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On the way to the finish line!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well...something happened on the way to the finish line that I was envisioning last Septenber!! I was going great guns...then the BIG MOVE October I sold my house...then I had to pare down 33 years of stuff!! It was very difficult...I was blessed to have so much sister, my kids when they could find enough minutes iu their super busy lives...but..the big but!!! I didn't go to the pool to work out cause I had to take help when I could get being me would never say...can we wait till I can get to the I would have to take responsibility for my exercise...of course I couldn't just feed them salad and chicken...made I would have had to taken responsibility for my food..

I moved into my lovely new condo on Dec. is great ...still looks a bit like a motel cause it is not all decorated or has curtains up yet...but I have to walk a lot further here than I did at home to get to my car...this is where it gets interesting....followed my dtr out of the other day...she asked me why I was huffing and puffing...told her I was too fat...wisely she said nothing else....UNTIL we were together two days ago...She said, " you know what you you know how gray you were the other day?" No and No I as not to bore you I won't go into every detail except to say that she is a nurse...asked me why I didn't treat trying to loose weight the same as the other things I had been successful with in my life...that struck a real cord in my was like my head snapped....

Now I have a new make me I will never be 120lb but anything under 200 would just be amazing...I am planning my food...tracking my food...cutting out all but one diet pepsi as day...(watch for their stock to do down) ....I am going to be successful at this...won't be visiable for a month or so but then there should be a difference...will continue to update once a month!

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JILLHOOG 1/20/2009 10:09PM

    Wow, it sounds like we were kind of in the same boat. I was off for a while, but now feel super motivated again. It sounds like you are back on track and don't ya just love family kicking you in to gear? My Mom is a nurse and is always telling me about the health risks of being overweight (sometimes I wish she didn't know so much).

Congrats on the new Condo. The last time we talked you were scouting it out and getting ready to make an offer. I am sure you will get it decorated in no time.

You have started a new chapter in your life, and sometimes we need to just take a break and get things back in sync again. You are going to do great on your weight loss!

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HUGGERS1 1/18/2009 5:01PM

    Donanne, I am glad you have moved and are settling in. I love that your dtr is helping you to find sense in how to go about how we treat our bodies. It is amazing how we always put our health in the backseat because of the inconvenience it might cause others. yet, i have found that I am worth putting my health above other's inconveniences. I realized that my hubby needs to do the same things I do and I shouldn't worry about what I cook as long as he enjoys eating it. He doesn't even notice when I use whole grain noodles instead of white. I have changed out so many things without him noticing that I have realized that all those inconveniences I thought I was causing were just excuses for myself.

I know that this is my story not yours but it may be helpful to you. I have finally come to realize that WE truly are worth more than rubies and God wants the best for us. He wants us to be healthy so that we can do more of his good will here on earth.

May God bless you as you work to make your house a home and as you work to make your body healthy and full of his Spirit.


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JENIFIREHARP 1/17/2009 9:12PM

    I am happy you are getting settled in your new place. If you aren't going to be around chatting as much, I will miss you! But I want you to do whatever you need to do to focus on yourself. I looking forward to see how you are doing in one month!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 1/17/2009 6:31PM

  You know that I'm going to hold you to that one! lol Good thing your daughter cares about you SO much! You are an amazing person... one we want to see around for a LONG LONG time!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well...have had all these awesome people in my life...they have all be encouraging their deeds and kind one ever was negative in their comments...they all ate properly around me (Sunnidaes) is just terrific...but!!! The bestest (my new word for the day) part!!!! I have lost 5 pounds in the past week...I have been exercising in the pool three times a week..tracking every morsel of food...being careful to eat enough (wasn't doing that) and eating the right foods..

This is the first time in my life I have done this with no one physically around one to "watch" me..I have had you wonderful friends to encourage me..not forgetting my kids who have done everything they can to boost me along my way!!

So...want to say I am thrilled...I have no place to go but up or down is a better way to say it...just keep my head straight and I will see success!!! Thanks EVERYONE..Sparkpeople are the best!

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ANDTHENSOME1 9/23/2008 1:50PM

    emoticonI am so happy for you! Keep up the good work!

