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It's Friday Ya'll!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Good Morning! Can you believe that its Friday already? I'm excited about it. The weather is pretty nice for a Michigan winter's day. And above all else, I am wearing my new size 4 Skinny jeans from Old Navy. I don't know why it's so important to me, I mean I have worn size 4 clothes before, but to be able to just pull something off the rack and "know" it will fit me, and then it does, is crazy satisfying. And there is no muffin top either. Things like this get me excited about going to the gym. I can't wait to treat myself to a good long steam after working out today.

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NEWME0519 3/3/2012 12:12AM

    Thanks again for suggesting a trip to the gym!

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Monday 2/20/12

Monday, February 20, 2012

I feel so pumped today. I got up and put on some make-up and had a great ride to work (I forgot that people still get Presidents Day off). I got to work and today's scripture email was just what I needed to hear:

"Nothing we own on earth can go through the gates of heaven with us. Therefore, the best place to stack our earthly treasure is on the altar. Surrender yourself and your possessions. Draw close to the all-sufficient Father, who will comfort you and guide you through persecution."

I'm excited about getting off today too. I have to work at the church today, but after that, I want to workout a bit. I'm glad my workout on Saturday went well because it really motivated me to reach my goal for my 45th birthday in July.

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NEWME0519 2/22/2012 10:14AM


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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm feeling so good today, I really want to go to the gym and workout today. I will take it slow, and pace myself accordingly. I plan on just spending a few minutes on the treadmill, and work a little on some machines. I really am going to fight the urge to visit the wet area, because I don't believe I'm strong enough yet to handle the steam and sauna.

I may even go dancing, if I'm still feeling this perky :o)! I'm just so excited to be feeling well again, after so many months of barely making it through.


It's Thursday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

. . .and only 1 day before Friday. I'm so looking forward to Friday and having an opportunity to work around the house. I know it sounds crazy that I'm excited about cleaning, but when your health is compromised and you can't do much of anything, the little things are important. So, it's going to be cleaning and snapping pictures for selling on eBay/Craig's list.

I'm purging. . .all the unnecessary things like exercise equipment, scrapbooking supplies, etc.

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NEWME0519 2/16/2012 11:14PM

    Great plan! Just don't push beyond your limits!

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Well Hello!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Well, it has been quite a while since I last posted anything to my page, and I thought it was about time to do so now. 2011 was a tremendous year of change for me, and I am so thankful that I made it through triumphantly! I have my mind in tact, and my health is on the upswing. I have maintained my weight loss, and have actually lost additional weight, which places me now in the healthy BMI range (Yeah!!!!). I still make sure that I eat correctly and monitor and minimize unnecessary snacking. I have learned to easily brush off comments about why am I still "watching what I eat?", or "you're not getting any smaller are you?!"

I have become amazed at how much letting things go can be so empowering. If I had known this years ago, I wonder where I would be today. But everything occurs in its own time, and when you are best able to deal with it. My weight loss journey has been one amazing trip of discovery. . . .don't let anyone tell you its just about the food! I have therapy sessions to prove that it is not. It's about all the things that you use food to cover up and push down inside, until the one day when you say "enough is enough". This recent journey for me started over 4 years ago.

Life is what you perceive it to be, whether you're a size 24 or size 4. Don't place your happiness in a size or number on a scale, and don't let others dictate what your goals should be. Be happy in what you have accomplished and take time to appreciate it. I have learned this over time, and I am sharing it with you. emoticon

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NEWME0519 1/26/2012 10:40PM

    It most definitely should not be about the number. Because a smaller number will NEVER make you happy, only healthier!

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LIMASTAR 1/25/2012 2:38PM

  Great attitude. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about living healthy.

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2008LYNN 1/25/2012 12:44PM

  "letting things go can be so empowering" - Ooh, say it again! I heard Deepak Chopra say years ago, "Release your attachment to the outcome". And yes, it is so powerful.

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KSANDIEGO 1/25/2012 11:45AM

    right on...I always say "Doing what makes you happy today counts a lot more than what you'll do someday" - have a nice day

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SPARKEDLIFE 1/25/2012 11:29AM

    thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

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