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leg injury

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my bruise :(

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DONNACFIT 10/21/2010 12:08AM

    Thanks for all the comments :) It feels better if I stay off it for awhile..

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JILLINWONDER 10/20/2010 9:20PM

    OUCH!!!! But look how strong you are -- great legs!! You're tall, aren't you?

Do you know about arnica? It's a homeopathic topical gel you can usually find in health food stores or the supermarket in the health food section. It's amazing when you put it on bruises -- especially if you can use it as soon as you get hurt. Sometimes it even prevents the bruise.

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FITTERLIFE4ME 10/20/2010 8:50PM

    Ouch! emoticon

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PARKIE 10/20/2010 3:33PM

    that looks like it really really hurts. I have to go hug my calf now

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    On a positive note - your legs look toned!

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LILLYPILLY24 10/20/2010 1:28PM

    Ouch. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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PARKERB2 10/20/2010 1:25PM

    Boy, that's hugh. Hope is quits hurting and you get back to normal soon. emoticon

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got hurt at the last pasture take out :(

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi we finished the last take out from the pasture was a long day..started at about 6:30 so we got to watch the sunrise..very pretty..wished I'd brought my camera!.

I got my leg whacked with a blocking post as I was trying to stop a cow in the chute. I have a giant bruise on my shin and a big goose egg!! The swelling has gone down alot since I've had my leg up for most of the afternoon..we got done around 3! The leg was so swollen my jeans were tight and the elastic on my socks made a big dent in my leg! It was aching all the way down to my foot..and this was my good leg! i don't think it's broken as I can still walk on it and walked on it for about 5 hours after it happened (probably why it's so swollen)

So all the herds of cattle are home for another year..except for one herd..the owner took the clutch out of his truck and can't haul until he gets it fixed.

We have a busy week ahead..hubby has a work meeting, in Regina tomorrow. I'm helping my cousin's wife with a flu shot clinic on Thursday. We need to haul a pasture of our cattle home either Friday or Saturday since we are selling our calves..they go out to market on Sunday for the presort sale at Assiniboia on Tuesday of next week!

Hope you all have a very productive week and I hope my leg is feeling better soon!

I'm beat so I better head to bed....

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FITTERLIFE4ME 10/20/2010 8:51PM

    put you're feet up whenever you can! emoticon

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DONNACFIT 10/20/2010 9:54AM leg is much better today, the swelling has gone down lots but the bruise is growing! I even turned down the trip to Regina and all day downtown shopping..I never go to the expenssive, fancy's all Walmart and $ stores for me! You know it hurts if I turn down shopping! haha!!

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PARKIE 10/20/2010 7:05AM


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BIGBADMOMMABEAR 10/20/2010 12:47AM

    I posted a response earlier, but apparently I didn't do it right lol!

I hope you're alright! Ouch.

RICE - rest, icde, compress and elevate. And take ibuprophen. What my physio friend recommended for my knee if it was swollen (it wasn't really). I did the rest/elevate and ibuprophen.

HOpe you're healed soon!

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Hi..home from Granddaughter's birthday party and last round up :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi I'm back from a busy weekend at my granddaughter's 9th birthday! It seemed kind of everything that could go wrong did, but we made the best of it and we all had fun anyway. First my daughter had to have a wisdom tooth pulled out the day before so she was in bad shape..then we got all the little girls to the hotel for the pool/waterslide sleepover party and the pool WAS NOT OPEN :(...plan B..Humbolt has an indoor public pool and waterslide so we drove over there..only to find out they were sanitizing the pool so it WAS NOT OPEN :(..oh yeah when we checked in and went to our room it wasn't ready..then when we went back up it was finally ready and the maid let us in..after we got back from the trip to find out the other pool wasn't open the keys wouldn't open the door!!!another trip to the front what to do with all these little, presents and pinata don't take too long and it's 3 pm and have them till 11 am the next day!!

Luckily the staff was a bit helpful and said we could have a free move in the conference room on the big screen projection tv and all, with their pillows and blankets..hotel supplied 2 big bowls of popcorn...then they told us to come back after pizzas in our room to the place where they serve continental breakfast for a free make your own sundae bar. We could get more movies for in the room, too. So after several pillow fights, dancing, running in hallways, rides in elevators, bouncing on the beds..and big soapy fun in the shower with swim suits (had to put them to use some how) all the little girls said it was the best birthday party ever..very annoying to Grandma who paid for the hotel room and got no pool or waterslide :(
Even Grandma bounced on the bed!!! must be good exercise :)

All this after a 4 hour drive to get there and then another 4 hour drive home yesterday. When I got home it was back to work and tracking down hubby at the neighbor's cutting hay.

