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Mending Heart, continued.

Friday, September 13, 2013

(September 13, 2013)

Doctor・s appointment and things I am thankful for:

Well, Wednesday has come and gone. I went out in service (door-knocking) and had a nice morning. Then off to the doctors with my daughter Jess and sister Aimie. Oh happy day. It went well, sort of. The doctor was VERY nice. He sat down with us and went through and answered all of my pre-determined list of questions with honesty and clarity.
#1- Will I have to have another stent? Possibly but let・s wait and see.
#2- May I take supplements. Not yet, let・s let the medicine work first. (I intend to ask the pharmacist about this as well.
#3- If the meds for cholesterol lower your cholesterol how do they know not to lower the good cholesterol? The statin that I am on has shown to slightly elevate the good stuff and lower not only your cholesterol level but also triglycerides.
#4- May I go the gym now? Let・s see why your leg is still bothering you and somewhat swollen. We don・t want you to have a blood clot and then it travels to somewhere dangerous, i.e. brain, heart, lung but we will get to that in a minute.
#5- In six months or so there is a 3 mile obstacle course (aka :The Warrior Dash) that I would like to participate in, may I? Let・s get you into a stress test and if you pass that we will see because it sounds like it would be heavy duty training. (I can have it as a goal.)
#6- As I said in the hospital, I don・t like to be on or dependent on medicines, how long. Studies show and protocol now says about a year for the meds. (Another goal, yay!)
#7- Heart damage? The electrocardiogram showed not much damage.
#8- What about Lipitor and a)brain fog, because you need to have cholesterol in your body to make brain connection (synapse)
and b) the link to causing diabetes. The brain fog is not a proven thing and you will find all kinds of opinions on it and also, there will be some side effects to any medicines that you are on and the diabetes study IS a proven thing, but mostly for those predisposed to diabetes and we can change the meds you are on and the one prescribed is not the brand Lipitor but the generic form.
#9- May I drive? Yes.
#10- My leg still bothers me, as in swelling and feeling full. It is the leg in which they inserted the cable into the groin. Well, that is a concern. I think we should do a Doppler Sonogram to see if there is a blood clot, we need to be careful. (Side note, when the Doppler Sonogram, similar as the Doppler radar for weather tracking, it was used on me when I was pregnant with my son Aron. It saved his life because this test showed that the umbilical was not attached right and he was not receiving the proper nutrients. He was born five weeks early, healthy, but lbwfga, low birth weight for gestational age at two pounds fourteen ounces. After being born, he ate, grew and came home two weeks later.) Again, I digress. Flash forward to this doctor・s visit and my experience with the Doppler again. As it so happened, they were able to just do something, yes a sonogram, but not Doppler, in the office with the technician (very nice, I might add) and Jessica got to help out by squeezing my leg and they could see it on the screen, he was allowed to tell me what he was seeing and as a matter of fact, I do have good blood flow in my leg and no blood clot. I could use a support hose if I wanted to, which I chose NOT to, stating that my leg IS better than it was a few days ago and has been improving. It starts out okay in the morning and then by the end of the day it gets worse but each day is better. So, that is my story of my first follow up doctor・s visit. An educational experience. I do have another appointment in three weeks, where I will have a stress test, so stay tuned.

Now, let me list some of the things I am thankful for.
1- My husband, best friend, and the list goes on. I still get twitterpated each and every day from him, he makes me smile each and every day, even after these 30+ years.
2- My children. I could not ask for three more beautiful and supportive children. Still a work in progress but they have all grown up to be three beautiful people both inside and out.
3- My nieces and nephews. I do have a long list of them, but each of them has something special that brings joy to my life and makes me smile.
4- My siblings. Two brothers and two sisters. Each distinctly different, and each very special to me in distinct ways. Note to self, tell them.
5- My other family members.
6- My friends. I love and grew up with a little rhyme, -make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.- Stay in tune with them.
7- My pets. They don・t want anything in return and unconditionally know when you are well and when you are not well. The morning I left for the ER, my dog Sparrow would not leave my side. He knew. When my husband is not feeling well due to his illness, the dogs sleep on his feet. They know.
8- And last but not least and really the list can go on and on, but I am thankful for our God Jehovah. He is such a loving God and gives so much to all of us. A beautiful creation (Revelation 4:11) for all of us to enjoy and bask in, a beautiful hope for our future, with no more sickness or sadness (Revelation 21:3,4), wonderfully made bodies that keep on ticking and healing.

