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eight months

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wow I can't believe it eight months with no processed sugar. I feel wonderful. I am so relaxed and calm. I am thinking clearly. I make wise choices. If I get a little antsy and want to change things or not sure what I am doing is right it does not take me long to touch base with my sparkers and they usually are so encouraging and seem to say the right thing and I get back on track. I am having no cravings for sweets what so ever. I guess if you don't eat them you don't want them. We were in a store and people were wild over grabbing candy for Easter. Sugar is very additive and they were acting like they were needing their fix of candy. I use to be right in the mix. I am so glad if I do some grabbing its going to be fruit. The more I study the effects of sugar on the body the happier I am with the choices I have made. I have learned all kind of neat recipes for sweets with just dates, nuts, coconuts, peanut butter, dried fruits, etc. Its amazing how banana ice cream taste. I mean just a frozen banana whipped up by itself or fruit, nuts added and honey and cocoa for a chocolate syrup. We can be healthy if we really want to be and I do. Happy Easter everyone and thanks for all the encouragement.

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JILL313 4/2/2013 12:05AM

    As you mentioned the more sugar I eat the more I seem to want. Sugar is very addicting, unfortunately. I sure wish it was healthy for us but of coarse it's not. Are you on a special diet or just using common sense and your own knowledge about how your body feels when you eat sugar?. Keep it up. I'm proud of you.



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DJ4HEALTH 3/30/2013 9:40PM

    You are so right about the sugar fix that you see people need and how they act too. Fruit is better and sometimes a little too sweet.

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 3/30/2013 8:58PM

    Congrats on your success so far!! Keep up the good work!! Happy Easter!!

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The pine trees know it is Easter.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The pine trees know it is Easter. About two weeks before Easter little shoots begin to sprout and then by Easter the little shoots branch out and form crosses. I am looking out the window and I am already seeing some crosses but by Sunday there should be a tree full. I think this is so neat and I look forward to it each year. We may not acknowledge but nature knows.
Ever who celebrates Easter be blessed. emoticon

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TORTILLAFLATS 3/31/2013 3:12PM

    I enjoy watching for them too.

Blessings to you!

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DJ4HEALTH 3/29/2013 10:43PM

    Trees always seems to know when to let their buds out.

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why do I want to sabotage myself?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am having a battle with myself. I am eating 1500 calories a day. I walk every day. I do weights twice a week and I do my elliptical at least three times a week. I keep wanting to have diet mentality. I do not weigh and I do not know how much I have lost in eight months. I keep thinking I am losing about five pounds a month and that is too slow. I want to lose 10 pounds a month. I have lost 100 pounds a couple of times in 10 months but I never learned how to maintain. I would put the weight back on. I feel like I need to eat 1200 or 1300 hundred calories so maybe I will lose faster. I know that I feel bad, am cranky, nervous at that low calorie. I feel great at 1500 calories and am getting more fruits and vegetables. I feel like time is running out and I need to lose the weight faster but yet everything in me says keep doing the way you are doing and one day you will be to a healthy weight. It really does not matter if it takes years and years because what am I going to change with my eating? Nothing! Maybe some more fruits and vegetables but that is it. I have always dieted and then got off the diet and gained it back.
Now I know I will eat the way I am eating for the rest of my life. I just wish I could lose this mentality of wanting to "diet" the way I use to do. I see the results of that way of life and I don't like it. It has been a struggle lately. I got off of all processed sugar and that is a big blessing. I eat fruit and my sweet of choice is two dates a day. I will some days eat an apple, banana and two dates. I went through a spell a couple of weeks ago that I got it in my head I needed to cut out the fruit. It was too much sugar. Well I was a cranky old bear and I was wanting to overeat.
My husband asked what was I doing different and I told him about the fruit. He advised me to go back to the way I was eating and see how that was. I did and sure enough I settled right down and did not want to overeat and I was a lot calmer. I really am thinking I am trying to mess up what I have achieved in the last eight months. I wonder why I want to mess up what is working. I have done that so many times. I hope blogging about this will let me see what I am doing and stop trying to fix something that is working.

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PATTYCAKE17 3/28/2013 5:35PM

    Did I read you right that you NEVER weigh yourself? So how do you know how much you have lost, or not? Why not give yourself a weigh-in at regular intervals, along with measurements and take it from there? You sound like you're doing great but won't give yourself the kudos or credit for your awesome efforts! You may have bypassed even your own expectations by now, but don't know it because you have no measuring standards. Don't be so hard on yourself. emoticon You need to give yourself some emoticon and some emoticon

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JILL313 3/28/2013 1:22PM

    I think you are doing an awesome job in losing weight and getting healthier. I sure can understand why it would be nice to lose the weight quickly but you personally know when you don't really change your unhealthy habits to healthy ones and just focus on the # of calories you're eating and the scale you're not going to be able to do that the rest of your life. I know your approach to slowly losing the weight and eating healthier and staying around 1500 helps you slowly lose weight and you can do this the rest of your life. We both know there is no quick fix for either of us. My Goal is to be Healthier and Feel Better no matter what my scale tells me. I know losing a significant amount of weight slowly while making healthy eating and moving more can be hard work but the rewards are well worth all the effort it takes. I know you believe in Yourself. . .You know better than anyone your way now is the way for you to keep Going on with it emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon .



