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Spring thoughts

Monday, February 21, 2011

If you are like me, you had a lot of resolve to lose weight in early January. The cold weather makes you into a hibernating bear. Winter gives you a great excuse to not get out and hike or whatever. I am usually pretty good about choosing South Beach friendly food choices about 70 percent of the time, but progress is slow. My resolve is wavering because I crave goodies and along comes Girl Scout cookies. I saw numerous scout troops around the community selling cookies, but I am strong and resist. Sorry girl scouts!

We did a tiny bit os spring cleaning and donated 6 bikes to Salvation Army. We got the kids new bikes since they'd outgrown theirs and got mine and my husband's bike repaired. Unfortunately, the bikes weren't ready today for us to pick up. It is beautiful weather today with very low humidity and temperatures in the 80s. Indeed, spring has sprung. I need to get out and ride my bike or walk or SOMETHING to get off my easy chair and away from the kitchen!

Let's renew our resolve to make positive changes in our lives! Let's don't give up on our goals! Let's not allow depression or other forms of unhappiness to best us! Come on everyone! Let's shed these unneeded pounds!

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RELISA4HEALTH 2/24/2011 6:56PM

    We can do it. We can do it. We can do it!!! My cheer for all those who are determined enough is enough.
Oh I can relate with the goodies. I call them devil's in disquise. LOL
Why can't celery sticks and broccoli taste as good. LOL
I read in your blog about the weather you are having. You are a very blessed woman. Can you send some of that nice warm weather up my way. The weather man was talking about 8 inches of snow. Oh no, no more!!!

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COLLANN 2/22/2011 10:08AM

    We were laughing about the girls scout cookies timing the other why do they sell at the beginning of the year when everyone is trying to lose weight? Or is it because of them that everyone dumps their diet?!?!? HA HA! emoticon

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Having a hard time staying motivated.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lately I've really had the blues. Work is a drag, but I can't just quit. I've had trouble curbing my appetite too.

Planning a vacation next month though that will include hiking and being outdoors. My mom is coming with us and that's a first. My step-dad has passed away and she's pretty lonely being on her own for the first time in her life. Still, I can't help being glad that she has more freedom to do stuff like go on vacation. He was ill for quite a while and needed a lot of care.

I need to do some kind of physical activity to prepare for the vacation hiking so I won't be laid low after one day. I went to shoe store to try on shoes hoping to find some thick-soled walking shoes, but none of the women's shoes felt good--I wear 11 and even then with socks and shoestrings, the shoes tend to be snug. I can't imagine walking for long in such tight shoes. I'm looking at men's shoes now, bummer. I hope I can get back into the groove and drop some pounds again. Maybe if I lose some weight, my shoes will be looser.

Oh's late and I gotta do some prepping for work tomorrow--I can only put it off for so long....

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BLOOMER723 2/14/2011 7:48AM

    A vacation might just do the trick. I feel you about work being a drag. I think you will enjoy your mom vacationing with you. My dad too passed away and we take mom everywhere, She is a great help with the kids and it allow me and the husband to get out and have some alone time.

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MOMMABOF7 2/13/2011 10:41PM

    Planning a vacation can be great motivation!

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Musings after a month of Sparking.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a quiet Sunday here in S. GA. I am happy to report a weightloss of 3.5 pounds today. Yay! I'm so pleased to be below 230, and now seeing 225 on the scale is very lovely! I haven't been eating too many carbs and haven't been overeating a whole lot. My stress at work seems to be robbing me of my appetite, or I'm just so busy, I don't have time to eat. I AM eating my boiled eggs every day plus cherry tomatoes, but many times I come home and I haven't eaten everything in my lunch box so I save it for the next day. I like snacky things for lunch because I often work at lunch and snacky things don't make a mess or take up a lot of space.

I often come home starving though! We eat at Sonny's on Mondays, and I usually get dry ribs, broccoli, and cole slaw. I cook on Tuesdays and it's usually something one-dish like hamburger helper which I fortify with the addition of onions, celery, and mushrooms. My strategy when I eat this is to mind my portion. Wednesdays I eat at church and eat whatever they serve. They give very modest portions and there's always a salad so yay me! I cook on Thursdays or we go to Waffle House where I eat omelets or scrambled eggs. I often give the hashbrowns to my daughter and the toast to my son if I have a great big omelet to satisfy me. We "fend for ourselves" on Fridays and I might eat 2 of those skinny whole wheat bagels you can buy these days along with Weight Watchers cream cheese or sandwich meat. All bets are off on the weekend, but today at Ruby Tuesday, after seeing my weightloss on the scale, I had a huge salad with many many leafy greens. Yummo!

Hope all of my Spark friends had a good week and were able to adhere to their eating plans and exercise programs. I personally don't like to exercise. It's a failing that I have, but to compensate, I try not to be too sedentary by cleaning up, folding clothes, or going to Wal-Mart and walking around. At work, I teach, so I am NOT just sitting at a desk all day. I honestly come home physically and mentally drained most days from all the activity and drama. I do like beach walking or hiking (not to strenuous of a terrain but I can go for several hours when I DO hike). Speaking of moving around, being on a computer is definitely a sedentary activity. I really have to curb my time with the computer!

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B2B2BA 2/2/2011 9:01AM

    emoticon on the weight loss.



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CELTICMOTOCAT 1/31/2011 12:54PM


great job!

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MOMMABOF7 1/31/2011 12:26PM

    3.5 is a great weight loss!CONGRATS!!!!

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KLC1925 1/31/2011 11:23AM

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!! emoticon

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Saturday in South Georgia

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's been another quiet day around the house after a tough week. My stepdad passed away last Sunday as well as a co-worker's 11-year-old son by choking on steak (apparently he aspirated the bite and had heart failure). Another friend's husband died unexpectedly by a possible stroke after a 30-hour airplane ride. Two funerals were today and although I had initially planned to go, after my step-dad's funeral, I was all funeraled out, you might say.

My co-worker and her son were both part of my work family and we all mourned deeply for her and him. We all wore purple yesterday as a tribute as that was his favorite color. My mom is the one most deeply affected at the loss of her husband and the man of her life for over 30 years. Having people pass away expectedly or unexpectedly really does make you think.

I haven't made good choices with my eating this week, but not the pits either. My weight stays at the same place. I'm going to have to do something different if I want to make my goal of going below 200 this year.

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MELODYAM75 1/23/2011 5:15PM

    I am sure you can refocus yourself and start over this week. Good luck!

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Status unchanged

Saturday, January 15, 2011

When working, I am busy and distracted and since I bring my lunch, I eat correctly. When I am home and NOT working, it's a different story. My son is celebrating his 11th birthday and I have helped him eat his birthday cake and pizza. Ah well, I can make a better choice on my next opportunity. I did make some homemade cole slaw to get in a cruciferous veggie (nevermind the mayo!). I'm making fish tacos later and we'll all enjoy some home cooking!

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    The way I see it, there are 21 meals in a week. If you screw up one or two meals, it won't damage you too much. Way to get back on track after the party. emoticon

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