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Can you be fit and fat?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great article on Yahoo:


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LILBIT-2008 8/22/2010 11:48PM

    Thanks for the info.

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Failure is such a harsh word...

Monday, August 02, 2010

So....not only was I not able to pull together enough people to do a flash mob for National Dance Day on Saturday, I also didn't get up to do my backup dance activity--the Zumbathon for the American Cancer Society. I did nothing but sleep on Saturday. To be fair, I've been working two separate jobs this week AND trying to hustle to do errands and make all of these non-practices--not to mention we have far surpassed the seasons of Summer and Hell here in New Orleans and entered right into the middle of WTF?. But I still feel like a bit of a failure. I haven't been policing my food intake that strongly either--I do track most of it but I don't always opt for the healthiest items (or even small portions of "cheat foods"). And since INSANITY whooped my butt several weeks ago I haven't put in a really good workout (the one straight half-hour of practicing while waiting for my non-class of mobbers was a start but not quite as vigorous as I need to start doing). I'm trying to get back on track--hubby's got his new shoes so he wants to start working out again, but since I'm working during the day that's stalls the house cleanup to give him the space to workout. And I know he can do the cleaning but I have a purge system in place that he's gonna throw out of whack and I'll have to start all over again.

*whew* End of the pity ramble. Now, mayhaps I should set some goals to hit for this month. I stole these from member JENSFITJOURNEY and am tailoring them to what I believe I can do:

1. Lose at least 3 of the 10 pounds to my goal weight
2. ST 2 times a week
3. Walk/Run 3 miles a week
4. Drink 64 oz of water a day
5. Take vitamins and supplements daily
6. Stretch!
7. Make time for my devotionals and The Spark!
8. Pushups - 3 sets per week
9. Squats - 3 sets per week
10. Start a Zumba class (or dust off my Cardio Salsa)

I'm going to try to pull some of these off. And before anyone chimes in with the Yoda quote, trying is all I've got the energy to do right now. I'll work up to do, I promise....

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DRAMAQUEEN1913 4/17/2011 12:12AM

    UPDATE: My husband moved the PlayStation 3 into the den and we have the coffee table turned so that the entire middle of the den where our nice big rug sits regularly stands clear. He also purchased the peripherals for the Move games and the EA Active 2 sports pack, which means three new games in the arsenal: The Fight: Lights Out, EA Active 2 and Zumba. Started maybe a month ago on the 9-Week program on EA Active (can't adjust the actual workout schedule, so I've had to double up in order to get in sync) and have al least completed Phase 1 of the program. Since the system involves lot of cardio, weight/resistance band training and body weight conditioning, I guess you can check 2, 6, 8 and 9 (and to some degree, 3) off the list because squats, pushups, running and stretching are a big part of the lineup. I may start doing The Fight since there's a little cardioboxing in EA, but right now that's hubby's extra deal. Mine is Zumba (number 10--check), which is actually fun but humbling for a dance teacher to try it out for the first time and get STOMPED. I'm not sure I'd get the same satisfaction out of a class yet; with the game comes a black and lime green Velcro belt with a slot over the left hip that the Move motion controller goes into, and the object (other than a high-intensity cardio workout) is to change the color of your instructor from red to yellow ("hearing the music") to green ("feeling the music). Enough yellow and green string level you up to the next stage and ultimately bonus points, trophies and new levels. I did 41 minutes trying to level up certain routines--pretty good in the grand scheme of things. And the biggest plus--all of this is wearing me out to the point of going through at least 2 20-oz bottles of water per workout. So that alone is a big improvement in my water intake. Yay me!

I still have to do better with my supplements (though chewing my daily Viactiv is a no-brainer) and my devotionals and such...well, let's not discuss that. And I managed to lose 4 pounds (of which I gained 2 back and lost 1 again, so that's a net of 3 pounds), so that's progress--even though the road to my goal weight is now 20 pounds, give or take--I'll take it!

