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Monday weigh-in.....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Well I wasn't making much progress since about the middle of February. I started drinking pop here and there and then it was one everyday sometimes more...I stopped taking my supplements and overall just wasn't trying to lose weight. The last 2 weeks I have been trying harder, but still not to my full potential.

I had a goal for myself today and I am .1 lb off of it(230.0). Which is good but would've loved to see the 220's, feel like I let myself down...again.So this week I am going to try harder, eat better, sweat more and hopefully blow that .1 out of the water!

On the other hand, I did lose just over 4" overall. So progress is progress I guess.

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I_M_SHRINKING 3/18/2013 9:55PM

    Don't beat yourself up--you lost 4 inches and that's terrific progress no matter what the scale says! You will get that extra smidge of weight off!

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Goal for Monday morning weigh in....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, I was 231.2 on Monday. So I am back on the wagon. I wanna be under 230 lbs when I weigh in on Monday. I was 230.8 this morning so I am starting to make a little progress again. I went and bought a new workout dvd last night. Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix. I must say, I sweated more in two of her 20 minute workouts than in 40 minutes of my beachbody dvd. I am gonna try to work up to doing all three 20 minute workouts a day. If I can't make progress doing that, than I am really doing something wrong. I try to watch my calories as best I can. I try to eat healthy at least throughout the day. Dinner can sometimes be daunting with 4 kids and some are picky. And just eating healthy in general isn't all that cheap. The better the food seems to be for you the more expensive it is. It's no wonder why society is has a weight problem. It's cheaper and easier to eat all the crap. Once it stays warm out, we grill most nights for dinner which will help a lot. Can't wait for spring to come and stay!!
I only have 3 1/2 months till the wedding and the pressure is really on. If I can see 229 on monday morning I will be estatic, lol. I haven't been in the 220's in almost 4 years! By the end of April I'd like to see 210's but I'm gonna try not to get ahead of myself. I would really like the tape measure to start moving again even more!

Hoping to stay on track this weekend! It will be hard with so much stuff to do. I am sure we will be running around most of it as usual.


So hard staying with the program, but starting fresh...again

Thursday, March 07, 2013

I gained 5 pounds back last month because...well...I got lazy. Sad with all the progress I was making. I guess I thought I deserved to slack a little, but a little slack turned into more like a month. Before I know it, the weight started creeping back. I have worked out a few days this week and have been trying to watch my food choices better. I have 1.2 pounds to go till I am back where I was before I fell off the wagon.

The seamstress came and took measurements and my dress for the alterations. I am so excited to see it done! I wanna try to do my best to lose as much as possible before the wedding, but I feel the corset will make my gown more beautiful and also give me the ability to not put too much pressure on myself to lose, and at the same time if I do really well and lose the weight, I will still be able to wear it.

I have lots of work planned outside for the wedding preparations this weekend since it is gonna be warmer. I am actually looking forward to stepping on the scale Monday mornng. I have faith that I will not give in to temptations and I will be lighter and healthier. As long as it moves down rather than up, I will be happy with whatever the number is.

I am gonna try giving myself smaller goals and taking control day by day. Looking 4 months down the road at where I'd like to be is just too much right now. I feel it just won't happen. So maybe if I just try to lose 2 lbs a week, it will seem less daunting.

Here's to Monday morning weigh in. emoticon emoticon

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TERRIEHICKS 3/7/2013 6:22PM

    Setting small goals is really the key! I know you can do it! We all have fallen off the wagon but the most important thing is you get up dust yourself off and keep going! Take it one day & one meal at a time and try to do better than you did the meal or day before. We are all works in progress and we do not change completely over night. And just remember we all at SP are here to see you succeed. Please don't hesitate to come to my page or send me a message for encouragement or help.


P.S. I love your SP name!!!

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Ughh....been disappointed in myself

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well I haven't gotten too far in the last 2-3 weeks. The weekends hit me pretty hard while trying to spend time with my fiance and then two of my sons celebrated their birthdays. So between chinese food, ice cream cake, regular b-day cake and just the overall feeling of "I don't wanna have to watch everything I eat all the time"...it just got the best of me.

