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Got soo much done today...

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hi...we did lots of the retagging and turning out of pairs..even tho' it was terribly windy here..I think I have half the corral in my ears and eyes :(
Helping with the feeding was bad too, and got hay all over..itchy stuff!!

I did some planning and phone calls for the bridal shower..the plans are coming along great...

I'm very stiff and sore tonight..why is it twice as hard to work in the wind?

Sorry this is such a quick head is nodding off...and I still have 1 1/2 hours til the midnight check....we've just had one calf today..getting close to 90 calves...

Thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

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LUCINDARW 4/6/2012 9:55AM

    Donna all that hard work and no sleep no wonder you got sick. Hope you get need sleep and feel better soon. Lucinda

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/5/2012 8:40PM

    You poor hard working girl you. Get some sleep. emoticon

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VICIOUS421 4/5/2012 1:27AM


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Happy Tuesday....

Wednesday, April 04, 2012 day didn't go as planned..what else is new? haha..Hubby was going to take some cattle to town after lunch and he decided to not take them..not enough were ready to go to make a load (the 2 cows that lost their calves weren't dried up enough) So instead of me staying home to check cows, we both made a quick trip to Weyburn..did a bit of shopping, some other business and paid bills, also brought chicken home for supper.

While hubby fed this morning I did some much needed yard work..uncovered some flower beds, picked up old dog bones..burned garbage..

We had 2 calves this morning and one while we were gone..all's well!
Tomorrow we're having a tagging and turn out day..and changing a bunch of cow tags so that will take a long time...

After supper I walked the main herd of cow/calf pairs while hubby brought in the herd to calve...

..then had lots of phone calls and messages...hubby's cousin phoned with the info on his Aunt's funeral..Saturday in Regina (she lived in California) Son to make sure he got home...friend who wants to put on a bridal shower for another friends future daughter in law on May niece who's getting married in see if I'll make her wedding cake...I messaged 3 cousins about the funeral details and one neighbor whose mom was a close friend of the more projects...I LOVE projects (or I wouldn't say yes to all this!!) The bridal shower will have a western theme so I've been rolling ideas around my head, my niece will have to make some decisions on the type of cake... get started on some planning for the shower..have to make the posters for Thursday..when I'm going to town again for mail...

..thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

Saw this on facebook..thought it was cute.....

Too bad duct tape can't fix stupid...
...but it can quiet the noise....


PS..while looking at wedding cakes on line I found a beach theme one that had two starfish on top (instead of the bride and groom) looked like my profile pic... haha...go Starfish...

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BLEGNER1 4/4/2012 2:28PM

    Hey how a bout making a saddle cake with two bedrolls and the bride and groom in the one.LOL

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PJH2028 4/4/2012 8:24AM

    "Too bad duct tape can't fix stupid" - Love it!

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XRSIZE18 4/4/2012 3:50AM

    Yay! Go Starfish! I have to do two wedding cakes in June. I'm excited about it now, but I know I'll be exhausted by the time it's all over.

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March recap/April goals...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hi..just a quick recap for March before I get to April Goals...

March's theme was work/aim higher...

-refresh spark page....yes

-track food/no ice cream for lent..missed 4 days tracking

-track exercise minutes..goal 1000+....2500 minutes..woohoo

-track points..goal 1000+...2243..woohoo

-eat more green foods..yes ate lots and found some it!!

-drink more green tea..could have had more but I did drink lots..

-blog daily..blogged most days/only missed a few days

-calving..we're about 2/3 done so calvings going those babies

-spring clean..40 bags..didn't quite reach my goals...have about 1/2 done

-renew my spirit...did Bible studies for Lent..:)

Still at a plateau for March..can't seem to kick it!!

