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Fibro Flared

Sunday, May 15, 2011

emoticonDagnabbit. I get full of myself and how good I feel, and bam! emoticonReality strikes. ((Flare: hams and quads. Legs stiff. Not used to it.)) Contributing factors and/or a compilation of triggers (?): STRESSES of various types:

1. emoticon I didn't go to sleep on time before having to get up early for my doc appt (5 hrs is NOT enough). I think it's this one, but maaybe ...

2. emoticonNot taking my fish oil for weeks cause I haven't had a chance to pick any up. Not taking my supplements?

3. emoticonNot eating enough protein lately.

emoticonI dunno. Just making a quick note of it. Maybe after I understand it, I'll be able to look back and see more clearly. If I ever get over this from 90% to 100%, I'll likely not care or worry about it ;0).

emoticon emoticonLost another .4 of a pound to make it into 180-ville! I'm jumping on the team today while I can. ;0)

emoticon emoticon Randomness: I love garlic and onions. Dd doesn't like me eating it so much. haha

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    Ugh on the fibro. No fun. But you have some idea of what to do about it which is more than most people do. I like proactive people who try to remedy the situation. As we both know whining won't fix it and too many people try that.

I like cooked onions. Not too fond of raw ones and too much garlic.

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2CATS2LOVE1 5/21/2011 8:15PM


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POEKSTER 5/18/2011 1:20AM

    This sucks major! Take care Dot!

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GIRLINBRAZIL 5/17/2011 7:10PM

    Thinking of you, Spark Friend, and sending a prayer up for you!


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GOANNA2 5/17/2011 12:59AM

    I hope the flare up doesn't stay around too long.
Rest and look after yourself. I am also flaring up
and now realize that I haven't been taking my fish
oil either. I'd best get on to it.

Have a great week. emoticon

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SISTERDOE 5/17/2011 12:46AM

    Flailing in Flareville along with you. Drag me out when you leave! Glad to hear of your step into 180-ville! WooHoo!

Gentle hugs,

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OUTOFIDEAS 5/16/2011 5:42PM

    Hang in and regroup. I had out of town guests over the weekend and am back in bed w/the respiratory stuff...I knew it was a risky "stress" just coming off the jaunt w/pneumonia but didn't see how to avoid the situation. (I love these friends...sigh...) We have to stick to what we know works though...I'm the world's worst about thinking I can "get away w/something just this once..." You know the results. Hope by this time you are feeling better?

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CLIMBNRUN 5/16/2011 12:12PM

  uh-oh! uh-oh! I'm sorry you're in pain!

You could definitely use more protein. 22g is low, chica! It will satiate you. You'll have to forgive me, I'm not as familiar with fibro but do any of the following high-quality protein sources work for you?

Wild Fish (the anti-cancer ones: Flounder (sole), Haddock, Halibut, Herring, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardines,Tuna), one egg + 2-3 egg whites (to keep meal's % of fat reasonable at one sitting), 0% Oikos (organic) or FAGE (conventional dairy) Greek yogurt, edamame, firm tofu, silken tofu, hard-boiled egg, lentils, beans, brown rice/pea/legume or whey protein powder.

I think you don't eat lentils or beans? Is that because of fibro? Lentils are a powerhouse and can be amazing with a savory broth, or as a pattie with kale. Black beans are amazing as well. Beans have higher antioxidant content than most fruits. They are great sources of carbs instead of most grains we eat in our society. As a diet goes, I like paleo, especially some of the recipes, but I think it turns people away from sweet potatoes, lentil, and beans when any one of those foods might help someone. But how does that all play into fibro?? Teach me!

Whatever the case, hurry and go get some more fish oil if it works - can a friend pick it up on one of their trips to the specialty store?

Eat well, live long, live strong :)


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ALEXANDRA64 5/16/2011 8:10AM

    Sleep is a significant factor for me in how I feel, what my attitude will be and just my general wellbeing through out the day. I hope you got more sleep last night! :)

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BOBF15 5/15/2011 8:59PM

    Sorry, to hear the setback, but if I know you, there is plenty of fight in you. You will battle back.

The body too, wants to heal itself, if given the right nutrients, and you for the most part take good care of yourself, so you'll come through this.


