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Monday, October 27, 2008

A lot of the folks that were sparking when I was losing weight last spring seem to have disappeared! Where are y'all? Are you like me , you have lost your initial motivation and lack discipline and maybe are in a standstill or backslide? Hopefully you'll get recharged soon! I think I am on the verge of a recharge. I just bought some salad fixings so I can get in more veggies. I hope everyone is doing hunky dory out in Sparkworld!

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TRECECOOKS 10/28/2008 2:40PM

    Glad to see that you're back!! Missed you!

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AWESOMEFOREVER 10/28/2008 12:14PM

    Life gets busy. We have to keep to our established weight loss strategies or mix them up.

I was on a serious plateau. I hopefully have broken it with two pounds lost this week. Part of the issue is that my surgeon said I was losing too fast.

Part of the solution was to drink a protein drink after supper to increase my protein daily grams.

Do you think that once you lose some weight that you should treat yourself?

I remember that we would treat ourselves to a meal out on any whim. We bought a car...go out to eat!

Now, I know that Halloween is soon to be here. I have no candy. It could be my downfall if I have too much candy left over. Yes, I would eat it!

You might ask why I think I would have too much left over candy.

We do not have very many children in this apartment complex. Not enough to eat all the candy in a bag.

What are you going to do about Halloween since you like candy?

One friend suggested buying those little playdough party favors to give as treats. Or party favors of another sort.

Ahhh but do I want some chocolate???

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Don't want to lose the ground I gained!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been in a serious weight-loss slump for a month or more. I was so motivated last spring and achieved results but I've been really off the wagon! Some of my new pants felt a little snug today and I am struggling to get motivated again. I need to return to my veggie eating! I managed to drink a lot of water today but not back to phase 1 eating yet. I am off the Reese's Pieces again! I had slipped back into unhealthy habits of noshing with DH on a few candies in the evening--but no more! I am going to the grocery store and getting me some veggies tomorrow! I got a leslie video like Trece does and I'm gonna bust it out! I'm going to get out and walk this weekend. I'm gonna get my mojo back! I want to lose some more weight! I definitely don't want to regain! Ouch!

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ASTROSHEIL 9/11/2008 9:28PM

    I know you can do it. Just take it a step at a time, a day at a time. Sheila

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TRECECOOKS 9/1/2008 2:13PM

    Glad to help!! I am reading SB Supercharged just now, and I'm aiming to do Leslie today, or try.

Just gotta stay away from the Food Network (snicker).

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BINGOSMOM 8/29/2008 9:25PM

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! To answer your question, yes, I do handwrite the thank you notes. My market still runs on relationships and handshake deals. So, it never hurts to take the 5 or 10 minutes to thank your clients for their time. Time is a valuable commodity for all business people, and they are being pestered CONSTANTLY by sales people. It's just being courteous and respectful of their time, so hopefully they will treat you courteously and respectfully in return.

About your diet frustrations...I know exactly what you mean. I've conquered the whole food thing; I don't feel the cravings for the sweet and salty stuff the way I used to, and I'm drinking my water regularly. My problem is with exercise. I get going for a couple of weeks, and then I'll slack for a week (just like this week). And while I can do massive amounts of work tomorrow and burn off those calories in one day, I know that isn't healthy. So, that's my challenge for the next coupleof weeks; just move for 30-45 minutes a day.

But you can do it! Just keep those healthy treats in the house, or in your desk at work. If you haven't tried any of the SB meal replacement bars, drink mixes and snacks, you should. That way you can just grab something to satisfy that urge to snack, and know you're not going to blow your meal plan to smithereens.

I know it's hard! But I also know you can do it!

Have a good Labor Day weekend!

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BIGGIRL2082010 8/29/2008 8:03AM

    Heh. Glad you're giving yourself the wake-up call. Me, too! :) Work hard, and those pants will soon be back to feeling "normal". Then they'll get loooooose. Will try to slip off your butt when you're not looking. Then you'll have to buy some new ones. Oh, WHY is it such a chore to be a woman? :)


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In a serious weight-loss slump

Friday, July 25, 2008

What is wrong with me? I just can't get excited or motivated about losing weight. It felt so good to drop my 1st 15 or so, but now I just can't rally. I hope hope work returning will put me into a routine and get me refocused, because I lost my first weight while working.

