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Rainy Friday...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hi..we've had rain off and on all day and the moisture is welcome for the pastures and tame hay :)

I helped with chores this morning and we checked over and wrote down all the tag numbers in the yearly calf pen to decide who stays and who will go to market in a few weeks...
Then I quadded the main herd of pairs..luckily I did the morning run while it was not raining..hubby was not so lucky as it was pouring rain when he checked them tonight!!

A neighbor came up this morning and borrowed a big grain auger hopper so he could unload a semi load of cleaned wheat for seeding....he stayed for coffee and a visit.

I had quite a quiet afternoon..did some internet surfing ..found a recipe on Pinterest for sour cream donuts...hubby's favorite!! so I made him a batch for a treat..they turned out yummy (too bad I had to sample them too) I kept within my calories by having lots of veggies and fish for supper....hope tomorrow's weigh in is kind to me..

No calves far..hope all this rain doesn't make more sick ones.....

Tomorrow's challenge on the 5% starfish team starts a week of eating breakfast, that's never a problem for me..I always eat breakfast..I had been having oatmeal and dates for the last few weeks but I think I'll start tomorrow having eggs and toast...for a week...what are some of your favorite breakfasts?

Well time to sign off...thanks for dropping by, have a great weekend and keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

Do more of what makes you HAPPY emoticon

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GAILRUU 4/22/2012 9:14AM

    I am so ready for spring. We are getting snow mixed with rain! I love the pictures of your cow and calf.

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GOPINTOS 4/21/2012 11:25AM

    Hope you have a great weekend also!


Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Country Living Team

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WATERMELLEN 4/21/2012 10:02AM

    I'm a Greek omelette with feta and spinach fan: find that the whack o' protein tends to stick around til lunch a bit better than the oatmeal (which I also love).

I'm taking your advice of doing more of what makes me happy! Yeah!!

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Friend's birthday party...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hi..what a great way to spend the a friend's house for her birthday. We had cake and drinks and visiting and laughs...

You wouldn't believe..we woke to snow again and then it turned to rain so the snow is gone again...

Hubby and I walked the pairs in the pasture and made sure they were all mothered up..then I helped put out feed and new straw for bedding and I forked straw in the sheds..our little sick calf from yesterday is getting better :)

I went in to make lunch and ice the birthday cake..I haven't been having great cake luck..the first cake I made yesterday was a key lime bundt that didn't rise, so I made an angel food cake..then I wanted to ice it with that pudding cool whip icicng and it got too runny..yikes..I had added lime jello for color and flavor and it looked like the cake had been slimed!!! Oh time to make a third cake and everyone at the party said it tasted good so that's the main thing :)

I knew I'd be late for supper so I put pork chops, onions and bbq sauce in the crock pot...after the party I went on into town for mail and supplies and then stopped for drinking water on the way home...when I got home I just baked some potatoes in the microwave and heated up some frozen peas...tossed myself a spinach salad and we had the flop cake and left over flop icing for dessert...

Today I joined another spark team called really caught my attention as I consider myself quite artsy....but would like to find time to be creative.. this involves some mini projects and I can't wait to get started..check it out if you would like some creative inspiration...Hey I also like getting stuff in the mail and I think we actually mail each other the art trading cards :) Will have to look into it some more...

Well, just finished off another glass of water, the hockey game is on, hubby is asleep on the couch..all is right in my world..I even have 2 new magazines to look at once I finish up my "Sparkin" :)

Another heifer calved today so we have 19 left to go..winding down feels good..oh yeah while I was gone to the party hubby caught up on the tagging and treating of the calves..oh well I can't be everywhere...

Thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

Looking forward to getting some creative juices flowing... emoticon

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BLEGNER1 4/20/2012 6:17PM

    Just might look into the mailart team. I am always looking for new ideas....

