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Met a Spark Friend (in the flesh)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I took my daughter to a Spark Jacksonville meet-n-greet at the beach yesterday. Although I live in Georgia, it is just over the state line and Jacksonville is our big city. In fact my husband commutes there to work every day. I think the dates for the meet-up were confused because there was only one person at the rondezvous point, but it was a pleasure meeting her and her two cute boys. I hope that if you are able, you actually meet up with Spark friends in your area now and then. In the past, I met with some Brunswick Sparklers and consider them good friends now. I am looking forward to the S Georgia spark rally on St. Simon's Island in a month or so. If you live close enough--even if you live in N Florida, you ought to make a point to come. It will be delightful to meet other Sparkers and St. Simon's is a fun day trip anytime.

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ONEANDDONE 3/13/2009 1:46PM

    I hope to someday get to St Simon's. My in-laws go there every year - but it would be a vacation for us. Maybe someday - and when I do - I will be letting you know to meet up. emoticon

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2LABS2LOVE 3/1/2009 8:47PM

    Sounds like you had a great day!

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Girl Scout Cookies

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't know about you, but I feel a teensy bit of pressure to support the girl scounts by buying cookies. Then I can't help but help eat them too! It happens year after year...I will get my diet program in gear after Christmas and be doing pretty well, and along comes Girl Scout cookies! Usually after this particular binge, it is hard to get back on the nutritional good-choice horse again.

I did it again this year. I bought the dreaded Samoas and ate almost the whole box all by myself! I also helped with the Thin Mints and Peanutbutters!


Does anyone else have an issue with Girl Scout cookies?

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ALLEYKAT2974 3/12/2009 6:53PM

  I had the same issue. The only problem I have eaten most of them. I was using the I am having a baby and so I can eat them if I want them. Now that the baby is here I was using the I am breastfeeding and need the extra cal. I am so not able to say no. At least I did buy mostly the sugar free chocolate Chip cookies. They are so good.

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BLUEEYEDGIRL180 3/6/2009 6:31AM

    I bought them too......7 boxes. When you teach at an elementary school you get asked to buy cookies from what seems like a million kids. But somehow I managed to only eat half a box. Gave the rest to my husband and brother in-law. They were gone in two days. I do still have two boxes sitting at work that have been there for two weeks though. I am proud to say I have not touched them. Need to bring them home for hubby soon though before I can't resist the temptation any longer.

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KAT100 3/5/2009 5:10PM

    I love girl scout cookies too! Luckily, no one at work was selling them this year.

I started trying Paul McKenna's methods a couple of weeks ago and one of the things he emphasizes to avoid overeating is to remember that you can always have more the next day or some other time. It helps. But with girl scout cookies, I'd have to remember to hide them from the rest of the family or there wouldn't be more the next day!

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CRAIGLI00 3/1/2009 1:31AM

    I just finished off the box of samoas. I just got it yesterday and was very disappointed when my husband told me he purchased them. He does not like them so I ate the entire box in just over 24 hours. Ugh. At least they are gone and I can move on. I am giving up cookies for a week. It is a small penance to pay for eating 1,050 calories worth of cookies within a day and a half.

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GINGER_LOSTALOT 2/25/2009 10:50AM

    Oh my.... those Samoas. It is the best dessert on the PLANET! I could eat two whole boxes by myself in one sitting!

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ONEANDDONE 2/20/2009 11:17AM

    I bought the GS cookies - they are sitting on the counter... waiting for me to open the box. I am ok at opening it and eatting 1 cookie and putting them away. My husband isn't.... he will eat the whole box. I just hope he hurries.

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KIMBEEGOOD 2/20/2009 7:59AM

    yes i too love me some girl scout cookies. I made it passed the nock on the door. But not passed the standing outside a store. when they are right there for you to take home with you the second. heck what am i talking about i opened it up in the car ride home. GRRRRR

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JOANN562 2/19/2009 1:45PM

    Girl Scout cookies? Where?! Whew, that was close! What is sad is that I noticed the boxes seemed smaller then they used to be...I should have been thanking them! LOL!

Thankfully there have not been any scouts around my area so far this year. Maybe they missed me? I can only hope, because I, like you, just can not say no to those little pleading eyes (I can remember going door to door selling them as a kid)

Don't they have a low calorie cookie? I thought they did...ginger or something? (not that I ever chose those, ug!)

Hopefully once we get control of our 'new lifestyles' these little swerves off the path will not totally de-rail us!

Hang in there!


