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Cyrex Antibody Array 5 Results

Thursday, November 01, 2012

This Cyrex test was $575 through my MD/ND, and I got results in early October and am only getting around to sharing now. It's supposed to give you an approx. 10 yr. predictive look at where antibody activity is evident to specific organs/systems in the body.

My results indicated I have antibodies to my thyroid, which isn't surprising since I have Hashimoto's, and I was also equivocal for antibodies to my liver.

From conversation with my ND I still really don't know what to do about it. Cytochrome P450 has to do with Phase I and Phase II liver detox. I told her all I've been doing is taking milk thistle practically since my CD dx in 2006 and eating as best I can when I knew better, Starburst not included; she said Starburst didn't matter.

For info re: this test I found this from an ND online:

Upon cursory online searching, the first autoimmune disease to crop up was PBC or Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. From wiki on PBC: "Primary biliary cirrhosis is considerably more common in those with gluten sensitive enteropathy than the normal population."
From Univ of MD:

From Cyrex this tests specifically for liver antibodies:
Cytochrome P450 (Hepatocyte) IgG + IgA Combined

Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 2
Chronic Hepatitis C
Heptocellular Carcinoma
Liver/Mycrosomal Autoimmunities

Cyrex pdf/pamphlet for your doctor:

Now, I'm trying to not go STRAIGHT to an autoimmune disease in my mind or think the worst first thing. However! I think this is interesting when correlated with my Spectracell nutrients testing which indicated I was low in glutathion. Remember: my neighbor doc told me to ask my doc WHY my glutathion would be low (my doc only wanted to give me IV glutathion which has a short half-life I've read and also my neighbor doc said was true, too - it was $75/session and I managed two sessions before thinking it was too expensive for what I was getting). WELL, it's low because of my lack of liver detox capabilities. You can't actually feel it with pain or anything ... or CAN YOU?! You don't associate your pain because it's not direct pain, ie at the site of my liver. And, there's FATIGUE. I remember when I read up a lot on the liver years ago (blog entry link here______), that it was the focus of energy in our body. How do YOU feel when you've had a green smoothie? Riiight. Energetic. Your liver craves it.

Now to crave a green smoothie instead of potato chips. Maybe I should put some salt in it? We shall experiment when I get up to it.

emoticon(low-histamine sweet lettuce!)


Canada recognizes histamine levels in food?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

I sporadically checked twitter for histamine hashtags and found an interesting post from the Canadian gov't re: too much histamine in I think canned, maybe jarred, anchovies: (October 30, 2012 entry). Huh. I like that - not that I'd be eating those as I know they're high in histamines GENERALLY - but what about people who don't KNOW they have a histamine problem? Yikes.

"The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) and Division of Food Inspection of the City of Montreal are warning the public not to consume anchovies sold by Marché Badre inc., as the histamine concentration exceeds acceptable limits due to inappropriate conservation.

See Product tab for specifics on the affected item.

The recalled product was sold unrefrigerated at Marché Badre inc. until October 3, 2012.

People who have this product in their possession are advised not to eat it and return it to the place of purchase or to throw it out.

Even if the product does not show evidence of tampering or smell spoiled, the analysis revealed the presence of histamine concentrations exceeding the maximum established limit. See Hazard tab for details.
(Hazard tab:
"Associated Illness/Injury Reported: No
Illness/Injury Details: No illnesses associated with consumption of this food has been reported to date.
Hazard Description Category: Food (Biologic)
Hazard: Excess histamine
Hazard Description: Even if the product does not show evidence of tampering or smell spoiled, the analysis revealed the presence of histamine concentrations exceeding the maximum established.

Consumption, even after cooking, of foods containing high amounts of histamine can cause the following symptoms: flushing, rash, face edema, flushing, burning in the throat, itching, tingling of the skin usually accompanied by headache, heart palpitations, dizziness or nausea, stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhea.

In general, symptoms occur quickly, within a few minutes or a few hours, and then disappear spontaneously after a few hours. It is recommended to consult a doctor if symptoms persist for several days.")

The Ministry assures the public that all appropriate measures are being taken to protect the health of consumers. For more information, please contact the Quebec Centre for Food Inspection and Animal Health, by calling 800-463-5023."


emoticon emoticon
Another hashtag mentioned that hyenas are mammals with the highest level of DAO (diamine oxidase) the enzyme most responsible for metabolizing histamine; makes sense as they eat rotting carcass.


Bye-Bye Recliner

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Since I've been eating histamine foods, my body is reacting: pain, stiffness, achiness. It's a slow climb out of this hole thus far. I haven't had Starburst for a good three days though - YAY! I STILL think about it daily - BOO! Haven't had chips for way longer - YAY!

