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December's Goals..hohoho

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

emoticonHi..I've been searching for ideas for December's goals..since I was really happy with my progress in November I'll follow a similar plan:)

December's theme is Faith..besides the obvious Christmas reference..I have faith in myself to met my goals. Faith I can get back on track after bad days, faith that spark people is the right program for me :) It's working so great!!

emoticonTea worked so great for November so of course tea is on my list, I have some special candy cane tea and peppermint tea and of course cinnamon spice tea and what ever new and fun teas I can find..I might even ask for tea for Christmas :)

emoticonExercise, exercise, exercise!!! ride my bike, work outside, keep moving at least 30 minutes a day :)

emoticonWater..8 glasses everyday plus tea :)

emoticonHealthy foods..remember portion sizes, keep treats to small amounts..remember it's a holiday not a holi-month!!

emoticonHome improvements..keep on painting etc..even post progress pics..finally :)

emoticonChristmas preparation..finish early and having everything ready so I have time to myself :)

emoticonStreaks..keep entering food, water, exercise, points, and blog daily:)

emoticonMake time for something special daily for me..ex bubble bath, manicure, read an inspirational story, watch holiday tv..etc :)

emoticonGive something to somebody daily..and fun tip, a goodie , an encouraging comment, etc :)

emoticonGoal weight for end of December...195 :)

emoticon emoticon

Well, those are my December's goals..hope you all keep coming by for tea..Christmas tea :) We went to Weyburn today, did some shopping..I'm almost finished shopping :) I got some more rug shampoo so I can get back to that tomorrow..hopefully painting, too.

I didn't go to yoga tonight, I'm stiff and sore tonight so thought I should just hang at home. I can do a yoga video any 10 free sessions at the gym wasn't this yoga.

We checked cattle on our way out and again when we got home. We're still keeping an eye on the oil site..drilling is coming along, if they find oil they are moving the rig west a bit and drilling another hole right away.

I should go for now and track my food and exercise and make some tea..peppermint I think :)

Thanks everyone for stopping for tea and a chat..I was really happy at how many of you have stopped by and commented on my blog..with friends like you the hospitality came easy....Stop by for Christmas tea any time..I wish you all the peace, calm and happiness of the season.....
Love, Donna

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    Good goals! YOu always inspire me to do mine! Now that I'm home again, I put it on my list for tomorrow...stay tuned!

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GOGOMAMA 12/5/2010 11:33AM

    Thanks for the tea! Great goals! It's very encouraging to see someone working hard to meet their goals! emoticon

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KMICHA 12/2/2010 5:57AM

    Sounds like you have your game plan in place for the month. I know you'll stck to it and reach your December goals. Keep up the good work . . . and thank for the tea! Yummy choice!

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DUSTYGIRL25 12/2/2010 3:17AM

    I love your new background pictures. And I really do love your your December Goals. In fact I love your blog. Setting your goals for the month is such a good idea. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.
You are doing wonderful!!


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DESERTDREAMERS 12/1/2010 11:10PM

    Great goals, Donna. I always like the idea of tea, but almost never brew it for myself. Weird, huh? emoticon

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MIRAGE727 12/1/2010 10:47PM

    Wow! Great game plan. Sure woke me up to put something in concrete for December. I'm sure you will score big Santa points with that goal list.
Thanks for sharing.

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Black cherry berry tea..yumyum :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi..just relaxing with a pot of black cherry berry tea..quite delicious!
Today was a good lots done..rode bike while hubby fed bales, went to town for groceries, mail and dinner (I had a chicken breast on a bun and a large tossed salad..dressing on bite of hubby's strawberry rhubarb pie with whipped cream :) and coffee) I mailed most of my Christmas cards today..just have the ones to my nieces and nephews left to mail..they need extra postage so I'll mail them tomorrow in Weyburn and one left to get a new address for. When we got home I shampooed more rugs, started to put up Christmas lights..too cold on the fingers,,brrr and checked cows and chopped water hole with hubby. Had a supper of left over beef and potatoes and carrots.

I bought a few more gift cards when I was in town..the local Co-op handles gift cards for lots and lots of different places now, so got a book store one for my oldest sister and a couple restaurant gift cards for brother-in-laws and friends.

We just got finished moving the old shuffle board table to the basement from the family room so I can put up book shelves along the long wall. Unfortunately he had a temper tantrum since it was so hard..took us about 10 minutes. I hate to ever ask him for any help since he always has a fit :( oh well..serves me right for marrying a red headed Englishman!!

