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Refreshing rainy run

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I had a fabulous 8 miler yesterday. The week started off hot and humid. Hot weather I can deal with but humidity is another thing. For instance, when the temp is 84, with high humidity outside temps feel like 94.....caliente!!!

Tuesday was a hot and humid run, at 9 in the morning, so I ran in my sports bra and shorts....was so glad that I did. My Wednesday run was NICE; I sweat a lot and it felt refreshing to feel a cool breeze in the hot sun. This was the beginning of very nice weather to come. Thursday was supposed to be "torture Thursday" alternating between hills and speedwork. That did not happen because I had to pick my MIL up at the airport in the morning. She was scheduled to fly in the afternoon, but moved her flight up to arrive in Miami at 10. Just an overnight stay on her way to Venezuela. Well my cool morning run was pushed to a 12 noon run.

I woke up Saturday morning to rain. It has been a while since I have ran in the rain so I was really looking forward to it. The temps were in the high 60's to low 70's with very little humidity.....perfect running weather. By the time I geared up and headed out the door, the rain fizzled out. I was thinking of driving over to run with the running store group but decided against it because earlier this week there was an accident very close to my long runs route and it would have bothered me a lot. The community college down the street is building a parking garage to facilitate the growing campus. A section of the parking garage collapsed resulting in a few deaths. I still get choked up about it thinking it. So I chose to run in my community.

I ran in a cross between the two intersecting streets. The street outside my gated community runs north and south and then I ran east to west on the intersecting street for a total of 5 + miles. I finished off with the route I use for my 4 miler. Sad to say the rain deterred a lot of folks from exercising on Saturday; I only saw a handful of people. I did run a lot on the street and when the rain picked up a bit I chose to run on the sidewalk and then going back to run in the street when it slowed down again. Not everyone is thrilled to share the road with runners. I run on side streets with two lanes each way that are rarely traveled and it is sad that some drivers refuse to switch over to the empty lane. Sigh.

Fuel: I used two gels on my Saturday run (miles 4 and 7) so now I have to head over to my running store to load up again. I love Accel gels. They are easy to open and sip on while I run and do not leave a pasty taste in my mouth. And I love, love, love the fact that as I am going up in miles, I get to eat more. Yay!! More carbs!!!! I have to change up my running schedule a little next week. My 4 year old is going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I am going as a chaperone. Gotta find my camera and charge it. I can only imagine the cute photos I will capture watching 4 year olds have fun at a pumpkin patch. They are all wearing their field trip day shirt so it will be easy to spot a drifter.

Enjoy your week.

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ELIZACG9 10/15/2012 11:29AM


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WILEE323 10/15/2012 9:59AM

    It's fun to hear about people's runs in other parts of the country!! It's now right around 40 degrees for my early morning runs here in Iowa. I still wear shorts, just add a hat and gloves. Running in the snow can be pretty exhilarating, but I can wait another month or so for that.

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MBSHAZZER 10/14/2012 4:24PM

    Awesome job on the runs this week, Daphne. We did catch a break with the weather, even with the wind, it's so much nicer to run in cooler temps and low humidity!

I had forgotten you live so close to where the parking garage collapsed. Horrible. I hope they hold someone responsible for it.

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MASRITE 10/14/2012 3:48PM

    I always run on the sidewalk unless it's a side street and I'll run in the street. I would much prefer the street then the sidewalk. Glad you had a nice run yesterday. I ended up doing 5.28 miles and felt pretty good. Slowly but surely, I'm coming back!! Can't wait to see your pumpkin patch pics!! emoticon

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COOP9002 10/14/2012 2:35PM

    Nice blog. sometimes it does feel good to run in a little moisture. i enjoy running this time of the year in mid-Mo. as long as there is no thunder, i will usually give it a try.

Have a great Sunday!

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BOILHAM 10/14/2012 2:00PM

    Great blog! My DS lives in NH and we love the pumpkin patches up there. The kids are adorable, for sure.
Those darn lawn service guys don't like to share the road up here in Central FL. It seems to be a pattern here - they are just so surly. But, they're probably hot and tired all day long, so that could make anyone grumpy. :)
Cooler weather coming, and with it, our racing season also! Glad you're enjoying it, too.

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Hills ( bridges) or speed work

Friday, October 05, 2012

Hills it was. I am six weeks out from my half in November and I want to make sure I am readdddddy for it. When I trained for my first half, I just ran....a lot on flat streets and I was overwhelmed with the four bridges I had to run up and down back in March at the Miami Beach 13.1.

