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Food Allergy Fun

Saturday, April 14, 2012

More fun at
(used w/permission from the author/creator/blogger).


These make me laugh, and I need one right now. I hope you enjoy.


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GIRANIMAL 4/24/2012 9:57PM

    Ack, it's true! I was supposedly allergic to chocolate as a kid. Dear god, talk about being the freak-show kid! LOL I mostly avoid commercial chocolate these days because sugar is the devil for my body, but I know I am no longer allergic because I am A-OK with raw cacao. I use it in my homemade granola!

Thanks for the laugh. I've been off gluten, casein, soy, eggs, corn, peanuts and sesame for nearly a year, I find myself always discussing food allergies or intolerances whether I want to or not, and I also sometimes need a related laugh for a break. Thanks for sharing these!

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GROKGRANNY 4/17/2012 7:58AM

    Why does Spark keep making you re-subscribe to blogs??? Grrrmmpppph.

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GROKGRANNY 4/17/2012 7:57AM

    Hi Dots!! Haven't talked to you in ages. Lots going on, on this end. Just know I'm thinking of you today and hope all is well in your world.

I'm transitioning into retirement and loving the fact that I can now rest and pace myself and be out of that violent classroom. Time to heal!

I loved these cartoons and can so relate!! Chocolate showed up on my test, although as VL (very low) which translates to "you can still have it but only once or twice a week." Just knowing I have to limit it for a few months, has made it a challenge! I guess having a small square of dark chocolate ever day, proved to much for the old bod.

Have a great day, my friend! emoticon

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    LOL. I have to admit that there are some things that it's much easier to be allergic too - things I really don't want..................... like soy. LOL. Ick.

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SUE_2U 4/15/2012 8:27PM

    emoticon great links! And so true!

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2KITTIES 4/15/2012 10:44AM


Yay for chocolate!

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-LINDA_S 4/14/2012 4:43PM

Thanks! emoticon

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GOPINTOS 4/14/2012 3:19PM

    See, always something to be grateful for!

Smile and Enjoy the rest of your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Dr. Oz Show Fans Team

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CINDYTW 4/14/2012 9:34AM


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ITS_MY_TURN_NOW 4/14/2012 9:22AM

    Thank you!!!! I needed that. emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/14/2012 8:41AM

    Allergic to chocolate . . . HORRIBLE! I have food allergies, but thank goodness chocolate isn't one of 'em!

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TAMPATINK67 4/14/2012 12:27AM

    The ex boyfriend was allergic to almost all processed foods - and still ate them all.

Silly rabbit!!!!

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MAVERICK59 4/14/2012 12:11AM

My 22 year old daughter has many, many food allergies, but she is happy chocolate is not one of them.
She loved this.
Thanks for sharing!

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Monday, April 02, 2012

emoticonI give this gift/link to you today because sharing is caring.

Also, Shaun shared this one with me, which is similar:


Had a nice day today - it was lovely and sunny, with a slight breeze. The grass was mowed yesterday (pic was taken before the mow obviously), the yellow pansies in the yard still look bright and attentive. The daffodils are mostly done and mostly deadheaded. I love just mowed lawns, I'm sure I've mentioned before.

Poor Mr. Squirrel miscalculated a jump and landed on the driveway. I was going to dispose of him, but when I got over to him, the poor guy was still breathing. Aww. He freaked when he saw me, and his tail was screaming for his terrified lil eyes. He finally died overnight, and it was MY day at home today, so Dd had to take care of his remains.

emoticon emoticon I bought myself a sheer, lightweight blazer in black polka DOTS, because it's the little things that sometimes makes you happy: no cakey por moi. I'm 51 today, so another year of trying to figure me out! Family members in different states, Dh up in Northern Land, and Dd and I here, went to see The Hunger Games. I kinda resented being inside when it was so glorious outside. Dd wants to brush up on her bow skills now. She got one for Christmas a few years ago. Maybe we should have eaten squirrel today - I'm probably not intolerant to it. ha.

