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A weekend Off the wagon

Monday, April 06, 2009

Well my week started out with the my sister going into the hospital and her sick kids moving back in with me and a family friends mother dieing. By Wednesday I was sick and so was my dad. He ended up staying home from work adding another person for me to take care of. Which also meant I had to miss the funeral so my mom had to go alone. :( I feel bad for not being able to be there for her. Then Thursday I was doing barn chores alone and got stepped on by my moms horse, pretty sure she broke a toe... Which meant I ran late the whole rest of the morning cause I was supposed to take the kids back into town. On our way to the car to leave, my dad let the dogs out and my poor puppy ran out into the road and got hit by a car :(:(:(. So my mom ended up taking the kids home so I could take her to the animal hospital. She is bruised, and limping, has a few cuts and is on pain meds. Lucky for her she is short and the wheels did not hit her so it just tumbled her. So I did not exercise Thursday, Friday or Saturday but spend most of them in bed with my poor puppy! Thursday I was to worried to eat, Friday I did better but Saturday my parents dragged me out to dinner for chinese and well I OVER indulged. I am pretty sure I probably ate a days worth of calories in one meal! I am still sick but feeling much better, SO Now I am back on the wagon and ready to get back on track! This week will be better!!!!

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WASCALLYWONE 4/6/2009 10:05AM

    You've had a full plate with people, pets and problems, so give yourself a break; Breathe deeply, be choosy about your food and try to sneak in some exercise. I feel for ya, kid! emoticon But you will bounce back!

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Why my parents didn't name me Grace...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alright, for those of you who don't know me I am a complete clutz!
This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and I got a cramp in my leg. I get them like once a week, no big deal. So I put weight on it trying to flex my foot. It wasn't working so I put all of my weight on it and picked my other foot off the ground. BAD IDEA!!! My leg completely spazmed, I bounced off the wall into the counter, kicked over the kids stool, cracked my elbow on something I am not even sure what, bruised it AND took a chunk of skin out of it, then fell backwards hitting the rim of the toilet with my tail bone, twisted and ended up face first on the floor. ~groan~ My first thought of course was OWWW!!!! My second was how the heck did I manage to do THAT!!! I felt like a ping pong ball....
Well needless to say I am bruised, my elbow hurts, lol my BUTT hurts, but nothing is broken, I just have to sit creatively! Thankfully I managed NOT to hit my head on anything, The kids slept through it and after all that my charlie horse did go away on its own. -.-

I did manage to get all my exercises done today but that was NOT the way I wanted to start out my morning. Next time I shall be more careful. Don't worry if you chuckled at my lack of balance, lord knows if it hadn't hurt I would of been laughing at myself!!!

If you are going to attempt to balance on one leg and are as coordinated as me....HOLD ON TO SOMETHING!!!

emoticon emoticon

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    Thanks for the great post. Isn't is amazing how much stuff just happens and we have no idea how! I am glad you didn't get seriously hurt and that your charlie horse went away!

I will remember to grab onto something when I balance on one foot. Way to go on your exercises!


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Thank you all for your condolences and well wishes!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funeral was today, and as always it was sad :(. It brings out the best and the worst in people. I think it should be a time for grieving and remembering not bickering, fighting and bitterness.
More then once I had to say this is not the time, or this is not the place. And their responce was always well its never the time or the place though is it. And it would continue -.-. I felt horrible for my poor grandmother, standing alone looking lost with nowhere to sit. She ended up sitting infront of me and through the prayers all I could see was her crying. And no one looked at her, comforted her or anything. She was sitting next to her sons and daughters which was really very dissapointing to see none of them paid her any attention. As soon as the prayer was over the bickering and bitterness contiuned. I got up and hugged her and she just cried against me and said thank you she really needed a hug. That broke my heart more then anything. I gave her hugs every 5 min to make sure she was ok, but I could not make myself go out to eat with the rest of them. I am glad I didn't because I heard all about the fighting when my family got home. I am just so dissapointed in all of them!!!

Didn't get any exercising in today ugg just lots of cleaning! hopefully that burned at least a few calories for me, I just don't have the energy for it today. A lot of people did notice my weight loss at the funeral though! Always have to find a little silver lining in something

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BARBIET65 3/24/2009 7:55PM

    Wow, What a tough day for you, I'm so glad you were there for your Grandma. Sounds like you were the most responsible person there. I hope you feeling better, I know this weather doesn't help.
I like the picture too!