I am following the Hal Hidgons Novice 2 training plan. I run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and long runs on Saturday. Thurdsays are going to be my "torture Thursdays" alternating between speed work and hills. There are no hills in my neighborhood so I drove down the road a bit and parked at the post office and did a quick warm up.

Today the weather was hot and humid from last night leading right into the morning. My plan was to drop my daughter off at school first; I have to drive her over to the next city, Miami Springs by 8:20 and then double back to Doral to drop my son off at school by 8:35. The traffic was crazy this morning and it was taking twice the amount of time to take my daughter to school. I turned around halfway into my commute to drop my son off first. This may not make sense to most, but my son is autistic ( aspergers) and it would have thrown off his whole morning, possibly his whole day. I dropped him off at school on time and then I doubled back to drop off my princess.....she has no sense of time yet. I get back to my daughter's school by nine and I am sweating from just walking from the car to her classroom. Because of the late start and the extreme heat, I did not think it would be a good idea to do speed hills seemed like the lesser of the two evils.

I went through my setup; turn on my Garmin and wait for it to boot up, check. Strap on my Nano (my husband found a band to make it fit like a watch), check. Lock up the car, check. And get in a warm up run. Crap, I forgot my visor. I sweat a lot and running without my visor or a hand towel is NOT an option. Time is ticking and it is getting hotter by the minute. Finally I am all set to go by 9:45. There were passing showers that I thought I was going to get a chance of running such luck. I started off in a slow and comfortable jog. Today was only a three mile jog. I went over the first bridge around half a mile into my run. Wow, it is such a different feeling to jog over a bridge that you speed up and down on effortlessly in your car. There are lots of sights to take in as I am jogging along to my music taking it all in while I focus on getting my breathing under control running down the bridge. I am also keeping an eye on my Garmin to keep track of how far I need to run before I have to turn around and double back over the bridge. It is tough for me to run by myself sometimes so I am happy when I see another walker or jogger to focus on and keep me moving in this hot and uncomfortable weather. Since my half is in November, I want to make sure I am prepared to run in the heat. I am still hoping that it is not too hot though.

My goal for today's run was to run at a pace where I felt comfortable jogging and not over do it that I need to walk. Once I made it to my halfway point, I was starting to feel that I could. Thank goodness I did not have to stare at the bridge the whole way on my way back. Yay, I saw someone walking ahead of me. I had my focal point to keep me moving up the bridge. I passed a young woman on top of the bridge and now I knew I was going to make it without stopping. Cruising down the bridge into the home stretch, I kept to the right and I hopped at least two feet off the ground when a guy on a bike honked his horn behind me. I'm glad I could provide comedy for his commute.

Whew, I did it. I completed my first session of hills, city style and it felt good. I am going to attempt one of my long runs with hills near the end of the month. Fort Lauderdale 13.1, oh yeah, I am going to be ready for you!

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JULIA_RUN2SMILE 10/16/2012 10:48PM

    Daphne! Just realize that we follow the same running training program! Hills are awesome workouts - intervals too.... it doesn't take much to make a big difference in your endurance and your overall time once you start training with a training plan... I ran my first HM without much prep (just running long distance...). In 2010 i found the Hal Higdon training plan and it made a huge difference for me (I cut 15 min off on my PB 13.1M that year!).
Trust me it works!!! You will do great on your HM - Commit and consistency... Trust your body!

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 10/13/2012 9:37AM

    Fabulous job!! You are gonna rock your race!
Go Daphne Go!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ELIZACG9 10/9/2012 10:40AM

    You so can do it!! I have training today for a JOB! yippeeee! emoticon

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MASRITE 10/6/2012 1:47PM

    Ugh, I hate hills, but, I know, they must be done. I have a new attitude towards them now: I just put my head down, slow down my pace a bit and head up that hill/incline. I make it up there with out coming now. Big improvement for me!! Great job on your run. You're going to be so ready for those bridges in November!!

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WILEE323 10/5/2012 4:03PM

    Great job on the hill run!! I have a cemetery with 4 short, steep hills that I try to run once a week. It kicks my butt, but I love it!! You'll totally rock your half!!

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MBSHAZZER 10/5/2012 11:34AM

    I have run that race a few times in Ft. Lauderdale and the weather is always great! You are doing hills and speedwork, but don't forget that running in this heat and humidity is GREAT training, too! Great job getting it in!