Have I mentioned how the past two years I've been growing more, shall we say, amorous? Since the low-histamine, more yet again; probably because I wasn't in pain 24/7 or esp after exercise. That sense of freedom was pure BLISS. Ahhh.

I mention it because of the irony of his affair. How I missed, yearned and ached for him. Miss Julie, therapist, says to think forward, not backward, but still I find myself at odd times bursting into tears at the whole thing. He has no answers but that he was a shell of a man. The new work environment was eating him alive not having mentorship or feedback and so much change in his position since hiring. They expected him to know three other foreign departments, travel, blah blah. He was learning new language, learning new people and culture. He was lost. This chick comes in and flirts up a storm telling him he needed a girlfriend. She was a diversion from reality cause reality was too hard. She drank a lot, and he felt free to drink, too (I'm not a drinker - what a social dud). She also ate a lot of cheese and was constipated and had all sorts of gut issues. I laugh when he tells me he tried to tell her about going gluten-free and how she says, "huh?" Good luck with that I thought, but really I wish more ill on her and her salacious ways. She's living with a guy with a heart condition and she doesn't like he's bald. She's using him as he builds her a basement (he's a carpenter). She's also supposed to marry him sometime soon, and this'll be good as she still is raising a daughter who needs a father-like figure. This'll be her third marriage, who knows how many other men she's been with (he said there've been many). She met her current live-in on Match dot com. Hmm, Dh had that site on his computer cookies. I think of how rude he was to me and how now he doesn't know what I'm talking about. He plays kissy kissy flirty with me and sometimes I so don't care. I bring up his "f-buddy" and he gets sick and hates it because he hates that period of his life and why don't I just forget it? I wish I could. *sigh* Please radio, tv: no more Taylor Swift songs. That girl is EVERYWHERE. Dh has never been one to wear his wedding ring and all these 31 yrs I never gave a lick of a care. Is that a saying? LOL. I asked him to wear it and he's trying. It's uncomfortable for him, but he's making an effort.

I kept talking about the Don Wms concert out of state where we'd also visit his sis who is going through her own d-vorce. I wavered on going, but I purchased the tickets last visit in Northern Land w/Dh a couple of days before I found about the affiar. After talking w/Miss Julie we decided to go anyway. "Don't let evil win," was Miss Julie's thought. Then we decided against as he had some work/legal thing he promised he'd finish from his original job. We were going to overnight the tickets back to SIL when she then told us that it was cancelled due to Don's illness. Great, we get our money back. We'll be needing it since the severance pkg won't last forever. Every bit helps.

He's been hunting for a job, and having him home 24/7 after not having him home for so long has been HEAVY. In some ways I need a break already! And in some ways I like having him around. I try to get him out of the house daily because even with his depression he likes to be busy (which isn't a healthy thing, it's a running away thing). I've been not having mani/pedi's, not ordering books and supplements on amazon, not shopping again. I'm more used to that as I've had far many more years of fiscal restraint than otherwise. We had a sense of relief with the last job and found out the hard way that money isn't everything (he thought it'd be worth it and now knows it wasn't). We still have bills and I yearn for financial freedom.

With that said, he was offered another job paying $25k less/year but in another state with lower cost of living. There'll be other bennies and maybe a future. He won't be boss to hundreds which will be different for him, and he'll be traveling to far-reaching world-wide places. They want him to start in a couple of weeks. I'm going to try to take my recliner to my dad in Vegas. The recliner is a symbol of my illness and wanting to rest. I paid $2000 for it so I could rock and rest like an old woman before I realized I had celiac, and I've always hated it and what it represented (never order something you haven't seen in person - the leather I got was HARD, not soft, like the one on the showroom floor - and no, I couldn't return it!). Dad'll appreciate it as his LaZboy is falling apart.

Moving. It's time to clean the house again.


From 196 to 188

Friday, October 19, 2012

I can't believe I got back up to 196. That's almost 200 ya'll. Scared the H out of me. I'm struggling to stay on the wagon, but have only THOUGHT about Starburst when I'm hungry. I mention it to DH and he knows I struggle with it, and he's about out the door to buy them for me. I tell him he's an enabler. He seems okay with that. He doesn't like it when I'm angry - not that NOT getting Starburst makes me angry - it doesn't. I'm anxious a bit, but definitely not angry. I think he does it to make me happy. But Starburst doesn't make me happy ... what does?

