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Quick Monday blog...

Monday, February 07, 2011

Hi just a quick blog..I made a huge pot of chili/taco soup and had that for lunch with some cornbread muffins. Hubby had a meeting this afternoon and he needed a haircut bad, so I cut his hair this morning...baked some cookies, played crib just a usual Monday.Did 55 minutes on my bike..

Supper was noodle bowls with chinese stir fry veggies and grilled chicken breasts.

Day 7's tip ..Go nuts..almonds, cashews, flaxseed etc..what ever are your favorites..I like pecans :)

Gotta go..will blog more tomorrow..thanks for stopping by..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon


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DUSTYGIRL25 2/8/2011 1:53AM

    Good Job!! So cute cutting your hubby's hair. Cookies?? Yummmm.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CAPTAINCOOKIE 2/7/2011 11:07PM

    I got winded just reading that. We had chicken enchilada soup tonight when we went to see our favorite Irish Musicians. God Bless

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Happy Sunday..everyone..

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hi..I'm having beer tonight ..not with the super bowl as hubby has the remote and he's not really a football fan..I've seen the score about 4 times..hubby's a real channel 20 channels a minute!! That's why I'm usually on the lap top in the evenings..there's never a chance to watch a whole show!! Oh well..there's probably stuff I do that drives him crazy!! haha!

It got quite cold here again..I was out helping hubby with chores..swinging the gate to the bulls and not letting the bulls out or cows in..I also dumped the kitty litter, and the scrap recycling pail. My less garbage plan is working really takes way longer to fill the garbage when I sort out all the recyclables and hubby doesn't complain about the wet garbage not burning :) March is usually my month to think green but it's never to early to recycle more!!

I rode my bike for 40 minutes today and then went out for some fresh air and lots of walking and a bit of snow shovelling since it snowed over night. Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was eggs on toast with salsa, V8 and grapes. Super was a large salad and a couple chicken wings and oven wedges..then for dessert.. a small cherry tart and a dab of ice cream...

I spent the afternoon sorting through some gardening books, magazines and articles and finding tons to put in the stove and recycling bin :) I also made up categories in page protectors so I can find the articles I want to keep way easier :) It helped me think of spring and gardening :) I might try some new things in the garden again this year..last year I grew kale for the first time..this year I might try eggplant and some squash..any body have any luck growing those?? Can you even grow eggplant in Saskatchewan?? I'll have to look into that.

Well hubby flipped to catch the end of the game and Green Bay did win..see karma and my shirt..haha :)

Tip #6 is Slow down..for a healthier heart..meditate, yoga, journaling, talking and exercise are all listed as ways to unwind and relax for a healthier heart..those all sound great..this blog is my journal, I did lots of exercise today and ,of course, my share of talking!!haha :)

I should go work some more on my garden files or play a computer glad you stopped by for a chat..keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon


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PARKERB2 2/7/2011 2:37PM

    My Bh surfs too. Mainly the boring channels. I get mad and start reading.

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APMAC_D 2/7/2011 8:59AM

    Sounds like a good Sunday :) I think most men are big channel flippers LOL

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KMICHA 2/7/2011 5:47AM

    This is the time of year when it is fun to pull out the garden stuff and begin to dream of the flower and veggie gardens. Great job on the exercise today! Hope you have a Super Sparkin Monday!

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DUSTYGIRL25 2/7/2011 12:38AM

    HaHaHa, my hubbys a channel surfer too! Drives me nuts. I'm always on the compute also. That way if he has something on I don't like, it doesn't matter.

Your chores sound like a lot of hard work compared to mine, I mean bulls. I guess I could count trying to get the screen door shut before the dogs rush in as hard work. Ok, maybe not.

I do like the idea of sorting of magazine articles into something for keeping the important things.

Thanks for sharing your day.


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GOT2BMEMOMMYOF3 2/6/2011 11:24PM

    I've got the talking and journaling part down too!!! lol Enjoy looking at new things to try in your garden!! Thanks, always, for your comments on my blog!

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MT-MOONCHASER 2/6/2011 10:49PM

    Do you suppose garden planning will make spring come faster?


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RPM123 2/6/2011 10:45PM

    Sounds like a great day, I actually resisted the beer tonight, it was tough!

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Hi..February 5 tip from calendar...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The 5th tip from the calendar is boost your HDL..with exercise and eating nuts, olive oil, flax and fish oil :)..

