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Back on the horse

Friday, June 14, 2013

So these last couple of months have been very rough. Very. Rough. The medication I was taking to control my multitude of mental disorders also caused me to be super sluggish (on one, I was sleeping 10-14 hours per day), and another one caused me to gain 8 lbs. in a month. emoticon I nearly started crying in the doctor's office when I got on the scale. The good part? I've been off those meds for about 2 weeks now and my weight has stabilized greatly so that I've relost those 8 lbs. This has made me feel much better and confident. emoticon

My currents goals are more modest, but doable:

1) Walk or exercise with videos for 1 hour per week. I have a lovely trail outside of my apartment, and it's nice to walk it while listening to an audio book. It's quite peaceful and relaxing, as well.

2) Start tracking my food again on spark people, even if it's only one meal per day. I found that the tracking really helped me loose weight before, BUT I was spending so much time on that that I wasn't exercising. So, here's to a new start. I haven't given up yet!

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CIRANDELLA 6/14/2013 10:34PM

    Hi, DUCKTURNIP! So glad you are back...though I'm sorry these meds have created such unwanted problems for you. So many of them are problematic for us, aren't they? Well, it's good you have been able to go off the meds that were creating the difficulties; it sounds like you'll be able to pursue your goals so much more easily now. I do love audio books! Aren't they great? And walking while listening to one - or even doing housework or cooking - is my idea of a pleasant way to pass that time.

I found that tracking my food was the one essential that helped me get rid of all my unwanted weight. For me, it was even more crucial than exercising...and even while maintaining my weight, it's something I have to do every day. But I don't mind; it's enabled me to keep off that weight (so far...knock on wood ;).

Here's to your new beginning...and who doesn't love a wonderful Spark name like DUCKTURNIP? Awww!! emoticon - Susan

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Day 19 Check-In: Exercising through Skype

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I did my first real exercising today. emoticon I did Facebook video chat (like Skype) with a friend. I had posted in a group on Facebook that I was really overwhelmed by the prospect of starting to exercise. I wanted to do something more exciting than just walking, but I just didn't know where to begin. So my friend Justine, who lives in a different state than I do and does a lot of different types of exercises, messaged me and said that we could try video exercising. So I got up early this morning, and turned on the computer, and about 25 minutes later, I had done it! Justine was great. She likes to do intervals, and uses an interval timer on her phone to alternate exercises. It was a lot more fun than just walking, plus I have ideas for things that I can do on my own now. We did both cardio and some weight-based exercises. I'm hoping to keep up the pace tomorrow. I have some exercising videos that I drug out, so I'm going to do that for about 20 minutes. And Justine and I are going to try to do video exercising again once we get our schedules straightened out. emoticon

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HWNHMMBRD 1/19/2013 3:48PM

    Isn't technology great! emoticon

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MCAFEE34 1/19/2013 12:24AM

  thats pretty nifty thanks for the idea

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Day 13 Check-In and a Medical Wake-Up Call!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So, the last couple of days have been both good and bad.

First, some good things. I was able to see my psychiatrist after group therapy last Thursday, and we worked on my medication. So far, I'm feeling better. Also, we are *finally* dealing with my ADD, so I now have medication to help with that. I took it for the first time today, and it *really* helped with my focus, and I was able to exercise for the first time in ages! Sure, I just did some heavy-duty housework, but I worked up a sweat, and I figured that counted so I logged it. My goal for tomorrow is to try one of the videos on here.

Then the bad things. Well, I had to have a bunch of standard bloodwork done (fasting glucose and fasting cholesterol). My fasting glucose came back yesterday at 96, so still within the normal limits, but on the high end. Still, I was very happy with that. Today, however, my cholesterol scores came back. My overall is 207, which *actually* isn't bad, BUT my HDL is wayyyyyyy lower than it has been in the past. It's always been in the 60s, but now it's at 45, which is good, but I would like it better. My LDL and triglycerides are also high, higher than they have been in the past. This just adds to the fact that my blood pressure has been steadily going up over the past year.

I guess the good part about all this is that I know. I have so many medical problems. Beyond my psych problems, I have GERD and IBS, and a bad flareup is what originally led me here. As well, I am chronically anemic. Considering that I am 34, I know this isn't good. No wonder there are days I feel like I'm 80!

So what to do? Well, I changed my diet tracker on here to the "Heart Healthy" diet plan, along with the high blood pressure and high cholesterol plans. I've spent much of the evening reading about ways to lower cholesterol, and there are actually things I'm already doing, like eating oatmeal and other whole grains (for my IBS) along with nuts. I'm going to work to add 2 servings of fish to my diet per week.

So my goals for this next week?

1. Keep eating my fruits and veggies: I've been eating 2-3 servings of fruit per day, plus 2-3 servings of veggies. I was to move the veggies part up to 5-6.

2. Eat my oatmeal EVERY DAY. Good thing I made steel cut oatmeal in the crockpot today!

3. Exercise 10 minutes per day.

4. Switch from butter (sigh) to olive oil for now, eat 1 small avocado or 1/2 a big avocado most days per week, add a serving of nuts most days per week, and eat a serving of fish high in omega-3s 2 days per week.

5. Get my fiber up by cooking that quinoa that's been sitting on the shelf, along with brown rice.

6. Continue to track my cholesterol and sodium levels. I'd noticed that my sodium levels are really high, so I want to work on getting that down.

Lots to do, but it'll be worth it. Can't wait to weigh in again in a day or two.

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DUCKTURNIP 1/19/2013 12:14AM

  Thanks! I'm doing well with the plan so far, and yes, I can tolerate nuts well with my IBS, so I've been incorporating them into my diet.

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UUCEEJAY 1/16/2013 3:47PM

    emoticon emoticon You have a good plan!

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LOVESTOWALK49 1/14/2013 9:56AM

    If you can tolerate nuts with IBS, I can't, then eat them. They doubled my HDL number.

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9 Day Check In

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So I've been on here 9 days now. I've lost 5 pounds according to the scale, but I know that will go up and down with time. I've really just been focusing on my food. I started this because I had such a bad GERD/IBS flare up on New Year's Eve. I haven't had a flareup that bad in quite a long time. I've been focusing on making sure that I'm eating lots of fiber and plenty of fruits and veggies. I haven't been paying as much attention to the calories on my nutrition counter as I have things like my iron count, since I'm anemic, and my fiber count. One thing I need to work on: my sodium count is way too high a lot! So, I need to be careful with that. I've also noticed that I'm eating a lot of carbs some days and not enough protein or fat, which is probably why I get really hungry at night. I've been using the nutrition tracker to figure out what I can eat, and plan ahead. Challenges that I haven't dealt with are going out to eat and exercising. I can't really afford to go out to eat, and all the food that's out there upsets my GI system, so I'm just kinda avoiding that right now and cooking a lot at home. I love to cook, but this is encouraging me to cook even more. I want to start the exercise component, but....ugh I *hate* exercising. I signed up for the January challenge, but haven't started it yet. Today was gonna be the day to start, but it hasn't happened. I added it to my Wunderlist To-Do List for tomorrow. So we'll see.

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CTHOMAS1980 1/9/2013 12:49AM

    Great work with your food. The food was easier for me as well as I don't like exercise,
but I started with just 10 mins a day and then if I want to 30 mins I just 2 x 15 sets then I don't feel as unmotivated to do them.


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