddenly of a heart attack. She was only a few feet away from me, just out of my line of sight as i sat drawing in my recliner. She never made a sound and i didn't even notice until i called her for dinner and she didn't come. We are heartbroken. We expected to have her for many more years. Our consolation is that she went quietly, at home, amid the safety of her pack. She never had to stay in the hospital or get old or suffer through declining health. Her last day was just a normal, happy day for her.

She leaves her pack one short. We still have Ozzie, our 11 year old Brittany, who is confused and lonely for her. My son Tom, who lives with us, is so bereft. he is 33 and has Aspergers. Abby and he formed a bond unlike anything I've ever seen from him in his life. She brought out the affectionate, paternal, protective side of him and was someone he was safe being vulnerable with. From the time she was a puppy, she gravitated to him.

Will we get another dog? Of course we will. As painful as the loss of a dog is, it is nothing compared to the joy they bring our family, each in their own way, every hour of every day. Abby was the fourth dog we have been privileged to share our lives with, and I plan to have dogs until i die. I will be crossing that "Rainbow Bridge" in the middle of a huge dog pack!

So we will be on a quest to find a new dog, this one to belong just to Tom. It needs to be calm and cuddly and he has requested silky as well. The tactile aspect is very important to him. If we can find a line of Cavaliers without heart problems, we will maybe go for another, although I have learned that many of them share Abby's condition, so I am a bit scared of that. Other than that, they are a fabulous breed.

Ozzie helps us through our grief just by being himself. Our vet told us in May that his elevated white count may well be a sign of cancer, so we have been watching him for signs and symptoms and bracing to possibly have to say goodbye to him. We never thought he would outlive Abby. So we are loving on him all the livelong day, and it is a joy to be able to do so. God did a wonderful thing when he decided that dogs would be "Man's Best Friend".

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SOPHIEMAE2007 8/11/2013 6:45PM

    Sorry for your loss.

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CRAZYDOGLADYBO 8/10/2013 12:59AM

    Very sorry for your loss! I also hope that you find a nice new member for your family and someone that your son Tom connects with. Some larger breeds can be "silky and calm".

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CHERIRIDDELL 8/10/2013 12:40AM

    As you know I am broken hearted by your loss and hope that soon there will be a new puppy in yours and Tom's life.Ozzie's too ! Any dog would be privileged to belong to your home. love and hugs,Cheri

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CARLANNIE 8/9/2013 7:50AM

    Oh, I'm so sorry to read about Abby. Such a shock to find her that way. (((HUGS))) for you all. I know you'll find just the right dog for Tom and he will love her just as much as Abby. emoticon

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KSNANA2 8/8/2013 10:41PM

    Very sorry for your loss. I hope you will find the perfect new member for your family and your son Tom.

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JUST2OFUS 8/8/2013 4:48PM

    Hugs and prayers coming your way. You will all reunite at Rainbow Bridge. I know I will be covered with my furry friends when I make my way upstairs.

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KLAD_COCKERS 8/8/2013 1:53PM

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Eight is just young, and such a sad way to lose her, without any warning. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, including Ozzy.

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LOISDESK 8/8/2013 12:59PM

    So sorry for your sudden loss! I agree that it's a blessing she passed as she did and didn't have to suffer. We had to put our husky down a few years ago and it still hurts to think about. Someday we may get another dog but our life is in a little bit of limbo right now. Hope you find just the right silky dog for your son! :)

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AJB121299 8/8/2013 12:48PM


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ROXYCARIN 8/8/2013 12:47PM


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Another Question and answer game

Friday, October 26, 2012

I got these from my friend CHERIRIDDELL

1. What song do you love to dance to?
The Flight of the Bumblebee. ( Just kidding, but can't you just picture it??? I'd need a pot of strong coffee and some speed first.)

2. If you could have a drink with someone from history who would it be?
Jesus, the wine he made out of water.

3. If you were assigned a seat on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do?
Stammer, blush, sweat, and make a fool of myself. Then I'd be asked to move to a different seat by the flight attendant.

4. What is the funniest thing you have heard a child say?
"I can't wait until I'm a grownup, and no one will make me do things I don't want to do"

5. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
Spy on people and terrify my dogs and go everywhere in my pajamas.

6. What major company would you like to work for?
The United States Post Office

7. What is the most beautiful language?
I like Italian when it is sung, like in Operas.

8. What was your last "brush" with the law?
Got caught speeding a few years ago :(

9. What animals make you smile?
All baby animals

10. What "redneck" activity do you like to do?
Go barefoot?

11. When have you embarrassed yourself in public?
A whopper was when I was strutting along in platform shoes thinking I was so very stylish, and I hit something uneven on the pavement and went sprawling. Then I sat there, all by myself, laughing like an idiot because I am a sucker for slapstick.

12. If you could go any place right now where would you go?
Hawaii or the Grand Tetons.

13. Do you still watch cartoons and which ones?
I don't really like cartoons, but I used to like King of the Hill, and if my husband is watching South Park, I laugh in spite of myself at some of it.