I started out this week better than I was doing though. I worked out 50 minutes today. And I did some major house cleaning for about an hour yesterday, so I've burned a lot of calories. I was finally down another 2.4 lbs this morning from 2 weeks ago. I was really starting to get down on myself before today. I only have 4 1/2 months to go and a lot of weight yet to lose.

I have been finding it hard to stay on track and motivated lately. 12 lbs lighter and I still don't see a difference in my clothes. I was hoping I would've. Maybe another 10 and I will. Next goal is to get below 230. I am almost there. I am at 232.8. So hopefully by the end of next week I will be there. I haven't seen 220's since right after I had my daughter over 3 years ago. I think I will be happy if I can get to at least 190 before my wedding. Hopefully the dress will fit at that weight!!

I am gonna try to work out at least ever other day if not every day, Mon-Fri. I think right now, that is what I need to do to keep on track. The calorie counting is only getting me halfway there, SLOWLY. Time to get in gear and move now. Been slacking on my 8 glasses of water a day too. So gonna try to get back on track with that too.

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AERWIN77 2/13/2013 1:24PM

    Don't get down on yourself, there are enough other people in the world who get down on us, we don't need to add to that. Life happens, it even gets in the way sometimes.

Remember that eating right and getting exercise is making you healthier - even if the scale isn't moving, you are making positive changes for yourself as you move forward, and that is the best thing for you! emoticon

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CHOCOHIPPO 2/13/2013 1:08PM

    Set up a goal a week and achieve it, then add in the next. You'll be doing great in no time. And be a little kind to yourself. These challenges will come up all the time in your journey. You've handled it with grace, making sure you're eating healthy and burning calories around all of the fesitivities.

So hang in there. You'll make it!!!!! I believe in you.

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Week 3.....I'm still here

Friday, January 25, 2013

I haven't been good this entire week. But I haven't been terrible either. I had to weigh myself this morning to see what damage I thought I had done and to my surprise the scale had actually gone down. 238.2lbs I thought NO WAY, so I took measurements to see if there were any changes....and sure enough, waist came in 1.25" smaller and hips were 1" smaller. My chest was even .75" smaller and both thighs(which I am terribly self concious over) down .5" each!!! I can't believe it. I am so happpy! I don't know what is different this time, but 3 weeks in and I'm actually sticking to it. I haven't done that in 6 years. I always gave in after week one. I am proud of myself. I don't have the cravings for soda, I don't even think about grabbing one. The same case of pepsi has been sitting here for the last three weeks and I've only had half of one. I never thought I'd be able to give it up! I only drink water and occasionally a cup of chocolate milk.

Thank you spark people for giving me the tools to accomplish what I never thought I would. I can't wait to get back into my "skinny" clothes. They are size 16 pants and x-large tops. The day I get in them I am posting a pic! They have been boxed up since 2008 and I've been holding onto them with the goal to get back in them. This year is gonna be the year I do!

I'm not gonna stop there though, I plan to buy a whole new wardrobe at some point. This is just the beginning. emoticon

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MALIAN1 1/25/2013 9:23AM

    I am sooooo proud of you. You CAN do it!

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EWL978 1/25/2013 7:41AM

    GOOD ON YOU!!!! emoticon

We're about the same size...and I understand how you feel... don't let it get to you. Remember, you did NOT put the weight on overnight and it won't disappear overnight!!

I don't weight myself too often, actually I wait till I see my doctor every 3 months and then we see it together!! I find that the best way to tell how I'm doing is by m y clothes. Suddenly my tops and bottoms are looking huge on me...I got some new slacks and they fit fine, but I'll reserve judgement until after they're washed a couple of times...if they still fit okay, I'll get a few pair of slacks. I promised myself I wouldn't do that, but I can't go around in the old ones much longer without being embarrassed.

Good luck and ENJOY!! BE HAPPY!! You're doing the right thing for yourself. emoticon

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