Staying the course and living my best. It's my "safe haven." I've made mistakes in my life and I paid for them emotionally. I didn't like those roads, and realized I had choices. I have choices re: Starburst too! I also have choices regarding my future. We've had five years apart. Every time we moved w/one of his job promotions I associated that period of life with the place we lived and my state of health. My health with the stress of moving and the undiagnosed ADD/oppositional kiddo? Well, of course it didn't get better - only worse. I didn't make the last move for financial reasons and that saved us around $200k from property depreciation during the real estate meltdown. This last five years I've also recovered MUCH of my health. I try to not think of my first half of life as a waste as I've learned a lot about patience, compassion, and love for others ... for myself as well. I was raised in an era of hard work. Hard work pays off, but balance is good, too. I'm learning balance.

Mr. Rogers (therapist w/religious bent) is about out of the picture. DH had job interview out of state and it has been about 3 weeks and we've not heard back. They're slow, they said to not give up. (deleted text here). We didn't make another appt w/Mr. Rogers.

Miss Julie, the more pyschologist though also religious therapist on the other hand, we're still seeing. She has been HELPFUL. She's steering me from thinking I have to change everyone including myself. I'm getting it. She's mentioned a few times to check into alanon but I haven't actually gone to meetings. I'm reading online about different topics. I can see where I cannot change him but I keep trying. As my health has improved with diet change, I can't help but want that for everyone in my immediate circle. DH thinks he's heathy and won't die til he's 100. Hmm. I see otherwise based on my reading and experience. He's giving up coffee and omg, you'd think he was jonesing for crack cocaine. I tell him, I know, I know, it's painful, I've been there, but since it wasn't his idea, well, he resents me. Well, I won't go into all the h-e-double toothpicks he's put me through about lil ole cup o'joe but suffice it to say it shows me how addictions are for sure. LOL. And it shows me how his health is not a priority. I also know he's still suffering from depression and his mind isn't working. He's very vulnerable right now. I will not leave him while he's down as I don't want to make things worse for him. He was there for me even though not emotionally ... we'll take one healthy day at a time.

(Deleted text here) But, really, I'm seeing how sick he was. And Yes. Darned childhood makes a diff.


25 lbs up and counting

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Food me: ...right when you don't think it can get worse, it keeps getting worse. I keep getting worse. Starburst. Potato chips. and now honey Greek yogurt. Hmmmm. Tang, salt/fat/crunch and Pudding mouth feel.

Clinical me: I'm also obviously estrogen dominant per my abdominal ultrasound results (uterine fibroid). My ZRT saliva results prove that: I'm too low in progesterone, too high in testosterone (libido, whiskers, a few zits/boils even). No wonder I can't lose weight unless I practically starve myself and run myself to death/live in my workout clothes.

Have not been regularly running because the fibroid hurts. I used a body wrap to tighten my spare tire/jiggly bits and it helped a bit. I've not been motivated though. My TSH was up to 12 (1.5 is optimalish) and that sure doesn't help, huh?! Fellow thyroid-sistas understand. *sighhhh* If it's not one thing, it's 25 lbs. I feel like crud. Thank goodness I took pics of me jogging in Northern Land to remind me that I CAN DO IT AGAIN, right?! Changing Synthroid back to 125mcg from 100mcg. *sigh* Another 3 months I can't get back.

Lowering estrogen cream (Bi-es) from 4 clicks/1mg to 2 clicks /half mg (or original dose before I upped it to assuage hot flashes). Naturopathic doc says hot flashes can come and go w/stress regardless of estrogen supplementation - least that's what I think she said. Upping progesterone from 100mg to 200mg capsules/night. Having done those changes in about 2 weeks I started my TOM!?!?! YaY on that. Haven't had but a scant TOM since Feb. 10, 2012. Before that it was Dec. 31, 2011. Nat. doc also mentioned I "could" have PCOS - wth?! I want to scream.

Taking 25mg anti-histamine (Equate brand equivalent to Benadryl) before bed for sleep. It SO helps. Recently read some forum online that it can dry out your mouth and to watch for that as it can increase cavities. It's also another thing for my liver to detox and I don't think that's good. Will reevaluate at some point.

I can't fit into my great sale pants I bought for the winter. I'm so MAD, frustrated, unengaged, unfocused, and need some hugs and some peace. I look at him and don't feel much right now.

And now I'm off to find the real me. That 25 lbs is me, NOT KARMA MAN! I'm in control. I'm in control. I'm in control. If I have to starve while I readjust my hormones, I'm gonna hang on and bite the bullet (I know. I can't starve myself. Sigh). I'm in control. I'm in control...

emoticon THanks for listening to my drama. I always hated drama. Didn't want no drama in my life that's for sure. (And no, I won't starve myself, but really? I feel better when I don't eat. That's low-histamine diet for ya - can't have a reaction if you don't eat much.)


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