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Walk to Chicago Update!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today I added another 3 miles to my virtual 'Walk to Chicago' so I'm currently at a total of 86.66 mile. I've got another 700 or so to go, but I'll get there eventually!!

Currently I'm just outside of Crestlawn Cemetery heading West on Route 70. I kind of like this virtual walk thing... gives me a cool way to motivate myself to keep on walking just to see where my next end point is going to be.

If anyone out there is walking, running, or heck even crawling, give it a try. Pick some place that you've been to (or maybe not been to) and plot out a route using google maps or some other route planning software and start walking.

I'm using a site called to plot out my progress and to retain it. I tried using google maps and there was no way for me to save it. I couldn't imagine having to click on the waypoints every time I checked my progress... sheesh!! looks and operates just like google maps, just that you can save your progress. To post my pictures of my progress I get my route set up on the screen and use the good old fashioned Shift key and the Print Screen key on the keyboard to take a snap shot. I'll then use the paint program that's on just about every pc to crop it and save it. You could certainly use photoshop or some other fancy image editor, but that would be like going on a duck hunt with an M1A1 tank!

Hope you all are doing well! Take care!

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SUPERSMILE37 9/2/2010 11:34AM

    Love this idea!!! WHy Chicago?

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DUSTEDTWIN 8/26/2010 1:15PM

    This is great motivation! Thanks for sharing and glad you are coming along so well on your journey to Chi-town :)

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JZAPRN 8/26/2010 8:47AM

  What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the website and details for mapping your progress!

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DMURPH409 8/26/2010 7:52AM

    Thanks guys!! It's certainly helping me to keep moving.

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APATRICIAO521 8/26/2010 7:51AM

    Awesome idea!

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TINYC887 8/26/2010 6:29AM

    that is so kewl, i might try that

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Wk 19 Weigh In

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good bye 230's, and hello 220's!! I broke (barely) into the 220's today and that's the lightest I've been in about 5 years. I was down to 209 about 5 years ago before our daughter was born. The wife and I were doing weight watchers and we were loving it!. Once we found out she was pregnant, it was all over! She had cravings for mexican food like every other day, and I gotta tell ya, I wasn't going to say no to mexican food. Soooo.... all the weight came back that I lost (56 pounds) plus an additional 10 pounds for good measure.

It's only taken me 5 years but I'm finally getting the 'baby weight' off. I'm happy that I made the 2 pounds this week as it keeps my on track to get to 200 by Dec. I had a few flat weeks in the last month and it wasn't shaping up to be an achievable goal.

I've been trying to find somewhere here in DE that I can take a Tai Chi class like at a community college or something but I'm not having any luck. There are some martial arts schools very near me that probably offer it, but I'm trying to stay away from a martial arts school for some reason. I just want the class for some of the fitness benefits, I don't want to become the next Jackie Chan or anything.

I've been watching Too Fat for 15 on tv lately and I've been very inspired by the kids that are on there doing so well. It really hits home just how large (no pun intended) the childhood obesity issue really is. Being a parent of a 5 year old really drives it home. If we're not careful, that could be my kid with all the health problems. It could be my kid that can't walk even a mile let alone run. I don' t want my daughter to be part of this growing trend. That's another reason for me to try and present a healthy example for her.

Today I'm volunteering to work the blood drive at work. I'll get to provide soft drinks and cookies and such to the awesome folks that donate blood. It's a great thing to be able to donate blood and save lives! Someday, I hope to donate blood. I'm not too keen on watching all that drain from my body and into a plastic bag. So in the mean time I'll just keep supporting those that support the blood bank.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and an even better weekend! Take care!!!

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SAM910 8/25/2010 11:54AM

    Terrific job, and you look awesome! emoticon

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SROUS1340 8/25/2010 10:12AM

    Great Job! I think a lot of us are in a "summer slump".
Dec will be here before we know it tho. Gotta keep at it!

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DARLINRACHAEL 8/25/2010 7:43AM


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APATRICIAO521 8/25/2010 7:40AM

    Congrats on entering the 220's! It does not matter if you are 229.9 or 220, you are still in the 220's and that is awesome!!!!!!!!

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TINYC887 8/25/2010 6:14AM

    you are doing awesome, you will definately reach your goal, congrats

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DMURPH409 8/25/2010 5:59AM

    Thanks Gregg! I'm trying, but it hasn't been easy the last few weeks.

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GROEDER 8/25/2010 5:53AM

    Congratulations!!!!! The way you are going, you will get to 200 by December.
Keep up your good work.

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Wk 18 Weigh In

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I had another flat week this week. I'm getting a little frustrated! I have nobody to blame but myself as I've been really struggling to not grab a little of this or a little of that. Those little nibbles of this or that add up! I may end up walking every day instead of every other day to try and kick start my progress. I can still make my goal of 200 by December if I average 1.9 pounds per week. I know I can do it. It's time for me to refocus and be as strong as I was in week 1.

