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1 step forward...6 steps back (stupid Little Debbie's cakes...)

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm sure we all know our trigger food or foods....my arch nemesis happens to be cheese curls, that is until I was introduced to Little Debbie's Strawberry Shortcake rolls. Let me tell you my cheese curl story---my friends actually LOVE this story and ask me to tell it to their friends when we meet. Years ago (14 to be exact), I was on Weight Watchers..my weight was dropping and I was happy. The Steelers were in the Super Bowl that year, so we had a small party. A few days later, I found a bag of opened cheese curls on the top of the fridge...and they were STILL FRESH!!! Mind you, I will eat stale cheese curls-it's that bad, as you will see in a bit. So, I had a few and put them back on top of the fridge. I then was finding reasons to go into the kitchen.....one trip in, a handful of cheese curls out. I knew I was getting into trouble (I even had the cheesy orange fingers thing going), so I threw the cheese curls in the garbage--still in the bag. (Important words--still in the bag). These things were calling me...and I was blindly answering. So, I dump the bag into the garbage....and embarrressingly enough, I was eating the ones that were on the top of the heap. GROSS--I KNOW! I am talking to myself--yelling really, trying to snap myself out of their trance. How did I stop eating these yummy orange trouble makers??? We had 3 cats at the time (and still do--just 3 different ones now), so I had to dump dirty cat litter ontop of all the orange goodness. Mixed it all up (by shaking the garbage can) just to be sure. I'm sure you're asking "Why didn;'t you just tie the bag of garbage up and take it outside?" I couldn't...they had that klind of hold on me. It took cat litter to bring me back to reality. To this date--I still have a hard time controlling myself, and will buy a small single serving bag to stay in control.
Fast forward to now....when I met Strawberry Shortcake. Oh my goodness....she is so cute---3 bites--how bad can that be??? My son wanted to try them in his lunch..so I bought them. I still remember my first taste....sweet gooey red and white goodness wrapped in a thin layer of cake. My brain wanted more....so I went to the store to buy more. Mind you, I didn't eat the whole box--I shared..but each time I bought more, I found it harder and harder to share. Where could I hide these so no one finds them??? My secret stash. Let me clarify something important--when I buy these yummies, I buy ONE box at a time, that way when they are gone, they are gone until I get to the store to buy more.
Here is my confession: I bought a box on Wednesday, and they were gone on Thurs. NEITHER of my children had one..I ATE THEM ALL. Huge step back...more like leaps backwards. I now know that I cannot have either of these pieces of kryptonite on my house--unless there will be a party or 6 kids--one for each strawberry shortcake.

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CLOVER2 4/13/2012 5:32PM

    It took me trying hard to eat healthy to find the one thing I REALLY have a hard time with! I don't think of myself as an emotional eater, I can really take or leave chocolate, candy doesn't scare me, you won't find chips, crackers, etc in my house, but I was trying to eat something a bit healthier so I bought some natural peanut butter, this from Peanut Butter & Co. and I noticed that the White Chocolate was the same nutrients, calories and such as the others kinds so I thought "why not" and picked up a jar. OMG, I can't leave it alone! It is SO good, I don't even need to have anything with it, just right out of the jar! It's just scary, but soooo good!

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SMWATRMLON 4/13/2012 5:21PM

    I've been there and done that emoticon I really try not to bring triggers into the house now.

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ABILUCHA 4/13/2012 4:47PM

    I totally sympathize! I once heard about spraying windex on the things we manage to throw away instead of eating!

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

First off--let me start by saying I LOVE THIS SITE!! I signed-up about 2 years ago, but never reallly took full advantage of what all SparkPeople has to offer...my mistake. I used to belong to another site, but the challenge wasn't there anymore, and the cost/month was getting expensive.
This morning I decieded to work out before I went to work (let me say I need to get up at 3:45 am to be semi-awake and dressed by 4am to do this...then into the shower by 4:30am). UUUUGGGGHHHH...that alarm goes off and I don't wanna get up. I am all about exercise dvd's--I teach a varity of classes for the Y, so I am always looking for new ideas, so this morning I tried the Sparkpeople 28 Day Bootcamp 30 minute challenge. Coach Nicole looks so serene--how difficult could this REALLY be???? OMG---since I have kettlebells (doesn't everyone??), and my weights were downstairs, I went straight kettlebell on this morning. I can do this---I do these moves all the time in class-right??? W R O N G !!. Granted--this was the 1st time I tried this dvd--never really previewe, but I actually had do some of the moves without weight!!
I love the challenge of new classes and instructors--but the thing I love the MOST is when a class/instrucotor kicks my butt and mentally and physically humbles me back to where I started as a participant in a class--a newbie--awestruck by what I accomplished, Thank you Coach Nicole!



Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yesterday as I was tracking my food, I checked to see how many calories I had eaten just in breakfast alone, and it hit me then just how off course or brainwashed I really am. Let me explain---I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime member, and my biggest success with WW was before kids when I could control my food, workouts, and my life. Although my kids are now 13 and 12, they still rum my lifes show..lol. When I did WW back in the late 90's, I followed the "fat and fiber" plan, which was new to them. You had that choice or the "selection plan" which was too much thinking for me. I ate a high fiber, low fat diet--all I had to know was how many how many fat gram and how much fiber werein the foods I was eating. Calories??/ Never! Sugar--nope. I guzzled full sugar pop the entire time. As long as my fat was below 20 grams and my fiber was 35 or above I was golden. Yes, i lost weight on this plan, and at times still fall into those old ways of thinking. Fast forward to Points and Points Plus...this is where things got trickier...now each food had a value--it was like a card game....how many points do I have to eat dinner with?? If I trade the banana at breakfast (2 points at the time), I could have something else later. HHHmmmm....This was true even until last month when I was "on the plan", but rebelling big time. 26 points is NOT a lot of food. yes-most fruit and veggies are free, but really?? Can you survive?
The carlores I read yesterday and today made me realize just how brainwashed I am! I have NO CONCEPT of how many calories i am eating because I am used to Points. FRUIT HAS CALOIRES!! VEGGIES HAVE CALORIES!! I almost died when I realized my glass of OJ was 110 calories and not 2 points. OMG! The last two days really opened my eyes back to what food is--caloires, To lose weight, calories in is less that calories out...no where do I remember reading " fewer points in and more points out=weight loss"
I have learned I really need to look at the big picture of what I am eating--calories, fat, sodium, carbs--everything. My had of cards is back, but I think with SparkPeople as my dealer I will win my weightloss game for good,

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KAT573 4/3/2012 4:14PM

    Now don't freak out! thinking is actually easier going by calories per meal limits and having some idea of grams of each you need; the tracker will keep that info for you and you can see it and adjust during the day as needed. Food is NOT simply calories; glycemic index is very much affected by the 'mix' of foods you consume in a meal/snack. The food groups work together to energize and repair your body. So yes, there IS a bigger picture and you WILL get it over time; give yourself permission to 'grow' with this lifestyle change; bec that is what it is, so it IS a much bigger picture than Food, and calories.
Hang in there! and Keep on keeping on! emoticon

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KA_JUN 4/3/2012 4:11PM

    emoticon Logging has been helpful for me, I really had no concept of how many cals I was consuming in the "bad old days". Eye opener, for sure!

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