So for now this is it, but I think my next note will be on a heart healthy life-style and a to-do list for things I want to accomplish. Ta ta for now.

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CINA-MINI 9/20/2013 4:49PM

    It's great that you had your questions ready. Good blog. Congrats on your goals. Fantastic things to be thankful for!

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ONLYTEMPORARY 9/15/2013 11:46PM

    emoticon a lot to be thankful for. Always outweighs the con's

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WANT2BHEALTHY60 9/14/2013 5:57PM

    I hate to recommend anything, but there has been some really impressive research about vegetarian diets even reversing heart disease. Look up some of them in the bookstore, I was so impressed that I have begun to limit the amount of animal products and fats in my diet.
I want to be able to auxiliar pioneer beginning in December after returning from a 2 month trip to the United States.(My husband has been in a vegetative state for a year now, and Im just beginning to be able to do more for Jehovah.)
At any rate, look up those books. One researcher has demonstrated his theories that Medicare is paying for senors to take his seminars. We wantyou to be able to fulfill your goal of regular pioneering.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Saturday, August 24th, 2013- Normal day, service, knocking on people・s doors, go home, meet Aron and my sweetie, head to Walmart to get Aron・s fishing license, as a brother is coming over to pick him up and they go fishing. Done. Drop Aron off at home to wait for brother, good to go. So my sweetie and I head back out and guess what, I am hungry, but not for something fancy and long, Taco Bell, didn・t do too bad in ordering, two crunchy tacos, no sides, water. Back to the car, and oh myKK I didn・t feel so good. I thought it was heartburn or something bad in the tacos, no pain, just discomfort, it・ll go away. Now, we head back to Walmart to get my bike.

Got it! Isn・t it pretty?
ContinueKK. Home having dinner. Didn・t finish but let・s go for a bike ride with Aron.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2013
So Aron and I went on our bike ride, which was short and did NOT make me feel better, :discomfort; in chest continued. Finished dinner, then went to chill in my room.

Sunday, August 24th, 2013
Woke up Sunday, feeling better. Yay, it・s over! Got up, morning routine, went to meeting, went out to eat, (ate healthy by the way, fish and broccoli) good food, with good friends. Still felt well, then my sweetie and I went to get tires for Durango, then homeK. All good. Late that evening, started to not feel well, though planned on going in service (door-knocking to share Bible based info, for those of you that don・t know, a friend of the family used to lovingly call us :door-knockers;) for a nice long day, K..butK.. ugh, there was a bug going around with a wicked chest cough, that I had been exposed to, maybe that was it. I ended up, begrudgingly, deciding to stay home and chill. No fever, no radiating pains, no numbness, no jaw ouchies, just, discomfort. Sigh:::: not feeling better. Into the night, still not feeling well and my sweetie and I decided that if I still felt the same way, I would go to the ER in the morning. Jess said she would take me.