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CINDYTW 5/15/2011 7:30PM

  Dots I have done just the same thing to myself...worked an overnight shift last weekend, got about 3-4 hours sleep and then did yardwork all day. Then did errands the next, and cooked and cleaned all day the next. Recipe for disaster, especially with sick people around me and forgetting to take some of my pills too! Now I have been sick the last 5 days AD have TOM cramps!! Do the right things and we will feel better! Lesson learned for me at least!!

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    Come on, DL! You can do it! One thing that helps me supplement-wise is, I order them online so I have a good supply. (I'm autoimmune and they're key for me, too.) That might help you as well. (Sometimes they're even less expensive than I can get locally.) emoticon

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I lost a pound! *sob*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticonIt's been three or so days since I lost a pound, and I've not gained it back (I ate A LOT yesterday!). I decided to blog about it, cause it's a sweet victory, my breakthrough pound!
emoticon I think my thyroid's happy again (*caresses sweet thyroid like a purring kitty engine*).
emoticonIt's been since March since I lost anything, and before THAT, since October. It has been demoralizing on some level (I shove that down!), but I've tried to stay optimistic and hopeful that continuing on plant (ha ha, I'll leave that typo) to eat and sleep well, that'd it'd work. But really, you have to respect the Armour thyroid pills as they are obviously the trick. :P

Just wait. I get tested on Friday. Maybe I'm wrong - lol.
I'm so happy emoticonand encouraged. emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2CATS2LOVE1 5/21/2011 8:14PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 5/13/2011 11:59PM

    Congratulations on your pound lost and on your purdy thyroid. LOL. emoticon

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    Yes, yes, yes! Congrats!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CLIMBNRUN 5/13/2011 12:20PM

  Excellent! Always encouraging!

emoticon emoticon

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MARTHASPARKS 5/10/2011 9:09PM

    A pound is four sticks of butter. Sounds good to me! Check out the Baby Step Spark People team - we're the slowest of the slow and take baby steps toward our goals. We're a tiny team that celebrates every tiny success. A pound, WOO-HOO!!!!

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    Smile and Hugs

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GOANNA2 5/10/2011 6:40PM

    A pound is great. emoticon

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OUTOFIDEAS 5/10/2011 6:32PM

    Yahoo for you! A pound is a big achievement as far as I'm concerned, m'dear!

And thanks for the link you left on my page. I'm going to investigate. I've had pneumonia for a couple of weeks...Isn't this the wrong time of year for such things? But's the first bout of the stuff I've had in over two years...I used to get it (or at least bronchitis) every 3-4 months like it was a regularly scheduled event. So I'm not complaining!

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CTRAVEL 5/10/2011 5:29PM

    Hey congrats on losing a pound. One time I was at one of my weight watchers meeting and the instructor was telling us that one of the members said "I lost just one lb.) she then proceeded to show us a pound of fat. It sure changes your mind and attitude. Good job keep up the good work.

emoticon emoticon

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    Great job! Losing a pound is not gaining a pound and can a person do back flips in their hearts. Something to continue to have hope about! I hope your new meds work and that you have great success!

Take care of you,


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ANALAA 5/10/2011 5:14PM

    emoticon Hey, a pound is a whole pound! Great feeling emoticon emoticon

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ILLINITEACHER52 5/10/2011 4:38PM

  Even a little progress can keep us optimistic! Keep going!

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AINTSKEERD 5/10/2011 4:16PM


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CINDYTW 5/10/2011 2:35PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BAILEYS7OF9 5/10/2011 2:06PM


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BOBF15 5/10/2011 1:22PM


The enthusiasm was so wonderful In fact it was so upbeat, sunshiny and happy, I just had to put on sunglasses.

Victory is sweet. emoticon

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CRAZYDOGLADYBO 5/10/2011 12:52PM

    WooHoo! You are doing great! So happy for you!


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-SHAWN- 5/10/2011 11:29AM

    What pills?

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JILLTBNAGART 5/10/2011 10:43AM

    Good for you!

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ALEXANDRA64 5/10/2011 10:36AM

    Yea! Congrats!

