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Water and/or Flavored Water?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OK, so I am trying to drink my 8 glasses of water daily. But there are days that I have trouble getting in all 8 glasses. So my question is: If I use the Crystal Light packet added to the water, does that still count as water? What about Kool Aid or Lemonaide, if I count the sugar calories? Since I started this, I haven't had Kool Aid or Lemonaide but during dinner, flavor would be nice.

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MOUSTER 2/11/2010 9:35AM

    you can also just squeeze in some lemon or any citrus fruit into your water. I've done that before. lemon actually is good at detoxing the body and is good for the liver i believe.

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BORROWEDANGEL1 2/11/2010 12:18AM

    If you have a Walmart store in your area, they carry another brand similar to Crystal Light, but it is walmart's brand. It is cheaper than Crystal Light and I think it tase better.

I buy the Tropical Punch flavor most of the time. It is sugar free, 0 carbs, and very very few calories if any. I can't remember right off, but very few .

It will make 2 qts of flavored water for one of the tiny tubs and I think it has 6 of them, so 12 quarts of water for little money.

I love the taste of it. They have several flavors, but the tropical punch is great. I didn't drink water very often until I started trying to lose weight, and this helps a lot and it does count as water. It's also great with meals too..

Good luck on your journey!

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L-I-S-A 2/11/2010 12:01AM

    go with the Crystal Light! no calories and it counts as water.

Koolaid/lemonade has alot of sugar...although they may have a sugar free version these days. I'm not sure on that.

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I'm doing it!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

1 month ago, a dear friend of mine joined SP. Watching her progress, it made me inspired to come back to SP. I have been a member since 4 yrs today. I didn't even realize today is my Sparkaversary. 2 weeks ago today, I was sent home from work because I had a horrible cough that was getting worse. The following day, the doctor determined I had a severe case of bronchitis. I then went on to miss 8 days of work. During this time, when I wasn't sleeping, I was on SP.

I "officically" started fast break on Sunday. I have eaten fresh produce and followed the menus for 3 days now. I went back to work yesterday and even went to my district internship class last night. I also was able to score and put into Grade Pro the 2 finals I gave yesterday.

Today, I got on the scale before work, I am down 7 lbs from before I was sick. I am NOT going to regain the sick loss..... I was able to go for a walk today and didn't cough up part of my lung! I then worked on the Wii Fit Plus for 20 minutes. Eaten as told. Read a motivation. And went for a walk. All fast track goals met! I have also put in grades in 1 class complete, 2 partials and 1 to go plus the 2 partials. I can do this!

I am putting myself first. I am stressed, yes. But being fat is stressful too. Even with grading to do, housework, kids and my homework from my di class, I need to put me first. I can and will and did find the time for a walk.

Until next time!

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BELLA044 2/4/2010 9:17PM

  Hello Tova,
Thanks you for visiting my blog, I'm sorry that you have been sick, but now that you are feeling better I'm sure you are happy 7lbs are gone, Congrats to that! Keep on track & before you know it you will be down 10lbs!! You are right you need to come first. Best of luck on your journey! We can do it!

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MOUSTER 2/3/2010 5:10PM

    WTG girlfriend!! I"m so jealous of your 7 lbs. i'm down 4 lbs since i started in january. i forget the day i started back up. We can do this. Do you watch the biggest loser? if so you'll know what i'm talking about i want to know what the yellow team did at home for them to get such great results the first month. ok off to sweat in the sauna (small portable one) lol...

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CORTINEA 2/3/2010 12:39AM


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