And I love that your hubby found that neat strap for your nano! Super cool!

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MIRAGE727 10/5/2012 11:27AM

    You will own that course, Daphne! Destroy it!
Stay strong and train safe!

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LAURIE5658 10/5/2012 10:33AM

    Daphne, you rock my world. You go girl! Gettem!!!!!


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PMRUNNER 10/5/2012 9:23AM

    Great blog! Good luck on your upcoming race! It's hard to balance children and training, it sounds like you are doing a good job managing it!

Keep working on the hills! They are not always fun but they will make you a stronger runner.

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BOILHAM 10/5/2012 9:00AM

    I love reading about young folks with children, juggling work, kids, all the chores and still finding time to stay fit.

I get so much positivity by being an old dude, and doing what I do, but I think it's harder for younger people who don't have the luxury of free time that we retired folks do.

Daphne you are one of them, of course, and you are awesesome. And you beat the heat! Keep on runnin' - Vic

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-PAULA 10/5/2012 5:47AM

    That was a late start but I know you can endure. I've heard those bridges are no joke. Fortunately there are lots of hills here to practice on. Best wishes for your upcoming half. Thanks for sharing your training.

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FLORIDAGHOST 10/5/2012 5:38AM

    Good Luck on your race. I know you will do a Super Job!

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ONMYMEDS 10/5/2012 12:50AM

    With the effort and thoughtfulness you put into your training runs, you'll smoke that race!! Nice job.

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Ice cream for breakfast & repeat race report

Sunday, May 13, 2012

So yesterday I left the house early to head over to Coconut Grove (Florida) for a 10k. I ran this race last year. My husband watches the kids when I go out for my longs runs on the weekends and also when I run races. Yup, the kids had cookies and cream ice cream for breakfast. And then pop tarts and chocolate milk a little later. Sigh (and shake my head) wonder why mommy is the bad guy. All of this happened before I got home at 10:30.

This year was a light year for races. I ran the Turkey Trot in November, the Miami Beach 13.1, and my repeat race, the ALS 10k. And all three races were run in higher than normal temps for this time of the year. I head out the door around 5:45 to give myself enough time to find a place to park close to the starting line and meet up with Sharon (MBSHAZZER); I knew it was going to be another hot and humid race. The sponsors of the race mentioned a parking garage near the start and some off street parking. It was a flat fee to get in the garage and so I thought it would be better to pay the fee than risk not getting back to the car before the meters kick in. Sharon was driving up just as I was walking out of the garage so while I waited for her to park, I clipped on my pouch which also had a bib holder and finished putting on the rest of my race gear. This is the best part of the race getting to meet sparkers in person. We talked a bit, did a good warmup and then hit the porta potties and then we head over to the start line.

I love running this race. 10k runners start time is 7:30 and the 5k runners start 5 minutes makes a huge difference for pace and room for you to run and enjoy the scenery. There are some really old trees here that sort of form a tree tunnel as you run through the streets...what a sight. Getting back to the after the young lady screamed the national anthem through the speakers (not kidding), the gun went off and the race started.

I was debating if I should try to follow the 54 minute pacers or follow the 60 minute pacer and then kick it up a notch if I have anything left at the end. To be on the safe side, I got behind the 60 minute pacer. Right from the start I am running between 9:15 - 9:30....way too fast for me. I usually pace 9:45 -10 for a 10k so I am thinking that I am going to forget about trying to keep up with the 60 minute pacer and just run with my Garmin at my pace. It was such a peaceful run. Most of the runners had their music to listen to and were very aware of anyone running near them. I did not have any trouble passing runners or getting through the water stations. And at one point one young lady ran beside me for about 3 miles. I thanked her for helping me to stay at an even pace and she said she was running with me so she could listen to my music. Lol!!!

The humidity made the race a bit challenging. I did well for the first 4 miles and then I had to stop and walk a little at the miles 4 and 5 water stations. The group that I was running with did the same so when they started back to running, so did I. It started to get a little crowded at mile 5. This was where everyone merged to head back to the finish line so it was a little bobbing and weaving the last mile because of all the walkers, baby strollers and a few wheel chair participants.