My scale has been more or less the same, within a few lbs, for over a year now. BUT, I went from 29% body fat last year to 25.9% body fat this year which means I am losing fat and gaining muscle. I still, sigh, look the same though even though I can smash out a bunch of pushups.

My temp/pulse, ph, etc all demonstrate hypothyroid still so I am considering progesterone and pregnenolone since nutritionally I've been doing everything I possibly can!

I definitely want to read back through your posts and see what you have been doing to heal your thyroid.

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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MJREIMERS 5/10/2011 10:27AM

    Congrats on continuing your life style change despite the challenges. You will be a healthier person because of it. Hopefully, you'll find out something on Friday. Even if it's not medical, as long as you keep trying your still making "good choices." emoticon

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23andme, Cyrex and Metametrix Tests Mailed

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm broke, but not broken? Yikes, this is getting expensive.

I am tested out, and cannot imagine what else I need. The minute I sent my 23andme DNA sample on April 19th, I noticed it went on sale from $199 to $99. *argh* They just added an Alzheimer's study, and I can add it on for another $69 or $82 I can't remember (Alzheimer's??? lol). There's a questionnaire I'm to complete while waiting 6-8 wks for my results. I'm not going to trip my hand and tell them anything just yet. LOL. The questions on the first page were interesting, and when I do complete it, I'll share them. They rec'd it on the 23rd, so I expect results mid-June-ish.

The new Cyrex Labs Intestinal Permeability blood lab ($195) was done on Monday, May 2nd. You have to pay online (my ND/MD's receptionist did it for me) through Cyrex, then set up an appt w/Cyrex's contracted lab, print out the lab request, complete the paperwork and take it with you to the blood draw. My primary MD never responded to my email info he'd requested, so I went back to my ND. My primary said he was open to it as long as I paid, but he seems too busy to get into a new test? I dunno. He seemed hesitant about new tests. I'm just glad I did it, and look forward to what the results will be. Or not - ha - we'll see.

I mailed the Metametrix GI Complete stool sample yesterday - $395. I ate a bunch of avocados the day before, so expect a high fat result on one of the tests. I ate sugar a couple of days before, in the form of peanut butter cookies (lectins and aflatoxins oh my!) I made to mail to DH. Sugar is addictive, did you know that? ha I kept wanting more, more and MORE! Thank goodness I ate them all up so as not to be tempted anymore. :P I hope I burned off those calories working in the yard. I have been busy from waking up til going to bed. I'm exhausted right now, but in a good way. It feels GOOD to be productive (my thyroid's getting better - will retest for that on May 13 in prep for cardiologist follow-up May 25)!

Per their instructions I didnt' take digestive enzymes, antacids, or aspirin. I didn't take any supplements for a good five days or so, including probiotics. I've read taking probiotics can alter your results. I've also read you should do multiple tests because of parasite habits. I don't think I can afford that right now. I did take my Armour thyroid medication.

Turn-around time for results is about two weeks, so I hope for an appt w/ND by Fri, May 20 or the week after. It tests for so many things that it's best you read their site for what that includes. I appreciate the service, and hope I have no disease from fecal-oral contamination, that's all I gotta say about THAT!
Time for me to paint the fence and bits of house. I can't afford a painter. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Happy Cinco de Mayo! emoticon emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 5/13/2011 11:56PM

    You know you will find something else to test. emoticon Besides, What will we do with no more tests to mull over? At this point you aren't allowed to eat anything much due to your results other than of course the single organic lettuce leaf. So we can't eat. Your organic lettuce leaf is actually probably romaine. Iceberg has gotten a very bad rap - almost the DDT of lettuces. LOL.

The questions on your test are quite a tease. They are making us wait too long.

My ex MD loved tests. He almost had to be shackled to keep from ordering them. Some that were so rare that I was griping, "WTH! Why am I being tested for kwashiorkor when I weigh 200 pounds and am in my 50s??!!" I might need to hook you up with him. LOL.

You ate peanut butter cookies and did not share with me???? WTH!! You are turning into to quite the "B" LOL. emoticon

Ugh on the parasites and fecal-oral contamination. Total ugh.

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GRAMMACATHY 5/6/2011 8:57PM

    Why am I thinking metametrix has something to do with Lymes Disease. Thanks for keeping us updated about the Celiac. I think I will ask the doctor on Wednesday what all they tested me for. We will eat right, exercise, take our supplements, be proactive with medical field and get healthy. We can beat the fatigue.