SP hugs,

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STARRY943 9/22/2008 2:40PM

    emoticon You are doing awesome! emoticon too. Everyone is so great and the site is really encouraging and simple to use. Keep up the amazing work! :)

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LINDA! 9/21/2008 5:46PM

    emoticonyou are doing so well. And you are right. Sparkpeople ARE the best!!!

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DIVINE40 9/18/2008 6:19PM

    you are doing awesome. really proud of you.

Chris emoticon

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 9/17/2008 10:32PM

    WTG Donnanne!!

I couldn't be happier for you and just so proud of you!!

You are going to make this happen!

Love you,

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JLVANPEL 9/17/2008 7:55PM

    Woohoo! I had a 5 pound weight loss last week and was floating on air. It is such an awesome feeling. Keep up the hard work!

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SUNNIEDAES 9/17/2008 6:14PM

    5 lbs. in one week is huge!!! Good for you. It's so nice to be rewarded at the scales after a week of staying on track. Way to go with the swimming and eating properly. :) Can you see me smiling? Keep up the good work my friend.

Hugs, Bonnie
PS - You're pretty awesome yourself. emoticon

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LIFES_FALSITIES 9/17/2008 1:32PM

    AWESOME job!!!

Thats so great! 5lbs?! Wow!

Good Work!

Best Wishes!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 9/17/2008 10:21AM

  WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT!!! That is so super awesome! Way to go my friend... I knew you could do it! Here's to week two being just as awesome!!!

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MINORCANLDY 9/17/2008 10:16AM

    (grin)..... OK I'm cheering!!! I admit it... GREAT GOING!!!

5 pounds is AMAZZZZZZZING! Yhippyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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Special Day

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well!! Today was a very special day for me!

Had to travel to a foot specialist ...was so afraid he would want to do surgery...but thanks be to surgery...right on...I was doing the happy dance!!

But the most special thing that happened was that I went to a restaurant for lunch...I met one of the most amazing person!! She has a beautiful face, a lovely heart and is so funny!!!I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sunnidaes!! What a great time we had...I was so sorry to see our time come to an end but we vowed to meet again...what a joy to spend a couple of hours with a very sweet person!!

We laughed and laughed cause her son worried what kind of person I was...can't blame him...but I had an experience like that years ago with my own son...that lady has become a special friend, too

So..I just felt I had to blog about my happy, special of all I made a awesome new friend! Hope everyone else had just as special day !! emoticon

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MOB8/2009 9/13/2008 9:58PM

    How lovely! We can never have too many friends, can we? And now I'm basking in the sunshine sent from MY new friend and I humbly thank you.

Congrats on not needing surgery. That's ALWAYS good news!


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ANDTHENSOME1 9/5/2008 6:52AM

    Oh, that so great news to hear! No surgery! and a special new friend! so good...


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HEART_N_GRACE 9/3/2008 7:17PM

    How special! She is beautiful isn't she! Funny and a constant source of encouragement! emoticon

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HUGGERS1 9/3/2008 9:16AM

    Your day definitely sounds wonderful and it is always good to have new friends. I am glad you don't have to have the surgery


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SUNNIEDAES 9/2/2008 9:56PM

    Awwww....thanks Donanne. I love you too. :)

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LIFES*2*SHORT 9/2/2008 9:22PM

  I am officially jealous!! LOL One day... it will be meeting me that you will be blogging about. I can hardly wait!


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One day down!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Well...this is August 1st...I have made a promise to myself that I am now firmly entrenched in making this program work...I went out for lunch today...instead of eating what my eyes thought would be wonderful I ate exactly what I told myself I have no idea how Proud I am of me...have tracked all my food for the day...fats are a little high but will bring that down tomorrow..the calories are right in range.

Just had to write this so I can remind me to think before I eat...remember that I must give myself 10 minutes to make sure I truly want something I know is not good for my body..I pray that tomorrow my resolve will be just as strong..days will add up and soon I will have a weight loss to crow about!!! Please pray that I keep my head where it belongs!!