Tuesday, August 27th.
So, after a restless and uncomfortable night, when Chris left for work at 3:30 that morning, I waited for about two hours, woke JJ up and asked her to take me to the ER. She really had no clue, you see, I had not actually said anything about the ER, just the doctor maybe. I had mentioned the chest discomfort to all the kids though, just casually. And I figured that we had to let my sister and boys know where we would be so I gently awakened them to inform them which turned out to be an invitation to join us on the ER adventure. You know how families areK..
The reason I chose the ER is that if you go to any medical facility, i.e. UrgentCare or a doctor・s office they will send you to the ER anyhow so I just bypassed those choices and went to the ER.
So, the ER, this ER is like no other I have been to as a patient or a caregiver or family member, it was empty, and either way, if you say chest pains they will send you on back anyway. So off I went. The vitals, the blood draws, etc.
Have you ever heard of Troponin?
Troponin test
The troponin test measures the levels of certain proteins called troponin T and troponin I in the blood. These proteins are released when the heart muscle has been damaged, such as a heart attack. The more damage there is to the heart, the greater the amount of troponin T and I there will be in the blood.
My level and first reading was a 10. (Zero is good.) So, in the hospital at 6:30, having cath and eventually two stents installed into two arteries leading to the heart at 12:30. Pretty cool from a scientific (and life-saving) point of view.
Truly, the body is wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)

I still have a blocked (70%) artery that may need to have a stent but they couldn・t do it .cause I was getting antsy. You are awake the whole time though in like a drug induced calm but able to speak and answer the medical people. They were able to fix the first two, and more severely blocked, (90% and 100%) arteries. We may, but not certainly, have to fix the third damaged and scud-laden artery in the future. Doc says that time will tell on that one.

At one point, yes, there was talk of bypass surgery, imagine that, me, a triple-bypass, but after having a discussion with the doctor while in this drug induced calm, and then the doctor going to ask Chris (my sweetie and husband of 30 years in March), we both in different conversations with this doctor, told him that if he was already inside me and doing stuff then he should just try the stents. Much less invasive and less risk of blood issues, which the doctor agreed and I thanked him for later.

Now, some of you may ask, you post about your healthy smoothies and your Planet Fitness escapes and burpee challenges. Yes, true, though I am happy to say that I ate somewhat healthy, and went to the gym at least four times a week to do cardio and weights, (which of course helps you in the long run either way) if you gots it in your genetic make-up, no matter what, you could be effected. (I am not in perfect shape, a few pounds over the years due to hormones and baby-forming and surgeries to have these babies (no excuses, I know, and no whining either!)
My genetic make-up is the big factor. My mom had two heart bypass surgeries, twenty years apart and stents and strokes and attacks in between. My dad also had bypass surgery for the arteries to his brain. Big factor. Genetic history. Even though I liked to comfort myself with the idea that I lead different lifestyles then my parents, i.e. no smoking or heavy drinking, Daddy and Mom both smoked, though Mom did quit after her first bypass, and not Mom but Daddy had a few tee many martunis at times if you know what I mean. Still, in the genes, healthy lifestyle or not.
I also will admit that I didn・t make doctor check-ups blood tests a regular part of my year, but I do recommend it, especially now rightK.
To be continuedKK.. more on modesty laterK..heh heh heh.

Modesty and IronyKK
TRUE servants of Jehovah God are preparing for his promised new world, in which modesty will be universally regarded, not as a weakness, but as a strength and a virtue. (2 Peter 3:13)
(2 Peter 3:13) 13 But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.

(Proverbs 5:18, 19) 18 Let your water source prove to be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth, 19 a lovable hind and a charming mountain goat. Let her own breasts intoxicate you at all times. . . .

(1 Timothy 2:9, 10) 9 Likewise I desire the women to adorn themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty and soundness of mind, not with styles of hair braiding and gold or pearls or very expensive garb, 10 but in the way that befits women professing to reverence God, namely, through good works.

