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Sidetracked by Injury

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been having massive problems with my left hip since September. So far, after many expensive tests, physical therapy and doctors visits, the only person that gave me a clue as to what's wrong with me was the alternative medicine practioner (AKA the magic hippy lady). Her diagnosis, SI joint is stuck (I should see a chiropractor) and many of the muscles in my back and abdomen are in constant contracture.

I saw an orthopedist after her. His diagnosis, nothing wrong with you, take some Aleve morning and night, don't go to Piyo class or fencing, but do streghten your core muscles, keep doing physical therapy exercises, heating pad. Livid is an understatement as he told me this -- don't you think I f-ing tried that in September!

So I've been doing what he suggested -- guess what -- doesn't feel any better!

I've decided to 'screw the doctor' and do what I enjoy. Piyo class tonight and starting back up fencing (at the Helena Fencing Club next week. As long as I'm going to hurt anyway, I might as well have some fun!


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