Today we had an government guy come to inspect the pastures, off to town for mail, fix a tire and get some groceries. Then we worked on the corrals to get them ready for tomorrow and rounded up the last herd for tomorrow's take out..everything went as planned.

Tomorrow will be another long day..we leave really early and won't need to bring lunch, since the corrals are right near our place :) but I need to put lunch in the crock pot so it's all ready when we can get away and come home to eat. I cooked up some veggies in the oven..cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions drizzled with oil and some garlic and herb spice mix
then I put them in the fridge..tomorrow a.m. I'll put them in the crock pot with some smokies and they should be tasty :)

Well we have lots planned for this week so I might not be blogging much..I've been keeping up with most of my tracking and I love to read others blogs and pages :) Great motivation :)

Hope you all had a super weekend..and have a great week... emoticon

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FITTERLIFE4ME 10/22/2010 7:56AM

    emoticon emoticon

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JILLINWONDER 10/19/2010 7:46PM

    Hey, you bounced on the bed too! I think it's great that you used that hotel room to the hilt, since the pool option was out. I can just picture you all... All that's missing is feather pillows that rip open in the pillow fights!

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PARKERB2 10/19/2010 11:44AM

    What a day you had! Glad you were able to turn a topy tuvey day into a great one for the girls. Says a lot about how you can cope with things. So hang in there and hope you can do Sparking.

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ONECOOKIETWO 10/19/2010 12:37AM

    I love hearing about your farm/ranch life. So different from mine, and yet so homey sounding. I'm glad that you all made the best of a potentially disappointing situation! Oh, and over the next few days, say hello to the herd for me!

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Home from town...

Friday, October 15, 2010 home from the city this afternoon, hubby went back to cutting hay, I made the cupcakes for granddaughter's birthday tomorrow, then I went to pick up hubby for a late supper.

Now just a quick blog before hubby needs my computer to do his books, since his doesn't work..we took it in to the office and they agreed with us that the disc drive is broken :(

I'm off bright and early for oldest daughter's, a 4 hour drive north of here, then we're taking granddaughter and 4 or 5 of her little friends to a hotel in the city for water slides, pizza party, cupcakes and sleep over..not sure how much sleeping will occur? I know I'll be tired for the drive home Sunday, but it'll be fun :)

I've tried to buy at least one or two new fruits and veggies every time I buy of my new ways to get more fruits and veggies! What are some of your ideas to get more servings? I'm always looking for new ideas. I liked some ones idea for making a whole big pan of roasted mixed veggies..I used potatoes, onions. carrots and parsnips, drizzled with olive oil and a few herbs..roasted for about one hour . Then the plan was a batch cooking..except hubby ate almost the whole thing in one sitting :) at least he likes veggies.

Well I better go for now..have a great weekend..keep on Sparkin' emoticon

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BIGBADMOMMABEAR 10/15/2010 11:13PM

    If I cook in batch...I package it up asap! lol! Or else not just hubby and the kids, but I'm tempted to eat it!

I like to go to Costco - was just there this week and bought broccolini and brussel sprouts. Both things I don't easily find at our regulargrocery stores.

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Pasture take-out..6:30 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Had a great take out but I'm beat!! We moved the cattle into the corral, then sorted them into pens for each owner..then we counted out each herd and helped the owners either chase them out or load them in trailers or semi's. This with several hundred cattle..we were just one calf short so it was a very good day..I sat down for lunch for about 1/2 hour..the rest of the time was go, go, go..I should have worn my pedometer! My feet are aching tonight!!! We went to town for fuel and mail and out for's going on 8:30 and I'm ready for bed :)

Just glad we only have two take-outs a year..the next one is on I'll be well rested by then..Luckily no-one got hurt today as working with cattle can be dangerous!!

Well I should go for now and have some water and a snack. TGIF we're off to the city tomorrow.

I got a treat in the of my magazines I subscribe to :)

Have a sparkin' day tomorrow emoticon emoticon where's the beef..gone home on the east side :)

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JILLINWONDER 10/15/2010 6:38PM

    Wow, have you earned that magazine and trip to town! Have a great time!

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BIGBADMOMMABEAR 10/15/2010 12:32PM

    Have a good and relaxing trip to the city! You deserve it!


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PARKERB2 10/15/2010 7:37AM

    Have a good trip to the city and have a good weekend. Keep Sparking. emoticon

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