Now on to April Goals...

emoticonTheme..Lighten Up

emoticonRefresh page..spring colours...(lighten up)

emoticonTrack food..aim daily (lighten up potions)

emoticonTrack exercise..goal 1000+ minutes (lighten up my body)

emoticonTrack points..goal 1000+

emoticonEat more spring foods (lighten up my diet)

emoticonDrink more tea and water (lighten up my calorie intake)

emoticonBlog daily (lighten up my mood..come on get happy!!)

emoticon More calving...last third to go (lighten up my work load)

emoticonSpring cleaning (lighten up my clutter)

emoticon5% Challenge...break that plateau (lighten up ME!)

Well there you have my April goals...

I'm still feeling quite wiped today...we tagged, treated and turned out 10 more pairs this morning after I walked the main herd of cow calf pairs..a black cow decided to smash me into the corral wall so I'm a tad stiff and sore tonight..mostly she hurt my arm, which was sore already with a bruise when the wind blew a truck door into it!! Now it has a bruise and a bump... when we stopped for coffee I returned some phone calls while hubby fed cows..his boss and an oil man were coming today for a tour of the community pasture and they arrived and took hubby on the tour..we had 2 calves today and they were both born while he was trouble, tho'

I made a big pot of chili with extra veggies and had that and leftover Easter pie for lunch..they guys stayed for lunch and a visit. Then we did some more chores and I went to town for mail and to drop off this clothes line of old bras (gag birthday "50 or bust" etc) The store where I used to work is having a surprise 60th Birthday for a coworker :) Those old bras have been around a lot!!

When I got home I returned more phone calls and then made supper of turkey and lots of veggies with mushroom soup over spagetti..and more left over pie... I had a spinach salad with my meal..

Hubby's asleep on the couch and the hockey game is on..I'll stay up for the midnight check and then wake up hubby to go to bed...

I read an interesting magazine article yesterday about calling Monday TGIM a fesh start every week..encourages you to embrace every Monday as a chance to kick-start healthy can sign up for free e-mail reminders at to help get back on track :)

Well time to veg out to the last period of the hockey game..Edmonton is losing 1 to 0 against LA..

Thanks for dropping to make some tea to soothe my throat...Keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

I was out for a walk in the beautiful sunny (not windy) day and was channelling the Partridge Family...come on every one get Happy emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/4/2012 6:36AM

    HaHaHa. . . . Love that TGIM! Ok I think next year, you need to really lighten up on your goals load. During calving season just say; Eat better, Exercise more, & Get Plenty of rest! How's that for some short goals to follow. Your daily work uses up so much energy you probaby don't need to add any extra exercise.
I love the bright colors on your Sparkpage, they are so cheerful looking. I love to change my wall pics on both SP and FB. Sound like I'm talking in code.
I love your theme & and theme song.
Good to hear from you & follow along.

emoticon emoticon

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SMWATRMLON 4/3/2012 11:26AM

    I love Mondays! Well probably because it's the start of my weekend emoticon
I also love it because it's my weekly weigh in day and 99% of the time I look forward to it.
It's also the day I meet up with my walking group and walk around a park that's so beautiful it makes me smile just being there.
I love your monthly goals.

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GOPINTOS 4/3/2012 7:08AM

    Great recap and focus on April!

Smile & Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Dr. Oz Show Fans

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XRSIZE18 4/3/2012 2:58AM

    Great goals! I actually have always loved Mondays for just that reason. I feel like it's a chance to do things right for another week. That and I go stir crazy when I have too much free time on my hands. :)

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Company has all gone home...

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hi..the weekend is over and I'm pooped..still feeling sick with hubby's cold/flu.. my nose and eyes are running, head and body aches..sneezing and coughing.... yuck!! Hubby still feels sick so this is a doozey!! My throat is really burning, too. Hope I didn't spread this to all my company!!

My daughter and her girls came down Friday night, the inlaws came over Saturday morning..son was in Regina from Saskatoon on Friday and was late for lunch Saturday because of a terrible accident about 30 miles from our place... a young girl driving a car ran a stop sign and was hit by a semi heading to Montana... the jaws of life were needed to extract her and then she was take to hopital by ambulance...hope she makes it.

Everyone is all gone now...and after helping with chores today I've been taking it easy and trying to shake this sickness...

Cavling is going great..we have 82 calves.

