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Slimming World Steps to Stay on Track

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My consultant supplied these ideas last night to my group and I want to share them.

Think GREY not black and white (or good and bad), don't worry about it being a bad meal, which can turn into a bad day and maybe even a bad week!
Try not to set unreasonable standards for yourself.

Remember no syns are bad! Try to plan your food intake and fit them in.

If you have a TO DO LIST, a list of things you should do, then bin it! Throw it away! (Not sure I agree to this as I wrote a big list today and enjoyed ticking each item off yesterday).
But I do understand PROCRASTINATION too, putting things off if I have too much to do. Nic suggested a 'I'd Like to ' would be a better list to have.

Set yourself realistic goals, remember every week can be different!

Do celebrate your success. At the end of each day write down 3 things you've done well that day, could be weight related or not.
Try to stay positive.

Stop comparing yourself to others! We are all individuals. (I know I still look big compared with some people but for me I'm looking the most shapely I have ever looked!)

Remember you are not on your own (we have a whole Spark team)!
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PEARL8264 9/19/2010 4:05AM

    I am very positve you and I can do it !!!!!!

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SUEZQMD 8/19/2010 11:09AM

    Wow! How awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm feeling motivated and positive. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Back in the Zone

Monday, August 09, 2010

I was talking to a friend who is coming to the same Slimming World class as me and she said she couldn't do it properly yet as she wasn't in the 'zone' yet!
On reflection I realised that I stepped out of that ZONE last week when I was much heavier than I expected when I was weighed on Tuesday night. So Wednesday and Thursday I was miserable and ate and ate! Lots of bad food choices!

On Friday I realised I will have put on again when I get weighed the following week but will now be into 13 stone something rather than 12 stone something and really would like to get to 12 stone ( I don't ever remember being that light!O)

I am not good at asking for help! I think that going to class is my way of asking for that help! and being on this site too.



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MEDDYPEDDY 8/13/2010 5:47AM

    He - as I am into kg system I have no idea what those weight numbers mean unless I go to my "convertion world"-page and convert it... nevertheless, you have managed quite well over time so one week backwards wont stop you from moving on again!

Myself is in a reather hopeless mood - on month away from one year sparkaversary and I did not lose anything at all well I did but i gained it back on...

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Slimming World DIET my ideas on the daily spark!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That? With SW nothing is considered off limits and we use our 'syns' to allow for the less healthy options!

Currently I am trying to feed the birds or my mum and dad's chickens my or my children's leftovers!

I come from the upbringing that you clean your plate! It can be really hard sometimes not to pile my plate too full!

Read more: http://www.dailyspark.com/blog.asp?post=pu

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TESAM2931 6/1/2010 1:22PM

    Hi Donna
OK, you could try following this as a guideline:
(assuming you're doing extra easy?)
One quarter of your plate carbs
One quarter of your plate protein
One half of your plate free food (veg or salad)

If you're still hungry, you can go back for seconds, but it must be in the same format i.e. plenty of free foods

Thank you for your honesty, it helps others to know that they are not struggling on their own. It's all part of being human my friend.

Love and hugs
Tina x

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    hi there! im also trying to follow slimming world!
Its hard sometimes I know, I find extra easy days the easiest! Hang in there!

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Focusing on what really matters after the binge!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thanks for all your supportive comments on my blog - sorry though the line didn't get drawn till Tuesday morning! It became quite a binge.

Its hard but we have to keep trying to focus! I'm focussed now - I know I prefer it when my shoulderblades hurt less when I'm a bit lighter - that was the first thing I noticed when I started putting on weight with this binge.

I need to focus on the tools I can use to avoid temptation (don't buy options hot choc 'cos I can't resist them - only 2 syns but one after the other can be a lot of syns!) and to write it down so I know what I am eating!

I feel so much sexier when I'm lighter and got so angry with everything when I was 'out of control'. I don't want to feel that way any more.

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/10/2010 2:07AM

    I have come to the conclusion that nothing really matters if I am not abstinent - therefore I must make it my first priority - which means putting my needs first... it is not easy! Good luck with your focus!

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GERALDINE16 5/7/2010 1:27AM

    It is finished now and by the sounds of it you have learnt a lot from it. emoticon emoticon

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JULESQUILTS 5/6/2010 5:35PM

    Glad to hear you've draw the line.
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CAROLINAGIRL377 5/6/2010 11:07AM

  Good luck!

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No Cake for Me!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I mustn't make cake, just can't resist fresh cakes - I know my weakness! We'll all survive without it!

I went into quite a binge yesterday! Lots of reasons - bit of stress, pressure and tiredness didn't help! That doesn't make me a bad person though - just a bit weak!

Drawing a line under yesterday, back to writing it all down!
I can do it!


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MEDDYPEDDY 5/5/2010 3:51AM

    Yes you can do it! Itīs "just" a question of using the right tools...

Spark is a great tool for me and I think my declaration of may as being a soup month has a part of stopping my binges two nights in a row. My pitfall is not cookies, itīs bacon and pork...

Letīs keep sparking!

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JULESQUILTS 5/3/2010 3:36PM

    I'm a sucker for cake too, I can make fairy cakes if I'm really really positive and doing well then just eat one for 5 syns. More often than not I'm not strong enough so don't make any!

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KENDRA.PESCE 5/1/2010 2:33PM

    I'm not much of a cake eater, but my daughter likes the Tres Leches cake. I think it's okay in moderation. No need to beat yourself.

Happy Saturday!!!

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TESAM2931 5/1/2010 10:32AM

    I think it just makes you human! If we could stick to the plan 100% at all times, we wouldn't be where we are now. You're right, just draw a line under it, as though it never happened. Start again today in "focussed" mode

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THYMEFORME 5/1/2010 4:35AM

  I know just how you feel. Saturdays(weekends) have always been my baking days. My family has come to "Expect" baked goods for the week ahead. Muffins in the morning, cupcakes and tarts for desert, etc...I've tried to "Healthy" them up, but the fam won't have it and it usually goes to waste. Once I start baking, I can't stop picking and eating. Must figure out a solution. I realize they don't need all this, but I think it's comfort food for them as well. They are all of a healthy weight and so far, healthy on the inside as well, so what's a gal ta do? To add insult to injury, of course I love to cook and bake and entertain. This is not easy.

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