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Thursday, March 25, 2010

started the day with a phone call to my mom's doctor. she needs to be in hospital but there are no beds available. they will call me when that changes. called bank of america. my check card replacement was sent on monday and i still don't have it. go to boa in keene nh for new card, they tell me. i drive to keene, nh (i am in vt) but bank cannot issue me a new card since i am a texas resident and texas is too far out of their territory. so i am stuck here in vt with no way to access cash. i leave bank, roll down car window and window is stuck....all the way open. i drive home in the freezing, windy weather. mechanic cannot fix window until tomorrow....and rain/snow is expected tonight. i do make a yummy split pea soup that my family enjoys and we have a wonderful dinner together....phone rings. hospital calls, they are 'chagrined' because they have had a room for mom since this morning. why didn'y we bring her to the hospital? hmnn. a phone call would've been nice....:)



Monday, March 22, 2010

today my mom spent the day in the hospital; she had 1 day surgery to help a pressure wound heal. and today my mom celebrated her 86th birthday. although there are infinitely better ways to celebrate a birthday, at 86, every day is a celebration. i started this blog feeling really exhausted....worn out.....but as i reflected on the day, i realized that i am truly thankful....i spent the day with my sister, hovering near mom. we encountered wonderful people....the surgeon and OR staff, the nurses, even the cafeteria staff...my mom is a strong woman and a brave trooper. my dad, at 88 ys., waited at home with my niece. i have a great family.
i didn't go crazy and eat unhealthy food. mostly, though, food wasn't the center of my universe today and that was truly miraculous.

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KASSYD 3/22/2010 10:52PM

    Good for you for making good food choices. I hope all is well with your mom.

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yucky day weatherwise

Sunday, March 14, 2010

it was cold and raw and rainy and windy and all-around miserable. but. i walked the springfield trail for 3 miles/one hour. although i was chilled, i felt satisfied that i succeeded in completing the walk.

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PSMITH3841 3/14/2010 10:02PM


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MFLEESAK 3/14/2010 9:56PM


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still on track

Saturday, March 13, 2010

week ends are notoriously perfect for overeating...it seems like i have orchestrated most social activities around food....people for dinner, eating out, grazing in front of the tv, eating humongous amounts of food in the dark of the movie theater...so i am forced to rethink how i spend my time....and today was cold and rainy so i couldn't hit the walking trail. but i tracked my food, kept busy around the house...and i am not drowning in guilt, consoling myself with snacks i do not need.



Friday, March 12, 2010

i started out the day with a 3 mile walk. it was chilly and raw, an early spring day here in vermont, but i finished. that was the easy part. trying to eat healthy out to lunch with my disabled older brother was challenging but i managed to avoid dessert. dessert, especially pie, is my achille's heel. dinner with my elderly parents was simple...a homemade custard. and then hummus and black bean chips (baked, not fried) and some fresh fruit. a small dish of delicious coffee ice cream. and here i am, on the computer, while visions of sugar plums (or pie) dance in my head. maybe i'm really thirsty. i hate drinking 8 glasses of water. at my age, it guarantees a wake up call in the wee hours. i suspect i am simply going through withdrawals....yes, i am a sugar junkie. so i will drink more water until i can safely pass the kitchen cupboards.......lol.


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