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Are vegetarians kooky or just B-12/iron deficient?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The reason I ask is because I was pretty much a vegetarian before my celiac diagnosis. It's too bad I didn't "like" meat, as whatever ground beef, chicken, tuna, or other fish I managed to eat, apparently wasn't enough to sustain my B-12 (or iron) levels. Call me crazy. Literally. Shortly after diagnosis, my B-12 level was 264. My iron was lower range, but my ferritin was screamingly low at 5 (range starts at 20). The lab's reference range for B12 is 200-1100, so doctors said to not worry about it. *However, there's a note on my lab results which reads: "PLEASE NOTE: Although the reference range for vit B12 is 200-1100 pg/mL, it has been reported that between 5 and 10% of patients with values between 200 and 400 pg/mL may experience neuropsychiatric and hematologic abnormalities due to occult B12 deficiency; less than 1% of patients with values ABOVE 400 pg/mL will have symptoms."

At diagnosis, my vitamin D was a 21 on a reference range starting at 20. I got an Rx to boost THAT, but nothing for the B12. Believe you me from my research: if your B12 is that low - you're bordering on being loopy and that's in the head AND physically. I took a few tumbles on missed curbs and up stairs and wrote it off to occasional clumbsiness over the years. I was holding visions/memories of the sure-footedness of my youth on the balance beam and around creekbeds in the front of my mind: who knew these were little hints of a diagnosis to come?

One night, I let out my little poodle, Ernie, to pee (since deceased due to complications of diabetes because his poor owner was too tired to walk him, and he ate glutened dog food, but that's another blog). Rumor had it that there was a wild bobcat loose in the neighborhood, so I was on-guard standing on the patio while Ern was doing his business, the cat ever present on my mind. Lo and behold, OF COURSE the bobcat came into my yard and chased my dog around the swingset! Dagnabbit! What are the odds?! DH was out of town or working, don't remember, but OF COURSE he wasn't home. I say "of course" because I obviously wasn't handling stress well and wanted him desperately to be my knight in armor swooping in to save the night as it were. *Instead,* I was a screaming maniac trying to get my dog back into the house. (Have you ever seen 1979s comedy "The In-Laws" with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin? I think both are evading helicopter gunshots by crisscrossing a field, yelling, "Serpentine!" It made me laugh much at the time, and this is how I felt!) Anyway, I was half asleep, half hysterical and in SUCH a panic! I can still feel my heart pounding, my insides ricocheting with electric energy zaps.

...And that was my story for a long time until one night as I lay in bed half-asleep (as usual) I rewound that clip in my brain, "Hey! That bobcat had a long tail!" Was it really a big cat? Was it a DOG?? Were they PLAYING?! I'll never know. But I think about it, and wonder if I wasn't losing it.

Another time I had a mouse in the house, and my Ginger dog cornered it. I covered it with a huge stainless steel bowl and then said, "Now what?!" I was gasping for air calling my dad what to do next (cause OF COURSE my DH wasn't home); dad said to get a board and slip it under! Anyway, I could NOT think, and I remember how I was riddled with anxiety and stress.

Then we move to Alaska. I'm painting the garage, the dogs are enjoying the warm sun in the driveway. They begin incessant barking and will not come when called. I run in the house for a bisquit to lure them back. Ginger comes, but Ernie, my bud, my protector, won't back down to whatever it is ... I'm thinking another moose. I'm about to leave the garage to go into the woody area to get a clue when I heard a roOARR! You've heard the term "blood-curdling"? Whatever color I had in my pasty white skin left me as I realized a bear was out there. Then I didn't hear Ern barking anymore. *wide eyes*. I called the Wildlife Dept. (DH is out of state OF COURSE! lol) and he finds the dog buried under leaves: concussion. Vet visit. Long recovery with TLC and chicken soup.

Those stressful events which left me riddled with compounded anxiety felt much different then than when I get stressed now -- maybe it helps that there're no bears where I live though ;0). Since starting the gf diet, absorbing critical nutrients, I handle life's daily stressors much better, and I'm very grateful.

I bring up B12 and vegetarianism because I have a belief, based on my own experience, that vegetarians are trying to eat clean and be healthy: that they're innately trying to fix something "not right" within; and possibly, they're taking out the wrong food. Maybe because they're more sensitive emotionally (B vit deficient?) they take out meat or things with eyes. But also for consideration should come out: things with gluten.

I read the China Study a while back and all I kept thinking, since I'm celiac and all, is that T. Colin Campbell did not address gluten/grains in any of his studies. He sees meat as I see gluten maybe! I now try to read appendixes before I buy my nutrition/health books, and think that an author is pretty saavy if he/she lists gluten :). Dr. Atkins mentions gluten in his Age Defying Diet book, btw.