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1CRAZYDOG 5/6/2011 12:11PM

    Good luck with the results!

Gotta agree w/the comment re: peanut butter. It IS ADDICTIVE! Love it, so just have a SMALL container of it which I keep out of MY reach (not hard @ 4 ft 10-1/2 in) so I'm not tempted but DH and DD can have at it for lunch -- their choice quite often!

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CINDYTW 5/5/2011 8:41PM

  You know what else is addictive in those cookies...the peanut butter!! I had an attack of peanut butter addiction this week that I can't seem to shake and I will not be buying any for DH either anymore! He hardly uses it and left the thing unopened and uncontaminated!!

Hope all the $ is worth it in the end...

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GOANNA2 5/5/2011 6:25PM

    Wow, you are sure tested out and broke by the sounds of it.
I hope youget some good results and it is good to hear the
thyroid is getting better.

Happy gardening and have a wonderful weekend.
I love reading your blogs. emoticon

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GROKGRANNY 5/5/2011 2:54PM

    HOLY CRAPPERS! (no pun intended)...that's a lot of tests. But, that said? Great benchmarks will be in place for this point in time. I cannot wait to hear, little girl!

I'm off to pvt. messg. y'all and then need to get out for a walk!!


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BOBF15 5/5/2011 2:02PM

    As usual there is more to digest here than at a buffet.

I hope you get some answers, and with the answers, you get a more clear path to health and quality of life.

Eating as you do will reap huge benefits.

Do you garden at all and get any good fresh garden veggies? that food you know where it came from and it is so healthy. I should start harvestin some spring veggies in a few weeks.


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Oh Candida

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

emoticon ...our home and native land. emoticon

Unfortunately, this native land is my gut. When I had my Genova food allergy testing last year, it suggested that I had low candida symptoms. Naturopathic MD said to disregard, that everyone does (? I think she inferred as much?). But you know me, I kept it in the back of my mind.

You know you have an addiction to a food if you don't want to give it up. I have not wanted to give up fruit for a couple of years now. I am desperate to move on, and will now try. After my next meal - LOL. I love mangos. *sigh* - HIGH sugar fruit! I love bananas. I love berries. I don't love apples. You can have 'em. I love watermelon.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon DH is in town, so we're going out tonight for our emoticon. I got my nails done which makes me feel good; the new shellac nail paint that lasts up to 3 wks (it's likey toxic - boo). The nail technician has fibro, too, and psoriatic arthritis. When I asked her what she was doing, she went on about how grateful she was for Lyrica. She can stand again. She asked me what I'm doing, and she got an earful of diet recommendations and gut/bacteria talk. By the end of the appt. she pretty much said she wasn't gonna be told what to eat, that she LOVES her diet Dr. Pepper. She's a "trained" nurse. In essense, she didn't believe me! It always fascinates me, people and their unhealthy skepticism. Drugs affect your gut terrain/bacteria balance. But, I'm not wrapped up in her life. I can't sway my own family, sooo.... oh well. Maybe when the Lyrica stops working she'll remember something about diet. I left her with the 7 Foods to Avoid for Fibro link.

emoticonAnd now I must face my own addiction to fruit sugar. I don't want to give them up. I think if I look at it as a temporary situation, it'll be easier (cause it WILL be temporary darn it). I have to also forego balsamic vinegar (LOVE LOVE it), and vinegars in general (maybe not apple cider vinegar I've read). No fermented foods on candida diets. I'll post more about it when I actually start. I don't want to change my diet until after testing.

I am in the process of getting Cyrex Labs' Intestinal Permeability Test kit to compare to my previous Genova urine lactulose-mannitol tests, and looking into getting a Metametrix stool test kit for candida ( ).

