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Comfort zones

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I want to talk about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in exercises, much like a personal trainer would do to you. But there are other comfort zones that we hide behind too. My personal one is being able to snack at night. A trip to the bathroom leads to a trip to the kitchen and then the fridge. It's not that I have something forbidden, it's just that I have the need to have ANYTHING at all. Last night, I went cold turkey and I was pacing the floor, going in circles. Then I came on the computer for a count down, finally going to bed. I slept thru the whole night, naturally who gets up to the bathroom at night if you don't put anything in. With supper over by 6 PM that left 4 hours before bedtime to pace. I did learn that if I am not going to snack at night, I better be having supper a bit later. And so I left my comfort zone behind. I didn't even think of this as a problem before the challenge of not doing it.

We all have comfort zones that we retreat to in times of boredom, stress, when we are tired, and ---- (you fill in the blank) Getting ourselves out of these zones requires real work, sometimes not doing something is harder than doing something. In the long run, these are just habits and we all know habits can be broken - if you really want to. They can be replaced by new habits, healthier habits. Most of us have been here long enough to know about our nutrition/eating, the whats/whens/whys and now we have to fix the other broken things to make us better. A month is a good amount of time to fix something and apparently August is my month to face my nemisis. Phew, it's going to be a l-o-n-g month!

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LGAR519 8/2/2011 4:01PM

    I know what you are going through. I have snacked before going to bed all my life. Fortunately, I have found a plan that works for me---so far. I save some of my 1500 cals and my 179 carbs. and make a smoothie . I use healthy ingredients like yogurt, fruit, and skim milk. It works for me.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My daughter has a beautiful pool but she has a terrible ladder to get in and out of the pool. My husband and I haven't gone in her pool since she got it last year because of the ladder. After my excapades with changing the filters at home, she invited us over today to go in the pool. She and her friend said they would help us in and out and if we really got stuck they would call the fire dept. for us. (wise guys!)

Anyway, we took her up on her offer and had the best day since we got home from down south. I swam today (with my noodle of course) for a good 2 1/2 hours, probably more like 3. It was so hot, the water was so cool, the sun was just right and then came the welcomed shade. A perfect day with plenty of great company. They offered to BBQ but with everyone so tired, we decided on pizza instead and thinking of all the exercise that I did, I felt I could afford the treat of pizza. Once I started eating, I realized just how hungry I was and before ya knew it, I had downed 4 pieces. It was so good, such a thin crust and delicate mozzerella cheese on top. It was a great day and as we were leaving she offered the use of the pool to us while she is working or any time we want. How I wish we had tried this sooner. We could have been using it the whole month of July.


Help please

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am getting so frustrated. I've been doing this for a year and a half now. I track my nutrition everyday and exercise at least 30 mins a day sometimes up to 70 mins. I watch my blood sugar and it is low in the 80-100 FBS area. I've even been mixing up my exercises because I need to do something different to keep from being bored. I was able to lose 77 lbs and was going good and then right around May started going so wrong.

So what's the problem? Why am I gaining weight? I can't even stay the same, I gain everday at least a few ozs. that are starting to add up to lbs. I have been going thru double eye surgery for over a month now, taking steriods to help with the healing as I am having a problem there. But steriods in eye drops? I am trying to keep the stress levels at bay and not get upset with the slowness of the healing process and all these MD visits. Most of the pressure is over, I just have to get this last hump done.

I've done everything that I can think of the right way. Everything is going great except the scale. I know I shouldn't be consentrating on that but I can't help it. My nice loose clothes are getting snugger and I hate it. I'm open to any and all suggestions, please help!

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LGAR519 7/28/2011 8:33PM

    I know that steroids by mouth will cause weight gain, and cause your blood sugars to go up. I don't know about eye drops. You really need to talk to your doctor. I know it's so easy to get discouraged. But you have done so well Concentrate on recovering from your eye surgery. Stay on the same path. It will all work out.

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BAREFOOTN 7/28/2011 8:30PM

    You have done a terrific job with the weight loss and managing your sugars. I don't know if the drops have anything to do with it or the stress you have been under. Do all the things you have done in the past, if you can, like posting your food. If there isn't a problem there, look at meds and other factors. Good luck. I am sure you will get this straight!!! Hang in there and don't get discouraged!!! I agree that a talk with the doctor might be in order. I wish for you a speedy recovery!!! emoticon

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WINDANCER99 7/28/2011 8:14PM

    Your 77 lb. weight loss is terrific! You're doing all the right things. I'd talk to my doctor but steroid drops even in your eyes may very well be causing you to gain weight. Were you gaining prior to the steroid drops? I hope your eyes heal quickly! It sounds like you've been through a lot. Don't give up. You've come too far. Congratulations!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JESUS.SAVED.ME 7/28/2011 5:32PM

    Have you shared all of this with your dr? He/She may have some insights for you. 77 lbs is a GREAT amount to lose, please don't be dissatisfied with yourself because it's stopped. You've come a long way.

