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Do Your Heart a Favor: Oil Pull.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Okay MA, if you think dry brushing away your dead skin is weird, I can't wait to hear what you say about oil pulling. LOL.

I found references to it on You Tube ( ) years ago of course, and now even Ann Louise Gittleman advocates it in her book Fat Flush for Life (which I haven't read yet).

I brought it up with my dentist who has come to expect interesting questions from me. She knew nothing of it, which didn't surprise me. She did look it up on YT right then and there. When I first started seeing her in 2006 I remember discussing amalgam removal and she had mainstream answers. Now she acts like it's common practice. My point is that it takes time to change minds. They are careful about bacteria and the heart. In fact, she wouldn't let me get my teeth cleaned for at least 6 months after my heart attack in 2010. I waited a year, and they weren't bad at all. I wasn't oil pulling, but I should have been!

I know how busy people are to add in ONE more thing. I do this, but probably not enough. If my gums bleed I immediately think it's because I need more vitamin C. I'll "pull" more often to see the impact of removing bacteria and toxins which have implications for the heart. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, integrative cardiologist, has a nice write up about the bacterial threat of gum disease and the heart in his Reverse Heart Disease Now book (which I have read): .

I just want you to know MA, that I have boundaries. I will never post a blog entry about drinking my own urine (I've seen that on YT, too), so that's a positive. hahahahaha.
emoticon(That's water. In our house it's known as "base beverage.") ;0)

Info and directions for oil pulling from a professional: Gittleman's book via google books: p86-89: and a link to amazon for the $6 paperback book: . She has an interesting chart for what each tooth correlates to in the body (which is in the google books link btw). I've reason to believe this book is as helpful as her others have been for me, and I've about read all of them.

Note to ya'll: my preference would be for non-hydrogenated coconut oil, meaning not the cheap coconut oil I've seen at WalMart because it's adulterated. If you were to use a seed oil, I'd think it'd be better to use a cold-processed oil, not a transfatty heated oil - sunflower oil - like you'd find on the supermarket shelves. I realize you're not swallowing it, but still it's too close for comfort.

When I went to a Vegas Whole Foods once and one of the sales guys was telling me how toxic our bacteria were. He'd oil pull and spit it out the window, and the plants outside died. I said, 'They probably died because of the oil clogged their pores or the soil, too." He was quiet. It makes you realize you really have to have lots of experience with your health, and to not believe everyone who works at a health food store. Heck, you can't believe your doctors half the time. LOL.

It doesn't mean I don't still think oil pulling's worth trying, though!
emoticon(that's me spitting out the oil on my morning walk).

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CATIATM 3/1/2012 1:49PM

    Wow. I just never know what I'm going to learn when I visit your page! emoticon

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ASHAIXIM 2/29/2012 5:03PM

    I wonder what the guy at the healthfood store would say if you told him to salt pull and spit it on the plants!! LMAO!!

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GOANNA2 2/24/2012 5:14PM

    Virgin coconut oil might be worth trying.
I loved Morticia's response.
Your blog always makes me smile Dot. emoticon emoticon

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PROVERBS31JULIA 2/24/2012 1:56PM

    I'm 15 minutes into oil pull right now!!

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PROVERBS31JULIA 2/24/2012 1:26PM

    fascinating on the oil pulling. I have some of the stuff already, no sunflower seed oil but the sesame and coconut I have and can try! Thanks!

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    Oil pulling??? LOL. What next?? emoticon

I don't have a problem with the process though I would of course expect proof of it's effectiveness but the "experts" on this activity expect you to do this oil sucking/slinging for 15 to 20 minutes.??????? emoticon

Good grief. I'm chiefly a retired trauma/coronary/ICCU nurse and we don't do anything for 15 to 20 minutes other than CPR!! LOL. emoticon

Thank God my gums don't bleed unless I''m stabbed. I have never had any gum disease. Anjolina Jolie would be envious of my gums and she's got a powerful set of gums. emoticon

I don't want any false promises from you either about you not drinking your own urine. If a study came out that it peeled off the pounds it would be your mocktail of choice, on the rocks, of course. emoticon

I wade through scads of boring blogs every day but yours is never that. LOL. emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 2/24/2012 10:56AM

    OMG, this is amazing and makes complete sense. Coconut oil has been used forever as a treatment for bacterial and fungal infections, applied directly to wounds. Excellent! Have a new behavior to make a habit in the a.m.!