Anyway, many Chinese don't eat much gluten (unless they've been "Westernized"), which would allow for greater absorption of nutrients, which would help fight off free-radical damage to help ward off diseases & cancers. Some Chinese eat noodles likely made from gluten grain wheat. Wheat also has phytates which block absorption of minerals and vitamins. They do not eat sugar. Most Asian cultures are rice-based, and most are full of vegetables, if not fermented vegetables, on top of THAT. Fermented foods are good for immunity/gut health (gut=brain health).

When we fished for halibut in Alaska, the local Asians would crowd the boats upon our return looking for the guts, eyeballs and other junk we were discarding from our catch of the day ... much like a bear?! Eyeballs and guts have lots of fats? Fermented food is good for the gut, which feeds the brain, which feeds the soul. :) Gluten is glue for the gut and brain, it's sticky. And I'm reading more about it's connection to the heart. Please read the link below for more info concurring with my hypothesis and experiences.

If I had to have a name for my diet, I guess it would have to be the gluten-free Paleo lower or no-er grain vegetable/fruit diet. And now I have my wits about me.

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SCATTERBOLT 11/15/2007 3:43PM

    Very interesting article. A girl on one of my other celiac support groups was just recently telling us about how she was diagnosed ADHD and was given an ever increasing dosage of ritalin, and in the end it turned out she was B-12 deficient the whole time.

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Renegade Heart Doctor

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Even though the link is about Money Tobacco and Food Manufacturers, this guy's the bomb about heart health. As I've been having heart palpitations more often, I thought it time to refresh my memory to see if his site had something to bring to my doctor.

... I've been again awakening around 4 am and NOT refreshed like after my first summer gluten-free. I'm guessing it's because my Vit D levels have gone down. We had a rainy summer this year and I wasn't in the pool daily like I was last. Last year I was also on an Rx for Vit D. I've cut Yoplait's sugary cherry yogurt (sniff, yet I DO binge every so often) and may introduce organic kefir and/or yogurt back into my diet once in a while. I will start taking the vit D oral drops the naturopath sold me, and get rechecked. From what I've been reading on other forums though, vit D takes a long time to go up. I told my hematologist that I was having palpitations and he told me to take my blood pressure if I could. I did and it's pretty low when it happens. I need to find the relevance ...

My last blood labs suggest my level is at 30 (combined D2 and D3, D3=20). Poor.

Check out Dr. Davis' site. He's very interesting. (he moved his site, I've yet to research the article I mentioned above)

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-SHAWN- 9/8/2011 1:02PM

  Love him!

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LISA32989 10/27/2007 2:46PM

    I'm a big Dr Davis fan, too. Been focusing on the Vitamin D (outside in the sunshine is still the best way to get it!) and just added the Niacin. Been doing the Fish Oil for several years now.

I'm not just gluten free but a low carb girl. I feel so much better this way!

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See what nutrients can do for you.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

See Shazzie's "After" pic on the transformations page link below.

I don't even think you have to go 100% into a raw diet, but look at what nutrients will do for you! Of particular interest to us gluten-phobes is Britanie's transformation.

Jaime's was very astonishing also. She didn't mention gluten, but she's responded by losing 150 lbs. Her symptoms included Aspberger's (which responds to gf diet), anxiety with phone (my DD has that!), PCOS, hypothyroidism, hyperdyslexia, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue.

Christy had a time - felt like her lifeforce was slipping away.

Shelly's story: frought with fibro pain and issues from depo-provera + much more.

I wish I could have been so young and known so much. I still consider myself a Napoleon Dynamite: *Lu-cky* girl. :-)

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KITTAH 9/20/2007 9:51PM

    This is so very true! In fact, this is my testimonial: I began my raw transformation and suddenly, I not only found myself feeling better but began to dye my hair, impulsively bought low-cut (low and behold) shirts and turned into an incredibly hot sexpot! Okay, okay, that hasn't actually happened to me. But seriously, raw fooding makes me feel incredible. I've been doing this off and on for years without experiencing the results. Becoming GF is where things really started falling into place. Can't tell you how bad a shape I would be in without the raw diet before being diagnosed. Anyway, finally being able to absorb all those good nutrients has really made the difference. I'm even seeing red glints in my hair again. Love to you and yours, Dots =)

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BEVIBRANT1 8/9/2007 11:27AM

  Shazzie's hot - I put her doing yoga in my latest mind movie. :)
Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just learned about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.) I will write about it in my blog soon, but you can do a google search. It's a simple technique that could help you on your path to vibrant wellness.

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Raw diet to relieve diabetes.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bread is dead. Consider eating live raw foods more often, and cut the crap! :0)


The World's First Bionic Burger

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This speaks for itself.


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