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3 Parts to Sucess

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So you think you have it down pat, know what you need to eat and how to exercise but have you taken care of the third part of the equation? The part that will keep you in the healthy zone for the rest of your life? I am talking about the mental part. I have said this before but I want to touch on it again today.

I'm talking about mindset. Losing weight is the easy part (ha, ha) but keeping it off once you get there is a challenge. You must resolve the issues that caused you to get fat in the first place. What makes you reach for those extras when hunger is not the issue? How are you going to cope with stress, boredom, being tired and the million of other things that pop up. When was the last time you thought about something other than what exactly what to eat and how much exercise to do.

Let's help the whole person that we are, you can not fix the symptoms, you have to fix the problem. Remember the line from the movie with Jennifer Anniston where she says "I want you to want to do the dishes" and Vince Vaugn says "no one wants to do the dishes". Well I want to not want to eat and I want to not want to exercise but I have to learn how. And it all begins in my mind.

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LGAR519 7/26/2011 8:26PM

    I need to work on my proper mind set, I really want to succeed this time, keep the weight off. I never have before. But I think I will this time because I have seen first hand what Diabetes will do to you. Keep me in your prayers.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

What keeps you motivated?

This was worth pondering because when things are going well, the momentum alone keeps you going but it's when things are not going well that you need something to push ahead. When I first started I had grand ideas of losing a lot of weight and giving myself only a year to do it. It was going to be steady as I would be working hard but only asking for about 2 lbs a week. I could do this. NOT! It worked in the beginning but then I hit a plateau. Well, it was only the first one and I had lost a lot so I would make it thru and I did, it started again. Then another plateau came. This time it was longer and if it weren't for my friends here pushing me on, I might have given up but their encouragement helped so much. It passed but such a short time later, I hit my 3rd plateau. This one lasted so long but by this time I had lost a lot to really make a difference and I was loving that difference so the new clothes and new feelings that went with them as well as my friends pushed me thru. I was going strong until we arrived home again in March. All of a sudden things started falling apart.

I've gained about 13 lbs and it had started to get me down. So what keeps me motivated? I've never in my life finished anything. How many diets have I started, how many projects went unfinished, how many times I helped someone UNTIL it got too hard. Then I quit. I always settled for good enough. Well I'm determined this time that good enough is not an option. I'm in another blip and I will get thru this too. I'm biding my time till we go south again when I have a pool available to me and all stress is off. If I can just hold steady, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I did find out that unless I do between 50 and 70 mins of formal exercise in addition to regular living stuff, I tend to gain everyday. I can't eat any less or it will cause a binge to erupt. If I let myself get too hungry, I can't resist plus it's not good for me either. So that brings me to doing those exercises. I happen to have found some that I semi enjoy doing (as much as you can enjoy exercising, lol). I use my Wii to weigh in and since it's set up after weighing in, it's nothing to keep going on it. Mid morning after breakfast, I have an extra burst of energy. Doing 20 mins on demand fitness TV helps. Then again late afternoon right before dinner, I try to do another 20 mins. It's important to change up the routines but still have something that is fun to do. It's a habit that I created as it usually fits my schedule. Let me repeat that - It's a HABIT! Once you make a habit, when you stray from it, you have a sense of unbalance.

So motivation comes from many sources. The deep down desire to improve myself and make myself healthier. Wearing new clothes or in my case - having such a very small wardrobe because I refuse to buy more clothes in this size, my old ones are gone and if I buy new ones they are going to be my end of the journey clothes. I have a few "in ancipation" clothes that fit but I won't wear out yet as I consider them too tight for people to see me in. I am still looking for approval - from my doctor, my parents and other family members and as bad as it sounds, this is another motivation for me. I want to keep my place as a role model. How can I ask others to do what I haven't done. My daughter needs to see that this can be done and maintained. I must stay in balance by keeping the new habits that I've made. Routine exercise and no night time eating (this was a hard habit to get but like everything else, it was a habit). And the last motivation is from forgiveness. If I do slip up, I have to acknowledge that and go back on track as soon as possible. I have set a new goal for my 2 year anniversary to have completed my journey. So that means I have 6 months to lose the rest of my unwanted weight. Setting specific goals is important to me. Without them, I tend to flounder and get very lax and this doesn't get me anywhere. I have to be accountable, I have to be on track and I have to be STRONG!


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