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Plan B

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hi..I'm on to plan B

So much for my "Happiness Plan" I'm now more unhappy than I have ever been. But plan B is just get healthy!!

That is what I am focusing on now and will just forget about the rest....
I'm on to finding the steps that make sense to me..and just do it!!

A simple less (and healthy) move more...duh

Thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna...

emoticon Nevaeh

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/29/2013 3:05AM

    Hope plan B was turning out. Don't forget there are many more letters in the alphabet.

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MARITIMER3 8/27/2012 4:55PM

    Great plan, Donna. Sometimes Plan B turns out to be what we needed all the time.

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MOMFAN 8/27/2012 2:34AM

    emoticon emoticon

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CAVEPRINCESS65 8/26/2012 10:44AM

    Simple move is what will get us there
Slowly but surely - slow & steady result shall we see
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Good luck on your journey! emoticon

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    Sounds like Plan B is very simple ~ the truth is....that's all you have to do. Nothing fancy, just simply move it, eat healthy and watch the pounds melt away. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ANNIE1114 8/25/2012 8:43PM


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PARKERB2 8/25/2012 3:40PM

    Find ways to accomplish things you want to do and that should help you get some happiness going. Have a great day.

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FITBIZZZ 8/25/2012 2:15PM

    Please forgive my 2 cents but happiness is a choice. It takes practice. It's not really about your circumstances, it's how you react and/or what you do with your reaction to your circumstances. Your plan (sans giving up on happiness) will be good for getting some "feel-good" hormones coursing through your body. We can all use all the help we can get from our bodies. Good nutrition and exercise will help your body help you. *Hugs*

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WATERMELLEN 8/25/2012 1:35PM

    Tracking calories in/out is always good: but happiness is something we never want to give up on, ever.

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LADYJNAR 8/25/2012 12:53PM

    emoticon I think your Plan B is excellent!

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Thanks for all your support!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi..thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your kind messages and goodies, etc. They have hepled immensely!!

Found some interesting things on this quote by Robin Williams..

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it" haha!!

I also get a daily e-mail from Tut..a note from the Universe (today's was awesome and really spoke to me!!

"The Law of Relevance"

It goes like this"No matter how scared, or tired, or ill you are; no matter how lost, or confused, or desperate you become; no matter how lonely, depressed or cranky you feel...if you just do what you can, with what you have, from where you are, IT WILL ALWAYS BE ENOUGH"

Pretty good odds, huh?

Your legal beagle,
The Universe

See why that spoke to me!! I know I can get back on track..even tho I feel soo beaten down by life..the pity party is over..time to dust myself off...get back on track..

Thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon

Boy..have I been contemplating the heavens soo many ways
A lot of me has died inside..but there is still a wee bit left....

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MOMFAN 8/25/2012 11:39PM

    Cheering for you!!!

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DOODIE59 8/24/2012 11:54AM

    Those are great quotes, Donna. May have to adopt them myself:)
Hang in there, and be good to yourself.

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DUSTYGIRL25 8/24/2012 2:42AM

    Love the Robin Williams quote! So glad that things are doing much better.

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FITBIZZZ 8/23/2012 10:05PM


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SIM1SAYS 8/23/2012 7:55PM

    You can do this. I'll admit to something - I've woke up every morning, and talked to myself, "you're going to do great today - don't give up, you can do this - you can..."

Strangely - it's working!


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    Fan that spark into a flame!!!!! You CAN do it!!! I love what you said.....time to dust yourself off and get back on track. Game ON!!!!!!! emoticon

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MARITIMER3 8/23/2012 2:27PM

    Nourish the little spark that's left - here's a hug to help.
Gail emoticon

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Need to find my "spark" for life again....(warning..depressing dump)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hi..been having the worst week ever...need to get back to me..feels like everything has fallen apart :(

When you screw up royally at work..and work is your home and your boss is your hubby..well..I just feel lost with no where to go...

Really don't want to blog this but I just have been under too much stress lately and now yesterday my depression has led to painful joints..wrists, knees and ankles..ouch....feels much better today than yesterday so that's a good sign.

So glad for my friends and in real life...

I'm sorry to have been so depressing..just helps to get it off my time to move on...

Thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin'....I'm trying to get my spark back but I'm finding it really hard...

Love Donna

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JOHAL52 8/25/2012 5:36PM

    I can relate. Been there--many times--but things got better. Life IS really like a roller coaster but as you get older, the ups are better and the downs are smoother.