I think I've become to complacent and for lack of a better word lazy when it comes to staying with the program. I still have the battle when there's extra food in the pot to eat my portion and THAT'S IT! I stand there in the kitchen hovering over the pot of food having a mental argument. It's like there's the devil and angel on my shoulders. I've got the messages flying around in my head, "Just say no and walk away" and "Go ahead, eat it... it will taste really good." Sadly the devil has been winning more frequently and that's got to change.

So listen here Devil... It's time for you to get out of my life. I will no longer be controlled, I will not give in. I am strong, I am proud... I WILL NOT FAIL!!

(all I need to do now is see if my head spins around and I vomit green pea soup)

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week! Take care!!

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TWOTIMESS 8/18/2010 9:15AM

    I read this blog by ODIROM - Be Full

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DAWNIE426 8/18/2010 6:35AM

    Sadly I have the same arguments all the time with myself and most of the time I lose. Yesterday it was a little bit of brownie someone brought at work. Then some leftover chicken francaise and garlic knots from the weekend. (Not a good idea an hour before a kickboxing class). The key is just getting back on the horse and keep going. emoticon

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TINYC887 8/18/2010 6:08AM

    hang in there, least ya didnt gain. you can and will fo this.

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GROEDER 8/18/2010 5:48AM

    Hang in there and keep telling that devil on your shoulder where to go. When I get those urges to over eat, I ask myself if I am really hungry or if I only want to eat it because it is there. Usually I can talk myself into either not eating the thing that I know I really don't want to add or I find a better, healthier substitute.
I know it isn't easy at times, but a logical discussion with my self really helps me.
Good luck and keep working on it.

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New pics!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I just updated my progress pictures... pretty happy with the results. I can definitely tell the difference between my first week and this week. I also found a pic taken almost a year ago in September on my daughter's first day of pre-school. I put it side by side with the pic I took today. I can't believe the difference! My face seems like it just melted away! Pics like this will definitely keep me going. What do you guys think? Can you tell I lost almost 40 pounds??

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SHARK_FIN 8/15/2010 6:32PM

    Congrats! You are looking good!

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HEALTHYASHLEY 8/15/2010 5:07PM

    You can really tell! Congrats on all the hard work paying off!

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JEN040219 8/15/2010 4:43PM

    Yes, I can! Congratulations--you look marvelous!

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BECKYANNE1 8/15/2010 4:38PM

    What a difference. Way to go!

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KATHYJO56 8/15/2010 4:16PM

    Wow! You should be proud. You have done a wonderful job. emoticon

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A little about me... A to Z!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Found this on another blog... thought it would be fun to do.

A - Available or married? Married to Cullengirl1216

B - Books? Not really, don't read too many.

C - Cake or pie? Pie!! Warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce!!

D - Drink of choice? Water, water, water... did I mention water?!?

E - Essential item? My Ipod... always gotta have some good music to listen to.

F - Favorite color? Purple, and NOT Barney purple.. I prefer a darker shade.

G - Game to play or watch? I'm playing Lego Star Wars on the PS3 with my daughter currently.

H - Hometown? Bear, Delaware... originally from Burbank, Illinois

I - Indulgence? Anything geeky or tech related.

J - Job? Yep! I'm a Sr. Fraud Policy Analyst for Barclaycard.

K - Kids and names? One beautiful daughter, Mikayla. She's the sunshine of my life!

L - Life is incomplete without? My wife and daughter! Luv you guys!

M - Music group or singer? Too many to name... anything from Epica to BB King.

N - Number of siblings? One younger brother and a younger sister. My sister is on SP as well! (WISCHZHD6)

O - Oranges or apples? Both?!?! I love either one.

P - Phobias/fears? Doctors!

Q - Favorite quote? "Try not. Do or do not, there is no try".... Yoda

R - Reason to smile? My daughter!

S - Season? Fall, love to open the windows and get that breeze blowing in the house.

T - Tattoos? Yes, a grim reaper on my right shoulder. Watch out!

U - Unknown fact about me? I met my wife on America Online.

V - Vegetable you love? tomatoes!

W - Worst habit? Being hard headed

X - X-rays you've had? just recently my right knee. I've also had chest and fingers x-rayed.

Y - Your favorite food? healthy food would be salads... love them!! not so healthy would be burgers and pizza!

Z - Zodiac? Sagittarius

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DUSTEDTWIN 8/13/2010 12:46PM

    Thanks for the post - great to know new things about you :)

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GIANTMICROBE 8/13/2010 12:38PM

    Cool post :-) I don't like pie! Can't live without cake! Mmm cake.

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