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2/11/2009 Day 37

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's been a crazy day so far, but in a good way! Got up this morning and did my situps and pushups (week 5 day 1), then walked 3 miles. Got back home and have been painting the dining room ever since....painting is a WORKOUT...holy crap! I'm exhausted and have to go to work in an hour!

I wanted to blog about this because I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this...I have been doing this for just over 6 weeks and have made some good progress! 7 1/2 lbs gone! I have found recently though that my mood is a little different...and not in a good way. I am finding I am irritable and have a bit of a short fuse...I have always been very honest and open about my feelings and if I'm annoyed I usually let you know, but lately I get annoyed much more easily. I've always been told that exercising and eating well enhances your mood, so I am finding this a little bit in my defense I have had a stressful and intense few weeks between school, working full time and moving, but I just don't like snapping so easily....any idea what this is all about????

On a much better note, we are having our first gathering at the new house on Friday night. Should be fun, I have to be careful about calories since there will be plenty of snacky type foods and of course booze! I'm looking forward to a fun night!

Time for me to get ready for work! See you tomorrow!

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    Get togethers are so much fun. It is always nice to have people over to enjoy their company and show them your new house. I have actually got some great decorating tips from having a get together. Someone will usually suggest an item or a color that goes really well with what I have already done and it gives me a smile to think of the possibilities one home can have. And when I am at other peoples houses I love to pull ideas from their creativeness.

And of course you are right about all the snack food, there is usually a lot of it and more times than not alcohol. I was just at a book club get together last night and the food looked amazing. I could have indulged, but I had a weigh in this morning. (Dropped another 1.5 pounds so a total of 11.5) I think something I am going to try in the future is look up foods that I keep seeing at other people's parties and find out how much they are calorie wise that way I know what I am in store for. And a lot of times I will opt for just a few crackers or the pita with hummus is always good. I have even brought a few healthy snacks to parties that way I could stay on track.

I feel your pain about the painting. I am not sure what happened or how I did it but I managed to break my wrist painting and I didn't even fall on it or anything. But it was such a workout and I was so soar not the next day but two days later. I even think you can track it in the nutritional tracker here on spark people. (You would be amazed at what is in there!)

I recently have been of the same crabbiness. I think you are right about the other stresses in your life. I know that we are struggling through this rough economy and it is kind of making me a little edgy over little things I never used to get upset about. I am usually pretty easy going and only have one or two days of -leave me alone crabby- because of pms. But this is different. I thought it was because I was cutting calories and stuff, but after really thinking about it began to see that it had more to do with the stress in my life than with my exercising and eating healthy. Also I think I probably would be way more emotional if I wasn't eating good and getting in at least 30 minutes a day! YIKES-I think that would even scare me! It passes and as long as you are conscious of it and let people know, I think you will be okay.

Great job on getting everything done and don't forget to let yourself indulged once in awhile! It keeps us sane. Have a great rest of the evening and I look forward to reading the next blog!


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2/10/2009 Day 36

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here we go, week 6 is here! I have lost 7.6 lbs in 5 weeks...hoping to get that down to 9 lbs by the end of week 6, but as long as it keeps going in the right direction I really don't care how long it takes!

I can't write much, I have to head to class...big test today! I will say that I got a new scale yesterday and I love it! Totally recommend it, it is a Taylor biggest loser scale and measures body fat, water weight and weight. It was $30 at Target. I just feel much better knowing that my readings are accurate, even though it didn't change much. It is also great to be able to monitor my body fat percentage...I wish I knew what it was when i started. It is currently exactly 30%. I think getting it down around 24% - 25% would be a reasonable and realistic goal for me. 30% puts me in the "acceptable" range...I'd like to get into the "FIT" range!

Gotta run, school time! Did walk 2.5 miles this morning on the "hilly" route :)

See you tomorrow!



2/9/2009 Day 35

Monday, February 09, 2009

So, I think it's time for a new scale..... I am not saying it's lying to me, I just don't quite think it is being completely accurate. It fluctuates by 2+ pounds and that is annoying me! It is about 5 years old, so maybe it's just time to move on. I can step on it, have it say something wait 10 seconds step back on it and have it say something totally different. Now, I know and completely understand that we aren't supposed to weigh ourselves everyday....I get it! BUT it is my one downfall, I can't walk by it in the stares at me and says "get on me, don't you want to just see if anything has changed"....I can't say no to the stupid scale....chocolate, chips, fast problem, I can have those things staring me down and say no way...but that stupid scale! Anyway, I think I'll go to Target after work and see what they've got...I'd like one that measures body fat too, so I'm willing to spend a little more for that...but ACCURACY is what I'm really looking for!

I walked 3 miles this morning and completed my end of week 4 exhaustion tests for my situps and pushups....Did 31 pushups and 61 situps consecutively so on to week 5.....