Articles to ponder re: candida (I do not advocate for any Rx on these sites if there are some. I haven't tried anything yet, so cannot do so):

candida and celiac:
celiac disease fibromyalgia candida hashimoto's:
Denver Naturopathic:
candida fibromyalgia:
good candida article:
healing naturally by bee: (oh look, gluten-free is on the candida diet - it wasn't when I started gf diet and used to share this link!)
bee's yahoo group:

article re: failsafe diet (on my SP page), or anti-chemical diet instead of anti-candida: autoimmunethyroid.wordpress.c

emoticonMy thyroid has had me in the dumpidty dumps, so I've not been very communicative. I am slowly coming out of it. I joggled the other day a heart-pounding 12 min mile for I don't know how long, about 15 mins. on the treadmill. I remember when I was felt so proud of bettering my time from an 18 min mile to a 17. I can joggle a bit at a 13-14 min mile on the road. The treadmill is easier.

emoticonI also started some upper body weight lifting. I felt great for two days, then bam, the soreness set in from both the run and weights. It seems to linger longer because of the fibro, but it didn't hit as soon this time. I'm unsure that's progress at this point, just making note of it.

emoticonI must go kiss on my man while I have him to kiss. Don't take your loved ones for granted.
emoticonKisses to you all, too, because I don't take you for granted, either.

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2CATS2LOVE1 5/7/2011 3:17PM

    I read an article once on candida that I found at a health food store. Many foods cause it; like pizza, ice cream, sugar, etc. as you have mentioned. Dr Atkins in his book "New Diet Revolution" devotes an entire chapter on yeast infections. It's amazing. I think I will reread it today. I think age has a lot to do w/ this because when younger I could eat ANYTHING and not feel gut-wretched. Lol. Now, almost anything upsets my gut too. I eat fruits in moderation. I don't touch orange juice or ANY juice for that matter or my tummy starts gurgling. I feel best doing low carb but I don't always do what is best. Great going on the exercise.


Comment edited on: 5/7/2011 3:20:12 PM

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BECCABOO127 5/2/2011 3:25AM

    I like your blog. You provide us with some really good links. I am going to a doc to try to figure out all this pain and fatigue I have so I am sure the links will help me, too. Thanks for sharing!


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GIRLINBRAZIL 4/29/2011 12:07PM


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    Oh Candida!!! OMG!!! ROFLMBO!! Poor Canada. You have certainly perverted the place with one nasty ailment.

I'm not sure that there is any fruit I don't like. I gave up fruit for 2 weeks once when I went on South Beach. Life was dismal. I thought I was going to lose my mind or die shortly, like any self-respecting, extremely depressed fruit fly. Left with little but meat and low glycemic veggies to eat I quickly ran out of much reason to eat because I completely lost my appetite. Toward the end I just sat around waiting in a coma-like vegetative state for the 2 weeks to end.

At this point I'm envisioning you looking like a skeletal remains, sitting at a table in front of a plate with a single dry certified organic lettuce leaf on it. What are you going to eat, GF?

I lived with a friend once who went on some diet that gave you a business card that listed everything you were allowed to eat on it on one side. There was ample room left on it for blood, sweat, and tears too. I put plenty on it. You couldn't even have a radish. I'm mean Jeezus H. Christ. A radish has practically no calories. You could have weird crap like rabbit. Like everyone has one of those laying around their condo. Lunch and supper was the same every friggin day - a dry chicken breast and lettuce with onions and lemon juice. 3/4s of the stuff was junk a person would never eat or couldn't afford to eat like lobster. Lobster is another thing not plentiful in condos in the Midwest area. And you were forced to eat an apple every day. I got in trouble as my apples were piling up. After about a week I found her in the closet eating a pound bag of M&Ms while I had lost 20 pounds. My mom showed up with spaghetti and meatballs to tell her to shove her friggin diet. She barely made it in time.

Have a great anniversary. I imagine you and hubby will not be eating so I guess that leaves the horizontal bunny hop. Have fun and don't break anything.

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GRAMMACATHY 4/27/2011 3:14PM

    Your blog was wonderful to read. Full of love and insight.

I don't know much about candida, but I do know I feel a hundred times better if I eat all natural foods, eliminate the refined sugar and wheat and do eat a little fresh fruit every day.

I am gardening and getting chickens again this year so I know what is put in and on my food.

Healing your body naturally will certainly make a big difference in the long run. My parents kept adjusting their diets and they lived into their 90s. Glad you did not listen to your nail technician.