I ate a big bag of potato chips (only)(twist my arm) in the first half of the day to see what would happen (ah, there's my version of cakey!). Not much. I tell ya, my blood sugar does not go crazy with potato chips at ALL, and I wake up with normal blood glucose (77), too. Does that just mean that my blood sugar covered my butt so-to-speak? I think so. I'm overusing my pancreas. First, the adrenals, then the pancreas? I best be careful in my experiments. :P I'll tell you WHY I ate those chips later- it's all part of my experiment. That's gonna be one helluva post if I ever get to writing it - a hallelujah moment even - we'll see. It could also be a flop. :P.

Tonight we went to Q-doba for dinner and I had a chicken salad w/lemon, no guac like usual. Why no guac? Later tater. hee hee. It's time for beauty sleep.
emoticon emoticon

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GRACEMCDOG 4/27/2012 1:46PM

    Happy Birthday, a bit late. You're a big tease. When is this mystery revelatory post going to happen? I want to know about the chips and guac. If I had to pick one food to eat before I died at might be potato chips but I haven't allowed myself any for eons. Avocados, on the other hand, I eat in great gives? Tell! Tell! Yes, your garden looks lovely. Yes, you should have eaten the squirrel. But would I have? No. Do as I say, not as I etc. Me=bad. But not as bad as Morticia. One little squirrel is nothing. Our neighbour's Border Collie was mauled by a wolf and a woman a bit north of here had a cougar chase her dog into the house.

Pictures of Dots in polka dots, please. Now I'm off to read what the link says.

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MAYBER 4/11/2012 10:10PM

    Thanks for sharing with us your special day
One day at a time

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CATIATM 4/9/2012 4:20PM

    *Cat makes a note* April 2nd? Good to know! emoticon

I'm glad your special day was special! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GOANNA2 4/4/2012 11:14AM

    Do we share the same birthday Dot?
Sounds like it was a wonderful day.
I would also like to see your new clothes.
Your lawn and garden look so beautiful.
Happy Easter for Sunday. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ENDUROVET 4/2/2012 10:52PM

    Happy Birthday my lil chickadee! Hope you had an all- around great day, & I eagerly await hearing more about your experiments...

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    Happy Birthday!! We should at least get a picture of the birthday girl in her new clothes. LOL.

How horrible about the squirrel!! You really need to move from this place. It's a bad omen. Amityville Horror. Crystal Lake. The Shining. Get out. LOL.

My hubby and son eat squirrel and rabbit. I think they are cute and eating them is bad. It's actually a bad omen. Motel Hell. Soylent Green. Donner Pass.

I ate potato chips today too - way too many, with ketchup. It's a bad omen. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Alien. LOL.

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CINDYTW 4/2/2012 10:36AM

  emoticonWe are eagerly awaiting the results of your experiments!

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CHRISYHOFF 4/2/2012 10:23AM

    Sounds like a wonderful day

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1CRAZYDOG 4/2/2012 8:27AM

    Glad you had a good day! Can't wait to hear the results of your experiments!

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Hungry for Change movie free today only

Saturday, March 31, 2012

In a hurry today family, but I hope you're able to watch and pass it on. (~1.5 hrs)

Dotslady emoticon

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GOANNA2 4/4/2012 10:54AM

    emoticonThanks for the good wishes and the movie
was great. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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    I can't watch movies online. emoticon

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GOPINTOS 3/31/2012 5:56PM

    Havent seen it but thank you for posting!

Smile & Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Dr. Oz Show Fans

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KLEWIS369 3/31/2012 5:16PM

    this is an awesome and very informative movie, I saw it free the other day and am glad I did see it, I am on day three of juicing too. The movie is also part of The Fat, sick and nearly dead,which is also a great movie.

