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Upset Tummy

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm really hoping that I've not got the flu. We had breakfast this morning at Ihop- we've not been there in years. Right after we ate, we went to the gym. Let's just say I spent more time in the bathroom than working out. Now my tummy is super sore. I don't think it's food poisoning, as the kids at half my plate and they are not sick. Hubby was throwing up all day Tuesday- so I really hope it's not the flu! I'm supposed to be here at work until midnight- I hope I can make it that late! emoticon

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KLMAYS08 6/14/2014 10:33PM

    I hope you're back to feeling better!

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LEIGHWOMAN 6/13/2014 1:58PM

    Sorry I haven't been responding lately - it was getting difficult sans real keyboard but I'm back now!

Sorry about your upset tummy - thats one of the worst feelings. Hope you're on the upswing soon!!!

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C8TSON 6/13/2014 12:18PM

    Oh no!!! Hope you get better soon! I know it sounds really strange, but if you can stomach it at all, try to mix some apple cider vinegar with raw honey and warm water--drink like a tea. It sounds terrible, but the honey cuts most of the bitter. 3 tbsp each. If you have some Emergen-C, add that in too. It works like a probiotic, and will help get rid of it. I haven't suffered with any kind of stomach bug for about 7 years now. It works!

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CONFUSEDBIRD 6/13/2014 8:34AM

    Awwwww poor thing! Stomach flu maybe? Probably wont be going back to Ihop for awhile huh lol Man the last time I went to Ihop was the last time I saw my dad. Ihop is scary, stay away! lol

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Scale Avoidance

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm avoiding the scale until I feel like I won't go into a depressed spiral when I stop onto it. When I last looked it was a 5 pound GAIN. I refused to accept that I've done that kind of damage to myself in such a short time. So I'm back on track, focusing on my water, exercising, watching my calorie intake. I'll look again on Sunday and hope that it's not as bad as a 5 pound GAIN. BOO! emoticon

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CONFUSEDBIRD 6/11/2014 7:10PM

    I am avoiding the scale right now. Back to basics, back to what you know works!

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BELLENGLISH 6/11/2014 3:23PM

    It will be okay. Try another avenue of tracking your weight loss, like using an article of clothing you may not be able to fit correctly or something you have not worn in a long time. Sometimes the scale is not our friend. I get on my scale once a month. And that is it. I used to get frustrated with my fluctuating weight ups and downs, until I decided to stop torturing myself.

Stay positive, focused and on track with your exercise routine and the weight will come off.

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COLLEGEGURL47 6/11/2014 3:10PM

    :( Sucky. But every time I tell my mom that I gained weight she says, oh it's probably just water weight, it will come off easily. Maybe she is just trying to reassure me. But I agree with you, don't go on the scale if you don't expect a good number. You don't want the disappointment.

Thank you for your encouraging comment. You are doing so well in the long run, and this little setback will be in the past so quickly. I am so looking forward to your future accomplishments.

Hope you have a great end of the week, and keep going!

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Monday, June 09, 2014

I know my mission. To be positive. January-April were very positive months for me. I stayed focused. May got slippery. June has been a mess thus far. I apparently have lost my focus. I need to regain it immediately!

Deep breaths....

My water intake has been lacking. I know that this reeks havoc on my body and my focus should be to stay hydrated. I'm slowly going back to my old Starbucks ways. Not only is this horrible for my body but it's really not good on our budget either. Kicking that habit once again. Only making coffee at home or at the office. Sorry SB- you're not good for my butt.

I was a pescatarian for 7 years (no meat aside from fish). Now that I've introduced meat back into my diet again, I'm wanting to try all the things that I've not had in the past 7 years. I need to be very careful about my choices and how I order the things I want to try. I also need to be sure to count it into my calories to ensure it doesn't put me over for the day. Track before I eat. This is key. I know darn well that it doesn't matter how much I exercise. If I am eating like crap it won't matter.

I need to be more active. I'm allowing myself "rest" days. These should be "no gym" days not "zero activity" days. On my "rest" days- I should still be walking. Sitting around is not doing anything for my stamina, heart, blood pressure, fat, etc. 10K steps per day is not impossible. It simply requires that I get up and walk. No excuses. I've been so motivated in the past that I've walked back and forth in our apartment just to get all my steps in. Need to bring back that focus!

It's everything! I'm allowing outside influence to much power on me. Just because husband wants a donut doesn't mean that I should have one too. Just because someone in the office is drinking a big giant soda, doesn't mean that I should have one too. I'm an individual. I'm not a sheep. I shouldn't follow the herd. I make my own choices and they need to be the right ones. I need to get my focus back on the positives each day and choose a better attitude. It's everything!

So all these words... really are just words... ACTION speaks louder than words. I can reflect all I'd like about getting my focus back. I can talk until the cows come home... the only way I'm going to stop being the cow is by actually mooooooving my butt! emoticon

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JESSIEBRUNS 6/10/2014 8:30PM


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C8TSON 6/9/2014 10:32AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Excellent plans!

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LOSE4LIFE47 6/9/2014 8:34AM

    emoticon emoticon

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HMBROWN1 6/9/2014 8:15AM

    Best wishes!

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Progress pic

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

So I can't really see that much of a difference in my progress pic from Feb to now. I know the scale has moved- and my pants feel looser.... I just don't see it that much. I can feel the difference in my ability to workout at the gym. I don't get winded taking the stairs, etc. So I know I've had progress. But in either case- here's the progress pic.

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WANTSRECOVERY 6/13/2014 11:29AM

    I can totally see the difference! Way to go.

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CONFUSEDBIRD 6/10/2014 8:35AM

    You look great and happier!

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KAYLEESMEME 6/3/2014 7:42PM

    You're looking great! You're feeling great! Your doing great!

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AMCAN262 6/3/2014 7:04PM

    I can see it, keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon

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I'm glad May is over....

Sunday, June 01, 2014

May was by far my least productive month! I'm so glad it's over! I'm shocked to have not gained weight by the end of the month. Not much progress though to report from 5/1 to 6/1... with less than a pound lost.... I'll still post a progress pic because maybe I can see a difference not reflected on the scale? We'll see....

Overall the progress is there. I was just comparing my January stats to my stats now...
I've lost 26.2 pounds, 1.9 body fat, 4.2 bmi.

My goal for 2014 is to lose 50 pounds total this year. Considering we are not yet to the half way point, I'm on track to reach that goal (even with my crummy May)! I'm proud of what I've accomplished thus far!

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CONFUSEDBIRD 6/10/2014 8:36AM

    26 lbs for the year is great! Moving right along! I hope you have a great June!

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DEBBLO 6/3/2014 6:43PM

    Put May behind you and start fresh for June

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WANTSRECOVERY 6/3/2014 11:52AM

    I love the saying two steps forward, one step back, is still one step forward. It applies to our journey for sure!

Comment edited on: 6/3/2014 11:53:08 AM

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