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This is Tough- 5/23/07

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just when you think that discipline is setting in and new habits are grabbing a stronghold, along comes a pretty bad 2 day stretch.

Well, Tue and Wed both started off well and ended badly, although the overall calorie intake was within 200-500 calories both days.

Thursday, (today), was much better. Within all limits, very healthy on the healthy scale, getting ready to eat dinner and then cardio day, with 60 minutes planned.

Well, I'm off.


A Falling off the Wagon of Sorts- 5/19/07

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wow, just when you thought you had total control, it's gone in a flash. All it took was me, my fiance and two good friends getting together for a Tiger ballgame.

Started out with total control with a perfrect nutrition balance and a total of 1100 calories by the end of lunch. But then in a blink of an eye and the setting down of a six pack on the table by my buddy Al, we were off to the races. Al balllpark dog, 2 more 24 ounce beers and I along with my nutrition plan were toast.

Got home, had a bowl of Total and went to bed.

Total Damage: 3000 calorie day, WOW.

Good News/Lessons Learned:
1- After doing the math and looking at a week span of time, it added up to a successful week due to staying at the low limit all week in calories overall. The carbs, fat and protein also stayed within acceptable ranges overall as well. I think I am going to do this weekly since I will be going to many more Friday night games and call it my weekly reward for staying disciplined the rest of the time. The only thing different I will do is limit the beer intake to 6 instead of 8.

NOTE: Also have to stay disciplined Sat and Sun in order to have successful 7 day stretch. Battle isn't over quite yet but I feel like I'm inching into the lead.

2- We walked almost 1.5 miles to get to the park and at the end of the night, the elevator broke and we also had to walk 7 flights of stairs. The good news is that I did it without stopping but once and didn't feel that bad at the end. (cutting my cigarettes from 40+/Day to 6-8/Day has helped along with the added activity of walking and bike riding over the past week.


Bad Ending to a Good Day- 5/17

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just when I thought I was sailing to another perfect day of healthy eating discipline, the children called and said they would be nearby and would like to buy us dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.

NO drinks, but ordered a big sirloin, (chopped), dinner. Total damage was 587 calories over max allowed when all the dust settled.

Lessons Learned:
Three big mistakes:
1) 12 oz chopped sirloin, (next time only eat half).

2) Italian dressing smothered salad, (next time order dressing on side)

3) Dinner Rolls, covered in butter, (next time eat 1/2 of one instead of 1 and a half)

Undaunted, I plan on making the above mistakes because again understanding that I will not be able to eat in house and packed lunches forever.

Tomorrows challenge:
Tiger Game Friday. We'll be planning that day very carefully in the morning.

See Ya'


Smart Goal Setting

Monday, May 14, 2007

The article in my favorites speaks of smart goal setting and I just thought I would share the following:

Specific- Goals needs to be detailed
Measurable- Goals need to be in a format that can be tracked/measured
Attainable- Goals need to be something that can be achieved
Realistic- Goals must be something you are able and willing to work toward.
Timely- Goals must have a deadline or they are nothing more than a wish

S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting


Never Quit Quitting

Monday, May 14, 2007

As I enter into yet another attempt at quitting smoking and losing weight, I think back to a week ago when I walked up 3 simple flights of steps and at the top, I bent over and thought the end was near.

A scary momemt that hopefully scared me into getting it right this time.

Till next time


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