My friend Sharon (MBSHAZZER) finished the race ahead of me and was there to cheer me on. I finished the race in 64:37. Last year, I finished in 67 minutes and some change. My PR for a 10k is 62:58. So I have a feeling I will finish under 60 for my next 10k. I grabbed a water and an orange and we went for a cool down walk. As we were walking back to the stage to see if Sharon had won a medal, we walk up one of the ladies that usually runs with Sharon and chatted for a bit. It sounded promising that Sharon would medal so we headed over to the results table where they input your race # and give your official finish time. Yay, sure enough Sharon got a medal; she finished 1st in her age group!!!!! She trains hard so it is good to see her hard work paying off.

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of my Mother's day. My husband took the kids to the pool. When they come back, I will help the kids make a pizza. And the best part will be dessert. On Friday,Publix, one of the local supermarkets here went to my son's school and for those who paid to participate, helped the kids decorate a heart shaped cake for Mother's Day. Of course, we bought one. One of the bakers showed my son how to use the piping bag and he wrote "Mom" on the cake and also piped some red icing around the edges. He also added candy confetti to the top of the cake as well. Right before they left to go to the pool, my son asked if I had cut my cake yet. I told him no and that I was waiting for them to come back from the pool. I really do not want cake, but he did such a great job decorating it for me that of course I will have a small piece.....and a little cookies and cream ice cream. Lol!!!

Have a great day everyone.

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M3NOMOFAT 7/4/2012 9:30PM

    Daphne that was a great race report! My jaw dropped at the sugar infusion only because you would reap the wrath of that after running! (gasp)!! You are improving awesomely! What an inspiration you are to me. I'm trying to get there. Hope to meet you soon. Next for me...BGR ATL 10K in Sept.

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PETERMCKIRDY 5/20/2012 11:53AM

    emoticon Congrats on a great time improvement, Daphne!

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ELIZACG9 5/20/2012 11:46AM

    Wow! I tried to run a 3K and, started running but then had to walk it. Time: 20-25 mins.

My leg hurts today but, I feel good...I hope some day to be like you. I am just afraid because I have fallen on my knees both of them and, luckily nothing is torn but, this is why I probably will walk more than run. emoticon

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BOILHAM 5/15/2012 6:59AM

    Great job on the 10K, especially with the heat and humidity! You soon will be breaking that 1 hour 10K time. Glad you had a friend to race with you, too.

And, thanks for the comments on my 5K - I always look forward to hearing from you.

It's cool and raining here in PA, where we've stopped for the night. Should be home in 5 days or so. We take out time and enjoy the trip.

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MASRITE 5/14/2012 5:41PM

    Great race you had. In no time, you'll be under 60. You just wait and see!!! And, ice cream for dinner once in awhile is ok.

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HEALTHY1JESS 5/14/2012 4:47AM

    emoticon Way to go, and Happy Mother's Day!

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TRUE-NESS 5/13/2012 10:13PM

    Great race report! And I hope you enjoyed our Mother's Day with your family! The cake sounds yummy.

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MARATHONDAD 5/13/2012 5:29PM

    great job buddy half marathon soon

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WONDERJUL 5/13/2012 2:32PM

Definitely sounds like you have the race "bug". Good job! I hope you enjoy many more races. I hope I can meet a fellow Sparker at a race. I will work on that!

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MBSHAZZER 5/13/2012 2:04PM

    Great race report, Daphne! It was so nice to catch up with you. I totally agree on the pacers - they were WAY too fast! And I have no doubt that you will break 60 minutes at the next 10k!

I can't believe your husband amped the kids up on all that sugar while you were out! I'm sure the rest of your Saturday was.... interesting! :D

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day with your family!

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This can't be happening to me.....knee pain

Thursday, May 03, 2012

So I head out the door for a quick 3 miler this afternoon. I go through my checklist:
Nano, check
start the Garmin, check, check, check.

I do a short jog through my gated community and then I stop in a shaded parking spot to do my warm up exercises. Within the first 10 to 15 steps, I started to feel a sharp pain, behind my left knee cap. I slow to a walk, bend down and rub my knee and then decide to give it another try to warm up. Again, the pain is starting to intensify with each step. I walk to my warm up spot do a few exercises and try to get in a quick jog to see if the pain has worked itself out. Nope. What to do, what to do.

I just started the Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Challenge on Sunday.....I NEED to get in 30 minutes of cardio today. Well, I had no choice but to walk it. But as a runner, I had to give it one more try before I give into the walk. Sigh.....I have to walk it (or so I thought). Six minutes into my walk and just as I am about to run out of my community, I gave it one last try (I know right, I don't know how many "one last try" I tried), but if I still felt the pain, then I would shorten my 3 miler run to a 2 miler walk. On my last try, I was pain free so I kept running, but at a very slow jog. I stayed at a slow jog for about a minute and then I slowly started to pick up my pace. And the pain did not return at all.

