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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I ate a not-so-healthy breakfast of fried eggs and bacon. Kind of greasy maybe but I rationalized that the protein would override the fat. It's the last thing I ate and it's now 5 and I'm thinking about some kind of supper that won't be much to cook and we will all enjoy plus it will be Spark-friendly.

Got my water quota in too. I only drink 6 cups a day and that seems more do-able for me than 8. At times I still get 8 but don't force it. I have heard that this whole water craze began with the bottled water people trying to get us to buy more bottles of water. I do believe that drinking water is a healthy choice though and I do drink more than I used to even drinking 6. I do not drink bottled or even filtered water any more. I am just going to trust that my tap water is safe for consumption and I get used to the taste. I have also read that if you sit it out overnight the chlorine evaporates making it even tastier--I often do that with my first 3 cups. My 3-cup water bottle is my constant companion.

I dipped down to to 233 yesterday, the lowest number I have seen since I began in July to spark again. Today it was back to 234, but I don't mind. I am just easing over to the 220s a bit at a time.

I took a 44 minute walk today in my neighborhood extending my 25-minute loop by almost 20 minutes. Maybe next time I'll take another extension to make the walk last nearly one hour. It's so beautiful and mild this time of year--temps in high 70s and low 80s and a blue sky above. We don't really get beautiul fall colors but the subtle changes in the green that is everywhere is still a pleasure to look at. Also there are a few black-eyed susan flowers springing up here and there. It's Saturday so a lot of people are off work and enjoying the outdoors too. I passed a park where I sometimes do my laps and it was pretty crowded with people of all ages enjoying basketball and the playground as well as bicycling or just sitting around talking. Also people were out on their porches. We usually have a lot of bugs that bite and annoy, but they aren't bad if you are moving and maybe it's the time of the year that they aren't out.

Anyway, I'm kind of famished so it's off to the fridge to figure out something for supper.

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JESSIG5 10/22/2012 9:40PM

    My city water often has a funny taste so I bought a Brita water pitcher and it takes care of the problem. No more bottled water.I seem to remember that the recommendation for drinking 8 glasses of water happened way before the bottled water became so popular. I know when I attended Weight Watchers in the 70s, it was recommended then.

If you live near the westside and enjoy walking, you are invited to join us on Saturday at 7:15 a.m. for a walk. Several of us on this team usually do 4 miles but you could do a shorter distance if you wanted to.

Best of luck on your weight loss program.

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SHIRLEYX 10/21/2012 2:21PM

    I don't think bacon and eggs is a bad breakfast as long as you're monitoring your portion size. I spray my nonstick pan lightly and so the fried eggs aren't really greasy. I also get the kirkland pre-cooked bacon, which also doesn't seem to greasy, and the slices are 2 for 80 cals. So two eggs and two slices of bacon are 230 cals, and they don't upset me the way carbs do. I drink my coffee black, and don't drink any juice, so it's not too bad a breakfast.

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KENDRACARROLL 10/20/2012 7:17PM

    I don't usually do 8 cups of water either. Just like you I aim for 6. It's not worth stressing out over. As the water debate rages, I'm not convinced that 8 cups is the magic number.

No fall colors here either. If that's the trade off for no snow and no freezing temps in the winter, I'll take it :)


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GEORGE815 10/20/2012 5:20PM

    Good luck on your weight management journey. Eating a fun breakfast once in awhile isn't going to break you. I have had 14 cups of water today. It helped me lose a lot of weight and maintains my Diabetes 2 as well. Keep up the exercise component.

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Richard Simmons Weighs In

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's easy to disparage Richard Simmons as he is the clown prince of fitness. He has been in those little shorts and tank shirts for years with his head full of curls and emitting one bon mot after another on working out, dieting, and the whole schmear. I caught him on a Hallmark Channel show called Home and Family. It's not the most exciting talk show, but I was in the midst of cleaning the house and had it on for company. Richard said a lot of things, I wish I paid closer attention. He advises not eating after 7 in the evening and he eats only 40 grams of fat a day. He says he only eats fried foods once or twice a year. I am always reading and learning wherever I can when it comes to losing weight at my age.

My weight has fluctuated all week with no significant loss. I would love to get down to the 220s as I've been on this decade for many weeks. I don't feel like I've lost anything in the month of October and I've really been trying.

Made a tasty salmon today cooked at 200 degrees in the oven. I made a shredded beet salad and a green salad and some yellow rice. I am so full! Cooking the salmon gently and lightly really made it tender and delicious! This recipe for salmon and beet salad came from the TV show The Chew. The beet salad was better than I expected! I had 3 servings. I might go get another beet because it was easy and delicious!

Don't give up, friends, even when you think you aren't making progress. The last thing to do is quit.