Balance implies :a state in which no one part, element, factor, or influence overweights another or is out of due proportion to the others.;
(Micah 6:8) 8 He has told you, O earthling man, what is good. And what is Jehovah asking back from you but to exercise justice and to love kindness and to be modest in walking with your God?
So, as we see, we are to be a balanced people. Yes, modest, but not prudish. Point taken.
But, in the hospital, there is a different rule for modesty, as I am sure any woman that has had a baby or two or more knows. Modesty goes out the window.
In example, hospital gowns, open front, openly exposed, open back, even more exposed; especially those of us with more voluptuous lovable hinds than others.
And what about bed pans. They have always been my worry, :vowing; to never have to use one. Let me just say that my bladder did not know anything about this vow and when you have just had your groin area roto-rooted, you are not allowed to move much for six hours and because you have had dye injected into you, you are hooked up to fluids to flush it from your system more easily and fluidly, I might add, you have to go. Now, in my opinion, it is MUCH more easy for a guy to use the urine thingy in bed than for us girls. Trust me, and some of you know, it・s not easy to urinate horizontally, in bed, over a bed pan. Enough said. :::rolling eyes:::
And lastly, stickers and stethoscopes. LOL Now some of those cardiac sticker things used for ekgs, and monitoring you, they get stuck where nothing should get stuck. (I still have that sticky/gooey/stuck-on-stuff that lingers for weeks after to prove this.) This means that someone had to stick them in those places. Of course, male nurses. LOL They were very nice and did the best they could though, to their credit.
In my opinion, modesty in hospitals goes out the window not only in child birthing, but now I can add, in cardiac issues.
Isn・t it funnyKK ahemK.. that three weeks ago, I signed a paper applying for regular pioneering and you know, all of us do this, maybe me more so due to Irish blood and the worrisome what-is-gonna-go-wrong attitudeK..but I signed and turned in my application, trepiditiously and prayerfully I might add.
The irony? Well, the day I arrive home from the hospital, Thursday, August 29th, 2013, banned from meeting this evening by husband, kids and sister, Jessica and Elliot did go, we listen inK.. fast forward KKMy son, Elliot has the first talk on the KM that evening which sometimes includes announcements. They did this evening. So, my son gets to announce that not only did I have a heart attack and all the details that went with that, but he also announced that we have three new regular pioneers, including me!!!!!!! Yay! Now, would you not agreeK..ironicK..? And please note, that this regular pioneer announcement included Aron James S. and a good friend, Isaiah S. So, now I have to brag, immodestly, if you will, in our family we have 8 regular pioneers. Me, Jess, Elliot, Aron, Jenny (my niece) and her husband Joseph, Richard (my brother-in-law) and his wife, Yurien!!!!! In the congregation we now have 16 regular pioneers, (I think) Yay us! Okay, back on modest train. Forgive me. Couldn・t help myself.
For those of you that are not familiar with the term regular pioneer:
Pioneering. Regular pioneers spend an increased amount of time (an average of 70 hours a month) in the ministry (door-knocking). Through training and experience, they sharpen their skills as Bible teachers.

I also wanted to share a touching experience. A young brother in our congregation, well spoken of, close to our family, newly appointed regular pioneer, said he heard this song the day I came home from the hospital.
There is a Diddy version too which is the version he shared. This version needs some editing, it has a curse word.


Fellow mended hearts and AttitudeK..

Fellow Super-Friends- (you will later understand this application)

Some of the strongest people I know have had heart issues, heart attacks, heart stents, heart surgery, etcK..
My mom. Yes, our moms are not perfect, don・t always do the right thing, or have the right attitude, but even with their imperfections, and ours, they are what they are, our moms. When she was just forty-five, my mom had her first massive heart attack, and when I was a freshman in high school, if I remember correctly, I was taking my exams when she was having a triple by-pass. She did well, surgeon good, long recovery, (things took longer back then and are somewhat clouded now as to the details from a teenage perspective) some complications, but she survived, and survived well. Since she had been a smoker, she quit and saved the cigarette money to take she and three of us kids, she had five, me and my four siblings, on a ten day Caribbean Cruise. She lost weight, and looked and did wonderfully on the cruise. I am not sure, in retrospect how long between surgery and cruise, but I digress. Now on this cruise, we took the stairs, ate well, basked in the sun and pools, danced, met movie stars, walked the decks, went diving, well my sister and I did, enjoyed the beautiful Caribbean waters and islands and had a wonderful time. For the Masquerade Ball, my little brother dressed up as a ship・s captain and was a big hit! Needless to say, it was fun!