I was so afraid to stop and turn on my music so I ran without music the whole time. I focused on my footfalls. It was a consistent pattern so I elated just listening to my breathing and steps. As I am running, I am thinking why this happened. I have been foam rolling (in the morning and evening for the past week faithfully), I do my warm up stretches and also a cool down, and I have been putting my feet up when I can. The only thing I can think of was was my shoes. I don't mean my running shoes; I was out running a couple of errands and I wore a pair of dress shoes. The only way I can describe them are like elevated penny loafers. Hmmmmmm. Oh well, the pain is gone and I hope it does not return.

I am doing the Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Challenge to get ready for bikini season. Living in Miami, yes, bikini season has already started, but this year I upgraded to a two piece, and I just don't feel that good in it. My husband loves to see me in it so I have to get in shape to wear it well. I also read that another sparker lost 10 lbs. I am trying to get rid of these last 10 lbs, so wish me luck. Lol!!!!

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SHERR513 5/8/2012 4:58PM

    Way to go! I hope my knee pain goes away soon!

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SHIRAROCK 5/8/2012 8:50AM

    Oh no! I am glad you were able to 'run' through your pain. It's great it went away!

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STRIVER57 5/7/2012 3:13AM

    oh that would panic me ... what a relief it finally stopped and you ran! good luck!

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LISALGB 5/6/2012 8:11PM

    I'm glad the pain went away, but be aware of it. I certainly pray it was a one time thing and it won't happen again.
I have constant knee pain in both knees and it is the pits!!
Have a great week - oh, and show us that new bathing suit!! I bet you look great in it.

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TRUE-NESS 5/5/2012 4:48PM

    Well, I'm glad the pain went away. Try to take it easy until you're semi-certain that you've not injured yourself. Pay close attention to your body signals for a few days and see what happens when you run again. Praying for you.

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BOILHAM 5/5/2012 3:32PM

    Glad the pain went away, and sure hope it stays that way.
Bikini season, having 3 daughters, I certainly have a fair idea about that. Thick or thin all young women think they need to "slim down" for that bikini season. You look gorgeous just the way you are, but good luck in your slimming process just the same.

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ELIZACG9 5/4/2012 3:13PM

    I have to walk, knees hurt a little but, I don't need to worry about a bikini.

I would never wear can! GO for it!! emoticon

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PETERMCKIRDY 5/3/2012 11:01PM

    pain is temporary! the trick is knowing when temporary can be long-term temporary. sounds like you did the right thing. good luck with the bikini. I shall not be joining you in that quest emoticon

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HEALTHY1JESS 5/3/2012 8:09PM

    Gee whiz! I hope that knee pain stays far, far, far away! Hang in there! :-D

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LARISSA238 5/3/2012 7:28PM

    *hugs* Just make sure to give your knee some papmering time. I just got shin splints, so right now it's just walking for me. And I can't even go on my normal 2 mile walk, just a mile or so. but hey anything is better than nothing!

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MASRITE 5/3/2012 6:48PM

    So happy to hear that the knee pain went away. That could be a major bummer. Good luck on the Challenge. You're going to kill it. Let us know how it goes!!

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HONESTGRL 5/3/2012 6:42PM

    I am glad you worked through your pain. Those 10 pounds will be gone in no time. Bikini here you come!

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EWELCH_2004 5/3/2012 6:00PM

    You can do it!!! Those 10 lbs are stubborn but you can kick 'em out! Bummer your knee hurt though!

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MBSHAZZER 5/3/2012 5:25PM

    Oh no!!! Knee pain, begone!!! I sincerely hope that this is just a blip and nothing serious. I also think it could be the shoes. I always have aches and pains when I attempt to wear heels of any height.

Fingers crossed that it's nothing - and you will ROCK that bikini, too, I know it!

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Recap of past two weeks: Spring Break and trying to get back on schedule

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It has been hectic for me the past two weeks and I am still trying to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. Thank goodness the time change happened when the kids were on spring break.