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IOWAGRAMMA 3/27/2013 10:00PM

    LIke a lot of us, you are impatient and want this to be over with NOW! I'm that way, too, but you know, just like I do that it will never be over NOW! In fact, if this is truly a way of life for us now, it will never be over. So, just keep working your system...don't give in to temptation and make any changes if you think it makes you feel better and you are doing well with it. I'd rather it take years to get to my goal (whatever that is) than to take a few months to lose a lot of weight and a few weeks to gain it all back and have to do it again. What you're feeling is part of the pain of making these changes in our lives and having to work through them again and again. But, I have faith in you and I know you can do it!! emoticon emoticon

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NANCYPAT1 3/27/2013 6:34PM

    You need to take care of YOU if you are going to be able to live with the changes you are making - that means if it takes a LONG time, it is OKAY as long as you are making progress. It is okay as long as you are doing what you need to do. Do you want to be miserable and a grouchy bear for the rest of your life? Or do you want to be happy and pleasant? Your blog was a great reminder that we HAVE to take care of ourselves first so we can also take care of others too.

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THOMS1 3/27/2013 6:05PM

    I think you are doing a wonderful job. I don't think I could have not stepped on that scale for 8 months. Aren't you even a little bit curious? emoticon

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GREYGRANNIE 3/27/2013 3:44PM

    Don't cut back on the fruits. You do need them to be healthy. Maybe add an apple a day. Add more unprocessed veggies. What has helped me is cutting out the refined white flours -- and that eliminates a lot of sweets and butter type additions. I try to keep at around 1200 a day. You're on a working program - don't see much that needs to be fixed. Portion size? Think healthy instead of focusing on the scale. A well balanced diet, colorful fruits and veggies, think color instead of white. You're doing great! Just keep focused on what is good and ignore the rest.

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CJJANISS 3/27/2013 12:16PM

    emoticon emoticon

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seven months

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I am so proud. It has been seven months since I have had processed sugar.
I feel so good. I have more energy. I exercise on the elliptical three times a week and do weights two times a week and I do a lot of walking also. I have dropped from a 4x to a 1x.
I have been eating healthy . Its getting easier and easier to make wise choices on what I am going to eat. I look forward to good food that has taste not some artificial, card board, with a list of ingredients a mile long. I don't drink anything but water and unsweet teas.

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SOOTHINGGLOW 3/3/2013 6:49PM


Great Job!!!!! Keep it up!!!

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JTREMBATH 3/3/2013 2:08PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEWFREEDOM4ME 3/3/2013 9:10AM

    emoticon emoticon You are in inspiration!

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PYNETREE 3/3/2013 8:17AM

    Wow! Good for you! emoticon

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NANCYPAT1 3/3/2013 6:35AM

    That is awesome. Keep doing what works for you - I eat very LITTLE but still allow some into my world with the occasional candy bar or unhealthy treat that I plan for once in a while.

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DIBANANA 3/2/2013 11:18PM

  Wow an impressive streak! Good for you.

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Nuts! But I will be okay!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well Sunday (mother's day) I lost my mind or something. My husband fixed me breakfast.
It was a dreary day so we got out. My husband asked where do you want to eat. I did not want to eat out. But he said you have to your blood sugar will drop and you will get a headache. Okay, we'll go to Golden Corral but we will go early to miss the crowd. We got there at 10:30 they were still serving breakfast. We will have a little, biscuit and gravy, one bacon and a star shaped donut. I did not eat but 1/2 the biscuit and gravy (wasn't that sweet of me). Then we decided we would eat lunch. They stared serving at 11:00. We had grilled shrimp and grilled vegetables.
We rode around awhile and then went home. I thought I would have peanut butter and graham crackers for supper. I ate the whole pack! Then I had a Klondike bar and then some nuts. Then a energy bar, you know my energy was about gone with all this eating!!!!! Nuts, Nuts, Nuts.
I really thought I would not binge like that anymore. Well I found out just get me started.
One good thing Monday morning I was glad to get back to healthy eating and counting my calories. I had no desire to overeat or have two breakfast. Maybe I am learning something. Not keeping on for a week or month. Wow I really am disappointed in me but I feel like I will get better.
I was reading Sean A. Anderson's book Transformation Road and he talks about how he had struggled with 5oo pounds and how finally he changed his mind set and was able to loss around 300 hundred pounds. He has a blog that he wrote from day one and he has really inspired me.
I put something he said on my wall and I read it everyday and it gives me such hope.
I have his permission to write this: Your transformation is powerful. As you become physically smaller your world becomes bigger. You start noticing things you didn't before. You develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the road behind, giving you a new perspective on the road ahead. You're able to zero in on the present and make choices, one by one, with a confident patience for results, and its not just you, because everyone around you is affected by your transformation in some way, and this effect is beyond your control or responsibility. You embody inspiration. You're amazing. You're powerful. This is you.

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JILL313 6/12/2012 9:53PM

    I've been where you were on Mother's Day but it hasn't happened in awhile. I'm so glad to read your back on track and that's it the WTG!! The "Transformation" book you're reading sounds like something I would enjoy reading and can relate to. Losing weight and getting healthier is hard work but the rewards or so worth it. Wishing you continued success.



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GLITTER60 5/15/2012 11:17PM

    i think alot of us have binges. the only way i can control
mine is first not have the stuff in my house. boy do i miss it. then i go on a carb addict diet. you only eat carbs once a day. most of my cravings are gone. i really wanted popcorn, but i waited and i did not want it.

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YIGOBUTTERFLY 5/15/2012 4:20PM

    One day at a time and sometimes it is one meal at a time. Hang in there.

Jane on Guam

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CAPECODLIGHT 5/15/2012 12:02PM

    It was deja vu for me reading how you felt about getting off track. It really takes the wind out of your sails, doesn't it? I think the most important thing is what you have done - get back to eating healthily as soon as possible and remembering the binge is a cautionary tale but not something to despair about.
I also really like the quote you shared. Keep on keeping on.

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