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OUTOFIDEAS 4/27/2011 1:54PM

    I'm looking forward to checking out some of these links together with my sister. She has begun to experience Fibro and CFIDS symptoms along with her Hashimoto's Thyroid condition...Since we live together, we now have each other to do mutual research and support. Thanks for your contributions once again, my friend!

Comment edited on: 4/27/2011 1:56:03 PM

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ANALAA 4/27/2011 12:07PM

    emoticon Happy Anniversary!!

Fruit is hard, love balsamic too :(
I believe one thing about Candida is that once you do get it under control (balance restored), you can start slowly adding some of the foods back in?

Great treadmill time!

I understand fully the medication issue, I think the doctor thinks I like inflicting pain upon myself by my refusal to take the meds.
Same doctor 'mentality' that had me do extra testing (and painful procedures) because I "didn't want Celiacs... diet is too hard to follow... there is no (pill) to help" {{sigh}} No there is not pill thankfully, just a healthy whole food diet. Think I will stick with that choice.

Weight lifting is painful at first - but the long term benefit is great (at least that is what I am trying to convince myself of ) emoticon

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CHRISTINEM777 4/27/2011 11:45AM

    Hi Dot,
I've been following your blog as my friend sounds just like you, she just had a food allergy test and came back neg for everything. I told her it doesn't mean anything, she could just be sensitive...
anyway, was wonder if you've ever tried taking digestive enzymes? there's a couple of very informative sites out there for more info (not my sites, just really good stuff). &

take care!

Comment edited on: 4/27/2011 11:47:24 AM

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1CRAZYDOG 4/27/2011 10:04AM

    *****SIGH****** I feel your pain with the fruit. I have to be careful of it, too.

As for your nail tech . . . it's the text book scenario of the "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." I am a nurse, too, and her attitude appals me! Who wants to live feeling lousey when there is at least that outside chance that dietary adjustment(s) will help? UGH!

Wow, I don't know what it is with the weather and my thyroid as well, but you're not the only one who has been in the dumps! I think my system in general just gets "out of whack" with major changes in schedule and that has CERTAINLY been the case in the last 2 weeks in this house. But now it's more "normal" and I feel better.

Thanks for your info and best of luck on adjusting the fruit intake. It's hard.

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SPARKLIT 4/27/2011 3:00AM

  A very very happy anniversary to you.

I love fruit too but now restrict it to 1-2 servings a week.

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CRAZYDOGLADYBO 4/26/2011 11:58PM

    I too have started my upper body exercises!


I don't think I would be able to give up my fruits. Psst, I can take your apples!

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CINDYTW 4/26/2011 11:52PM

  I can't give up fruit for long either...I wonder if it means something? I also have tried to lead a few friends with fibro and arthritis to the light with no success. People just want to eat what they eat and that is it! We can only try and hope the best for them...Happy emoticon!

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USMAWIFE 4/26/2011 9:24PM

    i have suffered with this and my helper was yogurt. it helped me so much

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BOBF15 4/26/2011 6:39PM

    I so get your blogs. It has taken a number of years and a lot of hard experience, but 40 years ago, you would just be a complaining woman. Now, no, it is best understood as a runner pulling a sled of weights over a muddy course. I wonder how fast a time a runner would make under those conditions.

In golf they handicap a golfer and in a sense, you should have a handicap on your treadmill.... extra points or minutes for what you have to 'pull' as you have a heavy load.

Shame is, that unless a person is facing health challenges, they won't 'get' this blog.

So, glad to hear from you and your heroic journey to health, Dot. emoticon

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GOANNA2 4/26/2011 6:12PM

    Have a wonderful Anniversary dinner and just
be careful of what you eat. I loved reading your
blog and I can just imagine the nail technician... emoticon emoticon

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Enter: The 50s... Dun Dun DUUUN!

Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool ... ha!

Thank you family, for calling and sending cards (where's the money?!) hahaha

emoticonIt was a glorious and sunny day. My friend took me to some yard sales, and I picked up sheet music and a metronome for my daughter, a pants press for the hubby, a unique coffee table photography book for daughter's friend, and some black silk palazzo pants for me ($2!). We just laughed and laughed. I'll share some pics from a random yard so you can enjoy a little of what I did today.

