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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm four weeks in on the Spark 8-week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge. I have been trying to not eat the food that co-workers have been bringing in to the office. And, when I do, I try to pick the healthier options. I have also been limiting my gluten intake. Most of my meals have been low- to no-gluten. I have also been using our gym at the office. I've used the elliptical 3 - 5 times per week for up to 25 minutes. I have also been doing the Spark seated workout with exercise band 3 times a week.

As of 11/17/13, here is how things looked:
Weight: 202.8 (home scale)

Neck: 14.25"
Bicep: 14"
Chest (across fullest part): 42"
Chest (under): 38"
Waist (smallest part): 40.5"
Waist (at belly button): 43"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 46"
Hips (at hip bone): 46.5"
Thigh (10" above knee): 27.5"
Calf: 15"
Waist to Hip Ratio: .86

As of 12/15/13, here is how things look:
Weight: 198.2 (home scale)

Neck: 14."
Bicep: 13.5"
Chest (across fullest part): 41"
Chest (under): 36"
Waist (smallest part): 36.75"
Waist (at belly button): 40.5"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 43.5"
Hips (at hip bone): 44.5"
Thigh (10" above knee): 26"
Calf: 15"
Waist to Hip Ratio: .825


Weight: - 4.6 lbs

Neck: -.25"
Bicep: -.5"
Chest (across fullest part): -1"
Chest (under): -2"
Waist (smallest part): -3.75"
Waist (at belly button): -2.5"
Abdomen (2" below navel): -2.5"
Hips (at hip bone): -2"
Thigh (10" above knee): -1.5"
Calf: -.5"
Waist to Hip Ratio: -.035

Total inches: 16.5"

I'm continuing with this for the next 4 weeks. As of January, I will also be participating in the 2014 Winter 5% Challenge.

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AQUAGIRL08 12/16/2013 4:18PM

    Way to go!

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MORTICIAADDAMS 12/15/2013 8:28PM

    Keep up the good work!!

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NATPLUMMER 12/15/2013 5:48PM

    Wow!!! You're doing great!!

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Reality Check

Sunday, November 24, 2013

On November 11th, I participated in an optional health screening offered through my employer. Weight, height, blood pressure, and bloodwork were taken. The results were available 72 hours later. Many of them were what I expected. I have recently been fighting with my insurance about the lack of adequate prescription coverage benefits; requirement for mandatory 90-day subscription, and poor coverage of non-generic prescriptions. Both my Synthroid and Lexapro are supposed to be filled at brand name necessary, as specified by my Dr. So, since my medications had become cost-prohibitive, I began skipping and sometimes stopping them altogether. It didn't help that I spent time out of state with my Dad during his last three weeks at Johns Hopkins and a Maryland Hospice losing his fight with Pancreatic Cancer.

Needless to say, I wasn't surprised when I read my results:

Weight- 207 (office scale)
Blood Pressure- 128/82
BMI- 34.4
Glucose (fasting)- 98 mg/dL
Cholesterol (Total)- 207 mg/dL
HDL Cholesterol- 52 mg/dL
LDL Cholesterol- 130 mg/dL
Triglycerides- 125 mg/dL
Cardio CRP- 3.1 mg/L
TSH- 6.83 mlU/L
T-4 Free- 0.9 ng/dL
HgA1c- 6.2%
Iron (Total)- 21 mcg/dL
Iron Binding Capacity- 437 mcg/dL
% Saturation- 5%
Ferritin- 4 ng/dL
Hemoglobin- 10.3 g/dL
Hematocrit- 32.0%
MCV- 76.4fL
MCH- 24.6pg

I decided it was time to join my company gym (since it's only a $10/month payroll deduction), take my measurements, and start tracking my food and exercise again. Also, I am taking my Synthroid most of the time and have restarted my iron pills.

As of 11/17/13, here is how things look:
Weight: 202.8 (home scale)

Neck: 14.25"
Bicep: 14"
Chest (across fullest part): 42"
Chest (under): 38"
Waist (smallest part): 40.5"
Waist (at belly button): 43"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 46"
Hips (at hip bone): 46.5"
Thigh (10" above knee): 27.5"
Calf: 15"
Waist to Hip Ratio: .86

After my first week, I am down 3 lbs, and have seen some inches lost as well. Because my fasting glucose was just under "risk for pre-diabetes" and HgA1c was in the pre-diabetes range, I decided to change my nutrition settings to the Diabetes Nutrition program. This will help me keep a better gauge of my carbs. I also joined the 8-week Diabetic Weight Loss Challenge and am beginning week two.

