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Habitat for Humanity!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I spent part of my day yesterday with 3 fellow co-workers working for Habitat for Humanity here in New Castle County. We were working on a group of townhomes in Middletown, DE.
I went into this thinking I was going to get to use some power tools and learn a few things about doing home improvement projects around the house.

Unfortunately it turned out that that's not what was on the agenda. We ended up emptying an entire trailer of every ladder, hammer, nut and bolt so that it could be moved early this week. It was sinking in the wet ground and they needed to move it. It was already about 80 outside and you can imagine how hot it was inside this trailer. It didn't really matter to me what we did though. I looked forward to sweating a little and doing good for others that were less fortunate. We worked really hard getting that trailer emptied and then we had to move a bunch of insulation form one house to another. Right before lunch we started painting some of the doors upstairs in house 2 and around 1:15 the site leader said that we'd probably be getting outta there around 230. We finished up the doors and were out around 2. I gotta tell you, I was REALLY sweating up a storm. My shirt was soaked and I was dripping sweat all over the floor. It felt good though to work hard. It gave me an idea on just how hard those construction guys work.

I also decided to do this project on a weekend and what I found out is that doing things for the community on the weekend really separates those who truly want to help someone and those that just want the day off of work. I had a group of 5 or 6 people that signed up pretty quickly and then when they found out it was on a Saturday backed out. I understand some may have had events planned but I still feel that others were just going to volunteer just to get out of the office. Honestly, if that's your reason for wanting to volunteer, I don't really want you there to begin with. I want people to volunteer with me that are there to help, not to get a day off. Ok.. I'm stepping down off my soap box now.

On another note, I have my sleep apnea testing scheduled for the evening of the 15th. I get to spend the night in a hospital all hooked up to various gizmos and doo dads to see if I stop breathing when I sleep. I hope that I don't have it, but if I do, I'll get the CPAP machine and feel like Darth Vader when I sleep. Hopefully I won't need it very long cuz I'm planning on getting rid of this weight and I hope that when I do, it's enough to not need the machine.

I also am feeling pretty good about this week, I'm really hoping that I made up for the flat week last week and that I can get into the 240's. We'll see how it goes. I skipped my C25K today b/c I was still pretty sore and tore up from yesterday so I just walked the 2 miles this morning.

That's enough rambling outta me for today, take care guys!

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GROEDER 6/6/2010 7:29AM

    Thanks for writing. I was wondering how your day with habitat for humanity went. It sounds like you got to help yourself with a good workout as well as being able to help some one else. A win - win!!
Good luck with the sleep test. I hope everything goes well.

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TINYC887 6/6/2010 7:22AM

    good for you, id love to volunteer for habitat for humainity, such a good cause

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Doctors Visit and C25K Wk 2

Friday, June 04, 2010

I made it through my Dr. appointment yesterday and somehow I'm still alive! I'm VERY happy with my new doctor so far. Thanks to the mother-in-law for the referral. I was the youngest person in the office. The older people were kinda looking at me like what's this younger guy doing here? Must be waiting for someone. Nope, I was there to see the doc and to get some help getting my health back in order.
Of course b/c of the whitecoat syndrome my blood pressure was 180 over ??? (never did tell me the bottom number) so needless to say, I was put on blood pressure meds right away. I printed out a graph showing my weight loss since I started SparkPeople and I also provided a list of things that I was concerned about and wanted to check. He asked me why I was there, and I told him about the screening at work and that I wanted to get myself healthy because if I didn't do something now, I wasn't going to be around to see my daughter and with that I started to cry. Don't know where it came from, didn't feel it creeping up on me, just started to cry.
He asked me some questions about some of my items and I got referrals for blood work, an asthma test, and sleep apnea to start with. The good news was that he said that my concerns were fixable so with a little work and some time I should be able to get them all under control.
By the time I was ready to leave the office I could feel that the white coat syndrome had backed down a few pegs and I wasn't as anxious as when I walked in.
I go back in another 3 weeks to see how the blood pressure is and if the meds are working he'll write me a prescription for them.
He also mentioned that he had heard of SparkPeople and he was in agreement that it was a good program so that made me feel good! He also said that there's no reason at all for me to not continue on the C25K program and to keep exercising! Woo hoo!!!
On to the C25K... I started week 2 day 1 today. It was a bit more challenging today as it started with a 5 minute warm up walking, then 90 second jog, 2 minute walk, and back and forth for what seemed like an eternity!!! But I DID make it! I gotta say that it doesn't feel too good immediately after I finish the program, but within a few hours I start feeling much better and I'm proud of myself for sticking with it.
I'm at the point right now that I don't give a rat's a$$ about my moobs jumping all over the place. If you wanna look out your window, watch a fat man run and then laugh about it go right ahead!! Keep laughing cuz' in a few months you'll look out the same window while you're eating a box of doughnuts and watching the news and be like 'hey, that looks like that fat guy that we saw a few months ago... nah, that can't be him, he's not fat and he's really running fast!!' I'll just smile and wave, and all you'll see then is elbows and a$$holes.
You guys can't give up on your goals! Stick with them no matter what... if you have a bad week, a bad month, whatever... you just got to keep moving. YOU WILL GET THERE!!! WE CAN ALL DO THIS! I've recently adopted a new way of thinking based on a line from the immortal Yoda (yes Yoda)...'There is no try, only do' If we all follow that and work that into our lives we will get to where we want to be.
You guys take care, have a wonderful weekend, and keep on moving!!!!