14. What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now?

15. It's 2 a.m. and you get a text message...what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
I am up way too late and need to get myself to bed! ( I keep my phone downstairs in my purse, so I would never hear it if I was in bed)

16. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
Now why would I tell anyone that?

17. What did you get into trouble for most when you were a kid?

18. How often do you go the speed limit?
Only when a cop is in sight

19. Were you considered popular in high school?
No. I graduated a semester early, and my younger brother tried to trick me into believing I was named in one of the "Senior Superlatives" categories in the school newspaper (you know, that thing where they used to vote for who had the best hair, funniest laugh, cutest couple, most likely to succeed, etc.) I told my brother the only thing I could have won would be "most unknown", LOL

20. If you have to choose a movie title for your life story, what would that be?
The Procrastinator.

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KOMAL53 10/27/2012 12:23PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm going to get a Good Night's rest tonight--Thanks to you I'm laughing on the way to bed!!Good Night!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/27/2012 12:24:11 PM

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CHERIRIDDELL 10/27/2012 12:49AM

    I'm still laughing so hard at #4 I am not sure I can compose a reply.

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LINDAMARIEZ1 10/26/2012 2:33PM

    I still use richard simmons disco dances! lol

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PJ2222 10/26/2012 2:28PM

    emoticon emoticon

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One word answer game

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I thought this was fun, and even with just one word answers , I learned a few new things about my friend. I'm gonna give it a whirl, hope you will too.

Copied this from HICKOCKHALEY

Not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

Where is your cell phone?


Your hair?

Your mother?

Your father?

Your favorite thing?

Your dream last night?

Favorite drink?

What room are you in?

Your hobby?

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren't?


Wish list item?

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing?

Your pets?


Your life?

Your mood?

Missing someone?


Your car?

Something you're not wearing?

Your favorite store?

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?

Where do you go over and over?

Five people who email me regularly?

Favorite place to eat?

Favorite place I'd like to be right now?

(That last one is something only CHERIRIDDELL will get, LOL)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

QUILTINGB52 10/24/2012 4:23AM

    Servants? I wasn't quite that creative.......but might have to add it to my list!! LOL

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KOMAL53 10/22/2012 8:30PM

    Know something Ann? I have Servants---and let me tell you my secret--I work harder than they do for me--'coz they're no good to you if you cannot delegate the Work to them!!That's what Sudhir and I bickered the most about---me working and them just doing the lighter work!!! emoticon emoticon I simply loved your Answers--they made me laugh--very early in the morning!!Thank You for kickstarting my Day--the Right Way!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AELARLEE1 10/22/2012 6:24PM

    Okay, some of your answers were quite funny and creative! What a great idea -- seems like it would make a good "ice breaker" game for a small group!

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CHERIRIDDELL 10/22/2012 1:40PM

    Why didn't I think of Camelot , well done Ann ! I'd like to revise my list and join you in Camelot !

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KLAD_COCKERS 10/22/2012 10:47AM

    Cool idea! I'm going to borrow this too :)

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HICKOK-HALEY 10/22/2012 1:58AM

    Servants. Why didn't I think of that lol....Very good!

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Back from 9 days on a Spark friend journey

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Well, I am back home after a whirlwind week of fun and friendship. I flew from Chicago to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada for 9 days to visit my "separated at birth" Spark twin, CHERRIRIDDEL, and did we ever have a blast. We went to a dinner theatre, on a road trip to a beautiful place called Pigeon Lake where Cheri's daughter's grandmother in law Sharon has a beautiful vacation trailer on a golf course and showed us the local shopping and lunching spots (yes, I did do a world of hurt to my food plan, but I'm back to tracking this morning, eh?) Went out this morning to get my suitcases out of "the boot" and I did come back with 8 extra pounds in my luggage in spite of having brought two quilts as gifts which I left behind. We found fabric at various stores and I stocked up on pain cream (shhhh! I am now a drug smuggler), and Cheri and friends showered me with gifts of body lotions, scrapbooking supplies and albums (I was a scrapbooking virgin but am now a convert) books and other souvenirs. Her friends are all like she is: warm, welcoming, funny and fun loving, so the time flew by. Her sweet little cuddler, Lacey, kept me from going through dog withdrawal, and her husband Al was a trooper, putting up with all the silliness we got up to like it was not slightly insane (example: We declared one day "Hippie Day" and dressed for the occasion. It was Far Out, man!) I am slowly getting myself back into daily life mind set after my playtime with Cheri. Luckily, we are only an email away, so we will go back to online playtime.

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HICKOK-HALEY 10/2/2012 11:19PM

    That's great you got to go. Glad you all had fun!

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AELARLEE1 9/25/2012 1:16PM

    Sounds absolutely wonderful! If one has to be gone for 9 days, that is the way to do it!

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KLAD_COCKERS 9/23/2012 9:45PM

    Welcome to Alberta! It's a fabulous province, and you had one HECK of a hostess!

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CARLANNIE 9/23/2012 9:31AM

    How fun for you both! So glad you had a great time.