How's everyone's weekend so far? We went to a neighbor's for coffee this afternoon and had a really good visit :) Then we stopped for water at the local well..just a couple miles from our farm...we really don't live very close to any towns..The town we get our mail at is 20 miles away. Our usual shopping city is Weyburn about 10,000 pop and around 70 miles away. So it is kind of an all day journey to shop..and an hour's drive to get the mail, round trip.

I had an egg and cheese bagel for lunch with V8 juice and for dessert a left over pumpkin pancake..tastes just like cake :)..Supper was grilled steak, noodles, peas and cauliflower :) and a tossed salad with romaine, radishes and mushrooms.

I rode my bike for 30 minutes this morning. I made some fire starters for our wood stoves... with coffee grounds in cup cake liners and wax poured over. When I was sorting yesterday in the basement I found some candle making supplies and candles from one of my daughter's crafts stash. I actually found a Green Bay Packers t-shirt in with her stuff, too..she always loved to go to Plentywood, Montana and shop the second hand stores. She lives in Alberta, now. Anyway I'm wearing the t-shirt for the super bowl all though I don't have a favorite team, just can't believe I actually found a team t-shirt in my basement?? Karma, anyone...

We're watching a hockey game tonight on tv and I'm soon gonna get a pot of tea going and grab my square of my dark chocolate..Hope you're finding something fun and special to do this Saturday and Sunday...

I was down one pound when I weighed this morning so I was very happy with that..over the holidays my weight crept up and I managed to get back to pre-December weight and now this is the first time to be down from feels good..can't wait for my spa weekend :) and my new bathing suit :)

Well, thanks for all your comments and for stopping by for a chat and a cup of tea..what kind are you having? I'm making Raspberry thriller..yum raspberry and chocolate :) Take care, have a great weekend and keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon


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ONECOOKIETWO 2/6/2011 2:18PM

    You keep it up Donna. You are faced in the right direction. Follow your nose.

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KMICHA 2/6/2011 5:53AM

    Good tip! Way to go! Down a pound! Keep up the good work! I'm having coffee, but the raspberry tea with a chocolate square sounds very appealing! Enjoy your day!

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DUSTYGIRL25 2/6/2011 3:39AM

    Sounds like another great day of meeting your goals, not to mention finding hidden treasures.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MT-MOONCHASER 2/5/2011 10:24PM

    Have a good weekend.


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RPM123 2/5/2011 10:21PM

    Go packers! Thanks for the tip.

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Wearing red for heart month :)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hi..I have a red t-shirt on today and Valentine undies with red hearts (too much info..haha)
I am focusing on having a healthy heart this month, too..with improving my diet, exercising, and thinking and reading about other ways to get healthy :)

Today was a great day..mild and melting..hubby blew snow so the fuel truck could get in the yard !! I actually sorted junk in the does all that accumulate down there? I really wish I wasn't so housekeeping impaired!! Oh well we can't all be good at every thing, haha!!

I enjoyed my chocolate fix today;, brought hubby breakfast in bed..usually he's up way before me :) part of my romancing haha...The last couple mornings I've had pumpkin oatmeal yumyum, for lunch we finished the hamburger soup and had beef sandwiches. Supper was grilled halibut, corn, mashed potatoes and tossed salads.

I made some phone calls, read some magazines, rode 30 minutes on my bike..on the 28 day calendar today's tip was exercise for 30 minutes..I plan to ride my bike for at least 30 minutes a day in February!!

Now I'm relaxing with a cup of that pomegranate superfruit tea and watching a hockey game.
I watched Dr. Oz and he had another use for get rid of dark circles and bags under eyes apply a small amount of olive oil then hold damp, chilled tea bags on your eyes...neat hey! I read three more uses for tea in one of the magazines I bought use tea as stock..add brewed tea to broth; as a rub ..grind loose tea or open a bag and grind and add to spices to rub on meat; as a marinade..warm 1 tsp black tea in 1 cup orange juice let stand 5 minutes then strain or remove bag..good with seafood :) I think I already shared to make oatmeal in tea..I read that awhile ago, too!!

Well, I'm almost done my glad you could stop by for a chat and a cup of tea..I really appreciate all your comments!! Hope your weather is improving like ours is..we're in for another cold spell on Monday but at least we'll have a few nice days. I was really happy to spin 25 points today..woohoo!! Keep on Sparkin'

Love Donna emoticon


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WINE4GIRL 2/6/2011 7:58AM

    Thanks for going Red!
I enjoyed reading your blog - you sound like a busy lady!

