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More advice from nature...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi..thanks for all the comments yesterday...We finished swathing the green oats to just have 2 fields to swath for swath grazing...late in fall the cattle will be in it to eat with out baling or hauling and then feeding out the bales..a real time saver :) If you can believe the change in weather..I needed a coat yesterday on my cabless also has no radio and I got the old Eddy Arnold song..Cattle Call in my head and I still can't get it out know....he's brown as a berry from riding the prairie and he's singing an old western song.... inset yodelling here..haha...I'd like to know what berries are brown? Oh well, songs don't have to make sense...

Today's Advice from Nature...

Advice from a River......

Go with the flow

Immerse yourself in nature

Slow down and meander

Go around the obstacles

Be thoughtful of those downstream

Stay current

The beauty is in the journey.....

I just love these :)

By Ilan Shamir (c)

I'm just taking a little break and now I'm off to ride my x bike for 30 minutes while I listen to nature a bit..meditate a bit :) Then I'm off for more housework..why do I let this joint pile up like a pig-sty?? Anyone else housework challenged like me?? I try to do the program but really I prefer to spend more time outside...speaking of which it's time for me to pick the last of my tomatoes before the first frost...

Then when hubby comes home from riding the community pasture, we're off to the "big city" of Weyburn for supplies with a stop for tractor parts and check our herd of cattle at the far away pasture!!

The workshop..Beauty is Soul Deep.. message today will be an Angel Therapy friend is an ATP and we did a skype therapy session a few weeks back..too cool....I'm a big fan of angels :) anyone else familiar with Doreen Virtue, etc? My friend went to Hawaii for the training..too cool :)

Well, it's time to mount up on my x bike and pedal my butt off :) Thanks for dropping by.. Keep on Sparkin' and Keep on learning...

Love Donna emoticon

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YOURTRUENATURE 9/15/2011 12:49PM


I noticed our advice mentioned in your blog and wanted to write you. Isn't nature amazing? Thank you for celebrating the beauty of nature and sharing Advice with your audience. I remember the day, very vividly, when I leaned against that 100 year old cottonwood tree in Colorado and asked for its wisdom. What came through me was a gift that I am proud to share with everyone. Our poems have been very popular worldwide. Advice from Nature now appears on tshirts, greeting cards, posters, notepads, books and even pillows. It pleases me to share a message from the Earth as reminders for people to live their true nature.

It is important to keep the copyright and completeness of the poem as it is shared. I am writing to connect with you in our common bond of nature and to ask you to add information if it is not included:

1. Ilan Shamir should be noted as the author (It is spelled ILAN SHAMIR)
2. It should have (c)Ilan Shamir as the copyright. We would ask you to help us out by making the a link to our site.
3. The poem, wherever possible, should be included in its entirety. See the specific Advice poem at

I invite you to get to know us more and visit our website (we have 60+ other advice) and also the ecard that plants a tree. If you become an affiliate and put our link on your website, you can let people know about this beautiful tree gift. If you like, you can also let people know about the YouTube videos

Let your audience know I wish for their growth, connection and branching out to their full potential.

I look forward to hearing from you and together we can celebrate the beauty of trees!

Kind regards,


Ilan Shamir
Your True Nature, Inc.
(970) 282-1620<

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CAROLJEAN64 9/13/2011 11:30AM

    I loved the site and copied almost all the advice comments into my files for yoga. I shared one each with my three best friends yesterday.

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BLEGNER1 9/13/2011 11:14AM

    I hate housework. But it is a necessary evil.LOL
Thinking of you and praying for you

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MYUTMOST4HIM 9/13/2011 11:08AM

    BIKE ON!!!!

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Advice from nature..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi..I'm still on my learning journey for Sept....while on our trip to Bismark I found really cute t-shirts with advice from nature on them..hubby bought the bison one, going with the N.D. theme..I found the web site that sells them and made a mini book of the too great says..gosh I love learning from about a crisscross!! Here's the web site

Here's one for you...

Advice from a Prairie...

Explore new horizons Keep a sunny outlook Be patient through the dry spell .Stay open Listen to the wind Give yourself space Be natural!!

