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Day 2.... of fresh start

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I started the day off right. I ate breakfast... logging my calories as I ate my banana and yogurt. I then headed to the gym. I really pushed myself today... my legs are a little sore. But it felt fantastic! I need to focus more on my upper body and arms. That will be my plan for tomorrow's workout.

I ate pretty good today. It could have been better. I know where I made mistakes and am determined to do better tomorrow. I also need to drink a lot more water. I'm getting better. But it's not where it should be. Again, something that will be better tomorrow.

I've decided it's time to branch out of my pescatarian diet. I ate chicken for the first time in nearly 6 years. I may add turkey as well. Before I had my gall bladder removed (2yrs ago), I was able to balance my meals with soy meat substitutes between fish. I quickly learned the soy meats back me up for days. Since eliminating almost all soy from my diet, I'm feel less bloated and things are moving more smoothly. I've tried hard for the past two years to make a go at the pescatarian thing with only fish as my option. There is only so much fish a girl can eat..... I've done all the research... I know there are other options, beans, etc. I get it.... I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of trying to balance this with that to get a complete protein... So, I started thinking about adding poultry back into my diet back in December... and it took me this long to build up the courage to try it. It was weird. I'm still struggling with the concept of eating chicken. I'm sure it will get easier as I eat it more often. I'm just trying to change my thought process: "I'm eating for fuel- it's fuel- that's all it is- fuel...." I'm sure it will get easier with time. I don't have plans to add beef or pork to my diet. It's hard enough for me to eat chicken. I don't think I can handle a pig or cow.

So that's my exciting change for today. 2014 really is a fresh start. Out with the old, on with the new!


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GRATEFUL_DAWN 6/1/2014 5:12PM


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CONFUSEDBIRD 5/29/2014 7:56AM

    Man I donno how you only ate fish for 6 years that sounds hard! Not to mention can't eat soy products. There is a lot you can do with chicken and turkey. I cut out pig a long time ago but once awhile it will appear in stuff when eating out and I just let it go. Beef I try to stay away from but with this pregnancy I am dieing for blood lol Sounds like you had a good 2nd day!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I need to take this one day at a time. I'm becoming too focused on reaching one particular goal, that I'm allowing one set back to turn into two, then quickly three, then I'm completely off coarse. Where is my beginners manual? I seem to have forgotten the essentials, the basics, the necessities to this journey.

Action #1: Log calories
I need to track everything I put into my mouth BEFORE I EAT IT. Additionally, my food choices should be fuel focused, not craving focused. The foods I choose should help energize my day, while staying within my calorie ranges.

Action #2: Drink water
I love coffee. While I've tried to kick it several times, I understand and know that it's something I will always drink. It shouldn't replace water. I need to still drink all of my water and if need be, set reminders for myself to chug. It's essential to my health and wellness.

Action #3: Exercise
The weather is changing. After a long day of work, I'd rather go home and hang out with my family then go to the gym. Getting my burn will be the only way to get my heart healthy and my body toned as I lose weight. No excuses. This must be done. Goal is 10,000 steps per day. Very do-able.

The scale can be forgotten for now. It's turning into a de-motivator for me. Avoiding it for now and just focusing on the day to day. Welcome back to basics. I can do it. emoticon

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CONFUSEDBIRD 5/28/2014 1:37PM

    Good for you going back to the ground and working up. We know how to do this!

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4MEKELL 5/28/2014 12:30PM


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    Love your positive energy! And I'm with ya on getting back to the basics! I need to focus on #1 myself. emoticon

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N_SPECT_R 5/27/2014 6:05PM

    Thought about you this morning. Glad that you are keeping a good attitude.
emoticon emoticon

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FAT_2_FAB 5/27/2014 12:45PM

    Coffee is my vice too. I am not willing to compromise there. LOL

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

So after my lovely blog yesterday and self reflection, I did feel a little better. I wasn't able to make it to the gym as planned, but I didn't let that ruin my day. I had a talk with my husband this morning about my anger, our situation and that it's important that we communicate better if we are going to make it through this hard time. This is temporary. We won't be in this position forever. I've got to always remember why we made this choice... we made it for our kids. It's amazing that he can be home with them each day, that they don't need to go to daycare. Money being tight is a part of that choice. The good outweighs the bad, that's that.

So, after my lovely vacation from my plan. I'm really feeling like I need to get back on track and not look back. Pushing the reset button. I did weigh in today, so I'll start doing that every morning again to keep myself on track.

Mini-goal: Lose 1.5 pounds by 5/31
Started the 22nd: 258.4

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NEFARIOUS-01 5/26/2014 12:23AM

  It's good that you are taking small steps toward larger goals and talking when things aren't quite right! You are doing awesome!

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MJRVIC2000 5/22/2014 6:11PM

    A line here, a line there, precept upon precept, and you have balance! God Bless YOU! Vic.

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Where am I....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I need to find myself again. I don't know what happened or why I stopped being so positive. I'm finding I'm angry. That anger makes for very negative thoughts, which lead to negative actions. I don't know why I can't see the positives in each day anymore. So here I am... reflecting..... We are struggling to make ends meet. We knew that living off of a single income would be hard, but this is the tightest it has ever been. The stress level is high. I'm allowing that stress to turn to anger and then the downward spiral starts. I worked a long stressful shift yesterday and binged on my way home. I went through the drive thru at McDonalds.... I never eat at McDonalds- but last night I did. This morning, I felt like crap. Why am I allowing my entire progress to spiral out of control over money trouble? Why am I completely throwing in the towel and eating like crap? Why?