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MRS4WHEELBOB 3/24/2009 7:32PM

    I am sorry for your loss. You were kind to your Grandmother, and sounds like she really needed it. As for the rest of them, don't spend any undue time on them it would be unappreciated and perhaps emotionally harmful to you. Be strong in yourself and kind to others. That is the best celebration of a life. emoticon i think you could use a hug too.

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LESSOFME2B 3/24/2009 7:09PM

    I'm sorry for your loss and for the way your family acted. But I LOVE the picture!
emoticon emoticon

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ONMYWAY135 3/24/2009 5:44PM

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family (mainly your grandmother). It sounds like you handled things very maturely by not getting involved in all of the drama. Good for you! Just take good care of yourself and keep on truckin'.


k is always what I do when I don't feel like exercising, but wanna burn some calories.

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TAZ717 3/24/2009 5:21PM

    I'm so sorry for your loss!! I know how families can be. I hate when they are like that when you need your family for support. It is so sad.

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Size 8 goal REACHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES

Monday, March 16, 2009

I reached a goal!!! FINALLY. After a long winter running circles on my plateau my jeans started to feel looser. So I went to the store and bought a pair of jeans (on sale for $5, can't beat prices like that!). They were a size 8 and I did not expect them to fit but I thought SOON!!! So I took them home tried them on and...THEY FIT!!!
I did a little victory dance and some horrible singing from the song I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it....haha scared my brother out of the kitchen for that one!
I almost went to bed with the pants on! I was so pleased with myself!!!
Go ahead and laugh I know some of you are!
I did wear them the next day, then on Sunday I celebrated by enjoying the nice weather and going for a jog! It is amazing how much farther I jogged then normal being in such a good mood! I jogged over 4.5 miles!!! Which is a new record for me!!! Which led to more private celebrating for me!!! lol now I do jog slow so shhh...but it was still jogging none the less!

I was dead tired afterwards lol and my legs are still tired today eek! but YAY YAY YAY!!!!

My family however was not excited at all! They think that since this was my goal size to begin with, all the healthy eating and exercising will be done with. They don't like my eating healthy or exercising, or losing weight. They think this is a short change in my life not a whole lifestyle change. But I am trying hard not to let them bring me down! I want to keep with this! I may have reached my goal size but not quite my goal weight. I am almost there though and then I will be maintaining it no matter what they say.

Stay motivated and keep to it everyone, it is possible and do not let others discourage you!!!!


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TAZ717 3/24/2009 5:31PM

    Congratulations on reaching your size 8 goal. Don't worry about what your family thinks. I know how that is because the only one that seems to notice when I lose is my Sister. Actually I shouldn't say the only one who notices but the only one who will say something. I think it is a little bit of jealousy even though my parents are a little smaller than me but I think it is the fear that I may get smaller than them even though right now it is not looking so good. Keep up the good work!! I would love to be a size 8 someday but far from it.

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LIZZY781 3/17/2009 1:50PM

    Thats so fabulous. My goal is a size 8 also. 10 is too big but 8 is a bit snug in my opinion. Dont worry what everybody says or thinks. You have definately accomplished something!!!! emoticon

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MRS4WHEELBOB 3/17/2009 10:48AM

    Go with your own heart; not your families unhealthy opinion. You body will be your best guide. Many blessings on your continued journey through your healthy life.

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SABLEGRL 3/17/2009 9:28AM

    You Go Girl!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Don't let your family discourage you, prove them wrong and stay strong!

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CYNBADGIRL7 3/16/2009 11:30PM

    Girl! I am so proud of you!!!! You have really done a super job getting on those size 8's!
Your lifestyle change is all mental so don't let the nay-sayers get in your head.
You have worked too hard to get where you are and no one but you can maintain that. So glad you were able to bust through that plateau!

I am hoping to get out this week before work one of the mornings! Tuesday (tomorrow) my boyfriend and I are going to Plymouth to see my accupuncturist. I have not been to see here in nearly two years and he has bad knees from a serious car accident he was in about 4 years ago. I didnt' even have to twist his arm. He straight out said "We should go see the accupuncture lady!" I did not hesitate...I got on the phone and made an appt.! Can't wait to go back. I can't tell you how relaxing it is...unless of course you have been to one.
Well, you keep up the great work and maybe I'll see you out on the road somewhere. I will be getting my bike back outside soon I'm sure and I usually bike out near Cedar Lake, Louis Corners and back west into New Holstein and pick up the trail back to Kiel. I did that trip last fall and put on about 25 miles that day. Do you have a bike??
Stay in touch my Spark Friend!
Cyndi emoticon

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ONMYWAY135 3/16/2009 11:29PM

    I think this is an amazing accomplishment! You deserve to be SO proud of yourself. Don't listen to your family, just keep going on your own journey. You're awesome!!!