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MEXENIA 2/24/2012 8:26AM

    Ive heard of puling, but your links provided more "why" information than I had previously.

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LINDABENEDICT 2/23/2012 10:04PM

    You just continue to amaze me !!!

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-LINDA_S 2/23/2012 7:36PM

    I found oil pulling difficult to do. I might attempt it again if I can figure out what kind of oil would work for me. Wish I could afford to remove those amalgam fillings and that I'd never had a root canal. Been thinking about seeing if the dentist will remove the tooth. That stuff probably breeding inside the tooth scares me, especially since I just read Mercola's article again. The experiments Weston A. Price did are really amazing.

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HEALTHY4ME 2/23/2012 7:24PM

    Well looked at your link and I am lucky enough to have an infared sauna in my house. hubby got it for me a few xmases ago. I read a blog from TAZMOMSGOL on the 19th about pulling. First I had heard of it, but sounds viable. Interesting stuff.
I am still trying to figure out what all to eat on this primal paleo thing. I can't imagine what you eat if you can't eat eggs.
I am not losing very fast, and then was a bit lax ( not grains but just not as many veggies etc and a bit of dairy) and gained 2 lbs. argh hoping they are gone by sat. anywayyyyyyyyyyy still trying and feeling okay.

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Do Your Lymph a Favor: Skin Brush

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DH was here over the long weekend and we got a lot done moving some furniture and pictures around. Every time I ask him to help me clean the garage he gets schlumpy. LOL. So, again, for the second YEAR, no help with the garage. We actually don't work well together. I can be bossy. But HE's a leader, and doesn't take orders well. Now I know where my Dd gets it .. hmm. I want to keep everything because we might need it (for instance I just donated the big dog collar I picked up at a yard sale for a buck cause they're about $30 - you know the type of collar, the one that prevents them licking? Well, today the vet told me he may soon be taking off the growths from Musti's leg - and I need it!). DH wants to throw everything away. We often compromise and give to charity.

Back to DH: we tried to put up a wallpaper border in a bedroom once in the 80s and that was almost a crime scene if looks could kill. ROFL. Anyway, he's been perusing open houses up in Northland Country trying to get me excited to move. I'm very interested in a sauna if we can get it. I'd like to detox. Until and if that works out, I try to skin brush or dry brush my skin.

Pictured above are the brushes I've collected trying to find what works best. The answer is: find the brush with natural bristles if you can find it. Brush toward your heart.

1. Don't use this brush! It's what I use to clean the shower. LOL. The plastic bristles will tear up your skin. Ouch!

2. This brush is okay as it has natural bristles, but I like one with a removable head. The handle is awkward everywhere but when you use it on your back.

3. This one smells if you get it wet, so try to keep it dry. :P The bristles are more stiff than the others, so you might try this after your skin is used to the technique/process.

4. Nice size for everything but your back. Unless you have help of course. ;0)

5. Looks like a nail brush, but it's really a skin brush. Works on your face/neck and is handy for travel. Works fine.

6. The most popular brush I think. The handle is removeable for ease of use on legs and arms vs with the handle for your back.

7. This plastic body was okay because the handle was removeable; but I dropped it, and it broke so the handle was useless. The handbrush is still fine.

8. Great brush specific for skin brushing (note the bristles are a bit longer so it's softer). Made in Germany. I lucked into it at a surplus store. I love when that happens.