I'm a teacher, and today is my last day of vacation (well there is the weekend). My kids are out of town and it's hot as @#$$ out there. I did walk to a neighborhood restaurant and had a latin-infused lunch with hubby. Really good chicken and a side of rice and beans and plaintains. Yummo.

I've gotten a little into the program on Food network called The Next Food Network Star. Who do you think it will be? I'm cheering for the girl. I like Top Chef too on Bravo, but maybe I like this show even more because the chefs not only must cook they must be television personalities. Also it is not quite so ridiculous and far-fetched about the challenges. The FN people seem to really have a heart for the contestants and you don't always feel the love on Top Chef. Is anyone else vegging away watching this show?

Hubby and I drove all the way to Jacksonville Beach to buy my son GA Bulldogs crocs. Got my daughter some different crocs. Since we were at the beach we had a date night by eating at Joe's Crab Shack with friends, walking on the beach at night, and drinking beer in the Irish pub (not really like the pubs of Europe IMO). Kids are at Grandma's so it was kind of a fun change of pace. We really miss them though and thought about how much they would have liked going to the beach and eating at that zany restaurant. We might go back next Friday with them.

So I continue to live and enjoy life; I'm just not being focused on my diet/weight-loss program. That is one of the primary reasons I rarely blog. Love reading y'all's blogs though! Hope you made it this far into reading this tome!

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TRECECOOKS 7/26/2008 11:55AM

    I wanted to say thanks for your kind comments on my blogs. It is so great knowing someone is reading.

I can understand your funk, truly I can. You know I've been in one - or on a plateau - for quite a while. Maybe you just aren't interested in losing more weight just now. If you are, how about brainstorming some ideas to either get you jump-started, or solutions for stumbling blocks you may be facing.

Sparkmail me if you want - I'm always willing to listen, and to help if I can. Love ya!! Trece

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BINGOSMOM 7/25/2008 11:10PM

    Don't worry about not feeling motivated. I think it's hard to stick with a plan when you feel like you have plenty of time to do your exercise routine, and you don't have to plan out all of your meals and snacks for the workday. I'll bet you get back on track when you go back to work. I haven't been motivated to exercise enough the last couple weeks, so I'm hoping once I only have time after dinner to work out, I'll do it.

I love Jax Beach. I've been there many times myself because my sister lives in Jacksonville. Haven't been to Joe's, but there is a dive called Bukkets just a couple of blocks away. It's a typical beach bar...but they have yummy wings and conch fritters! Plus, I just love sitting on the "patio" and watching the world go by.

Not watching a lot of Food Network; but I've gotten hooked on "Design on A Dime" on HGTV and "Clean House" on Style. Plus, I've gotten on hooked on "Nashville Star" for some reason. I don't know why; I'm not a big country music fan...but there's something oddly appealing about the show. I guess it's because the judges are actually trying to help these kids become better performers.

Hang in there! You'll get back on track. And keep on leaving your encouraging comments. It's more helpful than you think!

Have a good weekend!

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Fighting back to fighting fat!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I had fallen off the wagon. Big time. Yesterday, I had a great start to the day by going on a walk with Spark Friends. It was fun and not a bit strenuous. I then had a sensible lunch and drank almost all my water and shopped some. But then I got home. I had some pound cake (which I have now put in freezer so I can take it to a gathering on Sunday) and strawberries. Also about 20 corn chips and salsa. I am officially over my gorging.

I have not given up on the South Beach Diet and love the food choices. I ate a big salad for lunch today and supper yesterday. But I also ate some sugary cereal simply because it was there and I didn't feel like fixing anything. I am experimenting with eating on the 3-hour diet plan as well as limiting carbs. I even logged my foods today. If I'm not going to eat on the beach faithfully, I need to be mindful of portions and calories, etc.