Since my Dad passed on 10/20/13, only my Mother will be coming up for Thanksgiving this year. My husband and I will be cooking for about 10 people. Being pescetarian, I will not be partaking in the turkey. However, my downfall is usually the side dishes. Our department is bringing in various breakfast dishes during the week, as well. So, with the exercise I get in this week, I am hoping to at least hold steady.

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AQUAGIRL08 11/27/2013 6:51PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I imagine the holidays will be difficult this year. My dad passed away 5 years ago at this time of year and this is the first year that it hasn't been difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/25/2013 9:16PM

    I'm sorry about your dad. You certainly have had a lot to deal with and it's hard to take care of yourself at times like these. You labs actually weren't that bad but there is a lot of room for improvement. Good luck with your goals.

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NATPLUMMER 11/25/2013 11:47AM


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SHEILA1505 11/24/2013 11:26PM

    Hi there .. Good to see you back .. Looking forward to watching your progress as you make yourself a priority
Hugs xxx

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January 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

After starting 2011 at 169, I started on a low-dose (25 mcg) of Synthroid and, over the course of the year, gained back the weight I had lost in 2010 and then some. I began this year weighing 189.4 on New Year's Day. I sucked it up and changed my tracker. I took my measurements and put the ones they keep track of in the measurement tracker.

January started out looking like this:
Weight: 189.4
BMI: 31.5
BF%: 37.5%
BF: 71
Water %: 45.6%

Neck: 13.75"
Bicep: 13"
Chest (under arms): 37"
Chest (across fullest part): 40"
Chest (under): 34.5"
Waist (smallest part): 36"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 42.75"
Hips (at hip bone): 46.25"
Thigh (10" above knee): 26"
Calf: 14.5"

As of today:
Weight: 188
BMI: 31.3
BF%: 37.7%
BF: 70.8
Water %: 45.4%

Neck: 13.75"
Bicep: 13"
Chest (under arms): 37"
Chest (across fullest part): 40"
Chest (under): 34.5"
Waist (smallest part): 35.5"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 41.75"
Hips (at hip bone): 45.75"
Thigh (10" above knee): 25.5"
Calf: 14.5"

So, I'm down 1.4 lbs and 2.5 inches this month. I'm due to have my thyroid levels checked in about two weeks and see if I stay at my current dose or have to get it tweaked again. I think I'll also ask to have my iron levels checked again.

I'm working with my massage therapist and chiropractor on getting my left shoulder issue resolved so I can resume upper-body exercises. I've been doing cardio at the Y at least twice a week. I am going to incorporate more stretching, as well as slowly add back in strength training where I can. I've been considering picking a different type of exercise from the "On Demand" feature so that some days I do yoga/Pilates, and others I do cardio. This will require discipline on my part to wake up at 6:00 in the morning to do these routines before getting ready for work in the morning. As the weather gets a little warmer, hubby and I will get back out running. We already have a few races lined-up for this year.

As far as my food intake goes, I still refrain from eating land animals. I have cut out soy milk and processed soy foods when I am able. I am also being more diligent about reading ingredient labels so I can be more aware of which items have HFCS, soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, and a new item MZZCHIEF recently wrote about: carageenan. I switched to a brown rice protein powder because the whey protein powder I used had soy protein isolate in it.

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    I can relate. I gained 30 pounds last year and am not happy about it. I'm working on doing better but have a ways to go.

You have made some great changes!! I hope we both have a successful year.

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DEESFIT4LIFE 1/30/2012 1:27PM

    Congrats on the loss! Let us know how your tests come back.

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HOPEFULHIPPO 1/30/2012 2:25AM

    There ya go!!

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SPOKENWORD 1/29/2012 11:29PM

    Congrats! Keep up the good work!

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AQUAGIRL08 1/29/2012 9:14PM

    Congratulations on your 1.4 pound loss and all of those inches! I too have thyroid issues. I'm coming off a medicine for migraines that stimulated my thyroid. Of course the thyroid is starting to tank now. I've been doing mondo amounts of exercise and still the scale keeps climbing. My doctor says it's because I'm replacing fat with muscle. I say enough already, let's see a drop in the scale!! LOL Hang in there! You are doing all of the right things!