She continued thriving through the years, even with doctor・s visits, repeat heart attacks and mini strokes, stent implants, and eventually another by-pass surgery, this time a quadruple (I think), still continuing on in her loving role as wife, mother and grandmother, not perfect I might add, but who is.

Three other honorable mentions. If I could name some others who have mended hearts that give me courage and I would want to emulate in some of their qualities, it would be (1) my :ex; sister-in-law, Suzy, mother to my nieces Stephanie and Heather, and grandmother to three beautiful grandbabies. Now if I were to say what has made me think of her, is that she ALWAYS had a smile on her face, whether she was my :ex; sister-in-law or not, I can honestly say that she looked at life, again from my perspective, with a smile. Even in her recent funeral, if you could have read the things that people had to post about her and the effect she had on people, and the things they had to say about her. She, another person that had two heart surgeries, and I don・t even know all the details. Again, not perfect, are any of us, but definitely worth mentioning in my book.
(2 & 3) I put these two friends of mine together because they both share some cool qualities that I admire. They both recently, (in the past few years) have had MAJOR heart issues. Both moms to oodles of kids, six and eight, respectively, good moms too, clean houses, one is immaculate, I don・t know how she does it, I think she was born organized, the other a good :country; mom, made her children・s clothes, cans the vegetables, has a garden, both are great cooks, loving wives, moms and grandmothers, pillars in the congregation, have people who love them, there when and if you need them, always sending notes of encouragement or calls to support you and continue trudging on and fighting even after their heart episodes.
While I was in the hospital, a sister from VA called me and informed me that her hubby had a heart attack and two stents implanted in the past year. Now again, he・s in good shape, active, mostly healthy lifestyle, strong. Someone you wouldn・t thinkKKbut those genetics know no boundaries, no prejudice, no partiality. And two, yes two brothers, that I know of in the local congregation here, have had the same thing with stents, etc. It・s funny how you learn of these things and see things clearer when you have become part of the mended hearts group.
Now, this doesn・t mean that there aren・t more to mention, like one of my sisters that also has heart issues, and that they are not strong people and it doesn・t mean that any of these people that I have mentioned weren・t strong, smiling, hard working people before they had any heart issues, but because they are still that way after the fact it gives me courage and strength, knowing that if they can do it, without curling up in a corner and sucking thumbs, I can do it too. With the help of strong family and friends around me, good examples to follow and competent medical people of course! Now, I know, the road isn・t perfect and easy to follow, but together, we can do it!
Which would bring me to -our attitudes.
Some of my nieces lovingly call me Wonder Woman, and I lovingly enjoy that, who wouldn・t! And in some ways, all of us woman, whether we children or not, and for those of us who have or are raising children, protecting them, teaching them, guiding them as best we can, disciplining when needed, nourishing them, rescuing, nursing our loved ones, keeping house, though not always immaculately, (have mercy!!!) and being an attentive wife, good friend, supporting family member, the list goes on for all of us, no matter what our roles, and even though it doesn・t come easy, and some of us struggle with different aspects of the different hats we wear, we still try and can all wear that Wonder Woman outfit, and even though we may not each look the same in this bedazzled clothing, we don・t always have our make-up perfect, or even on for that matter, our hair curled to perfection and can wear the high heeled boots, we each have our strengths and weaknesses in the different roles, have access and can use that golden lasso when needed. (Darn straight if you mess with our kids, right, no matter if we be aunties, moms, grandmomsK.!?)

So, how does this apply to me and having a mending heart, well, I lovingly and jokingly and humbly (emphasis on humbly) like to say, that now that because of the stent implants, and working on being faster, better and stronger, I have switched from being Wonder to Bionic Woman! And this is said with a Wonder Woman smile and Bionic humility!
* * *
This weekend, we have our :God・s Word is Beneficial for Teaching; (2 Timothy 3:16) Circuit Assembly, (JW.org, for more information) and our prelude will be the pioneer meeting today!!!! I am so excited! Will love to share more in my continuing storyK..
Also, have my follow up doctor・s visit this coming Wednesday!
More to come.........