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FINDTHESHADOWS 3/16/2009 11:25PM

    congrats on the wieght loss and reaching your goals, famiy can be on eof the hardest things to overcome while trying to get healthy.... keep up the good work

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Remembering to smile!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kid's are a joy. They also occasionally make you want to pull your hair out. But the trick is to remember how lucky you are to have them.

I was making breakfast this morning and all the kids were in the kitchen and super hyper active. I was getting impatient, I admitt it, cause when I opened the cupboard to get plates out there were none! My sister had not had time to do any dishes. Briannah was trying to get my attention and I was like "You have to wait! Mamma did not get any plates washed so I need to wash some so you can eat breakfast!!!" She looked at me and said "OK!" and walked out in a pout. I start to fill the sink hear them behind me. I turn around to find that they have cleared the table for me and are carrying all the plates to me. Even little Ky!! He is one and carrying a big heavy plate and looks up at me with his big blue eyes. I can tell he is struggling to hold it. Briannah and Aydan slip there little plates and all the silver wear into the sink and I take the giant plate away from Ky. They went straight back to being hyper but now I have a smile on my face and don't mind it at all.

Adventures in Potty Training

Briannah LOVES to pick out her own diapers. Right now we have blues clues. She gets to wear the pink doggy and purple kitty diapers while the boys wear the green and blue doggy diapers. Well she has decided that she likes the purple kitty much better then the pink doggy, so she wore all of her purple kitty diapers and all I had left was pink doggies. "I NO WANT THAT ONE, I WANT THE PURPLE ONE!"
"We don't have anymore purple ones left."
"Well you have to wear your diaper."
~NO!! I want the purple one!" Followed by arm crossing and pouting.
Hmm...I pick up the pink diaper and face it towards her, I start to whine hoping it sounds something like a puppy. By the look on her face I know she thinks I am absolutely insane. You know its bad when a 3 year old thinks you are insane. "Look, the puppy is so sad it is crying because you don't want to wear it." I try again to make a dog whine sort of noise. She still thinks I am insane but I can tell she is getting curious.
Time for the talking diaper. "Please won't you wear me :( I am so sad(dog whine). "
I may be completely insane but it worked! She grabbed the diaper hugged it kissed it and said ok. She went potty on the potty and was completely happy to wear her pink doggy diaper.

Aydan on the other hand is not so easy. He is going through a potty hating faze.
"I no want to go on the potty."
"Well I need you to try."
"Aydan you are a big boy now you have to use the potty."
"No!!" Followed by a crying fit. He goes limp as a noodle so its hard for me to pick him up and take him to the potty. Then he goes stiff as a bored so it is impossible for me to put him on the potty. It is hard not to laugh at myself as I am trying to lift him.
I manage to get him on the potty, so now he keeps trying to crawl off. I pull him back on, he tries to slide back off, I pull him back on, he tries to slide off repeat, repeat, repeat. Now I am sitting on the bath tub my legs infront of the toilet to prevent the sliding off action so now he is doing around the world on the potty spinning circles.
"Aydan you need to sit down and put your feet in front you are going to fall off!"
He starts to cry again. "I no want to go on the potty!" he sits there covers his eyes and repeats it over and over and over again. I try to play peek a boo to get the crying to stop but it only works for about 5 seconds. He has now turned it into a whine cry sing song about not wanting to be on the potty and that no tinkles are coming. (It is the most ridiculous sounding thing in the world and I have to look away to keep a straight face)
"Aydan can you just try to tinkle once for me please!?!?!"
"No tinkles are coming! I no want to go on the potty!"
"Can you try just once for me? If you try I will let you get off!"
"No!" Lets start the whining singing crying all over again. Should I take him off or leave him on? This is the debate I have everytime I put him on the potty.
"Aydan, look at me please! Just try to tinkle once ok? Just try to squeeze those tinkles out once and we can be done."
He cries and is SO unhappy but he tries and...
Now he is smiling and very happy with himself.
"I go potty like a big boy!"
"Good job!"
I get his diaper on and he is off running to play happy as can be and I, well, I am worn out! This is only the first potty trip of the day.

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JMPJR0520 2/27/2009 8:27PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! Not to laugh at anyone else's misery, but every mom has been there!! :) You told the story well. I hope the potty training starts to go better for you!! Good luck!!

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