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Summer Goals -- Look doable?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Goal: Keep the FM flares to a bare minimum, none if possible
- Keep taking meloxicam and cymbalta
- Maintain good sleep hygiene
- Keep up exercise regimen

Goal: Loose 10 lbs, 1-2 inches from waist, 1-2 inches from hips, tone
- Belly dance - Mondays
- Yoga -Saturdays
- Strength training - Tues, Thurs, Sun
- Walks/elliptical - T,W,Th,F
- Keep up health diet -- shoot for around 1800 cal/day

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DIY_DREAM 6/9/2011 4:00PM

    My doctor said I have to exercise every day (at least walk a bit) for the fibromyalgia, otherwise I'd get a rest day in there, but everything I'm doing is pretty low impact, so I hope it will work out! The strength training is new -- day 2 is today!

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I.M.MAGIC 6/8/2011 9:01PM

    Sounds ambitious! LOL

I figure you know your own body well enough to know if you can handle this, so... GO FOR IT!

and Good luck! emoticon

Kathy emoticon

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MOREENERGYAT43 6/8/2011 5:23PM


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LEXIEEE14 6/8/2011 5:00PM

    You can totally make your goals if you put your mind to it! Also, you should probably give yourself one day as a rest day for your body, doing 7 days a week gets way too tiring and might make you lose track of your other coals.

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Chiropractor Slays Headache Monster!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been fighting a nasty fibro-related headache for almost 3 weeks now. I tried Tylenol the first week or so, then broke down and went to the doctor. Not a migraine, but seriously tight muscles in my "wing" region that were referring pain to my head. It felt like white hot daggers were being stabbed into 4 specific places in my head, like someone had a voodoo doll of me! 10 days of muscle relaxants and naproxen got rid of 3 of the 4 knives. My magical massage lady can't get me in 'til the 10th, but she suggested the chiro. My chiropractor, Mary, adjusted away, and seems to have slayed the beast! Woo hoo!


How do I get the scale to move in the right direction?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm eating healthier and exercising more than I ever have in my entire life, but I keep gaining weight. I know it's due to my prescriptions, but something must help to counteract that, right?
I'm almost to the point that I have to buy bigger pants!

But on the bright side, my pain is well managed, I eat my 5-a-day, and exercise (moderately) around 60 minute per day. If my pants fit better, I'd be super-duper happy!

So, how many more calories do I need to cut and how much more exercise do I need to add to counteract the drugs?

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DIY_DREAM 7/29/2010 4:04PM

    I think it's fluid retention and a change in metabolism. I've definitely been trying to avoid salt and drinking more water (though I don't know that I'll ever get to the 8 cups a day). I feel like it makes me hang on to fat more. However, I don't feel like I can eat any less...I can handle 1600 cal/day; 1500 cal/day is a struggle. Unfortunately, no one knows the mechanism for sure...

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    You need to sacrifice a sheep to the weight loss goddess. If that doesn't work, you might have to challenge Indigo Montoya to a fencing match.

But seriously, I'm sure you'll find something. I know both of our situations are different, I've been dealing with my PCOS (still trying to figure out what the condition is, my Doctors, who told me I have it, still can't tell me what causes it) has been a obstacle, but as long as you keep on exercising, you're heading in a good direction!

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MT-MOONCHASER 7/28/2010 12:04AM

    Boy, that's a hard one. I guess you will just have to be your own guinea pig. Have you done any research on any studies that have been done to counteract the meds? Is there any information available on what mechanism the side effects exhibit? Is it fluid retention, slowing of the metablolism, or some other thing? If you know what the mechanism is, you might be able to figure out a way to counteract it.

Good luck in solving this problem.

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Charts 'n' Graphs

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Since I had to abandon my Elimination Diet experiment for a while (due to confounding medication changes), I'm starting another non-pain related experiment. Using the Calorie Differential Over Time Chart and compairing it to the graph of my weight loss in the same time periods, I noticed I lost the most weight when I was averaging around 1500 calories per day and exercising about 1500 calories per week -- 1500/1500 -- easy to remember! The medication I'm on changes my metabolism and/or makes me retain a lot of water, so I've found it hard to figure out where I should be in the calorie/day range Spark gives, since it doesn't take into account my turtle-y metabolism. emoticon

So, I'm going to try and shoot for 1500/1500 the next couple of weeks and see what happens!

Question for the group: How do *you* use Sparks charts and graphs?

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    I'm too lazy to use the charts and graphs :P.
Though yesterday, my pilates teacher mentioned that I should be measuring myself, so I just started putting my waist, hips, and neck measurements in.

I've also been measuring myself a lot more often--- not sure if that is a good thing.

I'm also trying to get back on the tracking your calories wagon-----. I'm not a very good person :P.

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I'm doing an elimination diet experiment to investigate my fibromyalgia

Monday, July 12, 2010

I wanted to let my fellow fibromites know that I'm conducting a diet experiment on myself to see if I can find some foods that might be aggrevating my fibromyalgia. I don't really like Spark's blog (I like to swear, and I want to own my work), so I've set up a page on my Blogger page, linked below. The experiment is N=1 (just me), so the findings might not be generalizable, but the methods will be, should one want to conduct one's own experiment.

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    Smart idea. I also like to own my work--- maybe I should copy your idea?

Comment edited on: 7/19/2010 8:41:58 PM

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