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DZINE4KING 4/20/2012 11:24AM

    Sounds like you are having fun while you are on this journey! emoticon emoticon

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XRSIZE18 4/20/2012 9:31AM

    Woohoo! Good luck with those creative juices. Inspiration bubbles over into every aspect of your life once you jump on that wagon.
Those pork chops sound delish! I may have to pull some out of the freezer today.

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    There's nothing like life on the farm. So glad you can enjoy that lifestyle. Sounds like you're having a great day too. Thanks for sharing your day!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DOODIE59 4/20/2012 8:58AM

    You have such a sunny spirit about life:)

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ROSEWCI 4/20/2012 5:50AM

    I always enJOY the sharing of your days! You amaze me! I hope you are well! Keep on Sparkin'!!!

emoticon emoticon

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My Day of Holding Down the Fort...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi..just a quick blog..I'm pooped!!

Hubby went to another pasture to help semen test bulls so I was in charge for the I did all the chores and calves..but hubby found a sick calf this morming before he left so he gave it a needle and a couple pills but wanted me to give it extra fluids so after he left I tubed is feeling better tonight.

I took some time to bake a couple cakes for tomorrow's birthday party and got the gift ready..

Watched a little bit of hockey..

Hubby got home in time for a late supper...

Now I've caught up with my internet stuff..

Time for a quick nap before midnight and the cow check..

Night all..thanks for dropping by and keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/29/2012 10:51PM

    Quick blogs are what I should be doing, at least to get something in. However I've been writing more on the planner about my personal stuff so I just can't fit everything in. Although you fit in way more than me when you are dead tired. I gotta try & keep up.
So happy the little one is feeling better.

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DOODIE59 4/19/2012 1:32PM

    I can't believe you find the time to BLOG:) I hope there are some calm days on the horizon.

Oh! And thank you for the spark goodie -- much appreciated. I'm enjoying a sunny day right now.

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Been so busy I missed yesterday's blog!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 missed blogging was a busy day..did lots of housework catchup..when I spend so much time outside the house really suffers...hubby went to town for the afternoon so I was on cow check call..and of course a cow was calving..she didn't progress until hubby came home so she calved in the evening unassisted :)

I really wished I brought my camera along while I quadded the herd last night as it was soo calm and the herd was reflected into the slough..jsut gorgeous!!

I got a couple new magazines in the mail yesterday and haven't even had a chance to read them yet!!

Today we were off early to Weyburn..quite cool and cloudy and rainy which was turning to more snow up by Weyburn...hubby had some pasture stuff to do..even tho no one knows when the pastures will close (sometime between next year and 6 years..) so it's business as usual and it was time to upgrade the computers and while hubby did up some early chores I took his computer all apart. The laptop, docking station, monitor,and printer were all replaced. Now we have a new printer that's a fax machine and scanner too...They seem to be going wild and spending their money before the pastures close..of course it will all have to go back and be disposed of when they do close..what a waste :( In the past week we've gotten the newer tractor, brand new quad, computer etc and next is going to be a newer truck....

While I was in Weyburn we did some shopping, too (we had a neighbor checking on our cows) I bought a few things for the bridal shower in May from the $ store. I also got a big set of glasses from Walmart for a shower gift. We got some had been quite awhile since I stocked up and spent a bit over $100 but got lots of freggies :) Bananas, apples, cantaloupe, spinach, peppers, sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and half price strawberries, half price sugar snap peas and half price to find out how to prepare eggplant...any one have some good recipes? Well that should keep me in freggies for quite awhile!

Lunch was at A & W and I had a grilled chicken breast on a whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomato and a coffee...we grabbed KFC for supper and I had one breast with no skin with my spinach, strawberry, mushroom and almond salad with a vinegrette dressing..very good!!

When we got home we hooked up the new computer..then started on chores.. hubby has to be gone all day tomorrow so he fed for tomorrow tonight..he has to be at another pasture all day to help semen test 80 bulls..I'm in charge of the herd again... While he fed I quadded the pairs and forked hay for our small herd of 5 bulls...

The couch is feeling mighty fine I watched a bit of hockey and am catching up on spark and other internet stuff...