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ANGRITTER 10/20/2012 12:23PM

    I love your positive attitude and love that you eat beets. My dad eats beets and I don't think I have ever been forced to, so maybe I should make them for him one day and I will try them. I might surprise myself! After all, I love HOT banana peppers and usually other hot peppers make my throat swell shut, so maybe my body is changing more on the inside than the outside right now.

I am still praying for the "5" as a middle number, as in 250-somothing. So don't complain to me about your 220! HAHA Just kidding! I don't think October has been my month either. I had planned to lose 8 pounds, and that's where I screwed up. I "planned" and I should never write down my goals - they never happen when I write them down.

We ate Tai Pei Chinese dinners last night, and then I had to get up and make a healthy salad because I was feeling so empty insdie. The salad definintely helped! Oh, and then the ice cream! It was only a little bit, but I added some peanut butter and it was delicious! Yes, I know it's bad, but I really did need the protein.

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IREN0169 10/19/2012 3:11PM

    emoticon w/ eating healthy. I really don't care what others say...I find inspiration where I can and Richard Simmons learned this the hard way and I can respect this methods! Not to mention he is always full of energy - 1/2 of which I had. Don't worry about the plateaus which can be frustrating. Just take it a day at a time and do what you need to for you. Everything else will fall into place!

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LIVELONG58 10/19/2012 10:27AM

    I met Richard Simmons many years ago when he first started out. I was much thinnner than I am now..but was still very overweight...when will I start and listen to what he says? Fried food once a year is what I need to do!!!
Some people can metabolize fat. Some people like me are very efficient at storage of fat.
I meal at a time!!

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PATSYB7 10/19/2012 6:20AM

    I love Richard's "Never Give Up" attitude! He has done so much good for so many people. I think it's great that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Thanks for sharing and have a great day! emoticon

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MOONSTORMER 10/19/2012 5:06AM

    sometimes we feel like plateaus will last forever. but if you are continuing to do things right, your body is changing, even if the scale doesn't show it.

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LOSINGLINNDY 10/19/2012 12:39AM

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

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MNTWINSGAL 10/19/2012 12:07AM

    I adore Richard. He has the kindest heart of just about anybody I can think of, and he has helped countless people who had otherwise given up hope. I have the full set of his Sweatin'to the Oldies DVD's, and I'm anxiously awaiting his new series that's coming out soon.

I'm on the Sweatin' to the Oldies Spark Team too, and the fabulous leaders post his daily blog on a dedicated message board. I look forward to it every day!

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DIBANANA 10/18/2012 9:25PM

  I actually love Richard Simmons. I was even considering buying his "Oldies but Goodies" exercise DVD. I did his exercise 30 years ago. It is gentle enough for those of us who are very overweight.

Keep learning. I thought I knew a lot about being overweight until I found SP. I think I am an expert on how many calories or points in food but not much about being healthy.

I don't envy you trying to look for work. I am 62 and overweight and luckily retired with a spouse. It has to be hard. Keep happy thoughts about why you are worth a job! You'll find the perfect one!

Good luck. We can do this!

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HDHAWK 10/18/2012 8:14PM

    I'm not a fan of his outfits, but I have enjoyed some of his workout videos back in the day!

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IS1GAR 10/18/2012 8:06PM

    You are so Right!!! I have not been a fast looser but I have been consistent at getting better on my choices of food and keep a close eye to my nutrition tracker to keep a healthy life....this is what I focus on, I exercise 6 days a week, I don't put the world on fire but I know I'm burning some of my fat and calories and I'm moving and that is what counts. I feel so much better than last year and even 5 years ago.
So I know I'm making progress. I love Richard Simmons, I wish now I had started listening to him years ago.
I also had salmon for dinner, with steam broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, a cup of almond milk and 2 wedges of cantaloupe. Yum!!! emoticon emoticon

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Catching up

Monday, October 15, 2012

My mom is out of the hospital for those that were wondering. She says she's not bouncing back as quickly as she has in the past. That is worrisome of course. I just hope she can find a way not to get those attacks be it through diet or surgery or some combination. She is an important part of our family.

My weightloss program isn't going as I well as I'd like. It seems the least thing I do that is off program stalls the program altogether. Maybe my metabolism is so stalled due to age and hormones. I guess I'm just a habitual eater and old habits are hard to kill. I have done things like change over to black coffee and increasing water intake dramatically, but my weightloss has stalled--I'm back to my plateau weight. I am trying to keep my motivation nevertheless and not give up. Giving up is definitely NOT the answer.