Yawn. emoticonNo wonder I've been so tired. My Armour thyroid is not doing the trick. TSH is UP from 7.something to 9.42. Dose has been upped from .45 to .60 mg 2x/day.
I haven't had a chance to catch up w/Sparking, but hope to soon. I've been slipping. Sorry. Love, and sunshine.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LINDYPAINTS 4/26/2011 6:43PM

    The tulips are just gorgeous! I so envy you being able to have them grow in your garden. It's way too hot here, they never even get out of the ground! LOL
Lovely Blog !

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2CATS2LOVE1 4/12/2011 3:26PM

    Now that you are in your 50's you have FUN things to look forward a colonoscopy!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GIRLINBRAZIL 4/6/2011 8:24PM

    Congratulations, Lady! Loved the random yard photos!


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WEEZYB7881 4/4/2011 11:21PM

    happy birthday - enjoy every momeit's greatnt of this decade.

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GRAMMACATHY 4/4/2011 9:01PM

    Your tulips are lovely and so are you. Happy Birthday!

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BAILEYS7OF9 4/4/2011 1:36PM

    emoticon emoticon
Happy b-day! Love your flowers! We are just starting to get 2" green spikes emerging from the ground.

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BLONDIE410 4/4/2011 12:09AM

    You're still a youngin, I am 64. Beautiful flowers, we are still waiting for ours to appear, hech I just go for some teperatures over 45 degrees. Happy Birthday! emoticon emoticon

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    Happy Birthday. You look Marvelous!!

I'm jealous! I love yard sales and should have been with you.

The yard is beautiful!!!!!

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LORIAPO 4/3/2011 10:37PM

    Happy Birthday!
Beautiful pictures... and I loved reading about the 'bargains' you found.
Hopefully your medicine will do the trick for your Thyroid now.
Have a wonderful week!

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2CATS2LOVE1 4/3/2011 10:15PM

    50? Well, hey, you are still a spring emoticon
I am 57 as of March...but never had a silly hat like THAT! You look happy and wish you were my neighbor! I think we would have fun times and laughter if you were. Great photos of the tulips too! Remember my tulip limmerick:
There are tulips in the garden~
There are tulips in the park~
But the tulips that Dots like~
Are the "two lips" in the dark!!

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CINDYTW 4/3/2011 10:10PM

  emoticon Happy Birthday!! Hope you get the thyroid stuff figured out. I am still working on mine as well! emoticon

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ANALAA 4/2/2011 4:20PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy Birthday! emoticon emoticon emoticon

What wonderful flowers and weather you have to celebrate in!
Hope your day, and the rest of the year is amazing!

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NUTMEG1125 4/2/2011 3:18PM

    Happy Birthday!!

Hopefully the increased dose helps. I bet the extra energy will help you feel more like sparking!

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GROKGRANNY 4/2/2011 2:22PM

    Happy Birthday you sweet "spring chicken!!" Don't feel so bad. I have 8 years on you, sister!

Loved the pics, especially your sweet and beautiful face. LOVED the yard!! We won't get tulips for another month.

Party hearty, my friend emoticon emoticon

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    Awesome photos!

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ALISHAB3 4/2/2011 10:55AM

    Don't forget, coconut is supportive of thyroid! I hope you feel better. Happy Birthday!!!!

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    I love that photo! Just look at those sparkling eyes! Glowing is the first word that came to my mind as well. Congrats! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/2/2011 7:59AM

    Happy 50th!!!!! Keep a glowing!

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GOANNA2 4/2/2011 12:44AM

    You look wonderfully young and mischievious in the photo.
I am so glad you enjoyed your day. The tulips look amazing.
Many happy returns of the day. emoticon emoticon

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OUTOFIDEAS 4/2/2011 12:08AM

    You sparkle in that photo...good match for all the lovely tulips, my friend. Hope the thyroid gets straightened out...want you to feel as good as you look!

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-SHAWN- 4/1/2011 11:34PM

    So pretty....

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism today....

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BOBF15 4/1/2011 11:25PM

    Glowing, beaming and radiating warmth and sunshine.

Man, if that is what 50 is we need more 50 + power.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEBTOLOSE 4/1/2011 11:14PM

    Happy 50 your photos make me believe in spring thanks for sharing

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