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SUNNIEDAES 8/27/2008 10:54PM

    Hey there sweet friend,

Just wondering how your August goals are coming along. Only a few days left. Let's both challenge ourselves to staying on track for those days and end August with a bang. :) Hope to see you on Tuesday!

Hugs, Bonnie

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    We're all in the same boat, all here for the same reasons.

One Day At A Time, every day is the first day of the rest of your life.

I wish I could tell you what is different about me this time but I can't. I just am and know that this will be the last time I will ever weigh this. I don't even know how low I will go - won't know until I get there and go no further.

If you're not using the Nutrition Tracker, it was my saving grace though I fought using it for 2 months!

So for 2 months I concentrated on keeping my calories in range - now I am trying to keep everything else in range. Got to find a meal plan to last me for the rest of my life.

If I can help you, I will. I will be here for you!

Love & Hugs,

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JLVANPEL 8/9/2008 2:36AM

    Sounds like you are on your way. Keep it up. I am looking forward to being Goony teammates and supporting each other. emoticon

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3TWINS 8/4/2008 6:11AM

    I love your bears! emoticon

I ran across your page from the thread about tips for overeating. That led me to your blog and well, you know the story. I want to wish you great success on your August goals. Forever seems like a long time to me, but I can commit to a month. I am so determined to lose the rest of the weight that I've posted all my stats on my blog at my Spark page. Come visit and say, "hi."

I'm rooting for your August success! emoticon

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BUTTONBARKER 8/3/2008 7:01PM

    You did a great job. I can tell that you have the right motivation and determination to meet your goals. I am so proud of you. emoticon

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    Great job! It's hard to do these things sometimes! But you did it today! That's what matters!

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HUGGERS1 8/1/2008 7:23PM

    You are definitely on the right track. One thing that I do when out to eat is to order the smallest portion or ask for a to-go box at the beginning of the meal and put 1/2 of it away immediately so it isn't there staring at me. I know you can lose the weight and we are all striving for success this month. I hope your tomorrow is as good as today was.

Praying as always for my Goonies


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ANNIE_1015 8/1/2008 6:35PM

  You can do it! I know you can.


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LIFES*2*SHORT 8/1/2008 5:56PM

  You know I am here for you... whatever you need. Just a click away.

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MINORCANLDY 8/1/2008 5:47PM


We can do this sugar.. Keep Swimming and Keep doing what you are doing!

I actually have to look at menu's at home then decide what I'm going to eat... LOL some willpower huh?


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Thursday, July 10, 2008 an epiphany yesterday!! Been telling myself that I am not gaining weight...staying the same...loosing a couple of pounds...couldn't be bothered to get on the scale or should I say too lazy to do it...Yesterday!! I went to get my hair hairdresser(darling daughter) changed things up in her salon..instead of the nice mirror that shows you from the shoulders up...she now has a full length mirror!! Good grief!! I got the "rare" opportunity to see what I look like sitting in a chair...Oh My is now time not to be lazy no more!!! From now on I am going to stop making excuses...going to log my food...going to eat smaller portions...going to eat on time..drink more water..

One more thing...I have a knee that is not my best friend at is really hollering at me for what I am making it carry...I do not want surgery so need to take off the weight to make "ol' lefty" like me again!!

I can sit back and encourage everyone else..can't encourage myself!!! Because I am alone I figure that no one sees what I eat but guess is out there like a neon sign..Donanne has been into too much of something..cause it shows all over...I know all the proper things to do but fail to apply them to I am off...working on each day an hour at a is imperative that this weight come off..

So...whoever reads this please pray for me...pray I don't excuse over eating....eating when I am not even hungry... making proper choices...oh yes...that I limit myself to one Diet Pepsi a day!! The rest of the time I must have water! I need to do this..I have to do this!!

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SUNNIEDAES 7/27/2008 12:26PM

    Hi Donanne,

Even though you have a ton of comments on this blog I just HAD to add mine. :) I understand soooo well about those full length mirrors. !!! In June a wrote a blog about this very subject. When you have a few minutes, please read it. However, my sister said something that made a lot of sense. She said, "Bonnie, you will never see that woman again. She is already gone." And you know what? She is right. I'm already down close to 10 more pounds since then. That woman is gone, never to be seen again. So keep that in mind as you move forward in your get healthy program. Each day you stay on track is one more day away from that woman in the mirror.