Most of these were found at Ross and TJMaxx for under $10 for sure.

I favorited this YT skin brushing tutorial in 2007 for this blog. Me procrastinate? LOL. There might be better ones since this, but I think she's overall good. You can also brush quickly in multiple strokes. This is supposed to be good for your lymph. "Like" your lymphs - they're our friends. :) Rebounding is also great. :) Shake it up - za za za. (Family joke, sorry.)

Lymph YT info: Their title mentions skin brushing but there's no info specific on it. They're selling something which you don't need to buy, but the info is good.
Part 2:

Lymph massage:
Lymph article:
He's rather brilliant, and I wish every doctor would explain things so well.

AND, can I tell you that my lymphs were overused as a child/teen? My body was speaking to me but the doctors told inexperienced, uneducated mom I needed my tonsils out for recurrent sore throats. If only they understood I was reacting to food allergens dairy and gluten. *sigh* And what's worse? I did the same to my own kid. I want to rewind my life often.

This makes me feel WONDERFUL and alive. It reminds me how dead I was feeling before my diet change. It was my numb and dumb time of life. :P It didn't help that I had to be pushed into the shower cause I never wanted to. LOL. Ah, those were the days. ha.

Wake up tomorrow, try it, and tell me what you think. (Careful: if you try at night, it might keep you awake - really.) Please don't be tempted to use your hairbrush. You wouldn't want to brush your bumb and then your hair would you? You'd be transferring all those dead skin cells to your head and then we'll be calling the doctor about some odd ...
emoticonha ha, joke's on you, you thought i had cradle cap but it's butt skin!

emoticonanother one of those underused and appreciated emoticons. ;) I bet he wet brushes.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ENDUROVET 2/24/2012 10:41PM

    Hmmm, brushes #3 & #8 look like horse brushes, so I can relate... My ponies certainly enjoy a good currying-out!

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    Jeez. What good is a husband that you can't boss around. LOL. He's lucky I'm not there. He would have his rear out in that garage so fast he wouldn't know what hit him. LOL. This is part of the deal he agreed to when he got married. It's why married men live longer - we won't allow them to squeeze out of their obligations or die. They are just trying to die as an excuse to get out of cleaning out the garage. I won't let mine get away with it. He will clean the garage if I say so whether he is dead or alive. I will use him as a mop if I have to.

I want to keep everything too and so does my hubby. Hoarders!! LOL. I don't mind getting rid of actual garbage but if I might need something then it makes me grumpy to part with it. I would have freaked out on the dog licking collar being gone. Exactly what we hoarders fear!! SEEEEEEE!! We were right!!!!! OMG! $30 poofed out the door. Pass the Xanax!!

You have been into the cooking sherry again, haven't you?? You know I love but you are so freaking weird. Skin brushing???? I hope those brushes are new as some of them look like toilet bowl brushes. Ewww. emoticon

Others of them look perverted to me............ like #3. I think I will pass. My lymphs are fine and I'm a WASP with delicate skin. A true blue blood. I don't need anything brushed other than my hair and at my age I have to do that delicately. My skin cells fall off naturally - they hate me. Besides, these brushes look like they could draw blood. I don't want anything to cause me to lose a quart of blood.

You are so kinky. I would love to see what is in your garage!! Is everything out there labeled and numbered? Just wondering. LOL.

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CATIATM 2/22/2012 2:31PM

    Skin brush ... for lymph nodes? emoticon I'm a little lost. emoticon

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LOTUSBURGER 2/22/2012 8:30AM

    Love it! Great photo of the different brushes!

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GOANNA2 2/21/2012 11:01PM

    As always, had a good laugh.
Thanks Dot. I really need a good brush. emoticon

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LINDABENEDICT 2/21/2012 10:12PM

    well....I must say I have never contemplated this particular subject before...quite enlightening !