By Ilan Shamir (c)

Just perfect for this prairie girl :)

Today I'm learning new yoga from my book called Slim calm sexy yoga..I love yoga and this is a fun book..just went through the basic poses and can do most of them..left out the crow, the headstand and the table!! yikes too old for that...all the while I was listening to the galaxie nature music new first choice for background music..quite the meditation :)

I think I might have mentioned this self image workshop I'm doing on-line with my friend from B.C. and 30+ other;s called Beauty is Soul Deep..lots of fun so far :) besides the introductions and the workshop out line the first day was look at yourself in a full length mirror and write things you like about your self :) and today's is write the affirmation "I love and accept myself" one 3 sticky notes and place them where you'll see them and repeat several times daily :)

I had a fun weekend that included a balance of work and socializing..swathed green oats both days..enjoyed the pig roast and the 50+ friends and co-workers of hubby's..lessons learned..don't pig out at a pig roast..and don't steal the fruit bowl came home with one of their spoons in it!! haha!! Yesterday while it was too hot to bale or cut on my little open tractor we were invited to town to watch the Rider game with the slo-pitch team gang. I managed to stay on track and completely avoid the snacks and punch and had the 2 ultra light beer I brought along (back on track after pigging out) Then we didn't stay for the BBQ so had a sensible supper of grill chicken breast, 1/2 sweet potato and a spinach salad with extra veggies and a peach for dessert !! Ha lots of water, too!! Both days cuz the heat wave continued..this morning it's much cooler :)

Doing laundry and a few catch up house jobs while hubby is in the pasture..when he comes home for lunch I'll find out if we're going to Weyburn for supplies (and I can return the spoon) or back to the field for more cutting and baling...his call..

Anyway I should get back to house break is over...

Thanks for stopping by and Keep on Sparkin' and keep on learning...

Love Donna emoticon

ps..the things I wrote that I like about myself when I look in the mirror..tall, strong, healthy, and tanned from a balance of outside work and swimming with the granddaughters..what are yours?

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DUSTYGIRL25 9/13/2011 10:27AM

    Sounds like you've been busy but also having a Fun Time. Love the sounds of nature! Thanks so much for sharing the information. I'm going to check it out! emoticon

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PARKERB2 9/12/2011 5:55PM

    You are still a pretty busy lady. The weather has cooled down here a bit. I have gained some weight this summer and I must start over. But the things I like about my body is my legs. I have managed to get them pretty brown over the summer with the walking I did so they are about the best part of me. I've got to work on most other parts. Have a good night. emoticon

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GEEKSMEGGLY 9/12/2011 5:31PM

    Thanks for the advice from the prairie!

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CAROLJEAN64 9/12/2011 2:52PM

    Have to add another comment. Just spent easily 40 minutes on the site.... wonderful.

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BLEGNER1 9/12/2011 2:34PM

    I shucked off my clothes and looked in the mirror and got scared!!!LOL I have not been commenting on blogs lately but I have been trying to keep current with reading them.
iT SOUNDS AS Though you and the hubby have gotten a little breating spell. This summer has been hot all over. We have had a little break but the temps have been rising gradually every day. Today it should be around 90 again. We do have a nice breeze and are keeping curtains closed that as the sun moves we can block it from heating the house. When I get finished with what I am doing at this moment I will be going to the garage and running the sweeper, moving things around and getting in the big freezer and moving things from the bags I put them in when the freezer was moved and getting them back on the shelves so I can actually get to things. This evening I will see about getting out to the front flower beds and start doing some cleaning.
I am not writing about things that I like about myself when I look in the mirror because right now I am more than a little disgusted with myself as I have gained almost ten pounds in the last month. I am determined to get it back off and get back on the downhill slide.
God bless

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CAROLJEAN64 9/12/2011 2:24PM

    I loved reading your blog and can't wait to go to that website. I teach yoga and like to end classes with inspirational quotes... but I can find a few there.
Let's see.... three things about me
1. My health is the best it has ever been.
2. My body responds to me and I listen to it.
3. I see a smile, either actual or lurking around the corner.

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Water 101....

Friday, September 09, 2011 was easy to get my water was sweltering hot here and I spent the day quadding the community pasture west block of cows and then the bull herd and then home to check our bull herd and 2 herds of our cows..then the rest of the day was spent on an open tractor swathing green oats!!

So the water was easy to drink way more than 8 glasses :) What are some ways you use to get enough water..I'm on the lookout for learning new and better ways. Once it cools off I do sometimes include herbal tea in my water log..but not coffee...gosh I'd be way over since I'm a coffee fiend!! At least it has no calories and doesn't affect my sleep....