Tomorrow while I hold down the fort I have to remember to bake a Birthday cake for my's her Birthday on Thursday and it's cake and party time..with her and my other best friend :) Fun times... sign off..thanks for dropping by and keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

Here's some things I'd like to share..the first is from Sparker staciepete It was on her blog is 3 things that helped her lose weight..

1..If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.

2..A goal without a plan is a wish, make a plan.

3...Defeat is temporary. Giving up is permanent.

And of course a Happiness Quote....

Seek out the happiness in all of life`s crappiness.
-Karen Salmansohn

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/29/2012 10:26PM


I was going through your blogs but I don't see anything about why they are going to close pastures. I don't know anything about how Canada does things but why would they want to close pastures that are producing cows & offspring. Seems like it's a money maker to me.
Have you ever written about this earlier? I didn't go back to your first blogs, but I think I will sometime. I copied your friends losing weight items and titled it Donna's Words of Wisdom.

Comment edited on: 4/29/2012 10:34:36 PM

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GOPINTOS 4/18/2012 7:01PM

    Same thing here. When I work outside, nothing gets done inside. Oh well. There's always tomorrow :)

Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Country Living Team

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WATERMELLEN 4/18/2012 8:13AM

    Such a fun blog: I'm going to think about happiness and crappiness all day! I had written down those three secrets too!

How lovely to be expecting kittens! Such a better way of controlling mice than . . . . mouse traps!!

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BLEGNER1 4/18/2012 2:05AM

    I wish that you had taken your camera also. I always like the little insights into your life. I have a really good camera, but so far have not use it myself and have not had time to figure it all out and I do believe that my time is going to get shorter and shorter as time goes on.
Take care of yourself and all the new babies
In my thoughts and prayers

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Cool and cloudy Sunday...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi..we had a more leisurely Sunday for a change....

It started with coffee in bed, then a long luxurious shower...a healthy breakfast, some morning chores including helping a cow calve...

When I checked last night at midnight there was another baby so we had 2 calves yesterday and 3 today so far..up to 113 calves :)

Hubby did most of the chores himself so I had a relaxing day..we watched an afternoon hockey game after lunch..then I quadded the main herd...supper was an easy oven meal of chicken and sweet potatoes, peas and salad...hubby had some of his cheesecake and I had a pear.

The 5% challenge this week is tracking freggies and I did really great with that today..12.. 1/2 a banana and some dates for breakfast, apple juice and salsa and an orange for lunch, sweet potatoes, peas, lettuce, celery mushrooms and carrots and a pear for supper (lunch was eggs and toast and supper was the chicken so I didn't just eat freggies!!) Cattle ranchers can't be vegetarians!! haha...

Tonight we have a cozy fire in the wood stove and another hockey game on tv while I spend some computer time..hubby is asleep on the couch...enjoying my 10th glass of water today..

I feel like I've finally kickstarted weight loss again..hope I can keep it going..I'd love to lose these last pounds by our anniversary in June..we are planning a trip to Las will be our 35th Anniversary and we went to Las Vegas for our great to have things to look forward to :)

Well..thanks for dropping by ..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

"The true children of God are those who let God's Spirit lead them"
Romans 8:14


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WATERMELLEN 4/17/2012 9:03AM

    Snow? Oh, no!! Absolutely unfair!!

I'm sending you some spring weather right away . . . a few of the hyacinths blooming in my garden . . . .

And: thanks for your comment on my silly boots picture: much appreciated!

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/17/2012 5:00AM

    Sounds like you finally had a day that you have deserved for so very long. So glad you finally found some time to just enjoy!
I can't believe your going to be in Las Vegas!! That is so wonderful!! I'm sure you two are going to have a great time. And you will lose those last few pounds!
I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, I'm trying to get a little caught up on the blogs I've missed .
Wow! 113 calves & still going. Woo Hoo!!

Comment edited on: 4/17/2012 5:01:44 AM

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