Wish the wind would go away..yesterday was beautiful but today the wind is back :(

Well this will be a short my head is throbbing and I should go to bed...

Tomorrow I will try to refresh my Spark page and post my new April goals... the spring challenge will have a quiet week with me feeling so crappy :( on the bright side hubby lost 13 pounds so far..but I know I had too many Easter treats.. like my world famous coconut cream pies...

Thanks for dropping by and keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/4/2012 6:11AM

    OH MY! I Love Your Pie!! I bet if you sold them online they would be world famous too. So glad the calving is going so well. May you have many more healthy ones for 2012. So glad you got to enjoy your company over for the Easter Holidays. I know it becomes so very extra busy when people come to stay, but it so much fun also.
I'm so very sorry to hear that you caught your hubby's cold or flu. I had a feeling you might just come down with it. So you know the drill. Plenty of liquids (chicken soup & water or a clear carbonated drink. Lot's of rest is needed too. I know that's nearly impossible with all that you have to do around your property. I think you two are going to need to hold each other up.
On the brighter side losing 13lbs isn't to bad. Maybe I need to get sick!

Take Very Good Care of Yourself emoticon emoticon

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GOPINTOS 4/3/2012 7:31AM

    How cute! Time to recuperate now :)

Smile & Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Country Living Team

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BOVINITY 4/2/2012 11:44PM

    Hope you are better soon!! Load up on plenty of tea, nothing better than a "cuppa" when you are sick!!

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DOODIE59 4/2/2012 7:01PM

    That's the cutest pie I've ever seen:) Hope you feel better soon.

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SMWATRMLON 4/2/2012 9:02AM

    Wow what a busy weekend!
I always hate to see accidents, I do hope she's o.k
That pie is to die for :)

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GETTHERE135 4/2/2012 7:47AM

    Such a cute pie!! Looks so tasty. Hope you and your husband feel better soon. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Company's coming tonight for early Easter...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hi..everything is ready for the cleaned, spare rooms ready, 8 dozen hot cross buns made, 2 coconut cream pies made, homemade mounds eggs made, new recipe for bunny bait made, 2 dozen eggs hard boiled for dyeing tomorrow, turkey is thawing...

I also went to town for mail and supplies today, helped with chores and calves, 5 more new calves today so far...

Hubby's asleep on couch, hockey games are on...and I'm getting sick today :(...well
I guess it was bound to happen as I've been lacking in sleep (I took the 3 am check last night) and been around hubby...hey on the bright side maybe I'll lose 13 pounds too..haha!!

Well, should go and post this before they get here...thanks for dropping by ..Keep on sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon emoticon

Have a great weekend...I'm going to enjoy early Easter even if I'm feeling sick....

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DUSTYGIRL25 4/4/2012 6:21AM

    I think I'm reading your blogs backwards from new to older. Anyway sounds like you've got everything under control. And may I ask, just how do you do it?? You should be wearing a cape with a big "S" on it . You must be SuperWoman because you do more that anyone I have ever heard of. I have family coming over Sunday & I've done nothing about planning a meal yet. Although today is my hubby's birthday and I've been very busy planning for that. I honestly wish I had your energy.
I need to blog, just can't seem to get it all in.

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MARITIMER3 4/1/2012 10:58PM

    I hope you had a great early Easter dinner with your family.

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GOPINTOS 3/31/2012 5:48PM

    Hope you are having a great time!

Smile & Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Country Living Team

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FRAN0426 3/31/2012 1:47PM

    Hope you feel better soon and have a nice weekend with you early Easter get together.

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RANCHGAL9 3/31/2012 10:20AM

    Have a super great weekend. Hope the sun shines on you. You were sure busy getting everything ready for an early Easter


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SUNSHINE084 3/31/2012 12:23AM

    Hey can you send me your recipie for your hot cross buns?

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FITANDFIFTY2 3/31/2012 12:21AM

    I hope you feel better! Enjoy your Weekend :). emoticon

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BAMAFIT2 3/31/2012 12:18AM


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