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WATERMELLEN 8/25/2012 1:36PM

    How'd I miss this? So sorry. Wishing you through the depressing bits: sunshine happens. No rain, no rainbows.

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DUSTYGIRL25 8/24/2012 2:49AM

    So sorry Donna! I know I've been meaning to write you back & I just keep getting further behind. I really do know how you're feeling cause my hubby's the same way.
Sometimes I want to just pack up & leave. But some how things always get better, & you know they would never survive without us.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOMFAN 8/23/2012 1:38PM


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PARKERB2 8/23/2012 1:02PM

    Sorry your having it so rough these days. I don't know how bad the depression is but if you need help with it, by all means, get help. A different professional person can shed some light on things that we may not see that will help. Keep Sparking. We're here for you. emoticon

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RANCHGAL9 8/22/2012 9:04PM

    Oh dear me - I know exactly what you mean about your home is also where you work and your family is also part of the work force. Sometimes makes for very, very difficult times. So...I guess .... take another deep breathe and cowgirl up! I know that you can do it.

Lots of hugs to you, Donna emoticon emoticon

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    Hang in there!

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CELLISTA1 8/22/2012 1:42PM

    So sorry you are feeling so bad. You've already taken a step in a positive direction by writing this blog, so hopefully things will gradually get better. Hang in there!

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MARITIMER3 8/22/2012 1:12PM

    Step one - forgive yourself.
Step two - If there is something you can learn from the experience, do so, then move on.

I've had a feeling you were struggling. Glad you postedyour blog. Take care of yourself, but try not to dwell on what went wrong. You work very hard, very long hours, and whatever happened wasn't done on purpose, or with any malice... so go back to step one, and forgive yourself.

Remember we're here for you.
Lots of hugs, Gail emoticon

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DOODIE59 8/22/2012 12:43PM

    Hi Donna
I'm sorry to hear you're having stress so close to home. That makes it really hard to step away from it. You do a lot of work, so you're bound to have a bad day now and then, but I hope you know in your head and heart that you do a TON of stuff for all the people in your life. Extend that same generosity of spirit to yourself -- and accept the break you deserve. Forgive yourself for screwing up royally:). No one's perfect, so let it go and move on.
Sending big hugs your way,
Deirdre emoticon

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FITBIZZZ 8/22/2012 12:27PM

    Have a cup of green tea virtually with me (or any other beverage that gives you energy). Cheers! Get out and do a little something to make you feel better. You got it. Breathing 3 times daily for peace helps too. Put everything in perspective. Feel your feelings and let them go. No need to hang on and linger. *Hugs* (and please remind me of this when I hit a slump-hehe)

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KNEEMAKER 8/22/2012 12:22PM

  Please take my emoticon. I don't need it today and you may keep it as long as you need to. You are such a wonderful person and deserve my spark. Love you dear lady.

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Better late than never..August's goals....

Friday, August 17, 2012


like I said better late than never so posting these goals makes me feel back on track...

August's theme is Contemplate the Heavens...

emoticonrefresh like the summery feel of it.I'll change it for Sept

emoticontrack food

emoticontrack exercise..aim for 1000+

emoticontrack points...aim for 1000+

emoticondrink lots of water...aim for 8+ glasses

emoticonblog daily...for remaining days

emoticonfinish the 5% challenge


emoticonsummer freedom


Well, even tho I'm late with this I'm well on my way on my goals..I have already passed the 1000+ fitness minutes for the month what with the yard, garden, swim lessons and running after farm work....

Where I need to work is on tracking my food and blogging regularly...and quit feeding my stress!! Amazing I haven't ballooned all the way back to my original weight but all the extra fitness and the extreme heat and sweating has helped me out.

Another place I'm really working on is simplifying all areas in my life...I found an interesting web site called becoming minimalist..lots of great info for simple living.

Well..thanks for dropping by and for all your encouragement..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon

emoticonGratitude turns what we have into enough!

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DUSTYGIRL25 8/20/2012 3:01PM

    Hi Donna,
Love that you still set goals even while you are extremely busy.
Hope things calm down for you now because getting rid of stress
Is so very important. Enjoy the rest of the summer with your Hubby!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NANASAMM 8/19/2012 5:29PM

    Great goals! emoticon

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KAYLA0041 8/19/2012 11:02AM

    Good Job emoticon

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BLEGNER1 8/19/2012 11:01AM

    Donna, You are in charge, you are the one who makes the difference. I have not been very diligent about writing but I will try to do better. I am going use your check list as a format for making my own,.
God bless you my friend and remember that the Lord is the stress reliever

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GOPINTOS 8/18/2012 2:47PM

    Simple is good.