I also struggle with knee pain and even with drinking too much diet pop. I made a monthly goal of cutting back to one diet pop per day, made it through the month and continued on with it. A couple of times this month I did slip and have two but for the most part, it is one a day for me. You can do it, too.

Prayers and blessings coming your way. :)

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QUILTINGB52 7/19/2008 4:10AM

    I think it's time to start a new quilt ~ sewing always takes my mind off eating any ol day! You & me together, we CAN do this!

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ANG76H 7/15/2008 10:53AM

  You CAN do this!!! I'm praying you make those good choices you wrote about! Hugs, Angela

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DANAXX1 7/13/2008 1:24AM


Hun u can do it, we r all here rooting for u and we r here to help too. emoticon

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SERRAANGEL 7/11/2008 10:24PM

    Oh my gosh, I was going to leave a comment that you're not in this by yourself, and what did I see, but a HUGE string of comments already on your page? Talk about not in this alone!!

Best of luck to you as you get started up again.

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GMA1964 7/11/2008 8:06PM

    It is easier to find an excuse then to exercise for me. I push myself everyday to do it. I hate getting changed, Hate putting on my tennis shoes, Blah Blah Blah..........

BUT when I start, something happens.
I think the video work outs are getting shorter, I had to up the speed on my tredmill and my bike is faster than I remember.

Not really I think my body is getting stronger, and I feel better about the choices I am making.

My biggest issue with food is late at night, so I have a weapon I keep with me at all times. Gum. I love the sweet chewing, it is sugar free after all!

I had to quit my diet pepsi, I started by only allowing myself one if I had drank 6 glasses of water.
I started cheating on myself? lol
I said goodbye, I don't miss it. I even had one the other day and could not drink it all because it was too sweet!

The most important thing to remember you are getting stronger everyday, somedays it just doesn't feel like it. You are making good choices and if you ever need anything we are here for you. You are never alone in this.

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TEEBOP6 7/11/2008 1:34PM

    I feel ya! I tend to excuse my way out of exercising. I also am an expert at eating badly and say "oh, I'll start eating better tomorrow." So don't beat yourself up too bad.... we ALL have done it. Just take it a small step at a time next thing you know you will be doing it without having to put any thought into it.

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LEEJAS72 7/11/2008 10:06AM

    Every day is a struggle but together we are one and can over power the weight monster.
We're here for you!!!! emoticon

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BELGIUMBABE 7/11/2008 8:36AM

Okay, so this has been a kind of yucky week. So, what's keeping you from making next week the best you have ever had? The best that any of us has ever had? So good that all 300 Goonies would like to say they had such a great week? Maybe if we take the weekend to plan for the next week, lay in some healthy snacks from the market,
remember how great we feel when we loose just one pound, we can take Monday and the rest of the week by storm! What do ya say? Can you kick a little booty on Monday? If you want, I'll kick with ya! emoticon

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STEPHANIE.BORUD 7/11/2008 8:20AM

    Just know you're not alone! I feel the same way! But I am the hairdresser so unfortunately I get to look in that darn mirror every stinkin' day! I hate to, but I do and hence me joining Sparkpeople! You can do it!!!

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MINORCANLDY 7/11/2008 7:33AM

    Hi Gal :) Popping in to say howdy and send you a big Goonie Hug :)


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MEGALOLZ 7/11/2008 12:15AM

    Baby steps. You KNOW you can do this! One pound at a time, one inch at a time!

Don't be harsh on yourself! Be positive and the world will turn your way!

Jen emoticon

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FEFIFO 7/10/2008 10:48PM

    Donanne, It seems to me like you have taken the first step by looking at yourself and not liking the additional weight that you see. I know how hard that is...if you don't glance in the mirror, don't step on the scale, then you don't have a problem. It sounds like you are ready to deal with it. You go girl. Karen

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LEVARFICART 7/10/2008 10:06PM

    I think we're all in the same boat, which is why we're all here.