The irony- I just got done doing a "choose your attitude" training with my supervisors. The training including "choosing your attitude" and "seeing the positives" in difficult situations. I seriously just got done training this. I even had them do this activity.... which apparently I need to do for myself right now....

What is holding you back from truly being happy?
- Money problems

How could your situation be worse?
- We could be homeless

So.... now that you know it could be worse, what are the positives of your situation?
- I have a good job
- I have health insurance
- We have a roof over our heads
- I have a reliable working vehicle
- My kids are healthy and happy
- I have a supportive husband who I love very much

Wow.....I have a lot to be happy about.... I need to remind myself daily that in the big picture that one struggle or one bad thing should not reflect my whole attitude and life. If you've read this far.... thank you for letting me get that out.... I'm feeling better already.

Today is a new day! While I avoided the scale this morning- I will definitely be stepping back on tomorrow! Good or bad... it's happening....
**I'll track what I eat and stay within my calorie range today.
**I'll go to the gym and get my 10,000 steps in today.
**I'll track my water intake and make sure I drink all my oz today.
**I'll have hubby do my measurements, so that I'm tracking progress on more than just the scale.
**I'll weigh in and track my weigh each morning.
**I'll blog daily- to remind myself that I am thankful for all I have!

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WANTSRECOVERY 5/23/2014 10:44AM

    I love how you are rocking this. One set back does not define you, I'm so glad you see that.

Don't give up.

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LIBRAWN24 5/22/2014 12:21PM

    Hey Girl! I completely understand where your coming from. Life has a way of effecting us despite our much efforts to thwart any ill effects. I love the exercise that you blogged about above it is a way to look at things from a different perspective when maybe your pesonal perspective isn't as bright.

I think we all go through things like that..days and unforuntatly weeks! Just know that you have a world of friends out there that know exactly how you feel at any given moment because one of us has exeperienced exactly what your thinking or going through. Just remember your never alone!

Keep your chin up and keep sparking girl!
I am here if you ever need to chat!

Talk to you soon!

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C8TSON 5/21/2014 2:24PM

    I think everyone has been here from time to time. The journey to health is sometimes a rocky road. I know you can do this. Just emoticon

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VJH-W65 5/21/2014 1:12PM

    Rita Davenport says," If money is your problem, you don't have a problem"
I have her tapes "Laugh your way to Success"
Funny Side Up is my next one on Kindle.
I admire her perspective on things and strive to adjust my stinkin' thinkin'
I am so new at doing it. emoticon
Recently the Happiness Project has been an eye opener
and the free newsletter 21 days to a happier home had 21 valid pointers.
We both agree that we are more aware of our attitudes.
We cab adjust when we are aware.
Good Luck as you turn a new leaf emoticon

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VJH-W65 5/21/2014 12:52PM


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LEIGHWOMAN 5/21/2014 12:43PM

    Great little exercise that so many people can use! We all have good things in our lives and it's important not to take them for granted. Even though money is tight, just remember that it's TEMPORARY!!! Many people don't have the luxury of saying that their financial situation is temporary - no light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your chin up!

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Half way point...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We are already half way through May... I'm off to a rocky start. I've not done great thus far! But I am pretty determined to end the month strong. Eating seems to be my biggest hurdle at the moment. I've fallen out of the habit of tracking first, then eating. Instead I'm eating first, then dreading tracking and then realize I'm over calories and it's depressing. I'm changing this horrible pattern! Track first, then eat! All calories matter and should serve the purpose of fueling my body not feeding my cravings. I need to stop. Think. Track. Then eat. It's simple. It works. Now I just need to do it. Exercise has been constant and great. I'm doing well there. Getting my steps in each day. I need to drink more water. Starting tomorrow, I'm going back to setting the silent alarm on my fitbit. It will go off every 2hrs, reminding me to drink 8oz of water. By the end of the day, I should have drank plenty!

Cheers to a great MAY!! emoticon
May 1: 258.2
May 2: 259.9
May 3 257.7
May 4: 257.9
May 5: 256.8
May 6: 255.5
May 7: 256.7
emoticon GOAL: 257.2 emoticon ACTUAL: 257.3! Almost!!
May 8: 257.3
May 9: vacation?
May 10: didn't weigh?
May 11: avoided the scale?
May 12: what's my problem?
May 13: reality check?
May 14: 258.5
emoticon GOAL: 256.2 ACTUAL: 258.8 emoticon
May 15: 258.8
May 16:
May 17:
May 18:
May 19:
May 20:
May 21:
emoticon GOAL: 255.2
May 22:
May 23:
May 24:
May 25:
May 26:
May 27:
May 28:
emoticon GOAL: 254.2
May 29:
May 30:
May 31:

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CONFUSEDBIRD 5/17/2014 8:41AM

    You should come on Pact (gympact) and sync your eating on there. They charge you money if you don't log your food :P

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HEALTH4LYFE 5/16/2014 10:28AM

    Tracking is one of the hardest things for me because it causes me to be absolutely honest with my food choices. When I am fueling, I am 100% with it. When I overeating, it can be painful. You know what works and what does not. Good for you for identifying it and now developing a plan to be more successful. emoticon emoticon

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NEFARIOUS-01 5/16/2014 1:02AM

  emoticon Acknowledging where you feel you are going astray is probably half the battle...putting yourself in check is an awesome idea to get back on track! You are doing great and you will continue to do great!!

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SKIMBRO 5/15/2014 11:55PM

    emoticon emoticon

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