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Wow! It's been a rough 2 days. . .

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't know what's going on with me these last 2 days - I can't seem to get my eating under control. I'm reviewing my food journals, etc. to see what I might be missing, but I can't figure it out. Yesterday and today I went over my calorie intake by 300+ on each day! I can't say that it was stress related because I was feeling good both of these days, and I was actually off work, so I can't blame that.

I'm working my butt off at the gym, but I'm beginning to feel discouraged because I don't think I'll make my weight loss goal for the week, especially since my birthday is Saturday, and my Mom is making me breakfast after my ritual of walking the dogs at the park. and I don't know what the girls have planned for me. emoticon

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TWEAVER0715 7/24/2008 3:07PM

    I find sometimes when I am off work I tend to have a harder time staying in range. Main this is like everyone else has said don't beat yourself up.

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DOTTY7267 7/24/2008 10:18AM

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I can't tell you how much it has meant to be a part of this team. I can be hard on myself sometimes and forget that it took awhile to get to where I am right now, so its not going to be gone in a couple of weeks.

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DETERMINED604 7/24/2008 9:35AM

    Hang in there!! Sassy is right, some days & weeks will be better than others. The important thing is you are aware of it & have the power to make today a better day!!!

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SASSYGIRL95 7/24/2008 1:10AM

    Don't beat yourself up..... We are going to have good days and bad days.. It's OK... We all do. The main thing is to tell youself that it's ok and move on to a better day... Remember you can still enjoy the things you want to, you would be suprised, at really what you can have and stay in your calories. It's just that you have to put it on a really small plate.. Hang in there it will get better..

emoticon emoticon

We are here for you if you need us..

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JIBBIE49 7/23/2008 11:07PM

    Happy Birthday on Saturday, Miss Pretty LEO LADY.

You have been doing great, so take it slow. You will get there!! emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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I'm nearing a horizon!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's seems its always darkest before dawn - or at least that's what they tell me when it seems like you're facing obstacle after obstacle. I have had some of the worst days at work recently, so I know that I must be approaching a new horizon on something much more glorious in store. I'm reaching some type of mental block when it comes to reaching into the 60s. It seems as if I'm sabotaging my own success. emoticon One thing I can say is that I am finding a lot of encouragement and motivation from my new teams. I think I'll feel much better after my appointment on Friday emoticon

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LILSHINE 7/9/2008 1:58PM

    There's always a good on the otherside of obstacles, stay the course and you will eventually overcome. Just hang on...

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I'm Jogging!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm excited because I did not think that I would be to this point yet without a few more weeks under my belt. My daughter and I actually jogged this weekend. Of course I could not complete the whole track my first time, but I did half emoticon I can see a great improvement in my measurements from increasing my intensity.

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TWEAVER0715 6/30/2008 7:26PM

    emoticon That is awesome. Keep going and before long you will be jogging around the whole thing as much as you want.

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LILSHINE 6/30/2008 2:18PM


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What's going on?!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've just realized something, or should I say that I have just acknowledged something. . . . this job is ruining my diet right now! The first thing I did after having a stressful meeting today was purchase a candy bar from the vending machine!!!!! I have not been to the vending machine in about 2 months, and now this!

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INDYBUTTERFLY 6/24/2008 10:41PM

    I do the same thing. I have a friend at work that keeps chocolate in his desk for my stressful days. I guess it's better than me keeping the chocolate.

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LILSHINE 6/24/2008 4:24PM

    Stress? Emotional eating? Sometimes the folks you work with just plain make you want to drink, jump, eat chocolate -- well it's better than reaching for their throats! Hang in there - it's not just that job it could be any that you find yourself in!

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I'm Approved!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

emoticonI'm so excited that I can't contain myself. I've been approved for my surgery, and should be having it within the next 2 weeks. I plan to be able to attend my sister's 30th anniversary in August.

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DOTTY7267 7/2/2008 1:34PM

    I've been approved, but I can't get in to see the surgeon to schedule surgery until August 1st! I'm looking at not being able to have surgery until mid-August - early September. emoticon

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DOTTY7267 6/25/2008 10:17AM

    Thanks for the feedback. Everyone that I've talked to about the surgery has told me to be careful, because no matter how careful you are with your food choices, you will experience an episode of dumping. Have you come across that yet?

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MOBUSCH 6/24/2008 8:46PM

    Congratulations! I am 3 weeks post op. Had the Gastric Bypass RNY. I have already dropped 2 sizes in pants and tops. My surgery went very well. I ended back in the hospital less than 2 weeks later but it was something I ate. Had trapped gas and it made me vomit. Other than that it is not bad.

Do exactly what the doctor says and surgery will go much better.

Good luck

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