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My Hores (are) Moning.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I got my hormone results. I'm flatlining. Apparently the wee black hairs I plucked from my fuzzier blonde mustache are from testosterone. I barely have any other ones. I'm continuing on with 100mg compounded progesterone capsules and am adding "Bioes" which is estrogen (shocked) cream. Well, "cycle" has been irregular. He says I'm experiencing adrenal fatigue and to read Wilson's book (started that one a few years ago and left it for another book).

I have a emoticonBIG BIG theory about my fibro pain and food intolerance, and he, the "integrative" doctor, would barely hear me out. I was TICKED (was it the testosterone? no, as I did not bop him) .... he complied with a few of the tests I wanted (so I get a "partial" picture. I'll likely see what my holistic MD has to say) but he's set on his diagnosis and that's that. *sigh* - makes me stressed. :P I will write more about my emoticonBIG BIG theory another day be-cause! today! I'm leaving for sunny Florida on a REAL vacation. Yippee! Haven't had a REAL vacation healthy (actually still I'm not healthy!) in all my life (cause the last one was 18 yrs ago to Disneyland when Dd was a tot - best holiday ever even w/chronic fatigue). We're renting a convertible! Talk about middle-aged crisis and I don't care! Whoooooo! I gotta pack ...
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

(I bet my "cycle" starts, right?) emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CATIATM 3/19/2012 4:32PM

    I'm glad you're being so proactive with your health and not letting the doc intimidate you. Enjoy your holiday! emoticon

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TEXASFILLY 3/18/2012 2:09AM

    Have a blast, Dot! You deserve it! *hugs* BB~ emoticon

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TAMPATINK67 3/16/2012 10:07PM


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    Have lots of fun. Hugs, Donna

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MICHELLE311106 3/16/2012 5:31PM

    Hope your vacation goes off without a hitch and aunt flow misses the ride in the convertible. I'm 40 and had a hysterectomy when I was 31 and have decided that it's the best surgery that a woman can have. The ovaries were removed 3 years later. I took black cohosh available at walmart for 6 months after the surgery and have had no hot flashes. I was prescribed a progesterone, estriadol and dhea cream to raise my estrogen levels but it got too costly so I had to stop using it.

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WILLITWORK1 3/16/2012 4:31PM

    hope you have an amazingly restful and pain free vacation.

You deserve it!!!

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    Just what you need but of course it seems par for the course as we ladies slip gently into the night. LOL. Have we got room for another disease, another syndrome.? It always seems that way. Very irritating.

Yuck, periods. I am so glad to be done with periods but my son and hubby said it made me as mean as a snake. I never noticed other than I seemed to lose my sense of tact and was no longer long suffering. "No!" became my favorite word. If someone wanted to be rude to me and my son was around he would make this inhalation sucking sound like he had a pneumothorax and look at me in terror as he said he never knew what was coming out of my mouth but he knew it would not be "Please kick me some more."

You would get the black hairs eventually any way. When you eventually reach menopause you get them. Sometimes you go to sleep and look fine and wake up with a 40 foot black chin hair wrapper all the way around your head. Think you are blind and have to cut out of the thicket. It's rather freakish. But having some testosterone is good too or you have no libido and it's upsetting for your hubby to have slept with Angelina Jolie for years and wake up with Olive Oyl.

It all works out with the hair because while you are growing a mustache and beard and your breasts have to be tucked into your boots he is growing a nice set of DD hooters and losing all his hair. It's not fair but it happens to all of us.

I want to go to Florida with you and your hubby in the convertible!! And what do you want to bet you wouldn't want me to be a third wheel. Go figure! LOL. Have fun!!

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1CRAZYDOG 3/16/2012 12:06PM

    Have a fantastic vacation and take care of yourself. It's so hard when your hores(are)moning! Loved the title to the blog! GRRRRR about the Dr. not listening!

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CINDYTW 3/16/2012 10:05AM

  emoticonabout the adrenal fatigue! Glad to hear about your vacation though!! emoticon emoticon

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Vit D, Cholesterol, A1C, hsCRP, Insulin, Thyroid Labs 2-1-12

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vit D: 69.1 (good!)