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ROSEWCI 2/5/2011 7:46PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy Valentine!

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GOT2BMEMOMMYOF3 2/5/2011 2:31PM

I love the undies bit!! lol

I'm houskeeping impaired too...ya just can't master everything!!! hehe...

Don't spoil hubby toooooooooooooo much...he might start wondering where his b'fast is EVERY morning!!

Take care and hope u have a great weekend!!!


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WATERMELLEN 2/5/2011 11:40AM

    I wore red yesterday as well . . . long sleeved silky turtleneck, no further info to be provided . . . and am similarly "housekeeping impaired!!"

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DUSTYGIRL25 2/5/2011 3:45AM

    You did have a good day. Cleaning, cooking and exercising.

I never knew there were so many uses for tea besides drinking it.

Also, so sweet of you to bring your hubby breakfast in bed.

Here's to a healthy heart!

emoticon emoticon

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LINDA! 2/4/2011 11:47PM

    It sounded like a pretty good day!!

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Enjoying a square of dark Belgian chocolate..yumyum!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hi..We went to Weyburn today and as a treat I bought a large (40 squares) bar of dark Belgium chocolate..appropriate since I'm half Belgian :) fits in perfectly with my daily chocolate treat for February..and under 50 calories a square I can easily fit 1 square into my daily calories..even have some to share with hubby :)

I had a good shopping day and spent alot of time having coffee..we went out for lunch with a gift card..I had a grilled chicken breast on a bun and a tossed salad with tomato and cucumbers. Then we ran into neighbors at Walmart so went for coffee, then went to hubby's office and had coffee there, too. I got lots of healthy things for groceries..beans, canned and dried, fresh and frozen fruits and veggies..and a gift card for Father-in-laws birthday gift so he can fill up gas a few times on us..what do you get a man over 80 for a gift?? Also at Walmart I bought a baby photo album for a close friend for her birthday next month..her daughter is expecting triplets in a couple weeks!! How exciting!! She already has two kids so she will have her hands full!!! Part of my friend's gift is a coupon for me to help her scrapbook the album :) Also at Walmart I bought a new bathing suit for my spa old ones are too big :) I love it!!!

When we got home from town hubby did night chores while I put away the groceries..then he had a micro-wave plate of beef pot roast and I had a beef wrap with horse raddish and spinach for supper.

Of course I picked up 3 magazines in town so now I have some new reading :)

I've been enjoying the healthy heart tips from the 28 days to a healthy heart calendar :) I forgot to list yesterdays..don't smoke..that's an easy one for me since hubby and I both quit smoking before we got married almost 34 years ago!!! Today's tip is monitor cholesterol intake..another way to follow a healthy diet :)

Well I'm off to read some magazines..I think we're having beer tonight instead of tea..hubby's idea...I was telling my sister on the phone yesterday about this new beer we bought in Williston..the states has such neat and different beers..anyway it's cowboy coffee beer and I said 2 favorite things and she said beer and cowboys? so I said oh, okay my 3 favorite things beer, coffee and cowboys (since hubby's a cowboy, of course!!) haha!

Thanks everyone for stopping by for a chat and thanks for all your great comments..they are so appreciated!! Keep on Sparkin' and Happy February!!

Love Donna emoticon


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PARKERB2 2/4/2011 12:04PM

    Ditto for me on the chocolate! Hope you enjoy it. I might break down and have some barbeque potato chips for a snack this afternoon. 1 oz shouldn't hurt much. Enjoy your beer with the hubby. Cowboys rock. Keep Sparking. Have a good weekend. emoticon

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KMICHA 2/4/2011 6:03AM

    Yummy! I can almost taste your chocolate! emoticon

What a delightful day you and hubby shared. Where you live, going to town sounds like it can be an all day event! Sure is a lot different the hopping in the car and driving 5 minutes to the local stores! I'm sure you have a greater appreciation for shopping day!

How was the beer? My hubby and son are making some; the first batch shud be done by Sunday.

Have a great day! Wear red!

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TRIGFROST 2/4/2011 5:35AM

    emoticon Dark choclate is something I have to stay away from..."Headaches"...but I love Milk Chocolate like MnM candy
...but Yours sounds Great....Enjoy yourself... emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 2/4/2011 4:10AM

    Here's to emoticon, emoticon, emoticon & emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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