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Positive Antibodies to Egg White Protein

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Figures, huh? LOL? I'm sick of this crap! Can I just say that? Thanks, I feel better.
Plan: I will forego eggs for six months, maybe a year, then reintroduce them to see how I react. I just need to give my body a break. I had positive IgG response to egg yolks on both my ALCAT tests a while back. The gods they are a talkin' and I'm a'listenin. I just need tests to push me into it cause I knew in my heart it'd be positive, but I was still hoping otherwise. Quick read about allergens: .

I'm thinking about what I CAN have, right? (I've gotten good at that!)
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

REALLY though, emoticon for doing the dirty work!

DH comes home tomorrow for a long weekend. I will bake him up a belated almond birthday cake something ... without eggs. Wish me luck on that, as it'll be my first attempt.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CINDYTW 2/17/2012 8:30PM

  emoticon emoticon

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LINDABENEDICT 2/15/2012 8:41PM


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FRAN0426 2/15/2012 6:24PM

    Best of luck to you withouty eating eggs? What about those liquid egg whits, could you eat those? Have a great weekend with your hubby being home.

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-LINDA_S 2/15/2012 4:59PM

    I practically live on eggs. Is that a really reliable test? I've heard a lot of bad things about the accuracy of allergy tests, and I'd like to get one done that my insurance covers but that is maybe a little alternative. Good luck with eating egg-free and with the cake. I know that some people use ground flax as a substitute, but I don't imagine it adds much rise. But then there's baking powder (or soda if there are acidic ingredients). You might be able to find a good vegan recipe.

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GROKGRANNY 2/15/2012 4:02PM

    So many people don't realize that the body likes variety when it comes to food, even on a Paleo diet. Eggs are great if you can tolerate them, but in reality many people react to them...they just don't get the testing done! None of us should eat the same foods day in and day out or have frequent large servings of a single food. If you do? You are setting yourself up for a reaction.

I am proud of you, girl. You took the difficult path to find out. Eliminating those eggs will help you feel better. You may, or may not, be able to re-introduce them. I found I remained sensitive to vanilla, bananas, broccoli. Even digestive enzymes didn't help much. Lord only knows what this new test will show!! I was able to reintroduce tomatoes (but only once or twice a week). BUT, I had eliminated them entirely for 18 months. Not a bite of anything that contained tomato!

I can hear your frustration and I've been around this food sensitivity mountain many, many times.

You're in my thoughts and prayers and you know I'm here if you need to talk!! emoticon

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    That would suck for me as well. Is there going to be anything left you can eat? I feel for you. This is too much.

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Museum trip @ 196.6

Monday, February 06, 2012

I have an art friend who needed a day off, so we went to the local art museum yesterday. This is some of what I saw, and of course, it's better in person. I like my small point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot, but I'm disappointed in photo quality. If you have suggestions for a better small camera, I'd like to know.

For more info on the artist Dale Chihuly: . If you've been to the Bellagio in Vegas, you've likely seen his work!

Glass ceiling filled with hand blown glass "sea" sculptures. It was breathtaking.

Isn't the lighting spectacular?

I love her!

Update: I have gained back 4 lbs. I am done with my bootcamp 3x/week and I'm so glad! The early hour and 'having' to be somewhere at an appointed time was stressing me out, but I wanted to complete my obligation w/friends. I'm also proud that I was as active as I was even if always last. They were a great group. I'm also relieved and HAPPY to report that even though I was SORE, I recuperated by the next day (most of the time) and kept on going. There was a time I wouldn't recuperate (fibro) for at least 5-7 days. The last time I was sore going in to another workout, it seemed to work itself out by the end of that workout! THAT, my friends, IS PROGRESS!!!

I recently had blood labs done, but forgot to ask for hsCRP which would have been interesting, so next time. I waited til the first of the year to send in my stool sample (fun time!) to enterolab checking for egg antibodies ($128 incl s/h) because of health care card. After talking to an Enterolab rep we decided it wasn't a good idea to check for nightshade antibodies because I'd been off them ~18 mos. as results are dose dependent. I've been eating nightshades again on and off, but mostly off if you don't include my binge on chips during the holidays.