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QUALITYONE09 10/18/2012 6:50PM

    Hi there yes it can be discouraging but you have got to stay postive and focused. Our bodies are not the same as they were in our 20s or even 30s. We've got to be pateint with it. If we keep moving and fueling it will we will get healthier and the weight will come off...slowly perhaps but it will come off a little at a time. We got over weight by not moving and eating poorly so doing more of that will only get us more of the same. Give your body a chance to respond to your positive changes. I am glad your Mom is on the mends...she's in our prayers.

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JESSIG5 10/17/2012 3:22PM


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GAYLLYNNE 10/16/2012 6:49AM

    Don't give up!!! I once plateaued for 3 months (don't let that scare you) but you are doing all the right things. One of the best ways to move a plateau (I learned the hard way) is to change your exercise or just increase what you are doing. I am rooting for you to win at losing!

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FIREFLY_MEDIC 10/16/2012 2:40AM

    you can do it don't give up :)

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PATRICIAANN46 10/15/2012 10:11PM

  You have the right attitude.......... emoticon
I hope your Mom completely recovers. emoticon

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BLUE42DOWN 10/15/2012 3:12PM

    emoticon for your determination to stick with it long-term. Keep looking for the small changes you can make and stick to that lead to a healthier life, whether or not they lead to weight change in the here and now.

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ANGRITTER 10/15/2012 11:58AM

    Tell me about plateaus!?!?! I have been one one for weeks - before I even got my cast off! Can't lose a pound since. And I am doing cardio like a madwoman with weight training every other day. Maybe I need to chill for a week and then try again, but I don't want to lose momentum. I am exrcising almost 100 minutes a day and still am stuck. Blah!

Sure hope your mom improves. Maybe she just needs some rest time at home.

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Yay for the end of a plateau!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I read a blog/sparkpage a few days ago in which the SparkPerson had it as her goal to lose 100 pounds in 300 days, which boils down to a pound every 3 days. I wonder how she eats and exercises and what her progress is, but I don't know her or remember her name so I'll probably never know. In the 3rd or 4th week of my program, it felt like I was losing a pound every 3 days for a little while, then the stall, regain and plateau. I would be happy now to lose a pound every week and maybe a little bit more. Do any of you actually lose a pound every 3 days? I think the main reason I don't do it is that it is hard to be hardcore about my weight loss all. the. time.

Yesterday, I blogged about my plateau and how I was recommitting to getting my edge back. I did great yesterday on eating veggies and drinking water. Today, I had errands to run so I put on my pedometer and walking shoes and headed out. I was able to go to the beach and made myself do 30 minutes of walking. The temp was a bit cool so no one was actually in the water although some were sunbathing or shirtless or in an actual bathing suit. I wore my shorts that have become really saggy and baggy, especially when the pockets are loaded with Ipod, phone, keys and pedometer. It was nice to see the ocean and appreciate the great outdoors.

This morning my scales reported a 3-pound release so I was pretty happy about that. My mood has been terrific ever since! Hopefully the scales will say the same thing again tomorrow so I will feel like it's real. I have a hard time believing my weight until I've had it for a day or two. I was on that plateau for a long time! If I can get down to a new decade, I'll measure my waist, etc. and see if those numbers have decreased since the last time I did them (a long time ago).

Happy sparking y'all!

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MARIAJESTRADA 10/13/2012 10:38PM

    Personally, I rarely get on the scale. I lose a pound a week or two, maybe. But, even that doesn't get me down because what matters are my fitness goals (like doing 60 sit ups or 60 minutes of cardio 5 to 6 times a week). I'm to the point where I'm getting less hung up on how many actual calories I burn because the machines vary so much; I go more for minutes and intensity. Besides, a lot of people tell me you lose weight easier at first, which was true for me. Some day, I may get to the point where I won't log my calories.

But, emoticon emoticon emoticon !!!

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PATRICIAANN46 10/13/2012 10:02PM

  emoticon on the 3# release. You are doing an emoticon job!!!

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JUST-DUCKY 10/13/2012 8:27AM

    Congrats! Keep up the good work!

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IS1GAR 10/12/2012 9:02PM

    Congratulations!!!! I have not been able to loose 3 lbs in a week much less in 3 said by Blue42down "is pretty unrealistic"
Don't beat yourself if you don't see the scale moving fast enough. Motivate yourself by looking at other signs of loosing said it yourself your "saggy and baggie shorts". Pay attention when someone notice the new you and pays a complement, take your measurements and do it every month, I have lost 7" in my hips and 6" in my waist. I have had to clear the closet of clothes that were too big, the ones that did not fit before I got to wear and now they too are getting loose.
I personally motivate myself when I see any of those changes and when I go out to eat and I make the best choice available at the restaurant and I drink water instead of Sweet Tea and box half of my portion before I start eating. Those are the changes you really need to celebrate.....the weight loss comes when you don't obsess about it anymore.
Good luck in your Journey! emoticon