Let's all do this together, shall we?

The past is behind you, this is a new you. Don't dwell on the past... don't let small setbacks hold you back. Keep going.


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    Hey, like Jerri said below, we're all there at some time or another. I'm there too! The scales have been going in the wrong direction for the last couple of weeks. I got back on the wagon this morning, but then fell off this evening as I had to go pick up some fast food for my parents since their fridge went out and the new one can't be delivered until the 15th. Plus, we were all feeding our grief of having to put down one of our cats this morning. What a day!!!! Without rambling on further, I want you to know that you're not alone. We all do what we do, but the good thing is that we are learning from our mistakes and each fallback will make us stronger. We eventually will get it right. Hang in there!!!!

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SASSYPLUMERIA 7/10/2008 6:01PM

  On a not so good day these words could've easily came from my mouth. You're definitely not alone...we can and will overcome those obstacles that are in our path because with God all things are possible. Good luck!

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HORSIELVR 7/10/2008 4:26PM

    I am writing this to confess to you that I am where you are. Pure and simple. As I write this I realize that I am being a spoiled brat!! I want everything to be easy and if I have to sweat, I don't wanna do it. I have a pool to exercise in but I don't like to get cold in water or have stuff in the water with me (leaves, dog hair, etc.) but I realize what a gift I have for the heat and exercise. What is our problem except being lazy and stubborn? You and I need to praise our Lord that we CAN get up and eat right and do the exercise we need to to be right with Him and be the vessels He created us to be.

I will never judge you but for me, I need to face this issue and
get over it!! Thank you for your blog that has made me face my own belligerence. Sheesh, why do we do the things we do????
I feel like Paul.

Jerri emoticon

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GOT2GETHEALTY 7/10/2008 3:42PM

    You are in my prayers and thoughts. You can do this I have faith in you. If you just need to talk or vent about anything drop me a sparkmai.
Many emoticon and much emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/10/2008 3:40:45 PM

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HOPE228 7/10/2008 2:23PM

    i believe you can do this! i used to be the exact same way, drank two cans of soda, ate when i wasnt hungry, snacked, didnt exercise, and now i've switched everything around, it just takes some will power and some motivation! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! emoticon

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CHUNKSTER63 7/10/2008 2:04PM

    well I know you can do this and you will just dance your way into happiness and watch those lbs melt away. have fun with it explore your inner child go swing on a swing set or jup in a puddle or roll on the grass. Just make up your mind that you happy and that you are worth every ounce that you put in to becomming healthy. You can do this I know you can.


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GREENFOX 7/10/2008 1:30PM

    Hi Donanne! You are being prayed for...lots of positive vibes are coming your way! -greenfox emoticon

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TRAVIS07 7/10/2008 1:30PM

    YOU CAN DO IT! emoticon emoticon

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SUPREME5 7/10/2008 1:29PM


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JEWELRYBYTITI 7/10/2008 1:20PM

    ....and you CAN do this!

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TONICO 7/10/2008 1:13PM

    We all know how you feel. Trust me. I felt a little discouraged this a.m. I looked at myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth and thought....I am NEVER going to loose this weight. That stinkin- thinkin's designed to make you want to give up, but then I realized..of course it will never get off if YOU GIVE UP! Rome was not built in a day, and the weight I carry was not put on in a day. Patience is key!!

You are strong, and courageoous and you (we) can do it. One day at a time. I eliminated 1 thing for a month that I looooved and that was coke zeros. I tried one the other day...and I simply don't like the taste n-e-more. Don't overwhelm yourself...take baby steps, eliminate one thing at a time, and praise yourself for it!! I will be praying for you. We can do it ya know. Together!! emoticon

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ANNABELL69 7/10/2008 12:38PM

    You can do this!! There is so many of us that go though this. I HATE full length mirrors!! I too try to not look at myself when I walk by one. Just remember one day at a time. emoticon

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LM6860 7/10/2008 12:36PM

    I'm praying for you! I am having the same problem! Hang in there it will get better.

