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Starting Over April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, I'm back. I definitely took a big tumble off the wagon, but I am ready to start this again. Spark people worked for me better then anything else I have ever tried as far as dieting is concerned. I am ready to re-commit and hopefully loose about 15 pounds in the next 10 weeks. I hope some of my old friends are still here, and hopefully I'll make some new friends as well!

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    Me too! And I am back on here also. emoticon

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MARGEUX 4/28/2010 1:02PM

    I know all about falling off the wagon. Good luck :)

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5/3/2009 Day 118

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well, I was totally ready to get back on track....and then life blew up...everything is fine now and it is too long of a story for me to blog so TODAY is the day I get back on track. I want to get back into the habit of tracking everything I eat. I have started the sweatsuit to swimsuit challenge today with a 10 minute cardio kickboxing video...doesn't seem like much, but it got my heart rate up! I have NO school this week and therefore I have NO excuses....will be walking...and the earlier I do it the better since it is currently 11 am and already in the 80's. I've got 10 lbs to go...and just about 2 months to do it....time to make it happen!

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    emoticon Way to go Beth! It is now day three of the swimsuit challenge and I am just getting started as life also blew up around here Friday. (Again, long story!)

I am simply going to start with today's workout, my 30 minutes of cardio and tracking my food once again. (I have been tracking and the only day I was off track was really Saturday.)

Have fun in the 80 degree weather down there! We are in the 60's which is capri weather here.

I have a lot of studying to get done today as well...Hope you have a great day!


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4/30/2009 Day 115

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, although my blog says it's Day 115, it should really be called Day 1. It is time for me to really start over. Please read through my blogs to see how many times I've said that. It is at the point where I am starting to not believe myself...and that is NOT good. So I've got to prove to myself that I have this in me and get back on I don't have school to use as an excuse, I took my final on Tuesday and don't start summer classes until May 12th. I have signed up for the sweatsuit to swimsuit challenge (although I'll need to find a resistance band). I am ready to do this. What am I waiting for?

I think it is so important to realize that every single day is a new day...and today is the day I get my act back together...for real. 10 lbs to go....actually more like 11 now :)

Thank you so much to those of you who have been supportive even through my LOOONNGGG slump.. I'm back..........

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LOVE2MEN 4/30/2009 12:00PM

  I'm glad to hear about your renewed commitment! That's fantastic!

I know what you mean about starting to not believe yourself. You're playing a mind game with yourself that you must win! Write down your commitment and your weekly exercise plan where you'll see it and make it a point to log your progress every day.

It REALLY is a mind game; a game of determination over acceptance. Be determined and just get started. The rest will follow!

Looking forward to seeing you again in the 100 pushup challenge.

Good luck and good attitude!


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4/23/2009 Day 108

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life has been insane for me the past few days. This weekend was crazy...not necessarily in a bad way, but I let way more loose than I have in a long time, and I had a great time with so many different groups of friends. Ahhh, the life of a single 20-something (for a few more months) Definitely was paying for it on Monday. Work and school, you know the deal....same old. Today is my last official class of the semester, then I take the final on Tuesday. I plan on spending this weekend studying, eating right, resting and exercising.

I am up in weight, but really, what do I expect? I go all out all weekend, eating whatever whenever, drinking....just being kind of careless (or should I say carefree?). I haven't exercised at all this week...thank you crazy of course my weight crept up.

I have made a committment to do this and I intend to. I didn't ever expect it to be so hard, especially since the first 10 - 12 lbs came off so easily...Getting back into the swing of this has been really tough for me, basically ever since Mexico, which was over a month ago now.....the excuses are getting old. Luckily my weight isn't up a lot more than it is....

After class today, I am going grocery shopping. I am tracking everything that I eat, aiming for 8 glasses of water/day and exercise 5 times a week. After next tuesday (the final) I have 2 whole weeks of NO CLASS....which means a lot of studying and stress off my shoulders. When I started Spark in January, I was in the exact same between semesters, a few weeks on my hand to focus on something other than school...and it worked. So here we go again...another promise to myself that I hopefully will see through...I should be at or nearing my goal by now and instead I'm gaining 3 lbs.... MUST get this under control while I still can.

This weekend is my "get it together" weekend.....will stock up on healthy food and snacks, will drink water, will exercise...

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    I haven't blogged in awhile and might add one later today, but I think yours is almost what mine should say. well, minus being single and having finals. Although I am enrolled in one class that will have a final. :)

Life is so hectic and for me I tend to let it get away from me. (For instance right now I should be stretching and then studying but I am on here catching up with everyone and all the threads! haha)

Keep up the blogs as I think it makes you think more about what you are working towards. I have added a very colorful schedule to our board and a goals list to our refrigerator. I think seeing the goals each day makes me more apt to doing something to obtain them!

Well I better get going before the entire day is gone! Hope you got in a lot of studying and great food. I too have started tracking again on here and am working towards my new goals!!!

Talk to you soon!

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KELLYSESAME 4/23/2009 1:12PM

    You can do it, Beth. Sometimes it is a battle, but I know you can succeed! emoticon

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4/17/2009 - Day 102

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow, 102 days!

It has been a difficult week for me. It is first and foremost TOM and that is totally affecting my ability to handle things the way I normally would. I am reacting far more emotionally and things that normally stress me out are just completely overwhelming to me....well were. I feel much better today. I finally have the next 2 days off and am so excited to just do what I want!

I haven't been tracking my food...BAD GIRL. I know I stayed within my calories most of the days, but definitely went over yesterday....couldn't resist that bar food after work last night! I am up about 1.4 lbs and I'm not sure if thats due to water retention or me just not being so careful about what I eat...

I'm about to head out for 3 miles and just completed 100 crunches. I am SOO looking forward to 2 weeks from now when the semester is done and I have 2 weeks before summer semester to get back into my good habits.

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JILIANP 4/17/2009 10:42AM

    i actually have extreme pms and i am going to the doctors tuesday to take some more tests i am a totally different person right before i get my special friend lol
so i know how you feel it sucks...
so what are you going to do for your two weeks off ??
100 crunches your a machine i like the jack knife move its like cruches but you lift your legs up too

and dont worry about that 1.4 pound its probably just water or your food needs to digest and when you get your tom women tend to gain a pound of two ..


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