Well on to happier stuff..I'm going to recap my progress on November goals....

emoticon Tea..I amped up tea and water mostly daily and it really helped with weight loss. I also had fun focusing on tea and hospitality..I blogged about tea lots and had tons of sparkers stop by for a chat and cup of tea.

emoticon Amp up exercise..rode my bike most days, also did lots of farm work and house renos...

emoticon Amp up water..drank my 8 glasses daily and extra tea on most days.

emoticon Healthy foods..almonds and tea for snacks most days, berries on some days. Also tried to stay within calorie ranges.

emoticon Stay home more..than hasn't happened much..but when I ate out I tried to limit calories...

emoticon Home improvements..still have a ways to go but I have my bathroom painted, kitchen painted, first coat on the family room, some of the porch painted, new lino bought for the porch, walls almost ready to paint in the living room. I've been shampooing the carpets . Before Christmas I want to finish painting, put up some new curtains, buy new blinds and a medicine cabinet, install the porch lino and put together the bookcases I bought for the family room. Now that my daughter that can't come home for Christmas is coming home the weekend before Christmas so I have one less week to get all this finished and get ready for Christmas...

emoticon Christmas preparations..are coming along great except for the house renos..I've finished my cards and mailed most of them, most of the gifts are bought, and all the ingredients for baking are ready and I just need to start..
plus I'm baking less this year and giving some of what I bake as gifts...

emoticon Streaks..I logged on everyday and got points, tracked food, water and exercise everyday and blogged everyday but 2 or 3.

emoticon Charting..I was going to chart on the fridge different things like how many miles I've ridden my bike but that didn't happen..too busy..

emoticon Reach onederland..woo hoo I'm 197...

Thanks for stopping by for a cup of tea and a chat..I really appreciate all the support and comments..glad you all stopped by for a cup of hospitali "tea"

I've been working on December's goals..that's tomorrow's blog...

Have a great evening and keep on Sparkin'

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PARKERB2 12/1/2010 3:14PM

    You are one busy lady. How do you do it all. I've bought a few presents but have several more to go. Christmas cards not done yet, will work on them this weekend. Will look forward to your Dec. goals. Have a good day. The weather's turned cold here in Asheville, NC after a very warm Nov. emoticon

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KMICHA 12/1/2010 6:20AM

    Way to go!!! you had an awesome month. I need to find the time to update my sparks page and set some new goals too! I think you sent your cold weather here. Brrrr . . . Happy December!

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BIGBADMOMMABEAR 11/30/2010 11:07PM

    Thanks for the reminder that it's time to reflect on Nov and set new Dec goals. Been hectic the last few days and I'm leaving for a few days in Edmonton to see my friend who had bypass surgery (44 year old, 5'8" and 116lbs, very fit - the LAST person you'd expect would have a heart attack!).

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Grey Cup party recap...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi..just relaxing with a pot of cinnamon spice tea. Sunday was a busy day, as usual around here..We sorted the calves from the cows first thing yesterday morning, then we loaded the calves up and hauled them to Assiniboia. We watched them weigh for the pre-sort sale on Tuesday. Then we did a bit of shopping and went out for lunch :) The weather was quite nasty with snow and wind and icy roads. We stopped in town for the mail. When we got home we did chores and got ready for the Grey Cup party. All the ball team was there. We had chili for supper and snacks and drinks.

The party was fun..the game not so much, since the Riders didn't win. The youngest member of our slo-pitch team is also the fitness instructor and she's starting yoga classes on Wednesday I'm going to try to go. She was really funny, she asked where my butt went? haha. Nice compliment :)

Today I slept in..then rode bike for 30 minutes while hubby brought bales to the herd. Then we had lunch and tried to load that broken tractor again..plan B didn't work either :( We went to chop a water hole for the herd and check them and visit at the oil site. Then we finally cut and wrapped our deer and ground up lots for burgers and sausage patties.

Hubby's asleep on the couch with the remote in his hand. I just finished talking to middle daughter..she can't come home for Christmas so she's coming the weekend before..when my sister and I were going to the spa in Moose Jaw...plans can be changed :) either we'll just go Friday or go a different time.

Tomorrow I'll try to recap November's goals and I've been thinking about December's goals, too.

I better be off to bed, I think we may be going to Weyburn tomorrow,,hmmm wonder when I'll get back to I have one less week to finish since daughter is coming home early and bringing a friend :) I have less than 3 weeks to be ready!!!

Have a great day tomorrow and keep on Sparkin'

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KMICHA 11/30/2010 5:54AM

    Yikes! Sounds like winter has definitely arrived there! The life of a farmer and his wife, never ending work! What a great compliment from your friend. Nothing like heading into the holiday season with a nice boost to the ego!!! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Agribition was very disappointing :(

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hi I`m just relaxing with a pot of Warmth cinnamon spice tea. We went to Regina yesterday. We did a bit of shopping at super Walmart (did a bit more Christmas shopping) Then we went over to Agribition and there was NO PARKING so we went shopping instead...if we didn`t have rodeo tickets we would have gone home. They keep building more buildings so they have hardly any space left to park..very disappointing! We used to go every year but it`s just the same old we went back just for the rodeo. We got home after midnight so I didn`t blog yesterday.