I'll probably blog later when I have an accurate scale reading

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LOGHOUSE 2/9/2009 9:50PM

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Give the scale away to someone (a friend or neighbor) and tell them not to let you in to weigh yourself more than once a week.

Get off the scale and slowly back away !!! LOL !!!


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    Funny stuff on the scale. Ours does the same thing. We take three readings and average them to get our weight. My boyfriend has to weigh himself everyday as well. Just something magical about that darn thing! Let me know if you find an accurate one! Perhaps we will purchase a new one.

Great job on the push ups and situps. I am going to join the push up team. I hope I can do at least a couple of them. Do you do straight push ups or do you do them on your knees? Wish me luck.

I was also going to ask if you felt better doing the workout in the morning? I got mine in before 10am and I think I feel better the rest of the day. I might have to change my workout time to the AM.

My 5k training is going well. I am on week 5 now and have my 5K scheduled for March 14th. They call it the Blarney Run. I am getting excited. If you have been reading my blogs, I am hoping that it is the start of something to keep me motivated!

Well, Have a great day. Thought I would just stop by and leave you a note! Keep up the great work and enjoy your new neighborhood. :)

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2/8/2009 Day 34

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wow! I am down a total of 7.4 lbs! I can't believe it. I almost couldn't believe my eyes this morning and had to step on the scale 2 or 3 times to be sure it was real. So I lost about 1.6 lbs this week! YAY me!!

Don't have all that much to blog about...pretty low key day today so far and I work at 4. Just trying to get some studying in before work... I am taking today off from walking, making the conscious decision to do that and not feeling bad about it....tomorrow I perform my exhaustion test for my situps and pushups and will walk 3 miles after that. I just added it up and I walked a total of somewhere between 14 - 15 miles last week..I think that's pretty good! I only work a lunch shift tomorrow which normally means about 11:15 - 3ish... Then I will be holed up with my Anatomy book studying for my test on tuesday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! See you tomorrow!

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7SEVENJ9 2/8/2009 11:51AM

    Great job! Keep up your motivation and the great work!

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2/7/2009 Day 33

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Saturday! I don't know what my deal is, I can't sleep past 7:30 or 8 even on my much anticipated sleep in days. It's not like before when I could wake up, see the clock, think "oh hell no" and go back to sleep. Now, I wake up, bounce out of bed, look at the clock, think "oh hell no" and start the coffee. I wonder if it has something to do with becomming more active?

So, today was week 4 day 3 of my situps and pushups. It is getting crazy hard, but I managed to complete the week. I did a total of 130 pushups and 245 situps! That is completely insane to me, and I love it (now wayyyy more then I did about 2 hours ago on the floor). I take another exhaustion test on Monday to see where I start week 5 (and IF I start week 5 or repeat week 4). It will be interesting to see how many of each I can do...last test was 24 pushups and 51 situps. I'm thinking 35 or 40 pushups and 75 or 80 situps? We'll see!

It is amazingly beautiful outside today! In the 60's with bright sunny skies! Decided to walk further than ever and make it a solid hour. Probably completed about 3.5 - 3.6 miles, will have to drive it to find out for sure. It got hard, mainly because I had to pee...but on the way home there are 2 routes I can that goes through the neighborhood and is relatively flat and one that goes up a big hill...and today I chose the hill. I think from now on I will choose the hill....I actually like going that way better AND it's workin my butt big time!

I can't believe how much has changed...I'm choosing the hilly route, I'm doing 245 situps and 130 pushups... If you had told me 34 days ago that I would do either one of those things in less than 5 weeks I would have laughed at you, and I mean like rolling on the floor laugh....unbelievable that I'm even the same girl! Patting myself on the back! emoticon

Mexico countown is 33 days! Just as long as I've been on Sparkpeople....1/2 way to swimsuit time!!! emoticon

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    It really is nice here in Wisconsin today. I think we are going to hit 55 degrees today! Unlike you we slept in until 9am this morning! I think it is great they you are getting the right amount of sleep! We have been staying up past 11pm which is highly unusual for us, but we are both not working this week so we have been taking advantage of it!

Great blogs this week! I wish I could turn bloggin into a habit! I have been so busy with other stuff that time just gets away from me! I also think it is cool that your goals are coming along. I was just thinking to myself about my goal weight and if it would be a healthy one for my body type. Sounds like you are wondering the same thing. For me I have never been really thin and think that it is unattainable or that I can't maintain a weight that low! I am also going to have to re-asses later!

How did grocery shopping go? We just went on Thursday and we got all kinds of great items! I always think about the people who just don't like fruits and vegetables and wonder why? They are so good!!!

Well have a great Saturday and good luck on your exam Tuesday!

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