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I've suffered some major setbacks

Sunday, August 24, 2008


But you know something it was my fault. I got lazy, and then slowly stopped eating right and ended up gaining 50 lbs. LIKE REALLY FAST!!! But you know something I am going to change it and I will d whatever it takes to reach my goal.

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CYNTHIANICH 8/25/2008 12:13PM

    good for you...
I know how easy it is to gain, I to have been so bad about my eating.
not watching and not tracking...
But we can change this,,,just stop and do the right thing.
Don't be to hard on yourself...we all fall down ,but you are very strong for getting up and starting over!!! Good luck!!! emoticon

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OMG I can not believe it!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OK I have been going thru a lot of problems as of late. So I have had my mind far away from here, but my heart was still in it. JUst that I am an emotional eater so I had been binging a lot. And I assumed I was getting bigger. So when my doctor said "Get on the scale let's weigh you" he actually had to force me onto the scale. He argued and then told me very harshly GET ON THE DAMN SCALE. I got on and closed my eyes tight while he asked me "So what have u been eating?" And I answered a whole bunch of junk and lots of rice too.
He told me stop it and get on track again. And then he asked, with my eyes still closed, still drinking soda and I confessed SOMETIMES. Well stop that too. And then he said "You would have a had a greater weight loss if you had stood on track" And I opened my eyes and looked at him WEIGHT LOSS???
and sure enough yes! I have gone from 347 to 313. Okay it took me 3 and a half months but I managed to lose 10 lbs on average a month. Okay so now I am so hyped about this that tonight we are having a celebratory meal and then after that I making the whole family go on a diet with me to help resist the temptation. They can break it as long as they are not here doing it.
Okay I am gonna really try. It is that when I was consciously trying I felt like I was failing. Well I am gonna try as best as I can and then just take it slowly. It wasn't that my eating was bad, it was that after I threw out my back I caught pneumona and every time after that I used a case of the sniffles as an excuse not to study.
No more excuses. Maybe if I get back into the habit I can use my yoga to get rid of this endless back pain.
Wish me luck everyone. I am going in for round 2 and I aim to come out victorious!!!
Oh yeah and a new reason for the weigt lose. Come this fall I wil be entering college again to finish my degree in Legal Studies. Adn if I gotta compete mentally and physically against 18 , 19 and 20 year olds I need to get into prime shape to run around campus. YAY I am so excited!!

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GCOLON1 7/18/2007 3:38PM

    Go for it and congrats on the weight loss. Crave a new bod and do it for your kids. day dream about what you want to look like as many times a day as you have to. That way you always remember your goal!!

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SHER65 3/12/2007 5:25AM

    congratulations on your weight loss so far. That's fantastic news!

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Rice Cakes

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ok today I went out and while doing the grocery shopping I decided to buy some rice cakes cause I am seeing all of these Quaker rice cake commercials and how they are so good and only 60 calories per serving. OKAY can you say STYROFOAM!!! OMG even my daughter who enjoys eating lettuce & tomatoes rather than Lasagna spit it out. It smelled good, but maybe it was stale. I don't know but it just tasted like crap, even styrofoam probably taste better.
Ok I am really trying very hard to jump on the band wagon again, and I am doing well water wise, but I am havingproblems cause all of a sudden I am craving sweets. Maybe it's PMS. I don't know, well another day and since it is now past dinner time and I have had all my veggies and meat. So now I am gonna drink a couple more glasses of water and hope that the cravings for sweets do not come back.
I feel like I accomplishe something today. I do admit I was bad today cause I did not eat any other meal besides dinner so I know I may feel some cravings later on I just have to keep on fighting it.


A new reason to renew and strengthen my pledge

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

After almost 10 years I have decided to go back to college. After seeing the the state of some public schools in my area and then remembering how good school was for me ( I went to catholic school almost my whole life) I decided my son would benefit from private school. OKAY for the first 2 or 3 years he would have to attend a public school. But after I get my paralegal degree I will be able to find a job, sorry a great job, and give them a better life.
It is a new thing, trying to squeeze my ass into a school chair and compete with people 10-12 years my junior but before this I went ot a very prestigious university and I gave up for my family. Now I am going back for them. It's only community college but it will get me the degree I have long dreamed for. I basically have to start all over again because since I left school more than 5 years ago, my credits no longer count.
My daughter is now under treatment and she will have me during the day, and her father will take over at night while I attend my courses.
So wish me good luck!!! Am i crazy or what? I am going back to school LMAO!!! And I am so damn excited about it too!


Sorry i seemed to disappear

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I guess my daughte's second birthday made me careless. we celebrated her bday last saturday the 11th and then mines was the 16th, so I had been running around to physicals and doing errands and so much bday cake in a row made me lazy LOL. But I never got off of track when it came to eating. I did however push myself to the limits that I ended pinching a nerve in my lower back. It left me pracitcally paralyzed to the point I needed my husbadn's help just to be able to go to the bathroom. I am now taking muscle realxers to help with day to day and hopefully soon I will be better. I have had so many pitfalls but so many high points in the past 2 weeks I have been thrown of course. That will be for a futrure entry cause my back is hurting so bad. I hope to be able to push myself to go for a walk tomorrow. Just a plain aerobic walk not a errands walk. It seems that had beent he only thing I have been doing lately.

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HEALTHYWRITER 11/25/2006 11:05AM

    Ah! Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a lot of fun, except for the back injury. Ouch.

You and my mom share a birthday, by the way. :) Imagine me - poor little Pisces growing up in a whole nest of Scorpios. No wonder we get along - and I'm not complaining. I learned great coping skills, growing up! LOL!!

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