If you BELIEVE you WILL Achieve!

Little Lu emoticon

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JERSIGYPCI 7/10/2008 12:26PM

    also change work out your body burns more when using mucles that haven't been used.

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JERSIGYPCI 7/10/2008 12:24PM

    You are not alone. I was a single parent since my son was one years old and I was 24. Spent until 30 years of age trying to find a man so we could be a family. Until I had an epiphany(more like I should have had a V8) moment. When i said Hey I have a family, there is love and support in my home, I'm a good mom he is a good son. So this enormous weight was lifted. Then I made a list of the things I would like to do as a group and here's the best part....I did them alone for a few years. i learned how to be be my own best friend. I kayaked 10 miles down the Delaware river, mountain bike down trails, ski, even camped on top of a mountain by myself, I was amazed at these things. i was poor but i would learn a new sport every year. i would walk on a high school track. I met people all the time and they were amazed i could do these things alone. sometimes it would take me one or two years to say up on the equipment. But it was so worth it. The best part was it was all exercise. and the scenery always changes so it kept my interest. So Hang in there even if you hate to walk in your neighborhood, take a short drive to a track or park. but get out there i promise you you won't regret it.

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BONMACK 7/10/2008 12:20PM

    Oh my, Donanne........I could have written this blog, I've been there SOOO many times!! It's just really hard to find that motivation within yourself, when it's only you, isn't it??? I mean, how do you keep it going? We all know the health reasons, and all the reasons why we SHOULD stick with it, but when you get hungry for something, or have a crappy day, or any other of a number of countless things crop up, it's so EASY to feel like it doesn't matter, what's it gonna hurt, who's gonna know, yadda yadda yadda.......all of the usual inward DE-motivators. I have to tell you, I've never been a good self-motivator...obviously. Just could never find any 'good' reason to do it...didn't care if I 'looked good', didn't feel bad, for the most part....nothing that really caught my attention and made me sit up and say to myself, "You HAVE to do this" for this reason or that one. I just reached a point where I realized that I genuinely just wanted to do something good for myself, for no real reason other than that....and that was the day I decided to try to start making healthy choices a daily HABIT...something I would do automatically without thinking. I've always had all the wrong habits....and loved 'em to boot. Then when I'd over eat, as much as I enjoyed the food itself, it turned into a self-defeating thing because it left me feeling bad about myself and powerless to change, and downright out of control, which only served to make me even more ashamed and bad about myself.....and on and on and on. What I've discovered in doing this sparky thing is that once I began to get a handle on what I was eating, and making myself TRY to prefer healthier choices daily, as hard as that is, I'm starting to be so much more conscious of the healthy versus the non-healthy. And as time has gone on, I feel as tho I'm slowly taking the power out of the food's hands and taking it for myself.......and that has been the best motivator for me in the process. As much as I love the food, I've found that I love doing something good for me even more......which was a total surprise to me, and something I've never felt before. I don't deprive myself at all......if there's something I really, really want, then I go ahead and have it, 'cause I know one day's shortcomings don't have to turn into endless days of shortcomings any more. I can pick right up where I left off and go from there and not rake myself over the coals out of guilt anymore over an occasional indulgence. And it's becoming more of a habit to make healthier choices the majority of the time, another surprise to me. So hang in there...I will also be praying for you 'cause I really believe that helps! I know 100% that you can do it....I thought I was totally hopeless, only to find out that I wasn't, after all. And neither are you! emoticon

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TAMARA.LUTZ 7/10/2008 12:16PM

    You are in my thoughts and prayers! emoticon

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LESSW84ME 7/10/2008 12:09PM

    That all sounds way too familiar. Mirrors and pictures, I try to avoid them whenever possible. Just take a deep breath and start over. We're all in this together. And together, supporting each other we can reach our goals.

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CHRISTIEBUNNER 7/10/2008 11:30AM

    Donanne - hang in there. It seems like alot that you need to do, but I have learned that if I am hungry I eat, but better choices. Yesterday I was hungry and I ate carrot sticks instead of the candy bar. Dont starve yourself, make better choices. I am working on this myself because I used to starve myself and I ended up gaining more weight and getting frustrated. Good Luck!!

