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Waiting on the weekend

Thursday, May 15, 2014

these long hour shifts are really getting to me . The weekend just can not get here fast enough. I feel like a school kid waiting to go out and play on the play ground . lol
well I have noticed something I seem to lose more weight when I do strength training then cardio. so im going to try and push more of that in. and its funny we have also found out when momma trains with her 15 year old he does better then when his dad who is a certified personal trainer does. I think I push him more because I do what he does . we are doing about the same weight he is a little stronger then me on some things but his dad of course is much stronger and I think that can be a form of intimidation even when not ment to be. today my goal is to do the treadmill get a mile in to get some sort of cardio and warm up then hit the weights yesterday we did upper body and arms to today will be stomach and legs .
my yard is a cows heaven right now . such lush long blades of green grass . we have had rain all week my poor ground is so saturated when you walk the water seeps up from the ground. so we can not mow . I have tried to keep the weeds at bay in the flower beds but its a big challenge. they are loving all this water and seem to grow 12 inches in one night. I need to go and buy a pair of rubber boots I hate getting my feet and pants wet walking through the yard to the chickens and flower beds.
I don't have a lot of plans for the weekend course its calling for rain. so prob a cleaning weekend and I want to start working on corn hole bags . I have already had several orders I need to stock up before I get swamped with orders and I want to put a table out for the community yard sales. Austin likes to help me with that. I have him put corn in the bags and weigh them while I sew them. It makes the process a lot faster.


weight loss contest at work

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

so being the medical nurse I had to do a positive promotion I decided on a FUN weight loss contest . it runs for 8 weeks I got 18 people to join in. Im included but said even if I lost the most weight I wouldn't take the grand prize I want to be a motivator. so far it has ran 3 weeks and is a huge success. Im so proud of everyone. I have really worked hard on planning it out and giving out good information. every Monday they get something to help them lose weight during the week. then on Friday they weigh in. for every pound loss they get a raffle ticket and could win a prize. the grand prize is 100.00 and this is for day and evening shift so there will be 2 grand prizes. I made the company spend a good bit of money on it but I think it is well worth it. everyone had to pay 28.00 to participate this made the grand prize money and one of the things I want to hand out is good snack so I will use some of the money for fresh fruits.
yesterday evening was cardio day I did a ta bo work out blast the fat dvd. it about killed me. I sure had a sweat going and boy am I sore today. William was like see it worked . But I don't like being this sore and trying to work I feel old . all my muscles are aching lol. I really did not like all the kicking part. I think I need something more low impact . but today is weights so that gives my body a bit of a break. course trying to get that water in . yesterday we went grocery shopping and tried to really pay attention to good foods looking at carbs and fats . it was hard to not buy the chip ahoys that was on sale but I knew If you buy it you eat it. we got some fruits and lean cuisine frozen dinners and protein shakes. I am really putting 100% into getting under 200. im giving myself 2 months to do it in. that is when my next appointment with the lab band doctor is .ive got 28.00 to lose and with watching my food intake and cutting out sugar drinks and exercise there is no reason I cant get there. course the weight loss contest at work is helping to. I have to be a good example. emoticon

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YMWONG22 5/13/2014 10:08AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAPFARMS 5/13/2014 9:35AM

    Good for you! Sounds like you are working hard to make it work for everyone. Great job. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Monday, May 12, 2014

we'll my mothers day was uneventful except that my cat went into labor sunday and had 4 kittens. we just noticed a few weeks ago that she looked pregnant. now I have 4 fur balls 2 are grey calico and the other 2 are dark brown calico. it rained most of Saturday so being able to do yard work was out of the question. yesterday I worked out with my son he has been lifting weights lately and I have been his spotter. good for me got me doing something I can do with my low iron. just the thought of trying the treadmill makes me feel exhausted. I hate not feeling like I have energy to do anything.
I have my appointment with my labband doctor today and as usual im not looking forward to it. I think I lost 5 lbs this month. I should have lost 10 im always so slow to lose weight. I guess I really don't make good choices but im hoping if I keep up the weight lifting and strength training that will help out. at least help with this lose skin on my arms lol. I think every women has trouble with that.



Friday, May 09, 2014

these last 20lbs are killing me. I want to get under 200 so bad . I have really been watching what I eat and I think I lost around 5lbs this month. I have a doctor appointment Monday so I have to be good this weekend. I have noticed the weekend is my downfall. but with pretty weather I have no excuses to not get outside. I cleaned up my greenhouse yesterday my hubby got me some stepping stones for mothers day to put out at the door so I woint have to weedeat so close to the building . with it being made for tarp material I was scared it would get ruined . so I get to place them around. and the back deck needs some care done if it is not calling for rain I think I may stain it . just so much to get ready for summer the flower beds need tending. I want to make a strawberry bed and move them before they flower. we almost have a chicken coop done I want to move the chickens into. Which all this busy work is good will keep my mind off of food and get some exercise in the process. Rebekah loves being outside I wish we had more shade though. One reason I have got to get the deck cleared out so on hot days she can play there .

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JLHODKINSON 5/9/2014 8:43AM

    Wow, you sound like you're busy in the yard! I also have lots of yard work to be done. I think I'm putting beans in this weekend and sunflower seeds...and I have flower beds to tend as well. As far as that last 20 lbs, they're always the hardest! What's your plan to banish them?

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rainy day

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pouring down rain today. I got another fill yesterday. I have now lost count on them. I never thought it would take so many. I couldn't sleep last night I was tired but couldn't stay asleep. I hate that when it happens now im going to be tired all day. And working a 10 hour shift really is long on no sleep. Normally I could look forward to leaving for lunch and getting fresh air but with having a fill all I can have is liquids and stuff like pudding yogurt so no thrill there to just sit in my car and watch the rain.
we are starting a weight loss contest at work after Easter. I have arranged it so im hoping that will help motivate me to get under 200. Right now that is my goal I have got to get under 200 even if it is 199. I had some blood work done at few weeks ago. my iron is really low so now I have to take 2 iron pills a day. so low iron and no sleep rain yea one of those days lol. they said it would take months before I noticed a difference . the dietician is suppose to call me and talk to me about foods high in iron. It use to be when I went to see my doctor and needed a fill it only cost me a office visit of 25.00 now it cost me 160.00 so I better make this one work I cant afford it. But don't get me started on insurance changes makes me so mad we are being told we have to have high price crappy insurance.
Rebekah turned 2 recently she is such a doll baby. We are having a big easter birthday party this Saturday . it is suppose to be pretty out in the 60s we are having austins 15 year old party and easter . doing easter egg hunts, decorate your own cupcakes, guess the candy in the jar contest Pictionary and what ever else we come up with. should be fun. Easter was my favorite holiday as a child. my birthday and Christmas never was good we had little money so I never got what I wanted but yard sale crap. But easter I spent with my grandmother and we had fun decorating tons of eggs then had egg hunts and good food. I want to keep that going. here is a picture of my big 2 year old


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