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Ah The Low Days...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi All,
haven't blogged recently and realised I'm doing it again...trying to go it alone.

My daughter encouraged me to blog as it is like therapy putting on paper the struggle and highs and lows. I prefer to put good things but there are the days that are lower than others I usually keep to myself.

So here goes. In May I was in hospital with chest pains and had an angiogram that showed ischemic heart disease and hypertension that is being treated by medication.
At the first return to the consultant I needed to increase one of the capsules strength and it takes a month to get used to them. It helped for a while but on going to my new GP she indicated it needed to be increased and contacted the consultant to advise him and make a new appointment so he could check on it.

He increased it again and now I am in the process of getting used to this one.
It makes me weak and light headed and DEPRESSED as I want to keep up with my exercise and by lunch time I'm so tired I sleep for a while. "I don't need nana naps yet:)"

I guess my rant is to put on "paper" the depression and to realize its ok and it will get better and I have the skills now to continue to my goals.

It feels good to write my blog and get it out. Thanks for listening...


What is wrong with my thinking, yah for family!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

This morning I rose ...surprise... and I headed toward the dreaded enemy, the scale. I choose the day I rest from exercise to check how I'm going. There it was, the numbers were the lowest so far.

MY first thought was "oh yeah you should have lost 25 kgs not just 15"...sigh...but I got down the progress chart I keep and worked out bodyfat and lean body mass and filled it in. To me it looked ok,but not good enough.

I showed my daughter and husband who said at the same time "WOW that is fantastic"

What were they looking at?

They were looking at the top of the page at the first entry and comparing it to today -
36.6% body fat to 15.6%
77.61 lbs of fat to 28.48
137.99 lean body mass to 154.12
Total loss in 25 weeks 15 kgs.

When you are doing this 'lifestyle' every day you tend to look at the each day on its own and pick at yourself about how YOU ate too much yesterday and could have walked further and picked up the pace.

Most days I'm upbeat and do the best I can to make the right choices, but this morning it was hard.

I'm so grateful for the family or friends we have that look at the progress we have made and are there to redirect our thoughts to the POSITIVE. What an amazing time I have had to date and how great after all these years of 'trying' I finally DO see the goal being achievable . I have changed so much in such a short time and my body is showing it.

I have a new top I've bought as a reward and will wear it with pride and use it to encourage me to take one day at a time but also to look at the beginning of my chart often to remember where I was.

Thanks to my Spark buddies too, your stories and blogs encourage me and help so much.

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CAROLJEAN64 7/30/2012 12:41PM

    I agree with your family.... WOW!!!
Do you realize you have lost an average of 1.32 lbs per week.... perfect for long term lifestyle change.

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QUEENXQUIZIT 7/29/2012 2:09AM

  We are our worst critics. If you can turn that self-criticism in to positive work then it is ok. Just don't be too hard on yourself. You have changed your life for the better, not just for a smaller number on the scale.

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How I Found My Spark Moment

Monday, June 18, 2012

On the 27th December 2010 after reading and searching for eating habit help, I came across Spark People and signed the Pledge.
My expectations were soaring as I read and re read the blogs and other Sparkies ideas, researched the habits and recipes and read of the wonderful results. I was going to suceed and I forged ahead with my food, exercise and thoughts.

I was up up up.

But... yes the proverbial but... but the more I tried to follow those who had gone before and won, succeeded and were on their maintenance plans. I was stuck in limbo, not the good kind of limbo either , the "I have failed and I'll never do it" "there is no plan that works for me""my metabolism is so slow a snail could beat me"" I give up " kind of limbo. I kept up with my tracking and getting points as it kept me on the site and learning.

My great wonderful daughter who is always encouraging me to look at beginnings and small steps and small losses was with me all the way.

WE researched eating plans, WE looked at exercises for people with bad backs and angina and slow metabolisms, WE checked online at medical sites to see if the meals actually worked and were not harmful, WE found "the one" together.
She has been with me on this journey with every step and hiccup and joy and pain I have felt.

Which I am doing with tears pouring down my face at the memories of the fight we shared over this 'giant ' in my life together.

I bought a calipre that measures body fat and muscle so I can keep a track of the fat loss and the muscle gain.

So I happily,esctatically report that on the 5th of February 2012 doveseyes began the greatest journey of her life and has suceeded in finding 'the one' group of exercise, eating, management of emotions, reaching goals, buying clothes as prizes for each one (a size smaller each time:)) and most of all finally having a plan that is a lifestyle not a 'fail style' that works for me.

In 17 weeks I lost 14.60 kilos and am high on life.

The best thing was along the way noticing the changes. Hey I have bones under all this fat and muscle and I can walk for miles and miles and look forward to it.
My daughter and I were at the shops and she said" hey Mum let's get a coffee and cake" and without thinking I said "no thanks I want a salad". It was a Spark moment for me as I really meant it. It wasn't said to cover up the 3 packs of crisps I'd eaten the night before or the I'll eat lots when I get home where no one sees thought. I wanted to eat the food that was right for me to get the outcome I've waited forty years for...

There is a long way to go for me to get to my goal weight but every week it gets closer and closer and and easier and easier.

Hope this helps others like me to just take the small steps and not to give up.
Your ' one' is out there too.

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THE_MIGHTYQUINN 6/18/2012 11:25PM

    Congratulations on your Spark moment - and, of course, on your wonderful progress. :) Kudos to your daughter for being so supportive!

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What a great place this is

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I am so pleased with spark people and how it has helped me how about you?

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ELISOS 5/9/2011 9:23PM


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