Great goals!


Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Dr Oz Show Fans Team

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MOMFAN 8/18/2012 12:49AM


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DOLLFACEDX 8/17/2012 11:24AM

    sounds like a good program and you're making progress 8-)

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Sorry..been time to get my Spark back!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hi..where has the time gone?? This has been such a ..and stressful few weeks!! I think I'll start with the stressors...

-2 weeks of granddaughters swim lessons
-littlest granddaughter had just spent 3 weeks with the other discipline and negative about everything
-she also had a really bad heat rash on her butt with oozing open sores..which added to her crankiness :(
-extreme heat for almost everyday they were here...
-then there was the wedding cake to ice while they were here
-oldest granddaughter had to go camping with her Dad for one night and he's usually very unreliable ..the night before we had to take the girls to their great grandparent's for the weekend after lessons and travel on to Saskatoon for the wedding and bring the cake..they had never stayed with the greatgrandparents before....
-wedding was really fun but we shared a hotel room with my sister and brother-in-law..who was sooo negative, too
-the wedding was fabulous and the cake was great but I had to much to eat and way too much to drink...then son and latest girlfriend came to the hotel after and we went to a bar for more drinks and stayed up waay too late..great to see him tho!
-back home for the last week of lessons and one of the junior teachers threw my 10 year old granddaughter off the high diving board because she was scared!! I am soo mad and the worst part is she is a friend's daughter but a bully
..granddaughter is fine but when her mother got back from holidays she got really mad at the girl..yes..kinda stressful.....
-well add in a few more stressors like hubby doesn't like it when I'm not available to help him all the time..
-now there's lots of jobs to catch up on and I feel sick and run down...

...and I have some Sparkin' to catch up with...I have been trying to log on daily and keep up with the starfish challenge..but I haven't been doing much in the way of weight loss :( Time to get back on track with my eating....the exercise has been the usual..especially during the lessons with 2 hours or more of public swimming....

Now to add even more stress as I've been feeling sad about my youngest daughter it's her birthday soon and she is estranged from us ..which really hurts...I still can't do anything to help if she's not willing to let us even talk to her...

Well enough about the on to getting back to work...

..I've missed you all and need some inspiration to get back on a positive keel!! I know this is the best place to be....

..I'm so behind I haven't even listed my August goals..tho they are in my head and need to be typed in a blog and that will make me feel more on top of stuff...

Well, that's enough for now and I'll do a separate blog...
Thanks for dropping by and keep on Sparkin' and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Love Donna emoticon

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MOMFAN 8/18/2012 12:55AM

    emoticon emoticon

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MARITIMER3 8/17/2012 9:45PM

    My goodness - what a month you've had. Don't apologize for not blogging. Thinking about your younger daughter's birthday, my son's birthday was August 16th. I hope that she decides to contact you sometime soon. It must be horrible not to be in touch.

Take care of yourself; remember, together emoticon

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DOODIE59 8/17/2012 11:24AM

    Summers are always full of unknown timetables, OTHER people's time tables ... too much on every time table ...

You've had a lot of drama this summer:) Bet you're looking forward to the Fall, when things usually return to more routine patterns.

I'm sorry to hear about your estrangement from your youngest daughter. Hugs, and a hope she grows past it.

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WATERMELLEN 8/17/2012 8:08AM

    Grrrr re the diving board thing: that would make me ballistic!! Is there a person in authority to whom a complaint can be lodged? Absolutely unacceptable (I taught swimming for years myself).

Sorry about the estranged daughter: can't be helped, but saddening for sure.

All best to you and welcome back.

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DUSTYGIRL25 8/17/2012 1:33AM

    Wow! Do I ever know wha you mean! My company is still here for 2 more months. It's getting crowded with 2 more adults & 2 kids there's a lot going on.
I bet you will really enjoy your time again.

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RANCHGAL9 8/17/2012 12:44AM

    Hey Donna - Glad that you are back, figured you were just caught up with so much work on the ranch but YIKES you really did have a heavy stress load. Always great to have the grandkids but sometimes a relief when they go home emoticon

I know what you mean about your estranged daughter because that is my case too. Hasn't spoken to me in over 2 years now. I have just tried to move on and deal with it in my own way.

Take care and hope all is going well on the ranch.

Hugs to you emoticon

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FITBIZZZ 8/16/2012 11:10PM

    *Hugs* Glad to have you back. Chin up. emoticon

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