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TINYC887 6/4/2010 12:11PM

    you did it thats what counts. my distance sucks, in 20 minutes the total was only 1.38 miles, sigh

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DMURPH409 6/4/2010 11:39AM

    Thanks Tiny! It's been tough, I almost didn't get up to do it today. I hit the snooze bar on the clock but got up about 5 minutes later.

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TINYC887 6/4/2010 8:49AM

    way to go, I'm finishing week 2 today and am kinda dreading week 3 as its running 200 yrds which is equall to a football fiels up and back, then later its 2 football fields up and back.

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Week 7 Weigh In

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I kinda knew it was gonna not be a good week and this morning when I stepped on the scale it just confirmed the suspicions...I was flat this week. All the C25K stuff I did this week was screwed up the the darn holiday.

Wait, I take that back... it wasn't screwed up by the holiday, it was screwed up by ME!! Only one person to blame... ME. I ate all that food on Monday, and then last night I had to follow up one 'stellar day' with another one last night eating up some of the leftovers.
It just goes to show that food still has a hold on me... just like an addict getting thrown into a room full of their drug of choice, that's what Monday was like.

I know that on the next holiday, I'll restrain my eating habits and try and determine calories for everything I put in my mouth.

One a positive note, I did finish my first week of the C25K and it was a beast for me! I'm scared of what next week will bring but I know that I've gotta do it! I can check with my doctor tomorrow to make sure it's ok that I kick it up a notch.

I also hope that the doc sends me for some blood work so we can get a picture of what I need to do to get myself straightened out.

Time to go get a shower and then get to work!

Take care all! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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WISCHZHD6 6/3/2010 2:54PM

    I ate a lot this weekend too, and I only lost a pound, and I killed myself at the gym every single day. At least you didn't gain, that is what really matters! Next week will be better!! emoticon emoticon

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TINYC887 6/2/2010 7:57AM

    so ya didnt lose, no biggie, be happy ya didnt gain, besides, it could be muscle. good luck tomorrow

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C25K week 1 day 2

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok, I'd like to find the guy that decided that I should do this C25K thing and kick him square in the hoo-ha! Wait a minute.... that guy was me!!! OH WELL!!
Seriously, today was a lot tougher for me than day 1. Didn't really know why until I finished the program and the 2 miles. I chopped about 2 minutes off of day 1, duh?!?!? I didn't even realize that I was pushing that hard either. I ended up skipping a run cycle cuz I was really beat! My calves felt like they were on fire!
As I'm sitting here writing this, the sweat is dripping off of me like butter on a biscuit! Oh, now that I made you all sick, please send me the bill for replacing your keyboards and I'll take care of it! (I'm joking! Please don't send me a bill for a keyboard!! emoticon)
I feel pretty good now, but I gotta tell you I sure didn't when I was out there! Also probably didn't help that I was out around 7am and the sun was already coming up so it was a little warmer than it's been the past few times I was out.
This weekend is turning out to be awesome! Was out with the wife and daughter in Lancaster, PA yesterday and got a little walking in shopping at the outlets. Going to goto the in-laws today for a fantastic Memorial Day dinner! They make it hard to maintain control, their food is freaking awesome!!! Even something as simple as a grilled cheese tastes 1000 times better than what I make at home. They must have passed it down to my wife cuz she makes a wicked grilled cheese too!
Well, it's time for me to finish my water, go get a shower and enjoy the rest of the day!