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SUGARBABY60 9/23/2012 2:37AM

    Oh so NOW we can hear from you two......my goodness we all had withdrawal not hearing or seeing so much of you both. So glad you had a crazy, wonderful vacation!
It was good to see " two ol hippy chicks"...... Hummmm, was that a double meaning? Noooo, I am not going there! Your smiles tell the whole vacation story! emoticon

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CHERIRIDDELL 9/22/2012 11:55PM

    I had a fabulous time ,you can come back any time we have tons of things to do yet !!!!!

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KOMAL53 9/22/2012 9:10PM

    I'm so glad you had a blast!!!I used to love reading Cheri's Blogs before she set her Page to private---and once I think she remarked on one of my Blogs too.Do blog about your experiences in Canada---specially about the Camping Trip and your "Hippie" Day---I'd love to read about everything in detail!!!As for your Diet---a little Fun never really hurts anyone!!!So---when do you make the journey to Mumbai,India???? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    It sounds like you both had a fantastic time!

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Hooray! I am

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This morning's weigh in moved me officially out of the "obese" classification and into the merely "overweight". I ran to tell my husband and did a dance of victory over being overweight. My dance may have actually been a rain dance, because we had a 5 minute cloud burst in our drought ridden area immediately after my little happy dance. To all of you living in my region, "You're welcome. I will try to dance more often".

I have lost over 20 pounds since early May. Exercise has been less than usual due to frequent heat advisories. I can feel my ribs again, though. I have not talked myself into going to the senior citizen exercises I signed up for on a whim in May. Not once. When I signed up they hadn't started yet, then I totally forgot about them, now i just don't feel like going. While next week is out of the question because I made appointments during the time that I forgot about my exercise pass, all hope is not lost. My pass is good through August. I am in a phase of being annoyed by all the group activities I am in that aren't meeting my desires, so I am not exactly excited to go to yet another one. I am a lone wolf!

It has been interesting to observe the relationship between certain foods and cravings. It has really helped to eliminate sugar and white flour and (sob!) white potatoes. I am finding now that certain salty foods, like nuts and string cheese, also make me crave more. Basically, anything with a strong pleasant flavor! Some is good, more must be better!

I am working on a pattern I have of feeling driven to feast after events and social things, especially ones i have been dreading going to. I am investigating plans to put in place for myself for right after those type of events that would meet my need to calm myself in a more positive manner. I think if the sun is still up, a walk would be good. i am also thinking i might enjoy one of those "Wii" games. Something to get me moving, but in a manner that I enjoy. Just exercising on the treadmill will not be something I'll do, because I am seeking to reward myself at those times. Other types of rewards like watching a favorite TV show or reading or sewing have proven difficult because I am stirred up and need to calm myself down before I can focus. So my pattern has been frenzied snacking followed by relaxing pastimes. I am not a dancer, but I like games, so that's why I thought I would price that Wii thing. Meditation and relaxation exercises might be good, but if i can't even focus on a tv show, will I be able to focus on my breath?

Anyway, these are the things I will be looking into. I am still committed to my food plan and it is a relief when I am out and about that most every thing offered in a drive through that I could impulsively buy and eat while driving is not in my food plan. I never realized how much I obsessed about what I could get every time I was driving alone. I get home a little quicker now, and don't have to "hide the evidence" between leaving the car and entering the house.

That's about it for now. i haven't been blogging much because my habits took hold and I didn't need to keep myself accountable as frequently as I did at first. I will be back to report if there are any more significant breakthroughs.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KOMAL53 9/22/2012 9:26PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss---Laura must be so happy to see you losing weight--20lbs. is a truly hefty figure----and a sign that one can eat and lose weight on the South Beach Diet!!!So very glad to read that you have begun enjoying Excercising too----that means that this will now be maintained and further loss of lbs. is certain!!!I bet Lloyd must be proud of you and your determination to stick to your Plan----despite giving up the White Potatoes!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HIKETOHEIGHTS 9/21/2012 1:21PM

    Congratulations Ann!

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HICKOK-HALEY 7/30/2012 2:59AM

    Congrats on the weight loss emoticon Your right in finding what ticks for you. A lot of my friends enjoy the Wii. Sounds like your food plan is working. emoticon

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LOLAINSC 7/19/2012 1:57PM

    Wonderful. Personally, I can't wait until I make myself "overweight" just 44 pounds more to go. Those magic numbers mean so much and feel so good. You made the heavens wept with joy emoticon

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CHERIRIDDELL 7/18/2012 11:12PM

    Excellent ! The dance even worked as far North as Alberta !

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    Congratulations on the 20 pound weight loss!!! emoticon emoticon

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CARLANNIE 7/18/2012 5:50PM

    How wonderful for you - I know that Happy Dance - I get very near it and then just hover. Need to really kick it into high gear. Congratulations for you - keep it up until you reach your goals. You are doing it!!! So proud.

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KMSIMMONS1 7/18/2012 11:46AM

  Keep dancing - we benifitted from that!!

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