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Update on Last's weeks goal

Monday, September 17, 2012

So last week I set out to track my nutrient intake:

I found that I was within range for sodium
Above range for protein on most days
Within range for carb
Within or Above range for sugars
Within or Above range for fats
Below range for fiber

Most of this makes sense as I try to eat more protein dense meals. Carbs *can* be a trigger for me in certain forms so I try to eat in moderation. Admittedly, I usually ignore fat intakes (e.g. full or partial fat cheeses instead of skim) but that doesn't mean I go overboard.

What was really surprising was the sugar reading- it's confusing because does it mean just added sugars or sugars within foods? I believe that on nutrition labels, what's listed is total sugar- including non-added. So then it makes sense because I tend to have fruit for breakfast. Anyway, I'll continue to keep tracking this and see if I can get the sugars down, and maybe eat different fruit like apples to get the fiber up.

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*MADHU* 9/18/2012 5:27AM


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Goal for the week

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My goal for this week is to not only stay within my calorie range, but my nutrition ranges as well. I will be striving to hit the mark for protein, sugar, fiber, sodium, in addition to calories. emoticon

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AJS_MOMMY_1985 9/11/2012 9:06AM

    You can do it! :) Keep us updated! :)

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BLC 15 Reflection

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wow, time flies. I have been reluctant to post because honestly I'm not a big fan of blogging. Well BLC 15 is over and I will definitely be joining the next one. This was a true test in commitment and consistency. I set out to lose a bunch of weight but in the end didn't even make a dent in that goal. So it was a true test of my mental willingness to not completely bow out of the challenge as I stepped on the scale week after week only to be disappointed.

The up-side is that I have definitely gotten fitter. Around halfway through the challenge I started the Insanity workout and did it continuously for 3 weeks. Then I decided to do the DVD once or twice a week and continue to group classes I love so much because I was getting bored with Insanity everyday. At the beginning of the challenge I did 32 modified pushups in 1 minute and today I did 41. I also did 31 crunches in 1 minute 2 months ago, today I did 56! I feel much fitter climbing stairs, walking, and keeping up in the gym. So that is definitely an upside that I won't ignore.

Looking forward, I want to really take a long look at my eating habits and see why I wasn't shedding the pounds as I would have liked. I think I'll take 1 week to not only track but track things like time, how I'm feeling, why I ate, etc. and really pay attention to the nutrients. I really think it's not how much I'm eating but what I'm eating that's keeping me stuck.

Anyway, congrats to all those who really did so well this challenge. I saw a lot of people losing weight and really jumpstarting their journey. Beginning this journey is sometimes the hardest part. So congrats & see you next round

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    Good job at your increased fitness and for completing the challenge! Good luck in all future endeavors!

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*MADHU* 8/26/2012 12:37PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WUB #5 Build on Momentum

Sunday, August 05, 2012

I re-started the Insanity DVDs. It was seriously a mental test- I cried, came up with every excuse known to man, cried some more, but finally I started them again. I am glad I took the needed rest for my elbow, but it is really really hard to get back into a workout after taking some rest.

This week I didn't post a weigh- in. This is #2 of skipped weigh ins (you cannot hit 3) so from here on out I have to weigh in. The first skipped weigh in was just me missing the deadline to post, but I weighed that week. This time, I am deliberately skipping a weigh-in because I am still puffy at the end of TOM and I REALLY don't want to see any of that show up on the scale. I know how the scale can really affect my mental state, lead me into a downward spiral/ make me feel like there's no point in working out, so I am staying away from that and will weigh-in mid-week when the puffiness is gone.

Anyway- I feel like I have a little momentum. I feel great after starting the dvds again. I still question if I am burning as much as when in my group exercise classes but I promised myself I'd give this a shot. It's definitely a different feel from the gym workouts because things are hurting that have never hurt before lol. So I will keep this up to the best of my abilities (it's a 60 day challenge- debating if I should repeat month1).

This week, my goals are:
Be FLEXIBLE- I have a lot of things going on after work, so I usually have to get creative with the workout schedule and either wake up early or do it pretty late. I need to be flexible and willing to shuffle rest days around if something comes up and I cannot get home on time to do the DVD.
Be PREPARED- I used to pre-track my meals, but since I got so used to eating the same things, I stopped doing that. It's a slippery slope so I am going back to that. I want to pre-track the night before. Really helps you stick to the plan!
Be ATTENTIVE- I need to listen to my body. Am I even hungry? Do I feel sluggish but still have the ability to get a workout in? Or am I beat and really need some active recovery? Listening to my body is a challenge for me!
Be a TEAM PLAYER- this is an ongoing goal. I think I'm doing okay with it so far.

Will post monthly goal blog later.


WUB #4 Should I be pleased or disappointed? Tis the question of the day

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I skipped last week's WUB and weigh-in. Actually, i weighed-in that week but didn't remember to post it before the deadline.

So the past week and half have been pretty hectic- and by hectic I just mean out of my normal routine. The first week, I was pretty good about being flexible. I had back up plans for my workouts and food plans depending on what was happening with people visiting, parties, etc. I slugged through my Insanity workouts but ultimately rested on 2 days because I was just exhausted. My eating has been anywhere from okay to ridiculous. I fell into a chocolate binge on 2 days this week... (chocolate is my weakness!!)

So to my surprise, I weighed in +1 this week. It's surprising because I was expecting much worse. And TOM is days away and I feel so puffy. I was sure that I'd be +5 or something like that. So I've literally been gaining and losing the same POUND since this challenge has started. All I can do is laugh at this point. It's so utterly ridiculous... but then again, my eating hasn't been stellar so what did I expect?

On the brighter side, I did measurements and have lost a total of 4.5 inches in 4 weeks. May not seem like much, but at this point, it is VERY hard for me to let go of any pounds/ inches/ whatever. So something must be working. I think as I get my eating back to normal- bringing my lunch, tracking every bite not just estimating- etc. coupled with my workouts, the inches will continue to fall. So I'm okay with that. A small part of me is skeptical because I keep wondering, what if I'm measuring the wrong spot and therefore I'm actually being generous in my measurements LOL I am crazy! But I have lost about half an inch from most areas. The biggest loss has been in my thighs and that I already knew before measuring. I can see that they are significantly more muscular. Insanity workouts involve a lot of squats, lunges, jumping etc. and my legs have been burning since I've started. Even my arms got smaller (arms are my biggest "problem area" and so stubborn to go down)

My loved ones keep reminding me that the slower this weight comes off, the more I should be confident that it is GONE for good. about 3 weeks before I started this challenge, one week I literally lost about 7 pounds- I didn't do anything differently, it just kept coming off. The next 2 weeks, it all came back. I was devastated. So I also get weary when i see pounds flying off, I wonder is this just pure water that will come back when I have some salt?? I'll take the inches any day.

I think for this week, I am going to focus on getting back into my way of doing things: I've taken some rest from Insanity and listened to my body especially after hurting my elbow. I'm fine now and will re-start Week 3 of Insanity to make sure I get all the workouts in. I did a lot of batch cooking yesterday so I have food to take to work, and dinner I need to just re-heat. Also have lots of good snacks like fruit, string cheese, yogurt, etc.

So, I think I'm going to give myself a light pat on the back and keep going.

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    That was really nice encouragement on part of your family. Good job at still being supportive of yourself and giving yourself a pat on the back and continuing on working hard!

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HALINHALF 7/29/2012 3:38PM

    Great encouragement about losing weight slowly, hopefully it never comes back. Congrats on the 4.5 inches! :-)

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