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JKPONYGIRL 2/18/2009 4:34PM

    I cannot have gs cookies in the house. I keep telling myself:
do not buy girl scout cookies, do not buy girl scout cookies do not buy girl scout cookies, do not buy girl scout cookies do not buy girl scout cookies, do not buy girl scout cookies do not buy girl scout cookies, do not buy girl scout cookies do not buy girl scout cookies, do not buy girl scout cookies.....

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FEISTYMAMA 2/17/2009 8:39PM

    This is the first year in many that I didn't buy Girl Scout Cookies. I knew if I bought them I'd eat them, so I declined. If you want to support the Girl Scouts you can donate money or supplies or something.

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DEZE509 2/17/2009 6:45PM

    I volunteered to be my daughter's cookie mom. Saturday I am going to pick up 785 boxes of cookies for the troop, then sort them and get them out to the rest of the parents. I'm hoping it will put me off eating them. Thanks for supporting the girls!

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THINNYMINNY 2/17/2009 6:38PM

    I do love me some Thin Mints--maybe my favorite food in the world! Somehow I have managed to avoid cheerful little arm twisting beings intent on increasing my saddlebags and depleting my pocketbook. Now if only they would come up with a calorie free version, I would give them a blank check...

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ZVER1028 2/17/2009 6:03PM

    I shouldn't speak for everyone else, but I think we all struggle with Girl Scout Cookies! You are definitely not alone. Now that the cookies are gone? Get right back to blogging and adding your food into the tracker. That should help some. emoticon

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A thought on clothes

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Are you hanging on to clothes that you once fit into? Maybe from before you married? Maybe from before the babies? Maybe from when you perceived yourself "in your prime?" I advise you to do some cleaning out. I hope that everyone reading this blog will consider weeding out these old relics.

Some of us have "skinny" clothes we may never have worn! We may have bought these items in a misguided attempt to motivate ourselves to slim down to fit into these things. Why should we wait until we are perfect (this day will never come) before we wear nice-looking and fitting clothes!

Some of us are possibly wearing clothes right now that are really tight, uncomfortable, and unattractive because we don't want to invest in clothes while we aren't at our ideal weight points. I advise everyone who doesn't feel confident and attractive in the outfits she wears while greeting the world to go on a shopping spree! We need to look and feel our best at any weight. Even though we may not be at our goal weights at present; even if we are working mightily to get to our goal weights, we are alive right now and need to look and feel great RIGHT NOW!

I gained a lot of weight when I became a mother. I didn't really have nice things or the money to buy them at that point in life. I really didn't feel pretty schlepping around in old maternity clothes and things that were too tight. Gradually, I realized I needed to take my life off hold and go ahead and get some well-fitting things. I was and am not at my ideal size, but I want to look and feel nice even though I'm over 200 pounds heavy. Even though I'm not perfect now, I still want to enjoy myself at this size.

If you are a person clinging to old clothes--give them away! Bless someone with your generosity! When you do get to that smaller size, you'll want more up-to-date things anyway! If you are someone wearing unflattering clothes until you lose weight, shop and get yourself an outfit or two that really fits--you'll feel great right now instead of waiting to feel great at some unspecified date. I know times are tough and clothes are a serious investment, but in my opinion, we should NOT be wearing clothes that don't make us feel pretty!

Sorry this blog is so long, it's just something I feel really strongly about! Check out my favorites for a great article from Spark on this subject.


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GINGER_LOSTALOT 2/16/2009 9:17AM

    I completely agree with you Nadine. I've been meaning to get into that closet!

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KINDEO 2/16/2009 12:17AM

    Wow. So true. I have an ENTIRE closet of clothes one size smaller than I am now. They're expensive professional attire that I just can't wait to wear again. It's depressing when I go to put them on and they're too snug. Ugh, maybe it is worth getting a couple new things.

Thanks Nadine!

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FEISTYMAMA 2/15/2009 7:19PM

    This is so true! We moved 2 years ago and I purged all my clothes. My clothes are already getting too big so I will be headed out soon enough to get new ones in a smaller size.

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CHANGE4FREEDOM 2/15/2009 2:33PM

  Thanks! My closet is full and I only wear about 1/4 of the clothes in it. I need to do some Spring cleaning!

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RDEEEEEEEEE 2/15/2009 1:08PM

    I went middle of the road with this issue. I kept clothes that were size 7 and up but got rid of the size 1 and 0 stuff because even though I was that thin for many years and the clothes I had in those sizes were mega expensive, I knew in my heart it wasn't a healthy weight for me. I do get rid of the 'fat' clothes as soon as I can though. Because, like you, I agree nothing we wear should make us feel bad about ourselves.