Back to more goals..I've refreshed my spark page and picture :)

I still need to down load the calendar for 30 days of ways to eat more fruits and veggies. \My salsa turned out great yesterday..I made a double batch so that should keep me til next year. Hubby doesn't like salsa so it's all for me :) Some times I add it to chili and he doesn't even know...yesterday I also made a pear apple crisp but with fresh pears..yum yum!!
Rider was here for lunch yesterday, too. Hubby is back at work and his rib has healed some I guess...can't keep men from doing what they shouldn't!! I went out swathing oats yesterday but didn't go for very long and had a break down (hubby also had a break down :( ) So I went to the house and baked some of my world famous oatmeal cookies for tomorrows big get together. The pasture crew is getting together for a pig roast and pot luck. So I'm bringing cookies, fruit and pasta salad. It's tomorrow for supper and about 60 people will be there :)

Something new I tried this fall is plum perogies..the neighbors are always raving about them so I have a case of plums here so tried some..not really a favorite of hubby's or mine either... just love to try new things..\i guess my own cooking to learn new things :) I have a huge fruit bowl on the table with apples, peaches, plums and pears :) yum yum..I've done good with my apple a day so far, also remembering to take vitamins...

September is going great so far and I've already lost a couple of pounds :)

Now for something new..a friend of mine is doing an e-mail's called Beauty is Soul Deep..a self awareness starts Sunday for 6 weeks..I'll keep you far the start up has been fun.. there's about 30 people doing it and we've been all introducing our selves on line.

Well I should close and do somemore internet surfing :)

Thanks for dropping by and keep on Sparkin' Keep on learnin'

Love Donna emoticon

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MYUTMOST4HIM 9/13/2011 11:10AM

    I have a counter filled with produce. I love it!!!

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WATERMELLEN 9/10/2011 9:59PM

    Oh, my: gotta say, I don't log my water. Just a minor act of rebellion. And that's because most of my water drinking is in the form of . . .coffee . . . yeah!!. With remaining fluids acquired through fruits, veggies, soup . . . Bad bad bad. But I gotta permit myself a little sin or I'd be impossibly self-righteous, and that's not good either, right?

I've been thinking about making an apple crisp with the tart new apples: lower cal/fat/sugar than apple pie, more fibre (oatmeal) and so delish warm with just a little PC Blue Menu vanilla ice cream! But your pear version sounds terrific too!!

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MARITIMER3 9/10/2011 4:14PM

    I love to hear about your life! I've never known anyone who actively farmed before, and it's fun to hear about all the different jobs that you do. The big get-together tonight sounds wonderful. My DH and DD are off to Ottawa today, back Monday night so I'm on my own, and getting all kinds of jobs done. We are selling a set of bunk beds, and I've been cleaning up the room (which has become a catch-all) so that it will be tidy when people come to look at the beds. Once they are gone, we will put in our daughter's single bed and a big table where I can leave the sewing machine set up. There are already several bins of fabrics, quilt batting and yarn. We also hide, and wrap Christmas presents in that room, so there are bins of wrapping paper, tags, ribbon, etc. There is also a small tv and vhs player in there, and there will be enough floor space for me to use the exercise ball, bands, weights, etc. I'm really looking forward to a room just for me!

Enjoy tonight,
Gail emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 9/10/2011 3:26PM

    Good for you on the water drinking! I still have a hard time getting 8 glasses in no matter how hot it is. The salsa sounds delish! To bad your hubby doesn't like salsa because yours sounds like something to not pass up.
And best of all, Yay for you for being down a couple more pounds!
emoticon emoticon

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GETTHERE135 9/10/2011 10:33AM

    Good for you, sound like you are right on track. Congratulations on the weight loss. I like to get in my water by having a water bottle that I know holds three cups of water and drink it with exercise and breakfast, fill it again and drink again through lunch and then I fill another large glass that holds two more cups with dinner. By the end of the day I have had eight and it takes a lot of the thought out of it, and if I am thirsty I just get in more water for the day.

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The learning continues...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hi..I'm back to class this morning before I start on the day's work...

I get newsletter's from and today's book feature was called The Choice.