We did not go anywhere for spring break....everyone is coming here (Miami....okay not everyone) to party and have fun so most of the hotel bookings are overpriced right now. There is tons to do locally, but it is just a matter of picking something to do or somewhere to go. Yeah, my husband shot down everything I wanted to do like.....go to the zoo, the children's museum, Lion Safari near West Palm Beach. We have a 3 and 6 year old to entertain husband said no to all. Monday we took a drive to West Palm Beach and drove around to see what is new and what has changed since we left there in 2006. My husband did not want to get out of the car (it takes at least 1 hour + to get to West Palm from Miami...and we drove around for at least an hour) and he wanted to head home without us getting out of the car. My 3 year old, Alexis, had to use the bathroom so we stopped at Target (one of my FAVORITE stores) and walked around a bit. Tuesday we went to the club house to go to the pool. Just our luck....after being there for about one hour, the pool was closed because someone took a poop in the pool. We had better luck on Wednesday, the weather was great so we went to the beach on Key Biscayne. I love going to this beach because there is a lighthouse nearby. One day we will actually take a tour of us another reason to keep going back to that beach. The weather was horrible on Thursday and Friday. We went to the mall on Thursday and stayed at home on Friday. One of my son's classmates was having a birthday party at the club house park on Saturday and luckily the rain held off and the kids had a great time. I got a chance to talk to some of the parents and find out about programs at the school.

I did not run the whole week. I ran on Tuesday morning and then decided to rest until Saturday. When the kids are in school I usually run around noon after I drop my daughter off. Alexis is my baby that loves to be near me and she cries if I leave without her or if she wakes up and I am not there she will cry for a good 10 minutes or more. I do not like for her to feel this way so I chose not to run for a few days. She knows I run every Saturday morning so I started prepping her at night that "mamma was going to run the race". I went for my long run....the team leader was not there. He was doing a triathlon on Sunday. There were 4 of us and we ran anyway; I ran 8 miles.

This week I ran 2 short runs out of 3 and ran 6 miles for my long run on Saturday. I had to double back after the 1st mile when I realized that I did not have my car key in my hand. I left my hand held water bottle, in the car, which has a pocket. Since I had planned on leaving my water in the car, I grabbed my car key without the alarm so that I could tuck it in my little key pocket inside my running shorts. The sun was just starting to come out and I picked it up a little to get back to my car to look for the key. I did not know if I left it in the car or if it fell out of my hand at the starting point. Nope, I left it in the car door....oooops. I did not want to rerun the turnpike trail again so I took off in the opposite direction and ran in a perfect square. I finished up the same time the leader and his brother did. My guestimations are good and I finished in front of the school right at 6 miles. I got a chance to talk to the leader for a bit. He mentioned that some people are having trouble finding the school and they were thinking of changing the starting location to the store's parking lot. Sweet. I live half a mile from the store and I can do a quick warmup run to the store instead of driving 3 miles down the road!!!!! This will have to wait for a few weeks though. My husband has to work on the weekends, out of town, for a few weeks so I will have to miss my Saturday runs. Good thing he told me ahead of time so I can adjust my schedule to make Friday my long run. And after that I will take another week off; one of my Miami sparkers runs with a group and has invited me to run with them. I am going to take her up on the offer. I have never run with an all women's group so it should be fun. I do enjoy running by myself, but it is also nice to run with a group.

I know this was a long blog, so thanks for hanging in there.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ELIZACG9 4/17/2012 4:56PM

    Your a good Mama and, very active person. emoticon

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 4/2/2012 3:23PM

    Making the best out of any situation is good for us-sounds like you made the best out of your springbreak.
Great job on staying on top of your running.

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HEALTHY1JESS 3/27/2012 5:45AM


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MASRITE 3/25/2012 5:23PM

    Sorry you didn't get away for spring break, but it sounds like you made the best of it. It's nice to just hang with the kids. You're doing so great with your running. I've been so bad. Can't seem to get into a routine and I"m supposed to do a half the first Sunday in May. Oy vay!!!!!

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MY4DOGS2580 3/25/2012 4:30PM

    glad to hear you made the best of spring break. also that you found your keys. I think that is terrible feeling when you don't know where your keys are.

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MBSHAZZER 3/25/2012 12:49PM

    Hey Daphne - sounds like you made the best of the spring break. Sorry your hubby was being such a PITA! Lion Country Safari is great - you should definitely try it another time. They have a nice water park there which would be great for the kids after you drive through the safari. They also have 'giraffe encounter' where you can feed the giraffes and the kids can pet them.

Sounds like you are on top of your running, too! Nice job! Glad to hear your car keys were still in the door when you got back!

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