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GAMOMMY3 9/16/2013 7:38PM

    Congratulation on the regular pioneering. It is wonderful that so many people in your physical family (and congregation) are able to share in this most important work. I know Jehovah will help you meet your goals while you are healing up. emoticon emoticon

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CINA-MINI 9/13/2013 1:13AM

    What an incredible story! You have a gift for writing! Besides that,:

Congrats on being a RP!!!! My middle son was announced last May. He had to wait 6 months after being baptized so he doesn't get to go to Pioneer school til next summer. But, he does get to go to all of the Pioneer meetings before the circuit assemblies.

I hope you mend quickly. Thankfully, you have a house full of "helpers". Make sure you let them help you "Bionic Woman"!

Can't wait til your next installment.....

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SMILINGEYES2 9/10/2013 5:59PM

    So thankful you were able to get the help you needed in a timely manner. Your blog reinforces that women experience is different from men when it comes to the heart. Sorry about the modesty in a hospital setting Your new bike is cute. Hope your road to recovery continues to be smooth and you make good life choices.

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SMILINGEYES2 9/10/2013 5:57PM

    So thankful you were able to get the help you needed in a timely manner. Your blog reinforces that women experience is different from men when it comes to the heart. Sorry about the modesty in a hospital setting Your new bike is cute. Hope your road to recovery continues to be smooth and you make good life choices.

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A pound a week!

Monday, November 26, 2012

So, this is how I started the day! Nice, eh?
I have decided on a new goal, today, after weighing (ick/ ugh) and measuring myself. My goal, is to lose a pound a week. Yes, I could weep over remembering my size 5/6 when I first got married:::::sigh:::::::but, let's face it, 27 years and 3 children and here I am today, happy but NOT a 5/6. So, back to my pound a week. Yes, I have hit the "refresh" button and resetting thinking, doing and accomplishing. So that means that in 16 weeks when my anniversary rolls around, I will have lost at least 16 pounds and kept to my new goal, which, actually means that I have without thinking about it have set an additional goal. Woohoo!
Here is more of my photo journal.
Went for a walk:

Had a green drink/juice for dinner:


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FATDADDY531 11/27/2012 9:28AM

    emoticon That's how we get to where we want to be! One step or pound at a time! emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/27/2012 9:28:59 AM

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ONLYTEMPORARY 11/27/2012 12:19AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Creamy Shrimp and Rice- photo journal

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Well, last night I made a meal that definitely needs remaking. It did have cream and butter........but every ONCE in a while, with limits, we can indulge and take a taste.

Dinner is served!
Creamy Shrimp and Rice
( I will note that I used the shrimp I had in the freezer on hand)
Lettuce Salad

Here are the links to recipes:

I found a re-made healthier version on Spark!

Here is the photo-journal......opinions welcome.....

Humble beginnings-

Butter melting- (dare I say butter?)

Brown rice in the butter- (shhhh!)



Tomatoes- (yummy!)

Dinner's ready!

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CELEST 9/18/2013 1:09PM

    Oh no...why did I click on this link??
I've been SOOOOO dying for some shrimp lately, but just not had the time to go and get some. Now the SHRIMP craving is back and its late so I still cant go and get some.

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ONLYTEMPORARY 9/20/2012 6:34PM


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Tuesday night's menu.....what do you think?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last night my sister cooked the main food.

Chicken Piccata-was lemony and yummy!

Zucchini-ignore all the pine nuts, oops! tasty though


French Bread- this is a family and friend favorite, even better when baked in an oven.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DIZZYLJS 9/20/2012 8:56AM

    It's actually a chicken recipe from Foodnetwork, Giada DL


But I found one on Spark that sounds good.


Let me know if you try it!

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ONLYTEMPORARY 9/19/2012 6:56PM

    Oh yes!

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CLAUDEM1 9/19/2012 4:55PM

    Yum!!! You're making me hungry! Is the chicken recipe from Spark?

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