Take care everyone!! Let's all say a big emoticon to the men and women that have fought and lost and to those that are still fighting! THANK YOU ALL for keeping our country safe!

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RETURNOFSARAH 5/31/2010 9:03AM

    I'm starting the C25K next week, am pretty nervous! Good luck with your third run of the week!

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TINYC887 5/31/2010 8:39AM

    way to go, keep it up. Im not sure how far ive gone but im enjoying it either way. Have a great Memorial Day

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Watch out!! I'm RWC!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today I completed week 1 day 1 of C25K. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to make it, but I pushed through the discomfort of all the flab bouncing all over the place and just kept on moving! Oh how I dreaded hearing my ipod say 'run now' but I persevered and made it through to the end of the program. I ended up doing 2 miles this morning in about 34 minutes which is a new record for me.
I was thinking back to the old days when I was in cross country in high school and I would run 3 miles in about 24 minutes (granted even that isn't speedy) and how good I felt running and wished that I felt that way. It was not comfortable running due the my size, but I HAVE to increase my physical activity if I want to get to my goal weight so I forced myself to keep going.
I was elated when I heard my ipod say 'workout complete' and was very proud of myself for not giving up. I have to say that now that I've completed it, I don't feel too bad. The knees held out pretty good. A little sore, but certainly not unbearable.
I plan to give it a rest tomorrow and do some Walk Away the Pounds and I'll try and fire up the C25K again on Sunday.
I have a mini-goal of trying to be around 250 lbs at my next weigh in on Wednesday which would mean I would have to lose a little over 3 pounds this week. It's a little lofty but I think I can make it if I maintain my activity level.
I also have my checkup with the doc on Thursday. My first checkup in over 20 years so it oughta be a real blast. I made a list of things that I'd like to discuss with the doc like being checked for asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, also see if I need meds for my cholesterol, triglycerides and make sure it's ok that I continue to ramp up the activity level. Hopefully I get the ok and my blood work doesn't show anything too crazy. I know it will show that all my stuff is outta whack, but that's the main reason I'm there. I figure that the weight loss and exercise should help with some of the numbers and if the doc decides that I need meds to further help my numbers then so be it.
Like my SparkPage says, I WILL NOT NOT FAIL!!! If I maintain my current progress, I should be close to my goal weight about this time next year!

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JUSTA123 5/30/2010 11:07AM

    Good for you, with your attitude you are sure to succeed! emoticon

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WOOBUMS 5/29/2010 8:24PM

    Nice job, mister! And good for you for pushing through -- you're doing a wonderful job!

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OZARKMARY 5/29/2010 4:47PM

    Good for YOU!!! emoticon I'm thinkin I could use this "C25K", myself. I'll check into it. You are doing so well. After your physical and test results are back, I hope that you won't need the drugs. That is one of my main reasons for my determination to lose. I want OFF the cholesterol medication and only hope that I can get off the arthritis med someday. Keep on keepin on! emoticon

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TINYC887 5/29/2010 2:32PM

    congrats, i did week 1 too and cant wait for week 2, although the arthritis in my knee is acting up, oh well, no pain, no gain

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EVERLEARNING 5/29/2010 11:46AM

    Awesome!! Your determination is wonderful.
Good planning with doc's appointment ~ that list will come in handy. I know that some of my questions fall right out of my head when I get to the exam room.

Keep up the phenomenal work!!

emoticon emoticon

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LOUNOBLE 5/29/2010 9:35AM

    Your dedication is inspirational!!!! Keep up the fantastic work - and I know you will achieve all you dream of!

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