I'm a bit of an emotional mess right now. I'm not getting anything done, including on myself. Blah. Time for a reassessment and rebooting if I can fit it into my brain. Give me some emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CATIATM 2/15/2012 11:45AM

    How wonderful! I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy your excursion. Bummer about the weight but brava! on the boot camp!

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SUE_2U 2/8/2012 6:24PM

    emoticon Wow! You live with that art museum locally? What a blessing! I have seen Chihuly's work only on television, but find it amazing! Love seeing these photos! Thanks so much for sharing!
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I had several surgeries in the last two years. The gallbladder was actually supposed to be done years ago but the doctors kept putting it off, then it got abcessed and I had it taken out in December.
My surgeries is why I haven't been online. I've been pretty sick. Had complications from the hysterectomy and wasn't really sitting up much for a very long time, so not really online too much.
How are you doing? Long time no chat! I've missed you! You've been so helpful with nutritional information, for me! Since hearing from you last, you've done a LOT! Can't wait to learn more! Take good care and thanks again - Sue

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GIRLINBRAZIL 2/8/2012 6:04PM

    The museum trip looked like a fun event to help with your struggles. Loved the glasswork.

Take care!

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CINDYTW 2/7/2012 10:24PM

  Sorry you are struggling! I am too honestly! Cravings and tiredness and stress have got the best of me. I am feeling a little better having help at work and will try and get back on track! I indulged too much lately, including "crack" (casein)! I am feeling all the more emoticonfor it too!

I do wish I could buy your house for you also...I bet it has character, which is what I am looking for!

I like Kodak cameras, I grew up with them as the company is here and my Grandpa was a PR exec and brought home all the models for us to try. I am used to them and have stuck with them. I can't figure out some of the others.

Comment edited on: 2/7/2012 10:25:19 PM

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    beautiful !!!

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GOANNA2 2/7/2012 10:47AM

    I'm not much of a cmera buff but I think your pictures
are pretty good. Loved all the art there.
Really sorry you aren't feeling too good. Hang in there.
Things will get better. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 2/7/2012 9:39AM

    What beautiful artwork! Sorry, I am really horrible with ANY kind of camera, so can't be of much help there.

Sorry that you're in a slump right now. That's difficult. But, please hand in there. We understand!!

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    Hubby and I loved the glass art. It was beautiful!! He has always wanted to do this but has had to settle for stained glass which we love too.

I'm not doing well either. Maybe we can psychoanalyze each other or something. Give each other electroshock therapy. LOL. I know I need something.

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GROKGRANNY 2/6/2012 9:28PM

    I LOVED your pictures and I am assuming that is cute little 'ole you standing there?? (not the last

Loved the art. I love museums, especially art museums. We have a world class museum right here in "The D!"

Enterolab? Good move. They unearthed my Celiac! I will look forward to hearing.

I think you already have a handle on the nightshades ;/

Sadness. Makes me sad to hear you are struggling. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you are going through a major life shift. Sounds like you feel "stuck?" Boy, have I been there!! But, one of the best things you can do is get out like you did and have fun. Things will fall into place. Maybe if you made a schedule with the house, but just don't overdo that to-do list? That helps me sometimes, anyway!

Wish you were here so we could hang out. That would be some crazy A#@ fun!! lol

Hugs to you, my sweet!


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2KITTIES 2/6/2012 9:25PM

    Beautiful glass work! I love the sea creatures on the wall. And you look fabulous too!

Thought of you yesterday when the trampoline got a workout :)

I'm not doing well with weight either...I'm stressing over work and not doing what I should to take care of it-like exercising every day. Back at it tomo...we'll conquer those brains of ours!

Check out one of the last few months Consumer Reports. They had some pretty amazing point & shoot cameras that have SLR qualities. On my short list of things to get before the summer.