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JKPONYGIRL 2/15/2009 9:48AM

    I agree that you should feel good in the clothes that you wear, but I don't agree with getting rid of the old ones. Pack them up and put them away. You CAN reach that goal. I did. And it feels soooo good to get back into those old jeans or a favorite shirt.

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Just a word or 2

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have not made any real progress since the first of the year. I am having a difficult time breaking old habits. Oh least I own it. Maybe I'm doing better on food choices and portion control, but not movement.

Have any of you seen that show Diet Tribe? It's another weightloss show with 5 female friends striving to lose 30 pounds before one of them gets married. It is a familiar story--loving food, not in the exercise zone. Coming out of the gate with a lot of initial progress--I bet they falter on their way, but I hope they all lose the 30 pounds.

As for myself, tomorrow is another day. A day to say no to doughnuts at church (I passed up doughnuts at work the other day). Another day to get in my water and eat a lot of veggies. Another day to add movement to my routines. Go me.

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MAMAKITTYTO3 2/11/2009 8:30AM

    I saw the last 5 minutes of the first episode, missed all of them since. Once in awhile I still catch shows I like at the gym, otherwise I forget they're even on. lol I fell off the wagon, and just got back on too. Just remember, you've come too far to take orders from a cookie. :)

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KINDEO 1/17/2009 10:50PM

    I think you're really on the right track here - you're owning the truth but also looking to the future and planning how avoid all those temptations. Doughnuts are some of the toughest - you go girl!!!

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JACQUE8119 1/13/2009 8:53PM

    Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog from the other day. I noticed you are on the south beach diet. I"ve done that as well and it does work if you can still with it. I'm contemplating getting back on board with it but I was doing weight watchers and so I have a bunch of fruits, whole grain pasta, cereal and other stuff I can't have on phase 1. So once use that up I"m going to get back on. I personally love love love meat and veggies and cheese so that gets me through phase 1. The last time I was on phase 1 it was after I had my son and I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans w/in 3 weeks. And I had a good 30 lbs to lose in order to do that.

Anyway-good luck you can do it!!! emoticon

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ONEANDDONE 1/13/2009 10:12AM

    Keep it up - we didn't gain the weight over night... it isn't going away over night. We are here for the long haul. WE CAN DO IT!

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GINGER_LOSTALOT 1/11/2009 4:40PM

    Yay, you! Keep on passing the bad stuff. It's not worth the minute it takes to eat it.

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FEISTYMAMA 1/10/2009 8:34PM

    I know it's hard to jump back in after slacking for a bit, but you'll get it. Kudos to you for passing up the donuts at work this week (I passed them up at my workplace this week too). You can pass them up tomorrow as well. Maybe bring something just for you to eat while others are eating the donuts.

Start small with the exercising. Maybe a quick walk or something and then increase the time.

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TRECECOOKS 1/10/2009 7:11PM

    How about doing what FlyLady suggests? 15 minutes of movement a day? That way, if you do more, you'll be super proud of yourself.

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New Year--and a blog entry!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Like a lot of people, I have had my eyes OFF the prize for a while now. Once again I resolve to do better. My personal challenge is to walk 60 miles this month--about 2 miles per day--and that's do-able! What is your personal challenge? I also downloaded and printed the January calendar--and I'm going to try to use it to get my act together. I have noticed on TV a website for weight loss and I looked at it, but I just can't add any more web sites to my list of faves, and Spark is here and has everything I could need and more! Here's to a great 2009 everyone!

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ROBYNEGG 1/10/2009 8:57AM

    Having a plan of action is always a good thing! You can do it! Here's to a great 2009! emoticon

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BINGOSMOM 1/7/2009 8:55PM

    Good for you! Writing down your goals is the first step to achieveing them. And all of us here on Spark People are here to encourage along the way!

I'm just getting back in the swing of things again myself. I didn't quite fall off the wagon, but I did relax a bit, and a did put on a few pounds over the holidays. So it's back to Phase One for me....and I know all of you will keep me on track.

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TRECECOOKS 1/2/2009 9:10PM

    Way to go on the walking challenge. I need to take a leaf from your book!! Remember, victory is THINE in 2009!!

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FEISTYMAMA 1/2/2009 11:18AM

    Good luck on meeting your January goal. You can do this!!!

Of course if you need anything your Spark friends are here for you!

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    Good for you for getting a calendar and making goals. I did that too and it is helping me stay focused, especially when I have to mark a box with an X instead of a checkmark! You are worth that prize, so, though your eyes may wander from time to time, we are here to redirect you. You can do it! emoticon

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