"This is your brain. emoticonThis is your brain on drugs. emoticon "You've seen the commercial. Well, this is my cholesterol. This is my cholesterol on potato chips (short story - it got worse):

TC 200
HDL 56
LDL 129
Tri 78
apoB100-calc: 94 mg/dL(under 109 ref range)
Lp(a): 6 mg/dL (under 10 ref range)

Cholesterol History:
May 16, 2010 (heart attack)/ Sep 29, 2010/ Nov 24, 2010/May 13, 2011/Oct 14, 2011/Feb 1, 2012

Total Cholesterol (less than 200 desirable): 206../191../182.../185.../192Ö/200
HDL (over 60, women over 50): 49../45../57../51../59Ö/56
LDL calculated (under 100 desirable): 142../134../118../(real)100../123Ö/129
Triglycerides (less than 150 desirable): 74../62../34.../65.../49Ö/78

Ratio Comparisons
TC/HDL (2.5-4.5 desirable): 2.8../4.2../3.2../2.9../3.3Ö/3.6

And per Dr. Ben Kim's cholesterol article :
HDL/TC (over 25% desirable): 24%../24%../31%../28%../30% ../28%
Tri/HDL (under 2.0 desirable): 1.51../1.38../.60../1.28../.83../1.39

I got a VAP this time and at some point will try to dig out my last one to compare sub-class information. My HDL-2 (most protective) was low at 12 (you want over 15), and my VLDL-3 (small remnant) went up to 10 (you want under 10). I still have large, buoyant Pattern A (about one-fourth up the graph). I don't fret about cholesterol, but in some way I do see it as a marker.

Insulin 4.7 (range is 2.6-24.9)

Thyroid (2/1/12)Ė
TSH .09 uIU/mL LOW (ref range .40-4.2)
Free T-4 .63 ng/dL LOW (ref range .78-1.96)
Free T3 2.31 pg/mL (ref range 1.84-7.0)

Changed back to 150mcg Synthroid from 60mg Armour 2x/day. Iím so glad to be back to taking 1 pill in the morning and not having to remember to take the second Armour dose in the afternoon on empty stomach before meals. Like I had a schedule or something Ė not. I would sometimes remember before bed. This is such a load off. I hope it helps my numbers. My heart palpitations are driving me crazy, and they have for 12 yrs. Is it my thyroid?

A1C (Iím freaking): 6.1! (non-fasting shouldnít matter I understand from cursory searches, but Iíd had a banana out the door about an hour before test). Last test was 5.5.

Blood glucose: 127

hsCRP: 3.9 (their ref. range for normal is 0-4)
Iíve read you want as much under 3 as possible. This one is tough for me to change, and if anyoneís has done it, pls share your secret. I think I have to up the ante on my diet (Iíd say it was the chips but Iíve never eaten so many in such a short time and Iíve had higher hsCRP in the past.)

Doc told me to diet and exercise to better my cholesterol (how generic). I did MWF bootcamp all January in sub-freezing temps at 5:30 a.m. for heavenís sake, and walking in between w/the dog (the usual). This actually likely overly stressed me. And, okay, itís the potato chip salad unbalanced diet. LOL.

FWIW and to note: they forgot the hsCRP and A1C/glucose test on 2-1, so I had it done separately on 2-17-12, hence the diff between lower insulin and higher blood glucose.

Hormone labs (blood and ZRT) forthcoming at next doc appt Tuesday.

emoticonI know someone who has a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich shop. OMG, the sandwiches are to-die-for SOUNDING. All those mind-numbing drugs in one sandwich - LOL (I try to not be a dream squasher and mention my true thoughts). "Ginger poached pear w/brie" ... hmmm. The shop will be featured on a nat'l foodie tv show in Canada. Though I don't advocate gluten/dairy sandwiches for most of the population, I wish I could see the show, and I wish him well (and plug for him to do gfdf versions to no avail so far).

