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Reevalutating My Goals - Feeding the Hunger

Thursday, June 23, 2011

SO, I have been doing so reevaluating of a few things over the last few weeks and I have come to the conclusion that I need alter my plan of attack. Here are some thoughts and issues I have been having as of late:
1. I have been stressed lately about multiple things, some of which I know what they are, some of which I do not. I know that the the amount of stress and the severity of the symptoms at the moment are not in line with the stressors that I know are present. I need to delve into this.
2. Good sleep has basically been no existent lately. I have been "going to bed" in enough time to get ample sleep but I have been not been able to actually fall asleep (it took me 3hrs one night last week) and I have not been staying asleep. Also, I know that it has not been quality sleep I have been getting and it is starting to take its toll. Definitely need to get to the bottom of this.
3. Exercise is not my issue. I am getting plenty of exercise at varying intensities and from various sources. At least I am doing something right...
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
4. I am dealing with emotional eating. I am thinking that items 1 and 2 are not helping that.
5. I am actually eating better on the weekends from time to time. I am not as hungry then which makes me think that the emotional eating is a real big issue.
6. I am eating well, just too much, mixing the healthy fruits veggis and whole grain with the splurges (chocolate, alcohol, ICE CREAM). I am portioning things well but I am going back to the kitchen for another "helping" too much. I need to reel in the emotional eating...
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
7. I started my weightloss journey at 200lbs and spark journey at 180. Now that I am fluctuating between 160-165lbs and the 2lb goal that I had was not working for me. I just lowered it to 1lb which uped my calorie intake and will hopefully help with my eating issues, help with the "hunger"

Anyway, in short, I need to find a better way to "feed the hunger" emotionally and physically. Here's to a new approach and hopefully more results!

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ASTORRES1 6/24/2011 1:48PM

    You are on the right track....delving into the problem issues. BUT remember you have made accomplishments...200 to 160... emoticon
Life sometimes gives us bumps that we have to learn how to manuever around...good luck on your continued path to HEALTHY living!!!


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EN10011 6/23/2011 10:23AM

  Your blog feels close to home!- I have also been stressed and not sleeping well without any good outside reason. I just went to the cafeteria and got a chocolate milk- did I really need that???? which means that I'll starve myself for the rest of the day to try to stay within the calorie range.

I also think that after the initial lbs, a 1 lb per week weight loss is more reasonable, and towards the very end, 1 lb per two weeks, so that maintentance comes easier and without a big change.

Good luck, you'll get back into the groove of things

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REBECCAMA 6/23/2011 10:10AM

  I hear ya on the stress and sleep thing. I posted a blog or two about how we eat more when we are tired. Spark had a couple of articles on that. So I think your emotional eating and your hunger could be directly related to your lack of sleep. If you are spending half your night trying to get to sleep then that may be why you are eating more. I know when I'm tired I crave carbs. I've been good about reaching for cereal instead of ice cream, but it's still calories no matter what it is.

Good luck!

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LESLIELENORE 6/23/2011 10:03AM

    Eating based on our emotions is so difficult to get a handle on. Stress, lack of sleep, and splurging will all interfere with losing or maintaining a current weight. I know, I didn't always used to be a "big girl"! I hope you find an approach that works for you! I found that outside support, whether it is SP, family, or friends is so important. I also keep a journal separate from my blog, where I can vent some of my stress and emotional baggage. I don't know if you have the time or inclination to do that, or if you already do, but it works for me. Who knows? It could work for you, too. Just keep moving forward, and make yourself a priority in your life!


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It might be a quarter life crisis or just the stirring in my soul....25 things learned in 25 years

Thursday, June 16, 2011

As the John Mayer says (well sings? emoticon) "It might be a quarter life crisis / or just the stirring in my soul." I am officially 25 today emoticon, as of 5:45am, so I have decided that rather than realize I am getting older emoticon (really, I am still a kid a heart emoticon) I am going to celebrate emoticon the past 25 years and the blessings emoticon and wisdom emoticon (if you can call it that?) that it has brought me. To celebrate, here are 25 things that I have learned in my 25 years in order. This is in no particular order, really, just the first 25 that POP emoticon into my head.