Today we went to the oil site and visited with the`s going really slow. Then we checked cows, hubby fed cows, I rode my bike and started to shampoo the carpets..I did the hallway, then I worked a bit on the wallpaper border..still need to finish taking it off. Then a neighbor came up to try to load a tractor onto our trailer so we could haul it to town to get fixed. We couldn`t get it loaded so on to plan B. The neighbor came in for coffee. Then hubby went to round up the last little herd of cows that still have their calves and put them in the corrals to haul to town tomorrow. While he was gone I shovelled some snow and hauled a calf sled of wood to the house for the wood stove.

We had chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans for supper I also had a spinach salad with mushrooms and red peppers.

We had some mini donuts at the rodeo but I was able to resist the fudge :) I weighed 197 this`s been a great is almost time to recap November goals!! Where did the month go to...

There is another Oilers game on tonight but we might not stay up for the end..11:30!! too late when we have to sort and load calves bright and early tomorrow! The game is tied at 1 in the first period. Tomorrow we`re invited to a Grey Cup party..have to see what tine we get home from Assiniboia. In Walmart yesterday I bought a Riders T-shirt that was hanging at the was an XL so I thought it would fit..held it up..figured it was a ladies it home and it`s a wee bit snug and I realised it`s a kids XL and it fits me!!! wow!!!

Just about finished my pot of tea..thanks for dropping by for a cup of tea and a chat :) Thanks for all the comments on my blogs..I appreciate your support...
Keep on Sparkin and have a great Sunday!!


Oh by the way the weather has warmed up :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JILLINWONDER 11/30/2010 7:02PM

    Wow, an XL kids size and it fits. You're doing great. Must be all the tea you're drinking. Hope it will work for me too. emoticon

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DUSTYGIRL25 11/28/2010 2:02PM

    Looks like you had another busy and fun filled day. And it sounds like your home is coming along. Yay for you! emoticon

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SUNSHINE084 11/28/2010 12:31AM

    Hey I am sorry to hear that argibition was not that great this year. I think more Americans are coming down... thus no where to park... They haven't added any more buildings I don't think??? or did they? We are going to a Grey Cup party as well. I am so excited. I am hoping the Riders win.... If they do...
"we can paint the world green" lol

Have a good day!

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BIGBADMOMMABEAR 11/28/2010 12:25AM

    I did have a few beer tonight instead of tea!


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Beer and hockey..again!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hi..I'm just having a beer and watching an Oiler's's tied at 2 with 5 minutes left...It was really cold this morning but it's warming up tonight. Tomorrow it's supposed to be around -8 C so that's a major warm up!! So we got tickets for the rodeo tomorrow night and are going to Agribition in Regina. It's a big trade show and cattle show for those of you not from Saskatchewan!! Then every evening there's a rodeo.. the first few days of the week was ranch rodeos with pasture guys hubby knows competing, then from yesterday til Sat is the Sask finals rodeo..we know lots of the guys and our hired pasture rider is one of the bull fighters, he used to ride bulls too. His older brother was in the rodeo in bull riding but was injured yesterday. He'll be ok, but not riding any more this week.

Woohoo the Oiler's just won 3/2...

We did some chores this morning and checked the herd and the oil site. We got a call last night from a neighbor whose semi was stuck on the back road to the oil site. He wanted us to bring a tractor over to pull it..but or tractors weren't plugged in. So we both went out to try to start one..hubby sprayed either while I tried to start it. It finally started and when back in the house and the neighbor called and said another semi had got his semi unstuck..thank goodness!!

We went to town for dinner, mail and groceries. Then when we got home hubby cleaned snow, lots blew in with the storm last night. I didn't have much energy to start back painting so I worked on Christmas cards instead..Then I needed to phone for a few addresses..still have one left to get from a friend or I might just ask them on facebook for their address!! Otherwise all the cards are finished. I send out about 50 cards with letters and pictures in most. I do the letter on the computer and print it on Christmas paper.

We had pork chops, sweet potatoes, spinach and corn with pumpkin pudding for dessert..I stayed within my calories :)

Hope all my American friends had a happy Thanksgiving!!!! I think I'll miss tea for tonight and head straight to bed. Agribition means lots and lots of walking, and mini donuts and fudge!!! Thanks for stopping by, have a great Friday and keep on Sparkin'


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KMICHA 11/27/2010 7:18AM

    Sounds like another good day! I haven't stared my cards yet! UGH!

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WATERMELLEN 11/26/2010 7:43PM

    Totally Canajun blog, eh?? (love your profile pic with the maple leaf flag in the background!!).

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DIXIEBALL19 11/26/2010 10:27AM

    Our nasty weather must have made it over your way....we have a chinook now...seems so warm after that -30 crap. Go Oilers Go...Roads are good now, so I am headed to town to get some shopping done. Have fun at Agitrade...mmmm... maple fudge... mmmmm....

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DUSTYGIRL25 11/26/2010 12:07AM

    Thank you so much for your update. I always enjoy reading about all the fun (for me, probably not for you) things you get to do all day. You are ahead of the game for Christmas I believe. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I'm going to go get a cup of low cal hot chocolate and relax after a long day of shopping, cleaning and cooking.

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