emoticonI've made over $250 selling my used/new fat clothes at a resale shop. It's better than a yard sale and I have money to buy new/used smaller clothes. :)

emoticonI'm getting stuff done on the house; working on outside repairs now. Called the moving company to give estimate on packing up my stuff so it looks like I don't live here. LOL. I'm unsure I really even want to move. DH is finding new job extremely stressful, and I'm concerned. It would nice for me to be there for him. I miss you all and my happy place, but it's for the best right now. I pop in when I can, but I think of you more often and hope you're doing your best, too.
emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    I worry about my labs too as I had too many potato chips too. emoticon

And I get more than enough exercise but apparently not nearly enough to cancel out unlimited Lays chips. LOL.

I have not had a grilled cheese in years. I love cheese though, just need to find something legal to melt it on. LOL.

You must tell me about the resale shop. My MIL has some really expensive clothes we would like to get some money for. So what kind of prices do you get for what and how much commission does the store get?

Is your hubby already thinking about another job? I hate toxic jobs. Maybe you should rent until he figures out if this place is a keeper.

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PATTYCAKE17 3/11/2012 9:43AM

    I just became aware of the A1C at my last doctor's visit. it was 5.6, and i was told to continue to watch my diet (I just hit the 70# mark) which my doc knows I do.I did give up my hard sugar candies(peppermints) and honey-lemon cough drops which had become my bedtime snack of choice, like an intravenous sugar drip each night! Guess what? I stopped them, and am doing fine w/o them. we'll see what the numbers look like in a month. Since I just dropped 10# in the last month, I think I'm going to be good to go. Good luck with all your numbers. Sounds like you're doing the best you can, though. Prayer works, too...Lots of it! emoticon

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ENDUROVET 3/10/2012 8:24PM

    Disclaimer: I'm no (human) endocrinologist, but have become an amateur one after almost 23 yrs of regulating my metabolism w/T4 from a bottle...
Settled down to paying through nose for "legend" Synthroid, after yrs of arguments w/my MD's, trying Armour, trying Cytomel & doing "fair enough" although far from optimal on my perfectionist terms @ 150 mcg daily. The routine that works for me is to take my tab 1st thing in AM w/big glass of H2O, wait an hr before eating. All other supplements in PM... If I take fish oil earlier, then I'm belching it up all day (yuck).
I seem to feel better when I remember to take my iodine (kelp tabs), even though my endo sneers at me. The pre diabetic/high chol stuff is above my pay grade but it sounds like you're doing the optimal diet (ahem, w/fewer potato chips ;-)

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CINDYTW 3/10/2012 6:53PM

  emoticonGood luck with all the house stuff! I can see why you have been succumbing to chips! That's great you got all that for old clothes! Mine weren't worth too much to begin with so I wouldn't be able to sell them like that! Hope things settle down for you soon!

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GOANNA2 3/10/2012 5:26PM

    I use cinnamon in everything - even in coffee and pasta sauce.
I can imagine what stress is doing to you. Your poor hubby must
be very unhappy in his work. Do you have to move? So glad you
have your thyroid meds worked out.
Hope it all works out for you. Courage dear friend. Sending hugs
to you.
emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 3/10/2012 12:40PM

    Do you use cinnamon? I put a stick in my tea (or coffee) in the morning. And I take a cinnamon supplement . . . Cinsulin is one brand I've used (available @ Costco).

Stress . . . let me count the ways it screws up blood sugar! But we all know that one, right!

Hope your DS finds a less stressful position or finds a way to make his current job less stressful. It is so frustrating dealing with many people who have an ego.

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IOEINC 3/10/2012 12:30PM

    A banana an hour before the A1C won't affect it. But although up a bit, your A1C is still in good range. My last one was 5.5 down from 6.1 and down from my original 9. But I bet my next one due in May will be up. For some reason, starting about a week ago, my post dinner BSs have been way up even though I haven't changed anything. A bit worrisome, especially since my endocrine expects me to go off my last Metformin at that visit.I guess we will both need to work on lowering our A1Cs.

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