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Lather, Rinse, Repeat....Until I get it right!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Okay I fell waaaay off the wagon about 7 months ago, but I'm back, and I'll keep coming back until it sticks. I've had my 'epiphany', if I don't do something now...my kids aren't going to have a mother, my husband will end up a widower way to earlier and dammit I'm not ready to die! That's right I said die....I know that if I don't make changes and lose weight I'm going to die alot younger than I should and I'm not ready, I've got way to much to live for!

I started over again today.

I'm not 'following' a specific plan, I've realized I need to find what is going to work for me and it will probably be a whole lot of trial and error. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I'm writing down everything I eat, I found I have to take pen to paper for it to register. I went slightly over on my calories, but it's trial and error, I'll find that place I need to be where I'm satisfied and still within my range. I plan on bringing in exercise but I know to start small, small changes no jumping in trying to change everything at once.

I can do this!

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KELCOT 7/19/2012 11:01PM

    Congrats on the decision to come back! I'm trying again too. It's not easy, but it'll be so worth it!


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FITMARY 7/17/2012 9:23PM

    Starting over is good because it bring new energy, new commitment, and, yes, new understanding of what it takes to get where you want. What helped me more than anything was to promise---no matter what---to get "just 10 minutes" of exercise a day. There were some days that seemed like all I could do, but many days I did that and more, and it really helped.
So, hang in there. You CAN do it! You, your husband, and your kids depend on it!

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 7/17/2012 9:19PM

    A big huge emoticon back...starting again and making the connection that this has to happen, you can make it happen! You will find what works for you because you want to! Beginning with writing everything down is a start. Do you write it down before or after you consume it? If after, try writing it down before...by doing so it gives your brain a chance to process do you really want to eat what you're writing down. It may help you stay within your range!
As you've learned this is a life changing journey, one that takes time and commitment to do what needs to be done, to make choices that will be a challenge. It is hard to lose weight and on top of it all; you have to accept you can never go back to old eating habits every again for the weight to stay off.

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I have a confession....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

this has been a terrible week for me. I didn't track, I ate anything I wanted, the only thing I did do right was get in all my water everyday! Somehow I still had a loss, not a big loss, but a small, totally undeserved loss. Yes, I'm happy for it (whose not happy when the scale goes down) but it is also a reality check. I can't do that all the time! I can make excuses...I've had an upper respiratory thing going on for over a week. But deep down I know it was just laziness and gluttony on my part.

Today I'm back to tracking and I'm going to try a WATP 1mile exercise video. It's time to take my self control back.

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FIFIFRIZZLE 11/27/2011 1:25PM

    Isn't it great that you had a loss! I think it goes to show that you were doing the right thing. Of course if you did that two weeks in a row it would be a problem, but you aren't going to do that. Good on you for recognizing you need to straighten up and fly right. You can trust yourself to look after yourself anfpd that's a Good Thing.

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DIANITAH 11/27/2011 10:15AM

    I had that happen one week last month. Take the loss and just get back on track. I had a crazy day yesterday and I got up and had a healthy breakfast and am about to go for a walk. What else can we do but start fresh?

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Not sure how today happened...

Monday, November 21, 2011

I went on a bit of a binge today and I'm not even sure how or why? I started out just fine, but then a midday trip to the dentist, a late lunch, and watch out stomach here it alllll comes. Granted my choices were probably better than they used to be, but I must admit some candy made its way in there and that really just threw me for a loop, I don't even really like candy. Okay today was a blip, its now done!

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm ready for it. All my food is already measured out and ready to be packed to go to work.

I can do this!!!

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NIXY72 11/22/2011 11:54AM

    We all need a blip now and again to remind ourselves how it feels when we don't take care of ourselves! Now you have renewed strength and motivation! :D You're doing great. Allow yourself to be the imperfect human being that we all are at times


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CUBBYMAMMA 11/21/2011 10:55PM

    It happens every now and then, and as long as you keep the good attitude and not let it derail you!!!

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It Doesn't Work! ~ Yes it does!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I had someone at work tell me today she's been a fan of SP for years, but "It doesn't work." I looked back at her and said yes it does! I've lost 13 lbs in the last month and I didn't even use the program the 1st week (yes it took a week to get started, after I signed up).

Do I still have alot to lose - Hell yes!

But this is only the beginning.

If I work MY program and stick to MY goals, no one can tell me the 'progam' doesn't work, only I'm not working hard enough.

Yup, I'm proud of my 1st month, but it took a comment from someone else to make me realize I need to do more for me.

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NIXY72 11/22/2011 11:59AM

    Programs don't work when you don't make an effort. I was a member for 2 years and didn't lose an ounce... but then again, I was only reading articles... not using the tools or setting actual goals and following up with them. Since i've been active (!!) on the site, I've dropped 16 pounds in 2 months. Doesn't work? Sure. Sounds instead like she is the reason it's not working...


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MORETHENAMOM39 11/10/2011 8:07AM

    Sparkpeople differently works.. without it the weight I have lost would have just been a dream. The support and motivation from my team members and other sparkers is so meaningful and with them and the aid of my trackers I have been able to lose 25 lbs. since July 27, 2011.. I congratulate you for making a stand for what you believe in and for all your hard work and dedication to self.. keep up all your hard work it is and will continue to pay off.


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FIFIFRIZZLE 11/7/2011 2:22PM

    What a great blog. It works for me too, though I haven,t lost much weight. My energy, stress levels, sleep have improved and the inches are falling away also. Because I have WORKED THEM OFF with SparkPeople. Maybe that workmate will be sparked again when she sees your progress, you never know.
Keep up the good work, and as for your weight loss,

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CUBBYMAMMA 11/6/2011 8:50AM

    Good for you - it's worked for me too!! I am supposed to be 'spreading the Spark' right now, and people at my work glaze over when I tell them what I have been doing. I don't talk about it unless someone asks me.....so why do people ask how you lost weight and got in shape if they don't want to hear the answer? Because they want to hear it was a magic pill? SPARK, Insanity, P90X - that's been my secret formula but you would think I told them I joined a cult.
OH WELL emoticon

What works is deciding that you're going to make your health a priority - if you can't be healthy for yourself, you can't get done what you need for the people who depend on you either.

Congratulations on your progress - and keep up the great work emoticon

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FITMARY 11/6/2011 7:52AM

    Oh, yeah, it does!
Congratulations on your emoticon progress.
And thanks for cheering me on!

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RUTHANNE100 11/1/2011 10:40PM

    Absolutely--and you are working it!! Congrats on the 13 pounds!

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 11/1/2011 2:17PM

    It absolutely works!

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It's Going to be a Positive Week!

Monday, October 17, 2011

This week is going to be about the positive for me. I need to get away from the negative thoughts and feelings.

Tomorrow I have my DD3's preschool field trip, loping all over a farm with 80 little ones, but I'm looking at all the exercise I'll get in without even trying. And I get to spend a whole day with my girl again on Friday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us, so we can get outside even more. If not, maybe she'll do an exercise tape with me?

Is it so wrong that I start my positive thinking on the week I'm only in the office 2.5 days? (Hint: It may be WHY its a positive!)

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FIFIFRIZZLE 11/7/2011 2:28PM

    I work part time and I find it hard to keep up my exercise and other routines when I am in the office. Now I have had a holiday I am going to spend some time working ip some exercise and healthy food strategies to start the new week with. Because whatever is going on at work, it's up to me how I respond, and it's what I do that counts. Thank you for reminding me of this,

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RUTHANNE100 10/24/2011 12:28PM

    Positive thinking is always a good thing!! So is having time off work!!!

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