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The Wagon Has Rolled Over Me

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fell off the exercise / eating "wagon" this weekend. I didn't just fall off - it rolled over me! - repeatedly!!!! It is discouraging, I feel a difference in how I feel, but the scale is not budging, my clothes feel the same so, "how can this be true"? How can I feel a difference?

I feel empowered, my thoughts are clearer, I sleep better. I notice that my kids are becoming more active. The last point is the best one for me ..... my kids are becoming more active. I've noticed that my oldest daughter is living the sedentary life that I have. I am their example. THIS is what I need to remember. I'm not doing this just for me - I'm doing this for my babies. They are my life!

With this being said - I need to schedule a workout in my day!

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MOMCHEERS 3/11/2013 2:49PM

    my workouts are first thing in the morning ~ then I can't come up with an excuse to not do them later in the day... they are already done! :-)

don't beat yourself up anymore than the wagon already has.... just pick yourself up and climb aboard the next wagon... there are many of us with the wagons in the same direction and we'll pick you up when we can!

I agree that it's great that your daughter is becoming more active though! We can only pray that our children will do better than we have ~ but our example has to be better :-)

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I'm BACK !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After a long hiatus with many starts and stops, I'm BACK ! Back with a vengeance. I've tracked workouts and meals for a couple weeks now. Although the scale hasn't gone down, I feel better.....about myself, my life, my body! I want to enjoy and LIVE this only life that I will have. Yes - there will be ups and downs but isn't that what happens on a journey? There's peaks and valleys?

I've started Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution (yes again!). I'm on weeks 3 & 4 now. Still working on full (military) pushups, but I'll get it. I can get through the cardio sessions now - which is a MAJOR accomplishment! Even the running man - WOOHOO

I'm so excited to share my personal journey.


Day 3 of 90

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am thankful today was Cardio - I was so sore last night, I would barely move. My son was funny - every so often he would yell out"work it girl, work it!" Just made me laugh & "work it".

I took my pooch for a 30 minute walk last night - he was exhausted and collapsed when we got back. Guess what they say is true - an out of shape dog owner is an out of shape dog.

I really need to get my eating in check, I have been starving like no one's business lately and I went way over my calorie budget yesterday....and unfortuantely, I wasn't noshing on the good stuff.

On another front, my oldest daughter is now a legal driver! I'm so proud of her, now where are my anxiety pills????? lol


Day 2 of 90

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

........exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit. This should be my new mantra. I was a little sore this morning but I FEEL GREAT! I used 10# weights today and by the time I was finished, I was literally dripping with sweat!!!!! I am so excited for this new beginning

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GAELA-I-CAN 6/12/2012 12:31PM

    go girl. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day 1 of 90

Monday, June 11, 2012

Today was the first official day that I am working out coming off of my knee injury. I am completing the Jilian MIchaels Body Revolution. I was a bit leary, but I won't get better until I take care of myself. I used 8# for shoulders and triceps and 10# for chest flys. It felt SO GOOD to sweat....by the time I was finished, I was literally dripping with sweat and I enjoyed each and every minute. I cannot wait for each workout to see and feel how much stronger my body is going to get.

I am adding a picture - me - my 1st day back at 214 lbs and very unhealthy

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JANEMAR2 6/11/2012 3:50PM

    Congratulations on starting a new program. I am excited to see your progress.


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