Hope all is going well! emoticon emoticon

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WVROSE1 2/6/2012 6:29PM

    I love Dale Chihuly's works. I've seen them at The Bellagio in Las Vegas and at The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Very interesting and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your day at the museum!

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TAMPATINK67 2/6/2012 3:45PM

    The glass looks like Chihuly... Was it? I saw one of his shows in the past year and was just blown away - pun fully intended!!!

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Letter of Medical Necessity for Supplements

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The floors are done in the office and I've dragged in The Beast of a desk I picked up last year (and NOT painted - oh well and lol), but it's fine and does its job. I love drawers to hide my stuff. I've been drawerless for five years! Now I need more file drawers, or I need to go paperless. That'll take me a long time. It took me a few days to get the printer set up. The old printer/fax was more trouble than it was worth, and we got a free printer w/my Apple purchase a few years ago. No fax though. It DOES scan, but of course it doesn't work and I have no idea why. It goes through the motions then tells me in essense, "Sorry Loser! FAIL!" LOL. I don't know how long it'll take me to figure it out as I'm no techie.

DH has health insurance through retirement and he elected to not get added health insurance through new employer because of cost vs benefits. Fingers are crossed we don't need it for catastrophe. Anyway, this year we have a new debit Flex Spending health card for our medical purchases and copays. Sounds easy enough. This year was the year I was going to get credits for all my supplements. NOT. This year because of 2010 Health Care Reform the IRS took away vitamins/supplement eligibility ... UNLESS you get a prescription from your doctor and send in a Letter of Medical Necessity. Honestly, could taking supplements really be the bain of Health Care Reform? I was able to buy glucose testing strips without a diabetes diagnosis, but not able to buy my supplements for a celiac disease diagnosis when I was at the Big Box Store pharmacy.

emoticon"If" approved, I'll be able to buy supplements, save the receipt, and send it in with a claim form and Rx. Every time. Oh goodie. More paperwork.

So, between getting the printer set up, completing the Letter of Medical Necessity, and required phone calls to insurance, pharmacy and doctor's office, I've got little to show for my effort as of now.

Here is a readable list of Deductible and Non-Deductible Medical Expenses: (who knew Scientology counseling was not deductible?!) or the IRS long, legal version: .

I've been going to bootcamp (last Wednesday kicked my sorry bum) every MWF. I'm always glad I went but getting up at 4:45am is HARD. I don't get enough sleep. I weigh the same. Sometimes I get home and stare at the walls for a few hours. LOL. Hope you're all doing what you want and living healthily. xoxo emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LINDABENEDICT 1/25/2012 8:13PM

    I had no idea.........

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    It totally sucks. Most M.D.s know that some supplements are needed by almost everyone. I would imagine you won't find it hard to get the prescriptions but the hassle is a pain.

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TAMPATINK67 1/24/2012 7:43PM

    One step forward... Two steps back!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CINDYTW 1/24/2012 6:51PM

  I have a Flex Card that I used to be able to use for everything. Now my employer has shut it off to doctors offices so that all we can swipe it for is the pharmacy. We have to submit everything else via paper claim! PITA for me and my weekly chiropractic visits! In addition to anything else I go to! emoticon

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JUSTBIRDY 1/24/2012 5:04PM

    this is dumb, isn't this what the plan is for????

Report Inappropriate Comment
CATIATM 1/24/2012 4:05PM

    They don't make it easy, do they?!?

Report Inappropriate Comment
GROKGRANNY 1/24/2012 3:31PM

    ...and you haven't even BEGUN to address what they are doing to public schools and their employees, of which Grok Granny is one!

It's deplorable.

I've heard it more than once..."there's gonna be a revolution before this is all over!"

In the meantime? Your writing still make me laugh! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    I don't like the way they now do the flex plan. The stuff we used to take off we can't. To get even Tums you have to have a Dr. note saying you need them.

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