I'm trying to get my kids to be more conscious of how often and how much they eat by asking them to not constantly graze but to space eating out to every 3 hours and then to be thoughtful about what and how much they are eating. I caught my 8-year-old eating 14 pizza rolls which IMO was a bit excessive. I told him to limit his pizza roll eating to 8. My 10-year-old can eat 10. I think 10 might be the ceiling portion. In this way, the kids can eat their faves, not feel deprived, but not to mindlessly stuff themselves. It might be better for their health and our grocery bill.

Additionally I went for a walk this morning after being motivated by my SP friends who get out and walk daily. Tomorrow our family is going to an amusement park. It will be hot and there will be a lot of walking involved. Hopefully, I'll be able to control how much and what I eat. I will surely get in my water! This weight loss program must be at the forefront of my mind!

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MICKIBY1974 7/16/2008 11:39AM

    How goes the fight? I hope you are doing well and getting out with the spark walkers you speak of. I think it is so great that you have a social network of people you can meet up with and walk for a common goal as well!!!!!

Sounds like you are trying to help the whole family as you learn the many things that make for healthy eating. one step at a time and you are being a great mom by helping them to learn these things as youth and not as adults like us all:)

Keep up the great work, the wonderful support and the weight loss will for sure fit into the program as well:)

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ONIEWONKENOBY 7/12/2008 4:01PM

    It was so great to meet you, my new Diet Friend. You walk great and look great doing it. Conga rats on getting on schedule! emoticon

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BINGOSMOM 7/10/2008 11:34PM

    Don't worry about falling off the wagon. It happens to all of us!

I've been on a plateau the last three weeks or so; I've either not been eating properly or not exercising enough. For me, it's harder to get moving than it is to eat right, so I've been trying to tackle the food first. I think I have the eating under control. If anything, I haven't been consuming enough calories.

One thing you might want to try is South Beach 1.5. Basically you limit yourself one carb and one fruit a day. The rest of the day is Phase 1. Then you SLOWLY add in one additional fruit or grain the following week. You keep doing this until you stop losing weight, and then you remove the last item. And, it's probably best not to add too many different items (easier to keep track). And, it's easier to do this if you use the food tracker.

Also, it's very important to eat those veggies...4 1/2 Cups a day...and at least a 1/2 cup at breakfast. Right now, I'm sick of spinach omelettes for breakfast, and big salads with tuna or turkey for lunch, but I'm finding that is the best way for me eat my veggies every day.

But, I do think eating something every three hours is a good idea too. It helps keep your blood sugar levels even and reduces the risk of binging!

There is a great thread on the South Beach Team page that you can go over and remind yourself what you need to be eating. I've been reading it at least once a week myself.

Hang in there! We're all here to help you succeed!

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SUZAN30 7/10/2008 11:30PM

    Hi Diet_friend!
Thanks for your "reality check" comment on my blog (the one about Indian food). You are right. It is perfectly ok to have a lunch out once in a while. I think I was concerned because I inhaled it really fast and sort of compulsively.
Anyway I back on track. Walking is the best exercise I've found. It is cheap and you can do it anywhere anytime. Do you have a pedometer? It is fun to track how much you've walked.

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    It is so easy to fall off the sorry.

I know, I did it often.

Now, when I think...oh, that little girl looks like she is enjoying the ice cream...I know I need to up my water intake not feed a food hunger. It is only head hunger.


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LVETCHG 7/9/2008 1:22AM

    It is easier to stay on track when you cook a few allowed meals and freeze them in single serving containers. That way there will always be something there even when you don't feel like cooking.

I too am trying to get my kids to stop pigging out. It must be that summer thing! LOL

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TERRI4EVER 7/8/2008 10:02PM

    I stayed on South Beach for a year and I found it was easier when I had LESS variety. We are on the go so much now I just can't find a way to make it work without spending a fortune. But, if I am at home more...I love the sugar free jello with pecans. Or having a scrambled egg with some Cabot light cheese and some turkey bacon as a night time snack. I really got into roasting veggies while I was on SB. I still love to do it! Stay with it and you will see results. Nobody is perfect. Try a little Phase 2 so you don't feel so deprived. Dr. Ag warns that too long on Phase 1 can cause food boredom. Keep up the good work!