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SKINNYLYNNY50 7/10/2008 11:24AM

    Hi, Know that we are all here for you on your weight loss journey! If you feel hungry drink your water, I know it is working for me! I now just wait 15 min or so and the urge passes. Then I feel good and it only motivates me more Good luck

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MINORCANLDY 7/10/2008 11:06AM

    Wooooo Hooooooo! I love - love - love - honest People!!
Thanks so much!

I've felt that way before and off and on recently. I know I'm not alone in being human eh? :)

Sending you really big Goonie Hugs and best wishes emoticon


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REDHATMAMA43 7/10/2008 10:29AM

    you can do it! I am presently fighting the same battle...up 2 down one, up 3 down 2...never quite catching up...however, we can do is not impossible. just keep talking to your spark friends...they can carry you through.

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SAMTHEDOG 7/10/2008 10:22AM

    I'll pray for you if you pray for me!! Just kidding, I'll pray for God to help you get through this and reach those , oh so elusive, goals!
You can do it, you REALLY can!!!

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SGODDYN 7/10/2008 10:16AM

    Hi Donanne,
You are certainly not alone. I had a needy time a few weeks back and the Goonies worked me through it. You can do it. We're here for you. Little steps, one day at a time. Don't be so hard on yourself. And certainly don't let a full length mirror get you down. I remember when I was younger and still living at home, my Mom and I went shopping at this one particular store where they had a full length mirror which we were convinced had a slimming effect compared to other ones. Hugs, Stef

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AUGUST364 7/10/2008 10:14AM

    you can do it. i thought i had gained weight i went on the scale this morning i lost another 1.5 in one week. i am a new bee to this but am loving all the support i am getting from everyone. i cant wait to get on everyday and read and write to as many SP buddies i can a day. i started at 267 i am now at 261 so slow and steady is the goal here. take care know we are all here for you. god bless...p.s. i have a really bad left knee too. i had surgery two yesrs ago when i was at my heaviest 284 pounds now the doctor said i need the same surgery on the left i told him no way i am going for a cortisone shot on the 16th and pray it will help until i can get some more weight off. i will pray for you and you can pray for me we can do this together. emoticon

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MALI*DREAMS* 7/10/2008 10:13AM

    you can do anything you put your mind to.. i struggle everyday from mental illnes, being bipolar and i know how hard it is, but you have to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BISLEY 7/10/2008 10:09AM

    I sympathise with you as I was in the same boat. I've since found it has oars and you've got to keep rowing, or the tide will drift you back again. emoticon

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MOGETTINGFIT 7/10/2008 10:08AM


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HUGGERS1 7/10/2008 10:07AM


Second you have my prayers. I know it is so easy to tell people what to do and then not do it your self. Do you know how many overweight doctors we have in the US??? A lot :) but they all tell overweight people they need to lose weight to feel better.

We know what we got to do so I am reaching and pulling you up off the couch and starting you walking that is right just march in place in front of the TV, now lift those knees, you can do it :) not to hard, remember ol lefty :) I have heard that seated leg extensions and squats can strengthen the knees because it strengthens the tendons to the sides of the knees. I would't do low squats though, just quarter bends or something. If you go too low it pushes your knees outward and can cause more damage.

OK , hope you are getting that energy going, now as your walking in place lift those arms high to the ceiling, reach for it ;) now keep on evertime stretch big. Thats it, you are doing great. Now how long have you gone, well that is awesome, you can do this everytime you are watching tv :)

Be blessed. We know you have God's spirit guiding you and helping you on your journey. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask

(((((((((((((( hug ))))))))))))))


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LIFES*2*SHORT 7/10/2008 9:54AM

  You can do this Donanne... cause... remember the deal we made? After 100 lbs... we're meeting at Niagra Falls, right? Well... if you don't kick your behind into gear... I'm gonna start taking it personal. LOL Just teasing... you know I love you. You are one of my bestest Sparkbuddies... and I want you to be healthy so you can live as long as your mother. Get to it!!!


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