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    "we have far surpassed the seasons of Summer and Hell here in New Orleans and entered right into the middle of WTF?"

hahahaha.... that is the truth! Hattiesburg isn't much better these days. :)

Hang in there--- you sound like a TOUGH woman and you will get there. Trying is all it takes sometimes.

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    Trying is how anything gets going. You are looking to make improvements in your life. Your biggest enemy in that journey is your mind. Ignore it and do what you believe gets you to your worthwhile outcome, regardless of how you feel or what your mind tells you at any given time. Our mind is a sort of liar. There is another voice that can say to you " look at what my mind is telling me?" "watching" what our mind tells us and "doing" what gets us where we want to go is how we improve. Trying is how we start. Good luck. Nice post.

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National Dance Day Flash Mob

Monday, July 12, 2010

BIG fan of So You Think You Can Dance....so a few weeks ago, they announce July 31, 2010 as National Dance Day. Cool--they even had Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo come up with some choreography for the occasion. As of last Thursday night, there is a flash mob planned for Washington DC and Los Angeles. I want in on that, but in New Orleans, soooooo.......

Anybody in the New Orleans area interested in starting/pulling off a flash mob, holla! I'm trying to get more info from Flash Mob America to figure out how to pull it off grand scale. In the meanwhile, go to www.fox.com/dance to find the link for the choreography and start practicing. Wouldn't this be a GREAT SparkRally activity? WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?

Learn the dance here:

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COMPUCATHY 7/16/2010 9:51PM

    Bet you're dancing your way thin! Great idea! emoticon

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It's a C-O-N....spiracy

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just when I think I've got all my little ducks in a row to eat and drink healthy....

I bought a Thunderstick a while back to make my shakes and homemade mayo and other stuff, and it worked really well for me. Then one day I took the bottom assembly off to clean out all of the food gunk, and it wouldn't go back on. OK, no big, just find another on ebay--only somehow the Thunderstick no longer exists, not even with private sellers. So I search for a suitable immersion blender I'm willing to pay for and find one at a local grocery store. When I finally have the discretionary funds, it goes back up to full price, which I was NOT paying. So I wait until the sale comes back, and buy it. It has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen, and a big and quick help in shipping my husband off to work every morning with a fruit smoothie. So, after I use the food processing bowl to grind up my turkey for my Sparkpeople chili, I put the immersion attachment back on so I can have the strawberry/kiwi smoothie and--why is this thing vibrating THIS much in my hand? It seems I've burned something out in the motor, because when I took off the attachment a lot of fine, smoky, gritty black plastic started falling out on my counter. I sincerely hope I can find a replacement motor part somewhere if I can't get this one fixed--I have attachments I haven't even unwrapped yet. Not to mentioned a chunk-and-powder-filled beaker with what was going to being a REALLY good smoothie. emoticon emoticon

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DRAMAQUEEN1913 7/13/2010 11:01PM

    I know, right? LOL

Fortunately, I emailed customer service through the company's website, and they said that my mixer should still be under warranty and to just call for an RA number to send it in for replacement. Hopefully, I can just exchange the motor part and this one will behave. Though after reading the manual, I will be steering away from ice cubes and frozen fruit. emoticon

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SIRIRADHA 7/13/2010 1:56PM

    Bummer! Did you do something really evil in a previous life to piss off a small appliance? LOL

My personal nemesis seems to be vacuum cleaners. They're going along just fine when, BAM, they do high-pitched screams or the beater bar belt goes sideways.

These things are so wonderful when they behave themselves, but oh what a pain when they don't!

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DRAMAQUEEN1913 7/10/2010 11:50PM

    I've had it a little too long to exchange, though I might try if I can dig up the box. But I'd have to box up all the attachments for that.... emoticon

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POKERDONK 7/10/2010 10:57PM

    Depending on where you bought it I'd just take it back for an exchaange then trying to fix parts on it.

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