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GELITAS 7/8/2008 9:03PM

    It is hard to stay on the beach sometimes, isn't it? Other times it seems so easy! It's good to do a balanced approach and let yourself eat some non-beach foods but account for calories, I think.

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TRECECOOKS 7/8/2008 8:36PM

    You should check the package of pizza rolls. What is a serving? Why not teach them to just have ONE serving?

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SARYANN79 7/8/2008 6:24PM

    Don't beat yourself up about it! No one is perfect, and no one expects you to do this exactly right every single day! Way to go on getting your walk in - that's great! Thanks for the post on my blog - The Beck Diet Solution is a book that is supposed to "train you to think like a thin person." It is based on Dr. Beck's father's life work (and a huge contribution to the therapy world), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is based on the fact that thoughts (faulty logic) cause behaviors - thus, train yourself to think thin and you will act a nutshell, anyway. It's a wonderful book. Like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (probably the type most therapists use these days - her father was a genius), you have little "homework" assignments to complete each day that improve your logic toward this process.

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    Sounds like you had a super day yesterday and you will keep up the great work you have been doing... Keep it up... Yesterday was a good kick in the butt for me.. I have done everything right so far today.. Keep in touch.. Hugs, Carol emoticon

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TFROGHUNTER 7/8/2008 4:46PM

    i wanted to say i know just what you mean, it helped me as well after our walk i came to the park and i walked 1/2 of a mile more, then i ate light the rest of the day, then met sp buddie lynne at the pool we had a great time, it was the kick start i needed ! i got up with a renewed mind and have done well today, thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((hugs)))))....tammy

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LB2SKINNYB-2010 7/8/2008 4:21PM

    Don't beat yourself up! If you fall off the horse, just jump right back on. When I get down on myself, I just say:

"Self, it's just food - not heroine!" emoticon

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In a weight-loss slump

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I was sorry to see that I had only lost 1 pound for the month of June, but knew my laziness combined with a big vacation and moving into phase 2 of South Beach were contributing factors. I am getting back to at least ten minutes of exercise each day! I'm going on a walk with one of my Spark Teams on Monday! I have had house guests which has kept me idle and eating poorly for an entire week, but they went home. Now it will be easier to stay on the beach.

I read about a neat approach to dieting on someone's blog where you eat every 3 hours. It's called the 3-hour diet, and there is a book available as well as you-tube videos that explain it. I want to try it combined with clean eating a la SB too. There is a SP team for this diet too. Another diet strategy I read about on SB is called calorie cycling. I might try that one of these days too.

No matter what diet program I try, I know that it boils down to taking in less calories than I burn, so either eat faithfully on phase 1 or add some movement. It is all up to me.

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MUSTANGAMORE 7/8/2008 9:49AM

    A pound lost is way better than a pound gained! You made it through all those obstacles and still lost weight? Amazing!! emoticon

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GELITAS 7/6/2008 6:00PM

    You're right...It doesn't matter what program you follow. It's still calories in versus calories out. I think sometimes the programs are a helpful way to mix things up and keep us on track though.

I do think eating every 3 hours would be helpful. It might be a good way to keep the binge monster at bay for me.

Congrats on your 1 lb gone! I know it doesn't seem like much, but it is!! emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/6/2008 5:58:37 PM

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MOMMATAURUS 7/6/2008 4:12PM

    1 pound is still a loss! Every second of your day life is a chance to begin again! Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement! :) I value your friendship! emoticon

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SUZAN30 7/6/2008 6:09AM

    Thanks as always for reading my blog! I found transitioning into phase of Southbeach pretty challenging too. I find less choices easier than too many.
Just taking a 20-30 minute walk a day is a good way to work in some exercise.
Good luck with the 3 hour plan!

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JONISMARIE 7/5/2008 9:30PM

    yes the book is called the three hour diet, by Jorge cruiz. he also has several workout books that are great. its great that you are getting back on track, but also remember for when you have guests that you can always invite them for a walk also. my family calls it our walk and talk catchup. I am on the 3 hour diet and it does help you lose weight i was losing 2lbs a week just by following the eatting plan. Keep up the great work.

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