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RIP Musti

Friday, March 01, 2013

Jenny on left, Musti on right. Musti would never stay still for a picture, so this is a pretty good shot of the old man. :)

Our black lab, Musti, was put down yesterday. He was my other lab, Jenny's, puppy.

His hind legs could not sustain him any longer. He would whine and/or bark from his comfy pillows in my bedroom I think for company or to tell me what, I don't know. After 5 minutes or more he'd amble out on those legs which have traveled far and wide and served him well. He was always under my mom's feet in the kitchen, and she couldn't afford a spill, what with her having a club foot and replaced hip and knee; so I took him to ease her burden. We had him about four years. He was always under our feet, too. He liked to be where the action was. My nephew, who is a rock climber, would take him rock climbing - you should have seen him in his gear, LOL. JK. But really, Musti would be on the ground as my neph would climb higher and higher, and Musti'd be barking, like, "Get back down here it's dangerous up there!" LOL.

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    I'm so sorry about Musti! He was really cute.

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CT Scan Results: Not cancer but let's rescan in a few

Sunday, February 24, 2013

After I followed the scan machine's instructions to hold my breath, then breathe, etc., the tech said over the intercom that I needed to lower my pants as she didn't know they had metal grommets which interferes with the end product. I do so and therefore have to be rescanned; ie, double radiation, which ticked me OFF!

As usual, I asked for copies of my medical results and guess which pics were on the disk? Yeah. The ones with my pants up, so there were metal grommet buttons in the pics. *sigh* BTW, I don't know how a radiologist reads those as they're French to me. I couldn't see my tumor at all.

CT Scan 2-14-13 results: 1.7cm area of fluid attentuation corresponding with anechoic cyst found on previous ultrasound that either represents dilated calyx or parapelvic cyst. Need to get followup ultrasound in a few months; though it's LIKELY NOT cancer! After doc told me I had solid mass tumor after first ultrasound, I simply wanted to get biopsy, to skip the CT scan. I'm glad there's medical protocol and I heeded it.

I have found the kidney to hurt one day or couple of days, then not another. I will try to find a correlation, but I can't help but think this is the beginning of something; though what, I don't know at this juncture.

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    I hope this has resolved by now.

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CT Scan Done

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I had the CT scan this morning after many phone calls regarding the dye. I got what I'm calling a "dry" scan with no dye. I'd reacted to the Ultravist contrast dye a couple of years ago when I was tested for lung cancer (um, turned out to be GERD) via CT scan. I had an itchy throat which was closing up, heart palpitations/racing, anxiety, dizziness (I've since come to learn that all this is due to histamine intolerance). I was given IV Benadryl (an anti-histamine) and not allowed to drive home by myself. Dh picked me up. It's now forever possible to have a bigger anaphylactic response, ie I could die. That would be a Royal Bummer. The tech said I was therefore likely allergic to iodine. I'm so fuzzy about understanding iodine and my Hashimoto's and being allergic to it.

I asked the tech if I needed to take off any metals (last time I had to take off my bra which was embarrassing) and she said no because she wasn't going to scan that high. I took off my necklace anyway. She scanned w/my pants on and it turns out my pants had metal grommets which interfered w/the picture: I had to rescan. If you know me, I try to minimize my exposure to radiation and this was UPSETTING. grr. (And you could see where I'd have worn the necklace.)

Results early next week.


I'll be seeing more doctors. Kidney cancer?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'll post my ultrasound records later. 2.8cm (about 1") hard mass. Doc said they didn't say 'suspicious' which he didn't like. He wasn't reassuring, and after I looked online, I'm not reassured either. Phew. Need to find my happy place. It has been so long. I picked up a Bernie Segal book at a used bookstore about laughter and cancer; guess I'll grab it off the shelf.

Supposed to get CT scan next (which I'm not keen to do as I react to the dye) and/or biopsy. Hairdresser said why don't they just biopsy it, what's the use of the scan? I think it's just medical protocol. TTYL. That hard mass hurts like a booger sometimes, like someone is poking a bruise, nagging me. Other times I don't feel it at all.

Life keeps throwing me curveballs and I can't catch my breath before there's another one lobbed my way. I need some happy and sunny in my life. I need a hug. .


Tired of Doctors

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Kidney pain started 15th of Jan. Got flu on 16th (norovirus or some such 24-hr version coming out both ends at same time. beautiful stuff). Kidneys continued hurting so went to ER (couldn't find instacare) and they did urinalysis which was negative to white or red blood cells. They put me on antibiotics for 7 days. Then I got additional script for more days cause pain wasn't going away. Stopped after 10th straight day. Went back to doc and they said they'd set up ultrasound. Waited day and a half for call.

Meanwhile, DH is a mess. Long story, short: He had knee surgery (orthoscopic miniscus repair and bone spur shaving) on 18th. Work emergency had him flying 20+ hours to another part of the world, which I thought unwise. He's so new at job he didn't squabble. Should have. Third world country medical team expressed his knee pus with unsterile gloves and immediate surroundings (dirty, so sad). He returns home early cause of knee pain and inability to bend, puffy. He was to come home (he works in different state) but I thought it unwise he should drive with his knee. I get last minute flight to see him. He ends up admitted to hospital. Tests tests. So grateful for insurance right now.

Before we knew he was to be admitted I was packing for flight in a couple hours. Already had a 2:30pm appt with Miss Julie, therapist. Ultrasound people call at 1:30p that they could fit me right now, so I take another 15 mins to pack a few things, jump in car for ultrasound. I saw the tech guy measuring out some "objects" likely cysts. Dayam. I'm reading up on it, and it's not good. Especially since my paternal aunt just had her kidney removed due to cancer. I will wait to see results before jumping to conclusions, but as I write I can tell you I can "feel" my left kidney gurgling like asthma in my side.

That's all.


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