It really spoke to's some quick notes (I'm crazy that way I love to take notes..on books and websites and magazines no wonder my house is a disaster area..oh yeah I have notes on how to clean and organize too hahah)


-to start a business

-your attitude


-to make a difference

-not to give up


-to Love

"Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely" Karen Kaiser Clark

The first September goal is Vitamins 101
I have a really hard time remembering to take them!! At least bottles last a long time haha. But I know one step toward getting healthy is to include I take a multi for over 50. Vit C,Vit D, Vit E, Calcium, Omega 3 and mini ASA...What do you take?I have one of those pill sorter and leave it on the cupboard..also I take with lots of water so that boosts my water far I've done really well in the remembering department for Sept so far...I read an article about "crisscross" how one healthy area will help the water/vitamin thing. I love that and find that in all areas of my a circle :)

More goals are to learn about nutrition and eat healthy!! I love the Spark monthly calendars to down load and September is 30 ways to eat more fruits and veggies..fits right into my topic, also the crisscross is fall is time to harvest my garden etc so lots of healthy fruits and veggies going on there. I've harvested my apple tree and sliced and froze bags and bags of apples :) I made a big batch of tomato sauce and froze it in bags too, made fridge pickles and today I'm making easy salsa. My favorite recipe is from a school cook book and either the student or the typer wrote...scold the tomatoes instead of scald me a chuckle everytime I make it!! I'm off to get some onions for the recipe (Thanks Spark friend/onion lady!!)

My September mini theme is also Apples..note the apple them throughout..I think I'll add an apple a day to my healthy eating and to keep the doctor away..haha. Yesterday we were up to Weyburn and I stocked up on some eating delicious..and some apple juice and unsweetened apple sauce from the Dollar store..what a deal (always the bargain hunter..could add a class..Shopping 101 haha) Can't wait for the new crop of B.C. mac to hit the stores!! I have one of those gadgets that cuts and cores an apple if I don't feel like just eating it out of my hand. Where I grew up on a farm about 20 miles east of here we had a giant apple orchard so fall always included the big apple harvest and Aunts would come over and have pie making bees...such happy memories :)

Well as you can tell..I'm just typing to postpone making the's really easy since I bought a food processor but the scalding the tomatoes is always messy!!!

Thanks for stopping by..keep on Sparkin' ...Keep on learning

Love Donna emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 9/10/2011 3:30PM

    Ohhh....I really like this one! Your goals are excellent. I may need to borrow your motivating words and hang them up. Sometimes its so easy to get off track, and some new words of wisdome will always help.

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BLEGNER1 9/9/2011 11:00PM

    I admire all that you are getting done. None of my fruit or vegetables have done well this year. I will not be doing any freezing or canning again this year. I will have to see what next year brings, but I don't believe I will be putting out much of a garden. I have all winter to think about it and plan. My onions are small and so are my potatoes. I did dig up some potatoes today and nuked them to go with my dinner. They are really good, just small.
Time to go my dear frien
God bless

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WATERMELLEN 9/8/2011 10:14PM

    You are so amazingly busy all the time . . . love to read about it, but take my hat off to the gal who's actually doing all of it!!

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ELLIE-1220 9/8/2011 5:21PM

    I love this blog!!! Very chill... and brought a smile to my face when you reminded me of apple season! We went picking last year with our 3 boys, and then made lots and lots of applesauce! It's delish!

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September Goals....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Hi just a quick blog with an outline of September's goals....My theme for September has always been Back to and learning so here goes...I hope to learn new ways to get healthy in all areas of my life...

emoticon Daily vitamins 101

emoticon Daily water 101

emoticon Daily exercise 101 (including 50 jumping jacks, x-bike and yoga)

emoticon Yoga 101

emoticon Nutrition 101

emoticon Refresh spark page 101

emoticon Fall cleaning 101

emoticon Fall farm work 101

emoticonNature 101

emoticon Photography 101

emoticon Hot stone massage 101

There..that should keep me learning and growing (or should I say shrinking for Sept!!)

please feel free to help me with any of my subjects as I welcome all tutors :)

More on each goal far I've taken my vitamins, did 50 jumping jacks and rode the x-bike..drank some water so I'm off to have a healthy breakfast....

Thanks for dropping by..keep on Sparkin' friends..see you in class....

emoticon Love Donna

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!

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DUSTYGIRL25 9/7/2011 11:14PM

    Ohhhh...very nice. I love these goals. I like that you also included fun goals along with your getting healthy goals. Actually mental health is a large part of getting healthy isn't it.

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MARITIMER3 9/7/2011 10:23PM

    You're going to be one busy woman!
Gail emoticon

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WATERMELLEN 9/7/2011 7:22PM

Your goals sound great!!

May I also recommend: Fall Fun 101?? Yeah!!

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GETTHERE135 9/7/2011 10:48AM

    Good for you. I have been doing some fall cleaning and organizing myself, not too bad since I did some heavy duty organizing last year, but my best advice is to break it up into small steps. That way you can accomplish each task(s) and feel good about getting it done without feeling like it took you all day or left you feeling overwhelmed. My theory is do it right, do it once and before you know it will all be done. emoticon

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