1. Friends and Family are awesome and irreplaceable. They are there for you in thick and thin, through your faults and successes and are rooting for you the entire way! emoticon
2. Ice cream is awesome (well, actually, I figured this out at an early age)! Give into your indulgences from time to time because you only have one life to live. emoticon
3. Leaning on people is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. It takes a lot to admit your faults. No one can do it alone. emoticon
4. Moderation is key. My goal as of late has been to strive for a healthy balance in my life, whether it be work/social, social/along, food, fitness, whatever. Getting through the less pleasurable to the pleasurable makes the pleasurable that much better! emoticon
5. Yoga is awesome and I CAN sit still for that long. emoticon
6. The twists and turns in life are what make life fun. They may seem overwhelming at time but most of the time you look back on them and find that they were worth it. emoticon
7. I am a walker. I love to walk, period. Whether it is with people (social) or by myself (gather my thoughts) I love it. I have always really known this and enjoyed it, but never really realized it emoticon
8. Jogging/running is not a torture tactic. I have always played sports but have always hated the running I had to do to get in shape for it. I needed to be chasing someone or something down to enjoy it (soccer, rugby, I think you get my drift). Recently I have found jogging to actually be enjoyable, who knew? emoticon
9. Rugby is awesome. Something I learned in college... emoticon
10. You never stop learning. emoticon
11. I am a geek at heart and should be prove of it. emoticon
12. I have no rhythm but that does not mean I cannot dance. emoticon
13. Parents are people, something you know as a kid but do not really realize until you get older. I am so lucky to have such great parents that have always supported me ! emoticon
14. Sleep is awesome (as a kid I guess I did not get the memo)! emoticon
15. I am a morning person (which I did not realize until about 1/2 way through college when I realized how much I get out of life when I DON'T sleep until 1pm). emoticon
16. To be a good friend to others you have to be a good friend to yourself. Sometimes you have to put yourself first (one I am still working on). emoticon
17. Sometimes being a good friend is not know the right thing to say, but just being there. emoticon
18. Small gestures can go a long way. emoticon
19. Brussel sprouts are not the devil's food as I was led to believe. I tried them for the first time a year ago and love them. Who knew? emoticon
20. Most things are fixable. I have always been a perfectionist but lately I have tried to let go a bit and live life. I am still working on it but making progress. Even if something does go wrong, I am a strong and smart enough girl to most likely be able to fix it and learn from it. emoticon
21. Smile, you might make someones day or make a new friend! emoticon
22. Learn from both your successes and failures. emoticon
23. I am someone that people like to be around, well, most of the time. I think we all go through that awkward phase when we believe this is not the case. emoticon
24. Music is awesome. There is something for every person and mood. (maybe that is why my ipod is so random) emoticon
25. Work is part of life, it is NOT life. Live a little and enjoy! emoticon

Sorry for such a long post but I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks everyone for all your birthday wishes!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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REBECCAMA 6/16/2011 2:24PM

  Great blog!!! Happy Birthday!!

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ASHL_84 6/16/2011 2:19PM

    emoticonHappy Birthday!!! What a great list. I really enjoyed it! Hope you have a great day! emoticon

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Watermelon Dreams

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As I sit here eating my watermelon I reminded of a story that comes up every June. It is of a girl who is turning 6, and her parents ask her what she would like for her birthday. Expecting the normal 6 year old response of a pony, a bike, or a barbie dream house, the parents get another expected response from their daughter: the unexpected answer. She wanted WATERMELON for her birthday.

This is a story about me when I was a kid. This is a story that always brings a laugh. It comes up every year around my birthday or just as the family cuts into another watermelon. I bring it up for a few reasons:

1. It reminds me to, as I did as a child, remember and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like enjoying one of my favorite foods (watermelons rank up there to this day). It was a treat I really only got in the summer due to it not being in season any other time of the year and I enjoyed it.

2. The story makes me smile.

3. It reminds me to remember the GOOD habits I had and GOOD choices Imade growing up, not just the BAD ones. I, along with I am sure many others, tend to focus on what they did wrong. But, really, though we all have things we could have done better, we did do things right. And learning from the mistakes and remembering the successes is how we learn and grow. So, here I go, here are 5things I (and those around me, especially my parents) did RIGHT:
1. I loved fruits and veggis growing (one word WATERMELON emoticon)
2. I enjoyed fitness, though I may have not alway been the all star emoticon
3. I played out side in the fresh air with my brother and the neighborhood emoticon
4. I had great support from my family, through the good and the bad. emoticon
5. I always had goals and drive to go after them emoticon

So, there you go. My goal today is to remember these three lessons: (A) as the song says, strive to "Always look on the bright side of life," (B) find joy in the simple pleasures, and (C) be able to laugh at yourself and find the gems of your past. Thank you to those who have supported me in the past and those that continue to do so.

So, what things have you done right, what are your Watermelon Dreams?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

EN10011 5/19/2011 1:55PM

funny about your watermelon, I have a similar story.

My first memory of being happy, or appreciating that I was happy, is being on a beach on a hot, sunny day and eating a slice of watermelon after coming out of the sea. I think I was 7 or 8! emoticon

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First Time Blogger

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hi all!

So, this is my first time blogging. I have always been nervous blogging and convinced it was not for me, but have decided to to give it a try.

Let's start with a little background on the road so far.

So, I have been overweight for as far back as I can remember. I have been a relatively person most of my life, participating is sports (soccer, softball, basketball) since and early age and playing pick up games with kids in the neighborhood. I kept up with soccer through high school (minus my sideline fall season due to surgery) and picked up rugby in college. I am now in my mid-twenties and now keep active with walks and have recently taken up jogging.

As for food, well, I love food. I eat relatively healthy now and have always loved my fruits emoticon and veggis emoticon (I was a weird child emoticon) but have always had a weakness for ice cream emoticon. I am not a picky eater, which is both a strength and weakness for me....

All in all, I work for a healthy balance in my life, work and play, active and rest, healthy and less than healthy foods.

Well, that is it for now folks. Have a great day!

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STARGLADE 3/2/2011 9:57AM

    Blogging can be a lifesaver. It sometimes helps just to get the thoughts out of one's head and onto a screen. Do it when you feel you need to, and don't fall into the trap of "I have to do this every. Single. Day. Always." If you WANT to, then do. Above all--have fun with it! Share good things, bad things, in-between things--or nothing for a while, if that's what feels right.

There are no rules about blogs. That's why they're useful. :-)


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