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NATPLUMMER 1/29/2012 8:11PM

    Yay for 1.4 pounds and 2.5 inches down!!! That is great progress!!
Can't wait to hear about the races :-)

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Week in Review

Sunday, February 06, 2011

This week I made it to the gym 4 out of 4 days. SInce I have evening class on Mondays, I am no longer able to go over with my family. Instead, I've been going over late morning/early afternoon. The rest of the time, we go over as a family.

Monday I did HIIT on the Stair Machine for 35 mintes and a 5 minute cool down. After a 3-minute warm-up, I do faster steps on a higher setting for 20 seconds and then drop down to do recovery steps at a lower setting for 40 seconds. I repeat until the timer resets for cool down and I do an easy 5 minutes for that. My strength training is still on the machines, but I'm considering switching over some of my upper body exercises to free weights.

Here's what I did Mon/Wed/Fri:

Assisted Pull-ups: 3 sets x 10 reps x 48 lbs
Assisted Dips: 3 sets x 10 reps x 58 lbs
Adduction Machine: 3 sets x 12 reps x 90 lbs
Abduction Machine: 3 sets x 12 reps x 90 lbs
Leg Press Machine: 3 sets x 12 reps x 150 lbs
Shoulder Row Machine: 3 sets x 10 reps x 80 lbs
Lat Pulldown Machine: 3 sets x 10 reps x 70 lbs
Ab Crunch Machine: 3 sets x 12 reps x 75 lbs
Back Extension Machine: 3 sets x 10 reps x 95 lbs

Tuesday night, I went swimming in the adult swim lanes at the Y during my daughter's swim lesson. Hubby and I had to share the lane with up to three other people during our 1/2 hour in the pool. Hopefully, more lanes will open up once the swim team practices end. Even so, I was able to swim 600 yards comfortably. (24 lengths, or 12 laps, of a 25 yard pool). I've gotten as far as 800 yards, but that was when hubby and I shared the lane ourselves.

Wednesday night was another HIIT session. I had wanted to switch things up and use the Arc Strider, but another person got to the machine right before me and the only thing open that I was remotely interested in using was the Stair Machine again. It's hard to do HIIT on the Ergo Rowing Machine, and I don't do treadmills. The only bikes open were the ones for spinning, so the stair machine it was. I did another 35 minute workout with a 5-minute cool down and moved on to my strength training.

Thursday, I could kind of feel my quads asking for a break, so I did some light stretching and worked on my auditing and western civ. notes, reading, & homework.

Friday night brings the usual cardio circuit class. Though, Kurt changes it up every week. This time he announced that he brought back the burpees for the class veterans, and then looked over at me. He knows they are not my favorite. The line-up this week, with 8 stations for 8 participants:

*Medicine Ball Alternating Push-ups
*Plyo Jumps (using 12", 18", or 24" stool), I used the 12"
*Weighted Crunch (using a 10 lb or 25 lb weight), I used the 10 lb
*Ship Rope (30 sec alternating, 30 sec simultaneous)
* Squat Press, using 10 lb kettle bells to do overhead press
* Side Plank (30 sec, switch sides for next 30 sec)
* Kettle Bell Squats (using 15 lb kettle bell)

Again, did each station for a full minute, going as hard as possible without risking injury, and then resting for a minute. Repeat til all stations are completed, rest 5 minutes, and do it a second time. There were several exercises I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Which, is saying something for a 40-year old with a resting heart rate of 46 bpm.

Yesterday was another rest day, with a bunch of stretching 'cause my quads were hating me. We went over my M-I-L's to celebrate hubby & his brother's bdays. They are 3 years and 13 days apart. His brother's bday is 2/1 and hubby's is 2/14, so we usually celebrate both somewhere in the middle. Since hubby turns 40 this year, I am having his friends over the Saturday before his birthday to have a Poker Night. This will hopefully distract him from the surprise party I am throwing for him on 2/20 at his mom's house.

I definitely need to keep up with my fitness minutes this month, if for no reason other than I'll need to work off all the yummies from yesterday and the parties on 2/12 and 2/20.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AQUAGIRL08 2/7/2011 5:02PM

    Wow! You got in some pretty intense workouts. Good for you!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEVILISHDEE4269 2/7/2011 9:33AM

    Sounds like you have it under control!!! You sound as sneaky as me setting up the surprise parties!

Good luck to you tonight with classes and the gym!!