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GUENAVIEVE 10/12/2012 8:54PM

    Grats for getting past that plateau, a 3lb loss is awesome! emoticon

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MOONSTORMER 10/12/2012 1:25AM


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LOSINGLINNDY 10/12/2012 12:10AM

    emoticon emoticon

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CASTIRONLADY 10/11/2012 10:03PM

    Those plateaus are hell on your psyche more than your body. Keep up the good work and keep encouraging others as you have me. Thanks a bunch! emoticon

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MNTWINSGAL 10/11/2012 7:53PM

    Yeah, you can jumpstart a diet with a 3-pound per week loss for a week or two, but after that it's natural for the body to be less consistent and experience fits and starts....plateaus and even occasional gains. I think trying to meet a goal like that for that long is just a recipe for failure.

We are doing it the smart way. Yay us!

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DIET_FRIEND 10/11/2012 7:03PM

    I think the sparker did have a significant amount to lose, but I still think it's unrealistic to think you can sustain a weightloss like that for an entire year. I wondered if she was on a meal replacement regime like Oprah did way back when. If she is, she'll likely not be able to keep the pounds off in the end unless she's going to drink shakes forever.

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REDSMIRK 10/11/2012 6:20PM

    Congrats! I know what you mean about having to see the weight loss on the scale for a few days to make it feel real! Numbers on the scale can seem so abstract!

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BLUE42DOWN 10/11/2012 6:09PM

    emoticon on the 3 pounds emoticon !

Losing a pound every 3 days would be pretty unrealistic unless we weighed over 300 pounds or were seriously willing to dedicate ourselves to enough food intake control and workouts to create almost a 1200 calories deficit per day AND still meet nutritional needs. I sincerely hope that whomever that was doesn't give up in disgust if one 3-day period passes in which she doesn't meet her goal.

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DRAK416 10/11/2012 6:01PM


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Plateau and other news

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you read my blogs, you probably remember me amping about those 2 pounds and how hard I worked to re-shed them. I got back to my low number AND HAVE BEEN THERE FOR OVER A WEEK! I haven't been doing the fitness it's true. Also I have not been eating on the low end of my allotment and have had several days where I broke through the TOP of my allotment. I have decided to NOT lose focus or begin the slide towards apathy and another weight gain.

Good news: my mom was released from the hospital today. She had her 3rd bout of pancreatitis. The doctor said she doesn't know why she's experiencing these attacks as she doesn't have a gall bladder and isn't a drinker. Mom will likely have a test to look for stones that may be there anyway. Also she has to go on a low-fat diet. I hope she can devise some menus of foods she likes that won't contributte to her pancreas troubles. She has a lot of gastro-internal problems that have been around since the 1980s when she had to have surgery for diverticulitis and gall bladder removed. Food just can't be her source of comfort as it is for so many of us.

I took my daughter to the grocery to help me get the goods we need. She's good company. She kept asking for junk food, but I didn't buy all that she asked for. She said she wanted something junky for her lunch box because I make her eat too much low sugar/fat things. I get low fat Cheez-its, low-sugar gatorade, low-sodium V8, and unsweetened applesauce. I told her she ate sugary nutella, but she thinks that's health food too. Tee hee!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KAREN608 10/11/2012 10:27AM

    I know all about calorie range yoyoing. Gee, I thought I'd invented that. Not!

Yeah, your Mom back home.
She would feel better if she finds the foods she feels best on.

Many times we crave the things that upset our system, but I hope
she finds foods that go well for her body soon.

Maybe a food diary would help. Maybe she ate something
that triggers her problem?

Keep going! You can do this!

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GRANDMA0627 10/11/2012 10:12AM

    Doing a happy dance for you! So happy for you that you broke through that plateau, and that you are making healthy choices :) Praying for your mom.

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MOONSTORMER 10/11/2012 1:13AM

    emoticon emoticon

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LOSINGLINNDY 10/10/2012 11:03PM

    Happy to hear that you mother is out of the hospital. I hope her medical team can find the cause of her intestinal problems.

Keep plugging away at getting your daughter to eat the healthy foods. Maybe that will become a habit for her at a young age.


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TRUE2NDCHANCE 10/10/2012 10:16PM

    Hang in there and keep making healthy choices and you will break thru that plateu!! I didn't know you mom was sick, but I am glad she is out of the hospital. Have they ever done an MRI to see if they can tell whats going on?

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SBARGANZ 10/10/2012 9:48PM

    I REALLY feel your pain about the calorie range - I think I've been using my top end as a goal lately!

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BLUENOSE63 10/10/2012 9:43PM

  Glad to hear your Mom is out of the hospital! Hope she feels 100% soon!

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