Don't forget your water intake! emoticon


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    You are doing amazing. No wonder you look so good.

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LEN_VERSION32 2/6/2011 6:46PM


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NATPLUMMER 2/6/2011 6:39PM

    You got some excellent workouts in!! emoticon

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DANGEL117 2/6/2011 1:28PM

    Way To Go! Sounds like a Wonderful Week filled with good Choices!

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STELA731 2/6/2011 1:27PM

    Wow! Looks like great workouts! I need to do variety like that! Keeps it fresh.

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JLITT62 2/6/2011 1:21PM

    I'm lucky -- usually get a lane to myself at the HS course I have to swim at god awful hours; there's always a tradeoff, I guess.

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IRISHCATHY1957 2/6/2011 11:18AM

  I am envious of your determination to keep up the exercise. I started out good but I fell away quickly. Need to find some exercises that I like and will stick too. Thanks for the post - it makes me inspired to get moving!!!

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Progress Pics

Friday, February 04, 2011

Here is the series of pictures my hubby took of me last January:

At that time, I weighed 173-ish pounds and was around 37% body fat.

I never had other pictures taken during 2010. I couldn't decide how often I wanted to take pictures. First, I thought I'd take pictures for ever 5 pounds I lost, but I lose weight so slowly that it was taking a while to reach that milestone. Then, I was going to take pictures every time I lost a couple of inches. However, inches lost wasn't going any more quickly than pounds lost. Hence, no progress pictures for the rest of 2010.

This year, I've decided to take pictures at the end of each month. Since I was borrowing my daughter's computer the past few days, this is the first chance I've had to put January's pictures up.

This is my first time using Photoshop to use composite pictures. Sorry if the pictures are too small.

In these pictures, I weigh 168 pounds and 33.4% body fat.

I think I can see some definition in my arms, shoulders, back, abs. My waist and hips are smaller. Though, I don't really see any changes in my legs.

Side-by-side comparison:




Since February's a shorter month, I don't expect to look much different. We'll see.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SWEETZMIX 2/16/2011 12:04AM

    Lots of progress & you will continue to see the change. It's harder to see change in ourselves. Others always see it first. Keep up the hard work!

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    Yes Ma'am progress has been made indeed! You should be so proud of yourself. I know I am really proud of you!

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    Good job!!

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LEN_VERSION32 2/6/2011 6:47PM

    I can see the difference!! emoticon

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PEGTIGER 2/6/2011 4:03PM

    Wow,what great work! Almost makes me wish I'd taken before pics, but they didn't need to been seen!!

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SUNSHINE667 2/6/2011 1:24PM

    WOW, girl, you look fantastic!!! I will start back with my progress pictures this week. I your booty is gone, LOL!! I mean your stomach and everything has like disappeared. Honestly, it looks like two different people in those comparions! All of your hard work has definitely paid off!!! I am very proud and so happy for you!!!

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GIRL!! Look out summer, a hot mama is coming through emoticon

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DMBEECHAM 2/6/2011 10:06AM

    That one shot from the back is a bit more narrow than in real life. Still figuring out the picture software. Maybe I can have hubby help me with it next time to get it looking a bit more accurate.

Thanks for all the kind words!

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JEA1668 2/4/2011 9:47PM

    you got that right but you missed one!! waist hips And tummy are ALL smaller!!! you look great! keep on truckin girrrrl!

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DANGEL117 2/4/2011 4:36PM

    Great PICS! Your doing GREAT! Keep Up The Great Work!

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JACKIMOON 2/4/2011 3:59PM

    I really think that pictures help! I don't have any like this, but just pictures in general. Maybe I'll start doing the side by side pictures too! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 2/4/2011 12:01PM

    WOW!!!!!! I definitely see progress!!! All that circuit training and running is paying off. emoticon

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SPOKENWORD 2/4/2011 11:53AM

    You Go Girl!!! emoticon emoticon

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DEESJOURNEY2FIT 2/4/2011 11:38AM

    way to go!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHRISPYLEE 2/4/2011 11:27AM

    I see some serious definition going on!!
Keep rockin' this thing!!
emoticon emoticon

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MEWIEGELE 2/4/2011 11:25AM

    I agree! Looking great. I'm doing monthly pix too! It will be so fun to see the differences along the way. Congrats keep up the good work!

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PINK_TEACUPS 2/4/2011 11:10AM

    You can tell a big difference! You look great.

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